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The Best Fitness Dating Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitness Singles
Fitness Singles
GOOD FOR meeting sports and fitness fans

Best Fitness Dating sites

  1. Good for finding the catholic partners Catholic Singles
  2. Good for communicating with new people and finding partners Meet24
  3. Good for casual dating OneNightFriend
  4. Good for transgenders who want to date Tsdates
  5. Good for Christians in search of love ChristianMingle
  6. Good for finding the attractive singles Sparky
  7. Good for flirting and making friends all over the globe Skout
  8. Good for people who strive to find partners with similar interests Bronymate
  9. Good for people over 60 who want to find partners Senior Friend Finder
  10. Good for starting relationships with a Brazil partner BrazilCupid

What Is It — Fitness Dating?

Fitness dating is a platform created for singles with love for fitness and health looking for singles with similar passions. About 65% of online daters claim to date someone who works out constantly is essential.

One might be curious why a fitness date is far more interesting than the conventional routine of going for dinner or a coffee. The explanation is simple: when couples do something, they both enjoy, like exercising at a health club, there is a flow of natural conversation and entertainment. The outcome is better than staring at each other across a table.

According to a survey, most fitness-minded individuals want to be with people who share the same lifestyle.

Continue reading to learn more about fitness singles dating and the best dating sites out there.

Where to Find the Best Fitness Dating Sites?

Generally, gym enthusiasts get along with fit singles who share similar interests. Although shared passion isn’t the most vital factor to consider while choosing a partner, it is still very desirable. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a partner who is also your gym buddy.

While it is possible to find love at the gym, it is not the best place for romance; people go there to focus on their workout. People don’t look their very best after spending an intense amount of time on the treadmill.

At this point, online dating sites come into play. Nowadays, there is probably no person who does not know about dating platforms. It is best for those who have busy schedules that they do not have enough free time to visit bars, restaurants, parties, etc. to meet new people for dating.

Of course, there are numerous fitness dating apps, so members have a wide range of options from which to choose. But the following question will be on how to find and use them.

Finding such sites is pretty easy; they are not hidden. Moreover, there are several ads for such websites. You will be surprised how many results you will get when you search for fitness dating sites worldwide.

How Does Fitness Dating Work?

  • To sign up on the preferred site, one has to complete a registration form. This form may vary, but it usually asks for such information as name, date of birth, email address, and password.
  • After successfully creating a profile, members might have to spend some time to add more details about themselves to make their profiles more comprehensive. These details will include images; pictures from the gym will fit perfectly.
  • When the profile is ready, members can now start interacting with other members on the website, meet new people, and find that perfect one.

Fitness dating is prevalent because of the role of fitness in relationships. People tend to be attracted to people who live a healthy lifestyle — eating responsibly and exercising often. Since creating the first fitness dating app, people have used the platform to find other singles who are physically and mentally fit.

The List of the Best Fitness Dating Sites

  • Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles was established in 2003 and has been advertised on major media outlets, including “Good Morning America,” “The Times of London,” and “USA Today.” Users’ interests include kickboxing, volleyball, weightlifting, baseball, and many more. Members don’t need to pay to add images, post profiles, search and receive matches daily, and communicate with these matches.

  • Fitness Matchmaker

Fitness Matchmaker boasts millions of health-conscious users from across the globe. The website is run by Friends Worldwide Inc., which operates over 75 niche dating sites, so rest assured it’s successful. The platform’s standard membership lets members create profiles, explore profiles, and receive daily notifications about potential matches via email. This way, one can find local dates without stress.

  • Single Athletes

Golfers, football, and basketball players (both amateur and professional) are predominant on the fitness dating app. It’s popular, free, and it works. The quick search feature on the homepage to test the website before becoming a member. Users can find other members by age, gender, state, and country.

  • RunnersFriendsDate

Just as the name suggests, RunnersFriendsDate is meant for individuals who like to run and want to connect with other members who also like to run. It doesn’t cost anything to join the platform. Members have to provide their birth date, gender, and email address. The dating website has numerous daily active users; more than 75% of the users sign daily.

  • The Yoga Match

Fitness doesn’t always have to involve pumping iron or running on the treadmill or pumping iron. Fitness also includes mental, physical, and spiritual practices like yoga. The site’s motto is “Mind, Body, Soul Mate,” and the website boasts thousands of registered members with more joining daily. Below are the data one has to provide before joining the platform:

  • Name
  • Country, region/state, zip/postal code
  • Gender
  • Gender preference of the person one is looking for
  • Email address, username, and password
  • Athletic Passions

Athletic passions is a social media platform, as well as a dating site. One can start by making new friends on the platform. Here are some free features that can help in interacting with other members:

  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Webcams
  • Private email
  • Instant messages

Knowing a few facts about some members from their profiles can help start up a conversation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitness Dating


  • Similar priorities

Most relationships fail because both partners have different priorities; however, a relationship built on similar lifestyle priorities has a great chance of succeeding.

