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Xmatch Review – what do we know about it?

Xmatch Review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 24-35
Profiles 96.000.000
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Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • XMatch is perfect for individuals looking for casual relationships. For the sexually active, the site promotes couple sex and voyeurism and inherently discourages discrimination.
  • XMatch has an extensive international membership base, comprising over 96 million members, with almost half of that number in the US alone.
  • The site has a very straightforward and free registration process that takes a few minutes to accomplish.
  • XMatch has a user-friendly interface that combines simplicity and functionality with bright, clean aesthetics.
  • Free members can add members to their Hotlist and join adult chatrooms. They can even host live shows that can earn them points and tips from members watching.
  • XMatch is protected by GoDaddy SSL hosting sites and uses firewalls to secure information privacy.
  • XMatch moderators monitor member activities to prevent untoward events from occurring.
  • XMatch members are bound to adhere to membership rules and regulations by agreeing and confirming the Terms and Conditions document during the registration process.
  • The sexually explicit images give the site the appearance of an adult porn site.
  • The free membership gives limited access, and you need upgrades to do more, most especially contacting other members.
  • Font size is small and can be a challenge to older members.
  • The profile information used in matching is moderate and can generate many unsuitable recommendations.
  • XMatch is only available in iOS format for mobile devices.

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XMatch is a video-based dating site that has Australian origins and has been in the business since 1996. It belongs to a group of dating sites under FriendFinderNetworks and shares its membership base with its two sister sites. That gives XMatch a vast international network of individuals who are looking for casual sexual relationships. The site currently has more than 96 million active members, and about half of that number comes from the US, with the remaining spread across the whole world.

XMatch is unique in that it allows and even encourages voyeurism and multiple partner encounters. As such, the site is not suitable for individuals searching for meaningful and long-lasting relationships with total commitment.

How does Xmatch work?

How does Xmatch work?

XMatch entices its potential members by posting sexually explicit images on its website. If you are not careful, you will lose concentration to focus on your objective of joining and get lost in the enthusiasm of the moment. Once you join up, you can access their vast membership base full of images and videos that you can preview and choose.

One thing you will immediately notice is the predominantly male membership population. About 70% of the total members are male, about 25% are female, with the rest being couples and other persuasions.

You will also notice that the majority of members are in the 24-to-35-year age range. That means these are mostly young professionals ready for some casual escapades to release their pent-up stress at work.

XMatch matches its members based on the information you will input during the registration process. The site refers to this information as the Уecupid preference, which is the criteria (gender/s, race, age group, body type, etc.) of your desired partner/s. The odd thing though is, with such a broad membership base, the matches sometimes become too extensive. You get the advantage of having many options, but at the same time, it can be overwhelming, and most results are not so compatible with what you want. However, each profile you check out has accompanying compatibility statistics such as scores and charts to give you a clearer idea of the matches.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration - is it really easy?

Registration to XMatch is a breeze and should take only five minutes to accomplish. You will go through five steps of information inputs that are typical for similar dating sites.

The first step is identifying your gender and that of your prospects. You have three options for the latter – male, female, and couples. For the last option, you have sub-categories for man+woman, woman+woman, man+man, or TG/TV/TS.

The next step is entering your date of birth and present location (specify state ZIP). Then you input your nominated username and a corresponding password and give your current email address.

On the next step, you provide your personal information such as sexual preference, marital status, race, and body type. Profile pictures are optional, and you may opt to skip this feature and proceed to the next step.

Next, you will need to provide a short introductory title for your profile that sums up your personality and objectives. Should you feel that the title is not enough to describe you, then there is a free short paragraph space you can use for further information. You can now send all this information for the next and final step.

Upon submission of the complete registration, the site will send a confirmation/activation link to your email. Use that link so you can log in and enter the site. Of course, remember to tick the box to signify your understanding and acceptance of the site’s Terms and Conditions.

As a bonus feature, XMatch allows members to log in using either their email address+password or username+password. That is very convenient in case you forget which identifications to use.

