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SilverSingles Review — What Do We Know About It?

SilverSingles Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 67%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 50-68
Profiles 8.763.000
About Site
Visit rate 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Finding people with the same taste.
  • SilverSingles recommends 3-5 matches for a single person.
  • The interface is not complicated and is therefore understandable for anyone.
  • A matching score indicates how well you jibe with that person.
  • Not for people looking for short-term relationships.
  • It’s time-consuming to sign up and get started since the questionnaire is extraordinarily detail-oriented.

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SilverSingles is an exclusive dating site for those looking for serious relationships, and generally, they are all above 50+. When you are looking for a compatible partner who is perfect for your lifestyle and dating preferences, you expect to find a person who will provide you with lasting happiness. SilverSingles features comprehensive support to a network of many serious dates across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and many other countries.

SilverSingles is an international dating platform that caters to people over 20 countries across the globe, and over 13 million singles have tried it out. They are examples of happy couples managed to find a soulmate at SilverSingles. The matchmaking is mostly quite relevant, so singles are satisfied as they get a partner they prefer. It is one of the best dating podiums, which is an equally reliable and reputable site for eligible seniors in a particular area. SilverSingles do a great job by providing you a variety of excellent dating opportunities.

How Does SilverSingles Work?

How Does SilverSingles Work?

SilverSingles believes in pairing the answers or traits of two individuals. They have mastered this concept over the years. Their theory is based on the “Five-Factor Model,” due to which many experts have designed their personality tests. Once you completed their quiz with honesty, you can easily see the results as well as of those you are paired with. It will help you to understand the person in a better way.

If we consider the rate of divorce, which is so common that more and more men and women are finding themselves back in dating sites, trying to find a suitable partner. SilverSingles provides a safe and trusted platform where you can find a trusted lover to share your life. It offers you the opportunity to meet your soulmate across many countries. As a general rule of thumb, SilverSingles try to judge you based on your dating philosophy and then allow singles to pair themselves based on the taste and personality. All this has nothing to do with only the looks of the people, but rather a person’s preferences. The process is simple and user-friendly. Viewing the answers of others helps you with real insight into what they are looking for in a relationship. Also, it helps to understand one’s strengths and values. But without paying for the services, you are not able to view images or send any messages, so it basically cuts your chance of a romance.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

Registration SilverSingles

Signing up with SilverSingles is relatively easy; at first, they would like to know your gender, email address, and password. Once you are successfully registered, you have to answer 100 questions that cover your personality and habits. As soon as you answered all of them, you will be asked to upload a photo, and then, you are good to go. They will also redirect you to the payment page, which can be skipped. You may start receiving suggestions of people who have the same qualities as you do. SilverSingles shows you the percentage of compatibility along with age, height, and other attributes. Premium members can message the person of their interest while free visitors can interact with the help of smileys.

Newcomers can create a SilverSingles profile by selecting their sex and entering their sexual preferences. You also have to specify your name, birth date, etc. You can also give your profile a structure by inputting a few details about you. Members can set up characteristics they are looking for in their possible matches, such as age or education level. From there, the profile gets further defined:

  1. You need to fill out a slightly time consuming but extensive questionnaire to give insights about your hobbies, beliefs, personality traits, etc.
  2. Upload a photo to personalize your page, but this isn’t mandatory.
  3. Indicate the acceptable length of travel to meet potential partners.
  4. You also get an option to write a bio that is visible to fellow users. SilverSingles suggests that you should be as creative and insightful so that others can see the funny and honest you.

Usability and Design

Usability and Design SilverSingles

SilverSingles comes with an efficient and simple design. The theme color is a combination of midnight blue, white, and crimson for accent. The platform is designed specifically to attract the age group of 50 years or older. For this, all the fonts and texts are relatively bigger and bolder. The essential options are neatly organized in the tabs and can be frequently accessed with the help of icon buttons. The design is such that any user of any given age can easily navigate the website as well as the mobile application of SilverSingles. The accessibility is key and makes it highly popular amongst people of every age group. Do not wait any longer; kick-start your digital love story today.

Let’s Discuss Profile Quality

You will receive quality information from the visitors on this dating site. The most common answers you are searching for are freely written on their pages. Thus, it helps you to know the details of each individual more specifically. You will never encounter any fake profiles on SilverSingles, and only a paid member can have access to view photos of others.

The website claims to be the best-rated dating service in countries such as Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is extremely popular in the USA and Canada and gained even more popularity when they launched their mobile app. The majority of the community comes from these nations.

When talking about gender attraction, people find SilverSingles very fascinating; that’s why a massive number of both males and females are registered here. The website makes it very clear that the one who is not following the instruction, especially concerning nudity and abusive content. If found, they will be dealt with strict actions and consequences.

