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Hinge vs Tinder – which one is better?

Hinge vs Tinder – which one is better?

Online dating is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many people prefer using dating sites and apps to find love, flirt, make friends, or just meet interesting people. If you are looking for relationships using dating apps and sites, you should definitely get to know what platform to choose. This comparative review describes two popular dating apps that are worth trying. So, the topic under consideration in this article is Tinder vs Hinge. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these apps? What platform to choose to make your dating experience successful? Actually, it all depends on the goal of your registering on the dating platform. If your goal is to find serious, long-lasting relationships, Hinge will suit you perfectly. Most of the users on Hinge are young people who are 20-30 years old. Most of the users are intelligent and well-mannered people who want to find long-lasting relationships.

Tinder, on the other hand, is the most popular app with millions of users to choose from. People of different ages use this app to find serious relationships or one-night flings.

Both platforms welcome people of different sexual preferences to join. No matter whether you are a straight, lesbian, or gay, you will have the same rights on these platforms. Abasement is strictly forbidden on the platforms.

People of all ethnicities and religious beliefs can join both Tinder and Hinge. No harassment and insults are permissible on these platforms.

What is the difference between Hinge and Tinder

People with different dating goals choose either Tinder or Hinge. If you are aimed at serious relationships, Hinge will be more suitable for you. Though it’s possible to find long-lasting relationships on Tinder, this platform is mostly aimed at people looking for hookups and casual relationships.

To attract more users to join the platform, both Tinder and Hinge offer their users many cool features. Some of the features can be used for free, and some of them require payment. To increase your chances of finding a perfect match as soon as possible, it’s recommended to purchase a paid membership. Free membership has a somewhat limited set of options.

Let’s start with the Hinge app and see what free and paid features it offers.

Hinge Free Services:

  • App download and installation;
  • Registration;
  • A Hinge member can view other users’ profiles free of charge;
  • If a person whose profile you’ve liked likes you back, you can send a message to him/her.
  • Like 10 profiles per day;
  • A Hinge member can see who sent him/her likes.

To use the services of this dating app in full, you need to upgrade your membership to a premium.

Hinge Fee-Based Services:

  • You will be able to send unlimited likes;
  • See every user who likes you;
  • Set advanced preferences.

Like Hinge, Tinder also offers its users both free and paid features. So, as a free member, the Tinder user will get the following options.

Tinder Free Services:

  • Download and installation;
  • Registration;
  • Left swipe;
  • A free user can upload a photo to make his/her profile more attractive;
  • Local search – free users can find potential partners who live near them;
  • Get one super like per day.

To get more advantages, it’s recommended to purchase a Tinder premium membership.

Tinder Fee-Based Services:

  • See users who liked you;
  • Get instant matches;
  • Unlimited set of likes and right swipes;
  • Be on the top in the search results;
  • Meet people from all over the globe;
  • Rewind your swipe;
  • Get access to Top Picks.

Both dating platforms have cool features. The set of features the Tinder offers is more extensive in comparison with the Hinge. However, Tinder’s price for a premium subscription is higher.

Which one is better for men?

Hinge has an almost equal number of men and women on the site. So, both men and women have equal chances to find relationships on Hinge. Tinder has millions of users from all over the world. It provides both men and women with greater choice options. However, men outnumber women on Tinder, so you will have to put extra effort to find a suitable girl. It means that Hinge is better for men because the number of male and female users is almost equal; thus, Hinge male users have more chances to find a perfect match in comparison with Tinder male users. However, you must remember that Hinge is good for finding serious relationships. If your goal is just to flirt or have adult fun, Tinder is your best choice.

Which one is better for women?

The number of male users on Tinder is prevailing. This means that women have more chances of finding a partner on Tinder. However, if your goal is to find serious relationships, Hinge will be a better choice for you. Hinge comprises users whose goal is to find love and long-term relationships. Tinder, on the other hand, has a lot of users whose goal is to find one-night stands. So, you will have to put some effort to find serious relationships on Tinder.

There isn’t a clear-cut answer what platform Tinder or Hinge is better for women. It all depends on the goal a woman is geared towards. If flirting and one-night stands are what you expect to find on the dating platform, Tinder will become the best solution for you. If you want to build serious, long-term relationships, Hinge is what you need.

Hinge vs Tinder – target audience

Both Hinge and Tinder are targeted at the same audience. Hinge offers its users to find serious relationships, while using Tinder, a person can search for both love and one-night hookups. Most of the users of these dating apps are people of 20-30 years old. As a rule, young people are aimed at finding casual relationships that is why Tinder is more popular. It has 50 million users from all over the world, while Hinge has only 5 million users. Hinge is a dating app aimed at people in search of meaningful relationships. They are mostly young professionals who want to find love and create a family. Most of the Hinge users are people from the USA, though people from other countries are also welcome to join the platform. Gender proportion is almost equal – 45% of women and 55% of men. As for the Tinder app, the majority of users on the platform are men. They are 63% of the total number of users. Many users are from the USA, though people from other countries also use this platform actively. The registration on both platforms is allowable only if a person has reached the age of the majority (18 and more).

