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Chatiw Review – what do we know about it

Chatiw Review – what do we know about it
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Profiles 59.000
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Pros and Cons

  • Scope of making a free profile
  • Global access for making friends
  • Instant access is a boon
  • Simple but feature-rich chat system
  • User-friendly and customized options
  • Strong customer support
  • User comforting and navigation friendly website
  • Chatiw uses a strong GPS: users cannot create a fraudulent location here
  • The verification method is not there.
  • Chat history gets deleted.
  • A basic profile cannot search for potential contacts.
  • Not ideal for finding soul mates: it’s for casual fun mainly.
  • VIP membership is not that advantageous than free membership.
  • There is a chance to encounter fake people.

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Friendly dating sites like Chatiw are the new-age solutions for increasing your social circle. These sites are popular and have become a legitimate way to meet new people for making friends, and possibly for finding new love interests too. But what makes Chatiw unique in the bandwagon?

Chatiw is one of the most widespread virtual chat rooms where people from all across the world meet other likeminded people online. It came into the online market in the year 2009 and has gained wide popularity recently. Almost 1.80 million people use the site monthly.

Here, before you start chatting, you can check the chat location of your partner as well as the gender of the people willing to chat with you. It’s free and pure fun for its users. Connecting people worldwide is its motto, and spreading friendship and fraternity is its ultimate objective.

How does Chatiw work

Chatiw Review

It’s an online platform for people who are looking to make new friends worldwide. Do you love speaking to strangers? Do you like friends in different locations? If yes, Chatiw is the ideal chatting platform for you.

You can download this application on your desktop as well as on your mobile. Of course, you need internet support. Rest, Chatiw, is an extremely user-friendly application. Make your profile after you complete your registration. Your profile is your online presence, so try to make it as attractive as possible.

The algorithm of the application works according to your present location. Still, you can get to find friends/contact suggestions from your local neighborhood as well as from other remote areas. Knowing someone online has become easier with Chatiw with its safe but straightforward chatting interface.

The application is quite popular in the UK and the USA, but you can make friends in other geo-locations. According to statistics, 70% of Chatiw users are male, and 30% of users are of 33-50 years of age. You can use the free version initially and avail the option of upgraded paid version if you find the site useful and exciting.

The site offers 2-types of memberships: free memberships and paid ones. The paid profile attracts some exclusive facilities; however, for the starters, a free profile will provide the real hang of online hooking. You can decide later if you want to upgrade!

Online dating and adult chatting has become easy, safe, and legitimate with Chatiw.

Registration – is it really easy

Chatiw Registration

A long process of registration is one of the daunting factors in most of the online chatting applications. But with Chatiw, you are worry-free. This online dating site does not have any formality of registration. So you can skip the obligation of creating a password, saving it in your device, or sharing your mail ID with Chatiw.

Yes, you have to provide some basic information like your nickname, sex, age, state, and country. You can click on the “Use GPS” option so that the application can offer a friend suggestion according to your local location or according to your preference.

As there is no obligation of verification, with Chatiw, you can start fast, almost instantly. Well, it is a soft side because the verification process is not included in profile making process, but it’s a relief for the starter that you can suck the egg without much getting stuck into formality!

  • Now select a user name: your nickname will do
  • Select your gender
  • Click on the location
  • You are ready to go: start chatting right now on Chatiw

What about design and usability

Chatiw design

One of the best features of Chatiw is its simple user interface, no matter you are using the desktop version or the mobile app. You will find it user friendly.

Users will find the application navigation friendly, and it has a simple design. Accessing the chat room and quick shifts to private chat take hardly any time. Other than chatting, if you wish to explore the site, you will have a good user experience.

The site deletes the deactivated profiles automatically. The chat history remains stored for the current session; you will not be able to retrieve the history for your previous session, which is an advantage or disadvantage both, depending on the situation.

In terms of usability, Chatiw is compatible with desktop, android, IOS, and Windows. The application is precisely similar to the website, so if you are accessing it via the desktop or using your mobile, you will enjoy the same smooth sailing as user expertise. It has advanced search options and a seamless global exposure and a safe payment gateway.

One of the most relaxing points about Chatiw is its intuitive interface. While chatting, you can check if your friend is online, is tying message, or when the message is “seen.”

Let’s talk about profile quality

Chatiw profile quality

Maintaining a profile on the Chatiw platform is more accessible than other similar sites. You don’t have to register on the platform. The interface will ask a few personal information about you like name, sex, etc. It can intuitively locate your geo-location accurately.