The Mobile Application

SilverSingles app is as easy as the desktop version. The main advantage of the software is that you can use all its features, no matter whether you are a basic or a premium member. It is compatible with Android and iOS. The theme of both is the same: pink and white shades. They have worked so rigorously on their application that you will find it perfect — from professionalism to unique design and easy accessibility. It’s effortless to use, and even not tech-savvy individuals will be able to access it smoothly without any disruption.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security SilverSingles

The website promises to keep all the data of its users completely safe. SilverSingles respects the privacy of its community. All the details regarding the same are being written in their privacy policy. By becoming a member of SilverSingles, you may have access to several services related to the company’s product. There are also some limitations to free visitors.

SilverSingles is a quite popular site amongst elite singles. Having premium quality members means a great deal of responsibility to protect their data and keep them safe. The brand offers a high level of security and seems to deliver it well. Your well-being is paramount at every step of the registration process. The site has a strict privacy policy. Here, all the information about your data and its sharing is mentioned in detail. It is a meticulously designed questionnaire for you to find out a perfect match in every way.

Users are requested to go through Privacy Policy very thoroughly, so they know exactly what to expect. As far as the data you share after registration is concerned, your chats on this platform are entirely end-to-end encrypted, meaning that they are not available to the data mining scams out there. To protect the integrity of your profile and info, SilverSingles has the strictest yet most accurate regulations in place. The bottom line is, there is absolutely nothing for you to be afraid of while being a member of this dating haven.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing SilverSingles

The pricing of SilverSingles comes in 2 categories. With free services, you may get matching suggestions, personality tests, profile information viewing (without photos), sending smileys, and managing your Favourites list. With fee-based ones, you can see all the images, profile visitors, read receipts of messages, unlimited communication, view a personality profile. You will also receive 20 extra wild card matches per day along with mobile app usage.

You will have to pay $149.85 for three months of Premium Light membership. Premium Classic will cost you $227.70 for six months while $335.40 for Premium Comfort for a whole year.

Whenever we go through a website review, especially a dating website review, we often think of getting all the perks for free or, at least, at a cheaper rate. Keeping this in mind, SilverSingles has come up with a super affordable and highly efficient platform. It will not burn holes in your pocket and also assures that you will most likely find your sweetheart here. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a career-driven person, whatever you are looking for, this place will not let you down.

Help and Support

The customer support of SilverSingles is quite active and ready to solve any queries related to the sign-up process and even complaints regarding abuse. This platform has a very generous team of professionals who are easily accessible and very friendly in interaction. Their primary task is to deal with the requests related to a privacy breach or technical issues. You can contact them by phone or email. They usually respond within a day. The support representatives welcome any type of suggestions on their work at SilverSingles. You are free to write feedback and a piece of advice.


FAQs SilverSingles

Is SilverSingles Safe?

Yes, both the app and website version of SilverSingles are safe to use. You can visit their privacy guidelines for the same. This website has been operating for a long time now and has cultivated an extremely good reputation. Barely any complaints about safety and security have ever been raised here. Even the Privacy Policy section is so thoroughly explained that it is hard to overlook how genuine and worthy this dating platform is.

Is SilverSingles a Real Dating Site?

Yes, SilverSingles is a real dating site. There are no fake profiles. The paid accounts have access to viewing unlimited number of profiles per day, and still none of them turn out to be fake. This platform is as legit as it gets, and the community is completely real. Just like you and me, they are also looking for their soulmate online because it’s not as easy.

How to Use SilverSingles?

How to Use SilverSingles

SilverSingles is extremely easy to use and the procedure is similar to several other dating websites. You need to sign up on this platform using your name, email ID, birth date, and other information. These details are taken from you for the sole purpose of recognition. Since SilverSingles guarantees genuine profiles, it is important that they keep their signing up pretty thorough.

Is SilverSingles Free?

SilverSingles is free but with limited features. To get more out of it, you have to become their paid member. However, the subscription options of a premium account are also pretty affordable and are thus as good as free. You can unlock access to unlimited possibilities of this service with a premium status.

Does SilverSingles Really Works?

Yes, many people have found their perfect partner using SilverSingles. If you are someone who has been looking for their better half for a long time but has had no luck, this dating platform might just be your ultimate breakthrough. However tough dating gets, SilverSingles has got your back.


Dating can be a burden in this fast-moving world. We have become so work-oriented that dating someone and falling in love seems like a distant dream. Although, it is an innate desire of a human to fall in love. Sharing our feelings and emotions is the way we are made, and it is only fair that we fulfil our lives’ purpose. However, finding a suitable partner can be challenging due to our schedule, and that’s why you need all the help that you can get. SilverSingles is a revolutionary dating app that helps you meet your life partner without even stepping out. Just as the world has gone online, it is important that you do as well.

Finally, we hope that now you are well aware of this excellent dating service called SilverSingles. It is better to give your life a second chance to find a perfect person who can keep you happy. This platform makes dreams come true. You just need to believe in yourself as well as in SilverSingles. Give it a chance; surely, you will not regret it.

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