Before we move on, it is worth mentioning that joining up and registration with XMatch is free and comes with primary membership status.

What about design and usability?

Xmatch’s interface is simple yet attractive and is very user-friendly. Its extensive use of tabs and dropdowns makes for a very functional and well-designed arrangement. All features are laid out in order of importance and function.

The site also utilizes grids and boxes to emphasize various elements in a section. That allows ease of navigation as well and provides clean aesthetics.

One area of improvement, though, is the size of texts in a considerable portion of the site, especially on the member profiles and various articles.

Let’s talk about profile quality

A primary membership status allows you to see the member’s username, location, age, gender preference, and Gold member status. You can also gain access to their short biography, fan base, friends, and images. There are also connecting features like Add Friend, Flirt, Message, Hotlist, Tip, and Send Gifts or IM.

The complete member profile, which is accessible through a membership upgrade, consists of five main sections. The first tab shows all information you included in the XMatch profile during registration. It also displays your activities, friends list, compatibility chart, testimonials, kinks, and the list of sex courses you have attended.

The mobile application

XMatch dating is currently available for iOS mobile devices only. With that said, Android users can access the site through their device’s browser and still get the full features offered by the service.

Safety & security

Safety & security

XMatch is protected and verified by GoDaddy website hosting and SSL protocols provider. Furthermore, the site uses firewalls and industry-standard measures to safeguard and secure information privacy.

For the protection of members, they screen all applicants during registration with email verification as part of identity authentication. In the end, the Terms and Conditions document has to be confirmed by the registrant to ensure adherence to the membership rules and regulations.

Pricing and benefits

An XMatch free membership allows you to add members in your Hotlist, broadcast a show, send winks, and participate in some features like adult chatrooms. These chatrooms have about 400 online members active each day, and with some luck, you can find a match while chatting. Furthermore, a free member can host a live show that can earn them points and tips from those members watching and liking the broadcast.

The XMatch Gold membership provides you the ability to contact other members to interact with them. You can view members’ full profiles, watch their broadcasts, and view shows of various models live. Of course, access to the mentioned features requires a modest fee.

Gold membership fees:

  • One (1) month $39.99 per month
  • Three (3) months $26.95 per month for a total of $80.85 per quarter
  • Twelve (12) months $19.95 per month for a total of $239.40 annually

Standard Contact Membership fees:

  • One (1) month $19.95 per month
  • Three (3) months $11.95 per month for a total of $35.85 per quarter
  • Twelve (12) months $8.95 per month for a total of $107.40 annually

Points purchase fees:

  • 200 Credits $0.02 per credit for a total of $4.00
  • 500 Credits $0.01 per credit for a total of $5.00
  • 1000 Credits $0.01 per credit for a total of $10.00

Members can pay these fees via credit cards or personal checks.

Other unique features of XMatch membership upgrades:


These are pages where members post articles about sexual experiences and topics.


Blings are media gif files that can act as memes to comment on members’ profiles and photos. They are often in the form of erotic animated texts.

Contests and Events

This section features all current contests you can join. It also shows past competitions that members have entered as well as results and outcomes of said events.

Erotic Stories

This page features real stories (esexperiences or esexcapades) of XMatch members and other FFN sites. Don’t be shy to share a story or two if you have some.

Hot or Not

This feature is a roulette-type matching game that allows you to vote for another member’s photo given to you at random. You then have the choice of voting if the member is Hot or Not.

Live-Action Shows

This feature is a list of models and members who are momentarily broadcasting a live show. You can join a show with a small fee.


This section features steamy information, erotic pictures, and advice that are moderated by XMatch administrators.

Adult Movies

This section is a link to AdultFriendFinder’s porn site.

Sex Academy

This part is a virtual institute of learning that contains various courses about topics on sex and proclivities. When you finish a course, you will then get a certificate that gets posted in your profile, and that increases your esexpertise level.