Free users can prepare a basic profile on the platform. But for improved user experience, users can avail of the VIP membership. The basic profile on this platform can enjoy facilities like joining chat rooms and access to send personal chats. Furthermore, they can search the user profiles active on this dating platform as well as they can send pictures and emoji to other users. The free users can edit their profile, check chatting history, and if they decide, they can block any users from further contact.

But The VIP members can walk a few miles extra. They can pot badge on the profile and ban users if situations demand so. VIP profile owners can send unlimited images, unlimited car messages, and they can share a link, numbers, etc. If required, these profile owners can avail of the VIP support. VIP members can use Chatiw without the experience of advertisements popping up on-screen.

You, as a VIP member, don’t have the obligation of experiencing Bot CAPTCHA at the time of login, and you can have your nickname reserved.

The mobile application

Chatiw offers an app for android users only. Interface wise it is the same as the website. The desktop version is not that mobile responsive so that android users will get a better experience with this app.

The user interface is good enough. They will get to see a new notification on their mobile via push notification. You can download it free from the Google play store, and the app will allow continuing mobile chat whenever you wish to.

Customer care is one of the best attractions of using the mobile app of Chatiw. If users report any bug, the developer team takes priority care of that issue for complete customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated app for IOS users. However, IOS users can use the desktop version via their handheld device. It is indeed not that responsive like the android app, but you can get the hang of the mobile chatting with the desktop version on your IOS device.

Safety & security

Chatiw Safety & security

Chatiw is all about making life interesting, exciting, and for adding some special fun in life. However, you have to stay cautious while enjoying. You can join the platform quickly, and there is no stringent verification method embedded here. While it is a boon for the starters, it is a soft place too for the users.

Your online safety will be perfect if you use a few rules on Chatiw for online chatting. You should maintain the guidelines for using the site. If you feel disturbed by anyone, you can block the contact.

The site offers the privilege of adult chatting, but it is not just perfect for long chatting. There is the facility of searching profiles, but only VIO members can get this filtering facility, which is not that convenient for free members. After all, security is everybody’s right.

Chat history of the chat session gets saved, and it is an advantage. But after a few days, these chats may get auto-deleted, which is somehow disappointing.

If any users are found harassing another /or more than one other user, the safety and security arrangement of the site takes offense. Usually, the lawbreaker and his profile get banned.

Pricing and benefits

Chatiw Pricing

Chatiw offers a free membership facility for avid users. Free membership holders can join a chat room; private messaging can send images and search for other users active on the platform. They can block someone, whom they feel annoying in the course of their chatting.

Alternatively, paid memberships are called VIP membership. The paid enrolment has several facilities like no interruption by advertisement, no formality for login every time; you can declare a nickname, you can get the badge on your account, and send lots of images and messages (unlimited in number contrary to basic –free profile). They get VIP supports for the paid membership.

Chatiw offers a total of four types of premium membership plans. You may opt for any of these four plans depending on your requirements.

  • The monthly subscription at Chatiw will cost you $4.95.
  • You have to pay $25.95 for a six-month membership.
  • You have to pay $49.95 for a year-long membership.
  • Now, if you are sure that you want to be a lifetime member of Chatiw, you have to pay $99.95

The site maintains a safe payment gateway: you can use PayPal to pay for your subscription.

Help & support

Chatiw offers the right support and helps its users. This support and help service incorporates mobile chat-app, video chat features, web chat, etc.

Chatiw platform always encourages the respectful behavior of the users toward others. On violation of the rule against reporting, the reported profile gets immediately banned.

If the users face any tech glitch, the developer team works 24/7 to solve the issue to promote a seamless user experience.

In the chat-room and a private car window, block options are always found. If any user clicks on the report/block, the team Chatiw takes immediate action, and the ban prevails for the next 48 hours. In case the blocked profile wants to counter his banning issue, he/she can speak to contacts about this profile block.

Safe chatting is a significant concern of Chatiw. As a responsible user, you can follow the safety rules suggested in the safety policy of the site. Besides asking for help and support from the developer’s team, it is always wise to follow the safety rules prescribed.


Is Chatiw safe?

Yes, it is safe if you maintain the suggested safety tips. Online chatting is always unpredictable and uncertain because you are talking to a stranger. To stay safe, you should keep certain restrictions online. You should not divulge your personal and intimate information to your chatting partner, which may create complexity later.

Besides keeping your data private, you should not disclose your financial data like credit card details. If you can maintain a reservation in your chatting, Chatiw is a safe interaction platform for you.

