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NudistFriends — What Do We Know About It?

NudistFriends — What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 15%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 18-60
Profiles 902.200
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This site is a social platform that allows nudists to interact and connect with other like-minded people
  • NudistFriends provides safety and security for its member profiles by blocking the view to non-members
  • You can also learn more and better about the nudist lifestyle and concepts from the blogs and chat forums on NudistFriends
  • The excellent customer support provided by the team at NudistFriends helps its members by giving information and assisting in every way possible
  • There are many ways to contact the members of NudistFriends. You can chat via text messages, start an audio call or video call, send winks. All these methods help you gauge the person better and make you feel at home; more profound knowledge of the other person's beliefs allows you to connect better
  • You can also become a certified nudist on NudistFriends. Upon getting the certification, a logo will be displayed on your profile picture, and you can get 20 times better views, credibility, and listings
  • There is no pornographic content allowed on NudistFriends. The assigned moderators keep a close eye on the activities and ensure that the content published is to signify this harmonious lifestyle choice and nothing else
  • You can initiate topics of discussions and make a forum where members can share their experiences for others to learn
  • You can also find useful first date advice on NudistFriends. Taking it to the next level and meeting for a real date can be tricky sometimes. You can always ask for help and learn the basic dos and don'ts from the experiences of other members
  • There is no free-trial option with full features for NudistFriends. If you want a complete user experience, you can do so only by opting for the paid membership
  • There is no dedicated mobile application for NudistFriends

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NudistFriends is a platform where you seek friendship as well as fun. NudistFriends is a dating platform with immense potential, especially for single people with a bold and evolved mindset. Nudism is one of the most misconceived concepts for people practicing Nudism. NudistFriends makes finding a compatible partner very easy. It is not easy to undo the stigma attached to this concept, and not all are open to it either. Nudism is a lifestyle choice adopted by many who like to have the opportunity to live without having to wear clothes, being more in touch with nature, and encouraging self-respect, respect for others, and the environment. NudistFriends is a dating website designed for people who support Nudism or Naturism. It provides a platform for people in support of Nudism to meet and date like-minded people.

Established in 2001, with more than 798,000 member profiles, NudistFriends.com has been growing since and has attracted more members than any other website offering similar services. It supports Nudism and believes it to be a simplistic way of living and expressing one’s freedom. The idea of creating this website is not only to connect people with similar beliefs but also to provide information about this way of life. You can find blogs, chat forums that help give you more clarity on the concept and help if required. It is important to note that this website does not entertain or allow any pornographic content and is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of its members.

How Does NudistFriends Work?

How Does NudistFriends Work

Let’s find out more about how this website works. You can use a few basic search options on the NudistFriends website to help you connect with the right person.

  • Gender.
  • Age.
  • With photos only.
  • Online now.

As you can see, these options will weed out the unwanted profiles and can narrow down the results to your liking. You can further refine the results with their extended search option. You can also search for people based on their region of location.

On most websites, you will find it challenging to attract the attention of the right person. This happens because there are many users, and there is no way of knowing the genuine ones from the ones who are just killing time. However, with NudistFriends, you can stand out and make your intentions known by opting for their paid priority listing, which makes your profiles appear in top searches and attracts the right kind of attention. You will not be lost in the sea of countless members. This paid option also lets you make a profile video, giving you added visibility on the website.

The site further uses a matching algorithm to find the most suitable matches for you. It also lets you block member profiles, so you can easily escape the unwanted attention from any member. NudistFriends also has you to enter private chat sessions with the person you want to communicate with, privately.

Registration — Is It Easy?

Registration — Is It Easy

Registration on NudistFriends is a simple, however, slightly lengthy process. It takes three steps:

  • Create your profile. This is the first step in the registration process and relatively simple. You need to enter your name, gender, whether you are seeking men, women, or couples as potential partners, your age, email, and contact number. You can read the website’s service agreement and privacy policy on this page, agree, and proceed. Then you have to select your username and password for NudistFriends.com. Further, you need to update your country of residence, postal code, height, ethnicity, and relationship status. Now you proceed to the second step.
  • Upload photos. The second and essential step is uploading a profile picture. According to statistics, profiles with an image get up to 20 times more results. You can upload one from the computer or import it from your Facebook account.
  • You and your match. Next, you need to update a profile headline, describing you in a few words and moving further to the about me section, where you give a detailed description of yourself and your interests in not more than 4000. Next, you are supposed to describe your ideal match in less than 4000 words. The last step is to verify your email account, and you are all set to meet and connect with like-minded nudists on NudistFriends.

What About Design & Usability?

What About Design & Usability

NudistFriends is an extremely user-friendly website for practicing nudists or those looking to discover this style of living. It has a simple layout. Upon completing the registration process, you are directed to your homepage, where you can see a few basic options like discover, my lists, community, and messages. Each option has a drop down with subcategories that help you familiarize and explore.

On your home page, you can see the latest activity from your account and fellow nudists on NudistFriends. This feature gives you an idea of how things are on this online portal, and the knowledge of being amongst like-minded people gives you the joy and comfort of being where you belong.

You can see all the reactions and communication from fellow nudists under my lists tab. The community tab lets you access more information about the lifestyle through active blogs and discussions, and a separate message tab allows you to view the private messages received. To communicate with someone you like, NudistFriends not only lets you send messages but also gives you the option of starting a voice or video chat.

Let Us Talk About Profile Quality

Let Us Talk About Profile Quality

NudistFriends allows you to upload an extraordinarily vivid and descriptive profile on the website. Remember that this site supports a natural and free lifestyle, where people like to express their freedom. Under no circumstances is pornographic or sexually explicit content tolerated on NudistFriends. The moderators of the website keep a strict check on the same.