  • Keep Things Always Interesting

When both individuals in a relationship are fitness-minded, there is always room for finding or inventing new activities that will bring them even more close. These new activities will improve the relationship and keep it from getting boring. Moreover, research claims that experiencing new things releases endorphins, activates adrenaline, creates memories, and deepens a couple’s bond.

  • Inspires and Motivates Each Other to be the Best

According to experts, a relationship is an excellent platform for people to grow and become their best selves. People understand that they have emotional vulnerabilities and triggers and take the necessary steps to heal. It can also be through keeping an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Makes People More Attracted to their Partner

According to several surveys, couples grow in love and become satisfied with their relationship after exercising together. Physiologically, the impact of the activity makes people more attracted to their partners.

  • Creates a United Team

Working for a similar goal, such as going to the gym, participating in sports competitions, deepens the connection and trust between couples. It is also sexy when your partner sets a target and works to achieve it.


  • Fitness Dating Affects One’s Social Life

It limits your social relationship to those who exercise regularly or those on a diet as you. Relating to others might negatively influence you as they can cause you to make decisions that would conflict with your fit lifestyle.

  • Disappointments

Changes in circumstances like age can slow down one’s progress. This outcome can lead to frustration, anxiety, and depression.

How to Choose Your Fitness Dating Site?

Before choosing the perfect fitness dating app, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Be ready and do not be in a hurry

One needs to feel optimistic about joining a fitness dating site. Read reviews of these sites and find out their pros and cons before picking which site to join.

  • Consider your financial commitment

One has to have a clear purpose for joining a fitness dating site, and then decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for that purpose. Those who want to have fun can look for a free or cheap fitness dating site. However, committed members who wish to get the most out of these sites will have to spend more cash.

  • Beware of fraud

Irrespective of the security measures put in place by most fitness dating platforms, some scammers still manage to get their way into the platforms. For this reason, before joining any fitness dating platform, choose the ones with little or no fraud record.

  • Accessibility

Ensure to choose a user-friendly website. It must be easy to use and navigate. Find out if the site has a mobile app and which operating systems and browsers support it.

Is It Safe to Use This Type of Sites?

Most dating sites these days take the security of the platform very seriously. The severity of the site’s security varies for different sites; some are stricter than others. According to several reviews, about 90% of fitness dating sites are safe to use. However, members need to apply caution while using the platform to avoid becoming victims of online fraud.

Some Tips for Newbies in Fitness Dating

Thanks to smartphones, people no longer have to wear their tight jeans and go outside to where there are many people; now, we can flirt in the comfort of our homes.

With the numerous fitness dating apps available, it is easier for fitness singles to find someone who is just as into burpees as they are.

In all fairness, prioritizing fitness doesn’t make one shallow; studies show that a couple that sweat together lives happily. And if fitness dating apps can help people find partners who love keeping fit, it’s only fair to give it a try.

These tips below will help one improve their fitness dating and make finding a love interest easier.

  • Be Specific

According to a relationship and dating expert, a less jam-packed profile is better. A majority of the dating profiles with too much information are not read. Also, profile details shouldn’t be so brief that visitors can’t get an impression of who they are. There should be a balance between a one-liner and a long description. It is also essential for a member to be honest with their answers, with enough information to initiate a conversation.

The simplest way to attract the best partner on fitness dating apps is by putting up critical things. People that are into an active and healthy lifestyle, or even a specific sport, should feel free to state it on their profile. Vegans who would be uncomfortable dating meat eaters might want to make that known before actually meeting. But if it doesn’t matter, there’s no need to worry. The odds are it will come up in the conversation very fast.

Specificity is key. It is not a great idea to use general descriptions, such as ‘fit lifestyle.

According to experts, when creating a profile, including the experiences you would want to share with your partner. Specificity helps narrow down swipers to people who share specific interests.

  • Be Honest

What does a gym selfie say about you? There are more dynamic ways to show that one is athletic. It is better to have a photo of oneself flexing the sport than flexing the muscle gotten from that sport.

Displaying a post-race image or unusual yoga pose is one way to show who you are and differentiate yourself. The more, the better.

All in all, one’s profile is a representation of themselves. The types of images you put on represent how you want to be seen and addressed.


The best way to achieve an active life is by interacting with other people who have the same target. Besides sharing in activities such as going to the gym, you will also inspire and encourage each other the best way you can.

Regular exercise not only keeps you in great shape, but it also affects your mindset. According to research, a healthy lifestyle can boost one’s self-esteem, energy, mood, and sleep quality.

Fitness singles dating others with a similar lifestyle should learn to inspire and motivate others in the relationship.

Do you feel sure about maintaining a fit lifestyle? Why wait? Join the best and largest online community of fitness singles. Use the search tools of the chosen fitness dating app to find active singles nearby.

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