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Chatango review – what do we know about it?

Chatango review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • All the services in Chatango are available for free.
  • It is not an exotic app; instead, it follows a simplistic bare design.
  • The app is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • The app is portable and can function on multiple platforms like smartphones, tablets, or desktops.
  • The Chatango Mobile version has a compact look and easy-to-use than its other extensions.
  • The site offers embedded public and private chat rooms to user’s personal or other public websites.
  • The keyword is an essential section of the app, which makes searching a user with ease.
  • MeetingCatcher is another imperative advantage, as users never miss a new message on-the-go.
  • The app doesn’t have an attractive design, which can bore many members.
  • For the text-based old school people, this might be an ideal app, but for those looking for something other than chatting, the app can be a disappointment.

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Just when we started believing that simple chat sites are now history and all we have are the glittering social media networks, Chatango arrives in the market. The platform offers its users to chat with random people across the globe via text-based messages. Well, this is something new for our generation, isn’t it?

Cut back to the early 2000s; there were a handful of social media sites. It was then the concept of online chatting with random strangers emerged. But it was pretty easy back then. All we had to do was think of a username and bond over various topics with random strangers. But a few years later, social media sites came in with groundbreaking innovations and emerged as one of the best platforms for sharing thoughts, connecting with people, and learning about what’s happening around the globe. However, a slight catch here is that besides an innovative upgrade, now creating a profile on a social media account wasn’t that easy. We need to verify the identity twice or thrice, come up with the wittiest bio, upload our best photo to get ample likes and comments.

Now here comes in Chatango, which amicably blends the simplicity of old school chats with the modernizations of the social apps today. Besides chatting with strangers, users can also use Chatongo to communicate their thoughts to the audience. It will also help in enhancing the traffic of one’s personal/ professional website.

Started in 2010, Chatango is founded by Alec Matusis. The site worldwide has over 8 billion registered users who share their ideologies on various aspects of this platform. Chatango is even used as a third-party app when embedding chat services for personal websites is needed.

For those who are looking for some romantic relationships, Chatango turns to be one of the best. On this dating platform, you can connect, chat, and meet people for casual and serious dating. Apart from chatting, the site also offers some unique features. On theory, Chatango seems to be one of the best interactive platforms, but is it worth the time? Or is it just another wishy-washy from the 2000s? Let’s find out more.

Chatango review - what do we know about it?

How does Chatango work?

Unlike the trending social media platforms, Chatango is a bit different. Portability is the prime benefit of this site. On Chatango, features like Chatango MINI Box, group chat room, private chat rooms are available. The registered users can use these features to post on social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Any user can create a group chat room on Chatango by merely clicking on the “Add Group Page to the Web Page” and input the desired group name, description, and URL link. As a group owner, you can customize the color scheme, font, and size of the chat rooms.

On these group chat platform, Anons, the non Chatango users can directly communicate with random people unless restricted by the admins. Once the details are filled, this site allows the users to insert the Chatango on various online communities, including Facebook, Friendster, My Space, etc. Any individual owning a personal blogging website can embed the Chatango chat rooms manually on their site. It can be done by a simple copy-pasting the URL link to their Web Page and will enhance traffic for the site owners.

Chatango MINI boxes are more helpful than group chat forums in scenarios where there is space restriction on a web page. These MINI boxes can be customized as per user’s desire. From changing the font, size, color to blocking offensive users, the settings tab on Chatango permits its users to do it all. The owners of Chatango groups have the discretion to appoint new administrators to handle the group’s participants as the group expands.

The Chatango Chat Button has an advanced mechanism to create real-time chat capabilities, without clustering a user’s Web Page. By clicking on it, an automatic chat box opens in which users can converse with like-minded individuals. Whenever a Chatango member is active and ready to chat, a green dot appears. Even without logging to the site, users can send messages. But here, the user will not be shown as active.

Although Chatango is not a robust communicative platform, it fills the need for a text-based chat platform in real-time. Finding people who share the same ideology or opinion on a larger community like Facebook, is often perilous. At the same time, by creating a group on Chatango or using its MINI box feature and uploading it on a web page or personal profile, it becomes a lot easier to connect and communicate across the world.

How does Chatango work?

Registration – is it really easy?

A simple registration process is what gives Chatango an advantageous position over its competitors. It takes less than half a minute to input the details like username, nominated password, and email. After that, click on the Sign-Up button, and within a blink of the eye, you are a Chatango registered member. Even users need not go through the approval process of email verification. IT offers minimal security and only basic information such as gender, age, ZIP code, etc.

The site offers a guaranteed free sign up, and users can later download the site’s extensions to any device mobile, laptop, or desktop. While registering, the site asks the users for their preferred gender match. After this information is provided, a user needs to enter a valid email address, select the desired password, and Chatango username. Once the process is complete, users are free to chat, create a personal group, and share ideas.

Chatango Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Connecting with new friends is always exciting, and with just a simple registration process, Chatango wins the heart of millions. After becoming a Chatango user, you can use the various chat features to connect with people, and send romantic messages.

Chatango features at a glance:

  • The site offers public and private chatrooms for business and personal websites.
  • It is a portable platform and compatible with various social media sites.
  • Users can customize their public chat forums after creation.
  • Chatango allows blocking of unsavory members or any specific usage of words.
  • One exciting feature is the Message Catcher, which can be downloaded in Windows OS. It will notify offline users about any new message.

Many members to chat, customizable chat rooms, and flexible profiles aren’t just the only features of Chatango. But compatibility with other websites and portability is what makes it different.

So users can use Chatango on other platforms as per their requirements. From changing the size, color scheme, and font, users of these embedded chat rooms can change it all to attract viewers and give it a professional or personal outlook.