You can upload up to 26 pictures on your profile and make it public or private for viewing. There is also an option to hide your profile if you do not wish to appear in searches and be randomly contacted by others. It is better to have a complete and detailed profile to get the best results. This feature helps the websites match algorithms to get you more accurate matches. Also, it makes you look more genuine and not as someone who is being shady and trying to hide behind a mask.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Sadly, NudistFriends does not have a dedicated mobile application. They, however, do have a mobile version for the website. You do not have to necessarily crank up your computer every time you wish to use the site. Instead, you can use the optimized mobile version to view the website on your mobile phone.

The mobile version of NudistFriends looks more compact and is very well-organized. It is free to access and does not require you to download any additional content from the app store to enable viewing. It is a good option for users who like to use NudistFriends while on the go. There are no additional charges to be paid to view the mobile version of NudistFriends. You can use it free of cost and sign in to your account, just like the web version.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

NudistFriends is a safe and secure online platform for connecting with like-minded nudists. Naturism is an extremely misconceived notion mostly, not all can understand and accept this way of living. At NudistFriends, the company ensures that those who believe and choose this way of life are safe from those critical of it. The profiles created on this website are verified multiple times. All the pictures and content, including your profile picture, are displayed for public viewing only after being approved by the site moderators.

Content that is found offensive or sexual is not approved to be published on this website. Pornographic content is not tolerated on this website at all. The site does not allow anyone to view the profiles and the pictures posted unless you are a registered member, which provides safety from wayward glances. All the communication is passed through an SSL connection. This feature makes it impossible for any outsider to intercept the messages being exchanged on the website.

The pictures you upload on your profile and in the gallery can also be made private for viewing only to a select group of people you allow access. Other member profiles can view not all images in your profile unless you permit them.

Pricing & Benefits

Pricing & Benefits

Registration on NudistFriends is free. You can make an account on this website without paying anything and browsing; your unpaid account will have limited access. For full access, you can explore the paid options. You can select your premium membership plan from the given options and upgrade your free account.

  • The purchase paid membership plan for one month costs 29.95 USD. Approximately 1 USD per day billed in 1 secure payment, so you save 25% on the actual cost.
  • The purchase paid membership plan for three months costs 59.95 USD. Approximately 19.95 USD per month billed in 1 secure payment. You save Check online lists 50% on the actual cost.
  • The purchase paid membership plan for six months costs 95.95 USD. Approximately 15.95 USD per month billed in 1 secure payment; that’s how you save 60% on the actual cost.

Upgrading to the paid versions of NudistFriends allows you to benefit from the personalized services provided by the network that inches you closer to your right match. You get enhanced security options and quality customer support. You can upgrade and benefit further in the following ways:

  • Improve your chances of finding the right match of 500%.
  • Be contacted 20 times more than the free account members.
  • Enjoy all features of the website on the desktop, as well as the mobile version.
  • Send and receive endless messages online while chatting.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, experience more than 30 perks of paid membership over a standard free account. You can upgrade your account by selecting the option on the top right corner of your homepage. The billing on your bank statement for the paid membership will appear as SuccessfulMatch. If payment is made via CCBill, then it will reflect as CCBill.com* SuccessfulMatch in your bank statement.

Help & Support

Help & Support

If you need help with the website or anything else in regards to NudistFriends, it is first recommended to explore the list of frequently asked questions on the site, most of the general queries are answered there. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem, simply write to the customer support team through the contact us option. It is essential to choose the subject line appropriately along with a clear description of your issue. It is mandatory to include the name of the website you are logged on to, your username, and the registered email address to receive a viable solution.


Is NudistFriends Safe?

NudistFriends provides safety by restricting access to non-members. All communications are SSL encrypted; outsiders can intercept no data.

Is NudistFriends a Real Dating Site?

Is NudistFriends a Real Dating Site

NudistFriends has been in business for 19 years now. It has more than 798,000 member profiles. It is one of the most significant Nudist support online platforms that allows people with similar views and lifestyle choices to connect, bond, and feel at home. Once you have formed a relationship, you can take things to the next level. Nudist dating can be new to some. Our online forums give you ample reading material to learn the finer points and have a fantastic date.

How to Use NudistFriends?

If you find yourself drawn to nature and wish to co-exist peacefully, to show yourself in the essential way, you may like the concept of nudism. At NudistFriends, you can meet and connect with like-minded people who can guide you in the right direction with their life experiences.

Is NudistFriends Free?

You can sign up for a free account and be a standard user, you can reply to conversations from other members. However, you won’t be able to start a conversation from your end. To initiate new conversations, we suggest you upgrade to a paid option.

Does NudistFriends Really Work?

NudistFriends is a website that supports the nudist lifestyle. While in practice, it is not too challenging, dating is a different thing and needs a special approach. It can be tough to find people who are not only open to the idea but are also practicing it and are supportive of their partners following it too. Since 2001 NudistFriends been successfully bringing such people closer, helping them find their right match and has been experiencing a constant increase in its number of members.


NudistFriends is a perfect start to find people with long term experience in practicing nudism. In today’s world, we all are looking for love. It’s a proven fact. Even the psychologists claim that the quality of a relationship depends on how compatible a couple is. Not everyone you meet may agree with nudism. Many may not even be aware of this idea. You don’t have to explain and justify your lifestyle to people who see things differently when you can easily find your right match with a like-minded person at NudistFriends.

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