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Skout Review – What Do We Know About It?

Skout Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 10.000.000
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Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing up and creating a profile on Skout is very simple and quick
  • The website is an excellent way towards building up a friendship and also finding a partner for hook up
  • Basic members get to enjoy a slew of features. There may never be a need to upgrade on the membership at all
  • The website has a significant number of underage members, and this is primarily because account data and profile information is not checked
  • A large number of bots operate on the platform because email verification is given a go by
  • The free version is full of annoying pop-up folders with unsolicited and pesky ads

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It does because it has been around for a long time if you have been wondering that Skout dating and social networking sounds way too familiar, it does because it has been around for a long time! With a tagline that stays, “the world has no limits, so why should you?” Skout is not any travel dating site. It has so many mind-blowing features that you are sure to be impressed in the first go.

Then there is Skout Travel that is sure to make you very popular and the Feature Me where you will be in the limelight and enjoy every second of it. The site restricts its membership to anyone below 18 years of age. Subscribers and patrons of Skout go all out for it because with a massive database of men and women (mind-blowing 10 million last heard), there is no way you are not going to find a best friend to chat close by or meet the person of your dreams.

Started in the year 2007, Skout began its operation akin to what Facebook today is. Users could get on the app, make a profile, and post status updates. Today, Skout is a hybrid social networking site as well as a place where young people meet, make friends, find love, and even meet up socially for a more fulfilling experience.

Skout is a location-based website, and what that means is that the matches that the site gets for its users are invariably someone who lives nearby, and therefore meeting outside of the virtual world is never impossible if things do take a serious turn between them. People at this site really like adventure dating.

There is no way that you can get bored on Skout. There are features galore! Whether you are a basic member or you are on a premium subscription, your day is entirely made when you have Skout on your device. Users reportedly send a whopping million and a half messages each day! Oh, by the way, it is available both for Android and iOS users.

How does Skout Work

How does Skout Work?

Sitting in front of your PC for hours, in the end, looking for a friend to talk to or finding a date is passé. Now all you need to do is to log on to Skout, and you’d have found someone!

How does Skout do this?

Skout uses GPS to track which other member is in the vicinity and matches people. So far, the application has been able to generate thousands of success stories. Some of the members are on it since the time it was conceptualized way back in 2005. If this isn’t proof of its efficiency, then what is!

All you need to do to register on Skout is to enter a little information about yourself like name, age, sex, a short description of what you like to do generally in your pastime, and upload a photo with it.

Once you have entered information into the mandatory fields, you are ready to search for people around you. A grid appears with photographs of all the members who are located near you. You get to decide if you want to chat with them or flirt with them or send messages.

The application also will send a notification for alerting you.

  • When someone new is nearby your location
  • To let you know if someone has checked you out
  • To notify if someone adds to their Hotlist

Skout has been popularly known to be the first-ever dating application that worked based on location. It is unbelievable that a website that is less than 11 years in business has been able to garner a whopping 5.5 million users since its launch as recently as 2009! In the next year itself, it was ready to roll out an iPad version of its application for the digitally savvy Apple fans. Skout is available to both iOS and Android users, and that is why it is the most popular dating app.

Registration - Is It Really Easy

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

There are three ways to get on to this fabulous dating cum social networking website.

  • Log in through your Facebook account
  • Use a valid Gmail account to sign up
  • You can begin from scratch if you have neither

Either way, be assured that the registration will not take more than two minutes on the whole. The information required from the new members is minimal, and there is absolutely no verification of the email address. So the moment you fill up your data and click on the Submit button, you officially have an account on this superb platform.

The only negative repercussion of emails being not verified is that there may be many fake accounts. Be assured that the company takes strict note of any abuse that is reported by the members and bans them either temporarily or permanently depending on the seriousness of the abuse.

Every member, irrespective of his status as a basic or a premium one can message other members on the website for free. When a user receives a message, he or she can preview the message and decide to accept or reject it. The fallout of a rejected message is that the application will take a cue and block the user in a bid to keep you safe from spammers.

Photo commenting is free for all too. Members can heart a list of profiles that they like and mark them as favorites. The live chat feature is very popular with its patrons, and you can choose to chat up with anyone who wants to. The chronology is thus:

  • User A sends a message to User B
  • The message automatically turns into a friend request
  • User B accepts the message, and User A becomes a friend on the app
  • If User B rejects the message, the message will be deleted by default, and the application will block User A from further communication to User B

There may be times when you accidentally delete a message because of preoccupation or a misunderstanding. Worry not, because you can retrieve the message as well as the sender’s friend request by going to the Blocked Users Button and clicking on Unblock button to begin chatting. Easy no!

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

If you are on some other dating website simultaneously or have had a history of being a member of some of them, at least, you will know that Skout has way too many features than any dating app. Most of the features are super-happy with the members, mainly because they are unique. You could sometimes end up feeling that the layout of the application (both the desktop and the mobile) is too crowded and unorganized.