Is Chatiw a real dating site?

Yes, it is a successful dating site. Here users can chat with their prospective partners and can exchange images and snaps of each other. Now, if the relationship gets more intense, then both the people on chat can decide for a date. This dating, in reality, is not possible for people staying far off. The contacts who are staying near your geo-location can be you’re the best partner. However, it is a personal discretion only.

How to use Chatiw?

Chatiw is extremely user friendly. You can use it on your desktop or from your mobile as well as download the application for free. Just make a profile on the platform with some basic information, and you can start chatting. You can create a free profile on the Chatiw, and here registration costing is zero. You can down the site on your tablet, IOS device, as the website is mobile responsive. The app is compatible with Android OS only.

Is Chatiw free?

Yes, Chatiw is a free website until you are using the basic free account on the platform. There is no registration fee to use the application. You have to answer 2-3 questions, and once explained, you can start using the app right away. Unlike the other websites in this category, Chatiw free services are feature-rich, and it is a definite advantage.

Is Chatiw really works?

Yes, of course, it works. But you have to know your goal first. If you are looking for online friendship and fun in one night stand, Chatiw is the most potential virtual platform for you, which is safe, legitimate, and cost-efficient. However, if your sole objective is to find out a suitable partner for your life, the site Chatiw may not come up to your expectation.

Although it works across the world, if you want to get hooked with someone, especially from the UK or the USA, the site Chatiw is the best dating site for you.


Chatiw is an excellent app that is user friendly, light on mobile, and cost-efficient option to make new friends. If you love to chat with people, it is a great way to enjoy your spare time. You can get different kinds of people with a diverse mindset, and therefore there is a strong chance that you can get someone special from the chat room.

You can quickly move from chat room to private chat, and that is also free. It is indeed a great advantage of using Chatiw. Chat history gets auto-deleted after a session is over, and that’s a real boon to enjoy. There is no obligation of profile deletion as inactivated profiles get deleted automatically. There is the facility of blocking a user if you wish to. These basic conveniences matter a lot for online users, and Chatiw exactly offers the dose.

But of course, there is a big BUT. If you are looking for a serious relationship, maybe Chatiw is not the right platform for you. Most of the profiles are created here for fun and for enjoying a chat with anonymous people, and there is hardly any scope to turn it into a lingering relationship.

But one of the best advantages of using Chatiw is its safety features. If you maintain the safety protocols, and if you follow the safety tips (suggested by the site), you will get to enjoy the safest chatting fun here that is also free of cost or in an affordable price range. We find it worth trying! Why don’t you?

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Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
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Linda Reed
by Linda Reed Oct 15, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to get another possibility at romance. Thank this incredible website for allow since I have your want. Do not make several long-term blueprints and merely savor 1. You date, traveling, and talk about a wide range of activities. This is stunning part of our relations. I like your companion and hope our very own relationship will develop and check out the next level. Many of us are seeking for couples at union web companies, and most likely, that sort of factors is actually awkward due to the fact think that products in look computers running windows. This software is unique. You may possibly start out with communicating and end in the chapel. The service offers an effective technical foundation. I prefer the site mostly on my laptop computer, but at times We speak with customers and look the strategies from our apple iphone. No troubles at all. I've noted no bugs . almost everything is effective, without bugs. After I log in, i personally use the web page as long as i'd like without disturbances and annoying reloads. I am hoping they keeps that way, and keep quality. I wish everybody all the best ! since simple has receive me.
Martha Conner
by Martha Conner Oct 10, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and routing is a breeze. I receive an ample lots of insights and ideas for people that seem irresistible to me personally. Really, i really do take pleasure in located on website. I possibly couldn't come across our present good friend yet. However, i came across two inquisitive men and women to communicate with. Personally I think complimentary and comfortable while talking with all of them. It is suggested this website to any or all who's going to be shopping for great companionship, whatever the form of commitment.
Cynthia Hernandez
by Cynthia Hernandez Oct 04, 2021
Excellent feeling. I've found so much ready and fascinating people and some freaks . that's the norm once you are using the internet. Some meets weren't in my locality . that's the reason we kept buddys. I will declare that this specific service brings many technology to help make more consumers take note of one. Initial, it's enough space to create your very own profile and offer sufficient the informatioin needed for your appearance and personality. After that, chatting are all right. Normally, an individual access full online telecommunications and may come a romantic date at any time when you are willing to fulfill the best in real life.
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