Interface and Usability

One of the main things to consider before registering on the dating platform is the ease of its use. It’s extremely important, especially if you don’t want to spend weeks understanding how everything functions on the platform. Both platforms are quite easy to use.

Hinge offers its users a very intuitive interface. Everything is simple and well-organized on Hinge. The menu is easily accessible. Several buttons are at your disposal to manage all the dating process. They will help you to move from one tab to another without any problems. The intuitive interface will make your staying on the platform as much comfortable as possible.

Tinder also has an intuitive interface. However, it will take a little more time for you to understand how everything functions on Tinder.

Registration on both platforms is easy and doesn’t take much time. There are two ways to register on Hinge – via your Facebook account or telephone number. Registration via a telephone number is a great solution for people who don’t use Facebook at all. As soon as your Hinge account is created, the app will ask you to upload several photos.

Tinder provides three ways to register: via a Facebook account, via your phone number, or by using your email. One photo is enough to upload to start using the Tinder services.

Both Tinder and Hinge provide the procedure of verification.

Messaging on Hinge and Tinder is similar. Once you have matched with someone, you can start messaging. However, starting a conversation is easier on Hinge. You can send a conversation starter to a person you like before you have matched. You can also leave your comments on photos of users you like. Tinder also has a similar feature called Tinder Feed. It allows you to comment on someone’s recent activity. But you have to match with someone first to start using this feature.

Pricing: which service is more affordable?

Both platforms offer their users free and paid options. Being a free user means that you will get a somewhat limited set of features. To use the platforms in full, it’s recommended to purchase a premium subscription. There is only one subscription plan on Hinge called Hinge Preferred. Tinder offers two subscription plans to its users – Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. Moreover, if you are less than 28, you will pay less for Tinder premium services.

The following table shows Hinge vs Tinder prices for the premium services:

Hinge Preferred Tinder Gold membership for people under 28
1month: $9.99 per month 1 month: almost $15 per month
3 months: $6.99 per month 6 months: $8.83 per month
6 months: $4.99 per month 12 months: $6.92 per month
Tinder Plus membership for people under 28
1 month: almost $10 per month
6 months: nearly $6 per month
12 months: nearly $4.60per month

The prices are above average, as you can see. The following payment options are available on Tinder: credit card, direct debit, or via mobile phone. The following payment options are available on Hinge: credit card and via mobile phone.

A premium membership on Hinge offers such incentives as sending unlimited number of likes and viewing all the users who sent you likes in one place.

As it was mentioned before, Tinder has two premium subscription plans – Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Both subscriptions include such perks as getting rid of the ads, unlimited likes feature, rewind of swipes, getting five super likes per day, one boost every thirty days, and the passport option that lets you see users from worldwide in your list of swipes.

Except for the prices, these two subscriptions have one distinction – additional features within the Tinder Gold membership. Tinder Gold enables you with the possibility to see who liked you first. You don’t have to have a match because you will have a right to swipe right and start messaging with a person you like. Top Picks option will also be available for all Tinder Gold members.

So, Tinder offers more premium features to its users in comparison with Hinge. However, it must be noted that the set of features the Hinge offers is enough to find a decent partner in the shortest possible time.

Pros and cons

Like any dating platform, Tinder and Hinge have both advantages and disadvantages. The following table illustrates the cons and pros of the Tinder app:

Pros Cons
Free and quick download Registration is only possible via Facebook or telephone number.
The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices The number of Super Likes is somewhat limited
It’s easy to use Most of the users look for hookups and casual relationships
Free messaging with matches Profiles are not detailed
An extensive database of users Some features are available for only paid members
Possibility to meet people from all over the world
The app can be linked to your Facebook or Spotify account
A lot of cool features
Innovative swipe feature
Simple interface

Another table shows the cons and pros of the Hinge app:

Pros Cons
Free and simple download Some features are only available for premium members
It’s fast to register No desktop version
Many free features It must be connected to your Facebook account
The matching option is available for users Small set of features
Users are aimed at serious relationships
Possibility to meet people from all over the globe
A modern design
Ease of use
The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices
Free users get 10 likes per day

Both platforms have a prevailing number of advantages. One of the most significant disadvantages of these platforms is the unavailability of all features to free users.


What dating app to choose, Hinge or Tinder? Well, the choice is difficult. Both dating platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. Tinder is a very popular dating app with millions of users from all over the world. It offers its users plenty of cool features. But a lot of them are only available for premium users. Moreover, the platform is mostly aimed at people in search of one-night flings. If your goal is to find love and build serious, long-lasting relationships, Hinge is what you need. Besides, the platform is easy to use, and it’s easy to start a conversation on Hinge. The set of features the Hinge provides is enough to find a perfect match. So, in our humble opinion – Hinge is the winner in this competition.

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