For new users, the graphic interface and site map is going to be a bit too overwhelming. However, the confusion will settle down as you get used to its layout and determine what features you like best.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Here is a quick checklist of what you can expect on Skout profiles:

  • Profile information is fundamental. Name, sex, age, and an email address. These are the mandatory fields. There are some more fields, but they are optional. Searching for friends and partners can be done on an incomplete profile too. This is one of the reasons that more than 60 percent of Skout users have either half-filled profiles or absolutely nothing except the mandatory information. It can get frustrating; we agree!
  • The picture on the profile is also not mandatory!
  • The profile can be edited as you go along. Members may be in limbo while choosing their partners because, in these times, it can be a risk to chat and meet up with someone whom you have no reliable information about or even authentication of whatever information that is presented.
  • Pictures of users undergo admins/moderator’s approval before they are allowed to be uploaded. If the photographs on the profile do not meet the website’s guidelines and criteria, the site has the right to deny uploading it.
  • Members can like, comment, and send messages to your inbox too!
  • A large number of users do not have real names. They either use their first names alone or some made-up nickname. It looks cool, alright!
The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

The application is available on the play store for both iOS and Android users. There is a cute section where the app throws suggested profiles on your feed. These are viral profiles, but they do not meet your location criteria. There is so much on the app that you can easily spend 5 to 7 hours daily without repeating the same thing twice in that much time.

One pet peeve with its user members is that there are far too many advertisements, and half of the time is spent only shutting down the pop-up folders that keep opening in every corner of the screen. We do understand that the paid subscription model has zero ads, but bombarding their free users with so many ads may prove counterproductive because, honestly, who has so much patience nowadays! That is something that they need to fix.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Users who have been on the website for longer than five or six years will tell you how the profiles in the present are heavily infiltrated with fake profiles as well as hundreds of bots that spam genuine user’s messages.

The Skout app’s general, albeit unwritten rule, is that if a member begins chatting with a sentence concerning a Kik account or any other website outside of Skout, it is a spam alert. These are most likely bots that have been pressed by third parties to capitalize on the extensive database that Skout has managed to garner. It is usually how it is with most of the dating apps nowadays and despite the websites doing their extra bit to keep these infiltrators out. They come back in droves.

If you have to give any more personal information to a member you only know recently, be very wary and err on caution’s side. You don’t want people to phone you and extort money, claiming that you were trying to hook up the parents of minors.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

As part of the basic membership, users can register their account and search for other people’s profiles. They can also react as well as comment on profile pictures and mark profiles as favorites too. Messaging is completely free. The app allows all its members to be able to see who has checked them out.

Premium membership is like gold. You get to do away with pesky advertisements for good. There is a way to boost your profile’s popularity by bringing it under the limelight. It is possible to message directly to your muse, and your chats move to a priority spot in your match’s inbox by default. There is an exciting feature where you can even claim insights on your muse.

Membership in Skout is affordable. You need to shell out less than $10 for one month’s premium membership. The website has points model where you can purchase credit points for cash and use it as a currency in games and other features. Five hundred credits can be got for $4.99 only and double the points for $7.99. The more the credit points you purchase, the more economical they become, and that is why it is suggested that you buy more and save more. Payment for the membership as well as credit points can be made via:

  • Bank cards both credit and debit
  • PayPal
  • Through mobile pay

Help & Support

The website has highly responsive customer care in place. The executives are well trained and go all out to assist users. The Report Abuse button is a great tool for users to report any sort of abuse that they may be facing from the other members.



Is Skout safe?

A dating site like Skout is completely safe for hookups in your area or even casual friendship. The only condition is that while you are at it, you must be prudent in dealing with strangers. The website allegedly has a large number of underage members, and you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law. Exercising caution is your best bet.

Is Skout a Real Dating Site?

Skout is a dating website! The large database is something that you don’t want to miss. There is someone or the other in your area who is single and ready to mingle!

How to Use Skout?

Using Skout is straightforward. You begin with registering yourself on the website, which may take less than two minutes. There is no need to write lengthy answers or even upload a picture of you. Once you register, you are ready. The website will send you notifications of a match based on your Computer’s IP, and GPS location.

Is Skout Free?

Skout is free for all. It does have a premium membership in place that is so affordable that it almost seems nothing to pay. Skout is known to deliver value for every dollar that you pay.

Does Skout Really Work?

Skout has been revolutionary in the field of dating. There are hundreds of testimonials daily on the internet that will tell you how people find friends and romance on the website. Skout is a god sent for people who are tired of being by them alone.



When it started, the website was only a social networking site way back in 2006-07. A decade and more down the line, the platform has truly come of age and matured into a dating app that is helping millions of people around the world to find friendship and romance successfully. There are members from over 100 countries, making it a truly global application.

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