Help & support

Help & support

XMatch keeps a dedicated professional staff of moderators who are ready to respond to any query, complaint, issue, or suggestion that you or any member would have. The staff’s objective is to provide timely service to the members so that there will be no interruptions to a pleasurable experience.

Xmatch’s help and support team are monitoring all accounts from the beginning of registration up to its accomplishment. They also continuously observe activities and member behavior to weed out any suspicious elements, thereby preventing any untoward incidents.

Xmatch’s Terms and Conditions document embodies the responsibilities of the app’s creators and moderators in maintaining a secure environment for its members while ensuring the protection of privacy. Members should signify their acceptance or confirmation of the said document to ensure strict adherence to the membership’s rules and regulations.

Should any infractions by members occur, the administrators will put sanctions on the particular account until investigations provide results. In extreme cases, administrators may even cancel accounts altogether.


Is Xmatch safe?

Is Xmatch safe?

Yes, it is. XMatch is protected by GoDaddy SSL hosting sites and uses firewalls to secure information privacy. Furthermore, XMatch has professional moderators round the clock who are ready to respond to any query, complaint, issue, or suggestion that any member would have. The staff’s objective is to provide timely service to the members so that there will be no interruptions to a pleasurable experience.

Is Xmatch a real dating site?

Yes, it is. The number of members that XMatch maintains is proof positive of the site’s authenticity. Moreover, most dating site reviews indicate positive testimonials of members who have found their match and are satisfied with the service.

How to use Xmatch?

XMatch is currently available via its website for desktops or laptops and has a downloadable mobile app for iOS devices. For Android device users, they can access XMatch through their device’s browser and still avail of the full features that the site offers depending on their subscription level.

Is Xmatch free?

XMatch offers free registration and basic membership that allows limited access to various features provided by the site. For full access, you can upgrade the basic membership to standard or Gold memberships for a minimal fee. With that said, the basic membership provides ample features for members who only want to observe and not yet delve into the actual dating stage. A unique essential feature is access to shows and broadcasts that can earn the member points by watching.

Is Xmatch really works?

Is Xmatch really works?

Yes, it does. Again, the extensive membership base and positive reviews and testimonials prove that the method and approach XMatch provides to its members work effectively. More importantly, its long experience in the dating business makes it one of the leading sites in the category.


XMatch is a video-based dating site that gives its members the unique experience of making selections while watching recorded or live shows by the site’s other members.

The site’s method of using the members’ profile in matching them with prospects with the same preferences and orientation is beneficial. Recent studies show that the XMatch site generates 1.3 million visits a month and increasing, with the bulk of the visits coming from Canada, Brazil, and the US. Also, the site’s affiliation with its two sister-sites under the FriendFinderNetworks group boosts its popularity and membership base.

XMatch is faithful to its mantra of being an adult dating site. The sexually explicit images that populate the pages effectively attract individuals who search into these websites with a specific purpose. XMatch does not disappoint expectations. Members both old and new experience a level of satisfaction that other dating sites fail even to approach. Sexual proclivities are served with gusto and intensity that make the members want to keep coming back for more.

The site’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive for all ages, with some improvements on fonts and the like, posing a minor issue to the overall aesthetics of the pages. Features and functions are laid out in sensible order, with emphasis on ease of navigation.

Similar to other adult dating sites or cuckold dating sites, XMatch offers free basic membership with limited access. However, this seeming negative aspect is countered by some unique features allowed to the budgeted member. The site also allows those who prefer to observe initially ample activities, until they are ready to dive into the dating game. More important is the feature that allows basic members to broadcast live shows and earn points simultaneously.

And for those who are ready to upgrade their membership, Xmatch’s schedule of fees is reasonable and competitive with those of other dating sites.

While having only an iOS app for use on Apple products may seem like a deal-breaker, Android users are not left without an option. They can use their device’s browser to access the full features that the site offers.

Overall, XMatch is a viable choice for people who enjoy casual sex encounters, and we highly recommend it to anyone in dire need of a release!

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