As for the Anons, they can participate in public group forums and interact with strangers. But they must abide by the rules of the group admin and behave decently without using offensive language. Besides, as a group, admin users can set a messaging limit for every person so that the platform doesn’t get flooded with texts.

Another imperative aspect of the Chatango website is its ease of accessibility. The site has an exclusive mobile version and web and desktop versions so that users can use it on any device.

MessageCatcherA Chatango user need not remain online 24/7 to get notified whenever a new message arrives. The app has created an exciting feature called MessageCatcher, which will immediately notify the user about a new message.

  • MINI Chatango Boxes

The main USP of Chatango is embedding a public or private chat group on other platforms. But there are many sites where there is little availability of space. Here comes in the MINI Chatango Boxes. Users can even customize these small chatrooms and block offensive language and users.

Chatango What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

After creating an account at Chatango, users can move it to customize their profile outlook. However, unlike other social media handles, it is not mandatory to have a well-decorated profile in Chatango. But customization is a lot more fun, and various users might mistake your profile with little or no information, as fake.

The web version of Chatango doesn’t have a user directory. Hence, users need to search other members using their username or URL. But if you are new and don’t know anyone, the Chatango site recommends having “Keywords.” These keywords will help in searching a member apart from username and URL.

Although it is not essential to make a user’s profile more attractive, he/she must fill in keywords, ZIP code, gender, and age. This will enhance the search result for their profile and lead to interaction with random strangers.

  • Keywords enhance profile searchability, so it is a must-have in your profile.
  • Users can add images, photos, videos, and music in their profile.
  • A Chatango user can customize their profile by selecting unique fonts, colors, and sizes.
  • The moderators do not review the uploaded photos.

Apart from group chats, Chatango also has good scope for online daters. But it is not the best platform for those looking for casual hookups. It is ideal for romantic relationships and those seeking long term commitment. So while filling up the profile creating process, Chatango can come up with personal questions. Users can opt not to answer, but to get a match-list, it is necessary to pen down your preferences.

Chatango Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

The mobile version of Chatango at a glance

  • The app is available on Android (android dating is very popular right now) and iOS.
  • It is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • There are no in-app purchases.
  • Chatango is a lightweight app, which takes up little phone memory space.
  • For the on-go-users, the mobile version is a convenient alternative.

Readily available for free on Google Play Store and App Store, the lightweight app Chatango is perfect for those who are traveling. Users can download it for free and share a small phone memory space to chat with random strangers.

Compared to the web and desktop version, Chatango mobile app has a much compact look and is easy to use. The web version of Chatango depicts an empty canvas in which users fill in with their bright ideas and groups. The overall design of the mobile app is bare, but few features are arranged neatly, making it more compact. Out of all the Chatango extensions, its mobile version is the most user-friendly. Besides, the mobile version has certain special features, which the web version lacks.

Chatango The mobile application

Safety & security

Communicating with random people over various social media sites often raises one imperative question, i.e., is it safe and authentic? Although there are numerous fraudulent websites available in the market, Chatango isn’t one of them. Whether to choose a dating site or not is a complete discretion of a user, but regarding the question of safety, Chatango has never let its users down.

Unlike many other websites, Chatango doesn’t opt for email verification during the registration process. The site believes in its users. But if a user comes across any abusive user or offensive language, Chatango gives the full freedom to block such people. Besides, the site has a 24 hours help team which will aid the users in any distress. Chatango urges its users to report any fraudulent activity and guarantees that necessary actions will be taken. Also, while chatting on a social media forum, it is best not to exchange personal information, keeping in mind the user’s safety.

Chatango Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

There are several casual dating apps and chat sites, which can cost a hefty amount. Although some of them might have a free registration process, when users try to access premium features, they require a subscription. Chatango, one of the best text-based chat system, comes free of cost. Users of this site can use all the features. Whether a user uses its mobile, web, or desktop version, they need not pay a cent for its usage. It is also available for free of cost download of App Store and Google Play Store.

Help & support

Chatango has one of the best and fastest helpline support, which works round-the-clock to settle any discrepancies faced by the user.

The site also has a detailed help and support page where it in detail answers to some common problems faced by the users. The help and support are divided separately for site owners, i.e., those who own personal and public groups on Chatango and standard Chatango members who participate in interactive sessions. In case of any help, users can refer to the “Help” page located on the right-hand side of the navigation panel and resolve their queries.

Chatango Help & support


Is Chatango safe?

Yes, Chatango is a safe and secure site, ideal for those who enjoy text-based chatting.

Is Chatango a real dating site?

Yes, Chatango is a dating site but for a long term serious relationships and not casual hookups.

How to use Chatango?

Chatango is portable and compatible and can be used in its mobile, web, or desktop version.

Is Chatango free?

Chatango offers all its services free of cost to the users.

Is Chatango really works?

Indeed, Chatango has a whopping figure of 8 billion registered users worldwide.

Is Chatango really works?


Chatango may not be the only site that offers to date and chat services; there are many more in the market. What makes it exclusive is its text-based facility and embed chatbox to users’ personal and professional websites. These customizable chat boxes can be used on any device. Besides, these chatboxes can help the users to increase maximum traffic to their site and interact with random strangers across the globe. The website portrays an amicable blend of old-fashioned chatting with improvisations from modern social media apps.

The site has a simplistic look, more like a blank canvas where users are the painters, who fill it with ravishing news, posts, videos, and chat rooms. On Chatango, a user can depict their true self, interact the way they like, share their stories, and gain views from others. The best part of this interactive platform is that it is portable. Users can operate it on-the-go via mobile, desktop, or laptop. The site is free of cost with minimalist design and organized in a way that makes it easier to use. It is indeed one of the best apps to connect over various like-minded individuals across the globe away from the glitters of popular social media sites.

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