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Fitness Singles Review – what do we know about it?

Fitness Singles Review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Ideal for people with interests in fitness.
  • You have a narrow search of a potential partner.
  • The site is free of ads.
  • Saves you the time you could spend looking for a partner.
  • You have the freedom to save a profile that interests you.
  • You are free to chat with anyone you like.
  • No third party interference.
  • There is no discrimination concerning religion, race, and color.
  • It is reliable as it meets the client’s needs.
  • There is no mobile app for the site.
  • Your search is limited to people whose primary interest is fitness.
  • You may end up in the wrong hands since they are online matches.
  • A user is not protected from exploitation or abuse of any kind.

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Everyone looks forward to being loved, more so with a person that you share common interests. With individuals looking for different aspects and traits in potential lovers, finding your soul mate could be problematic, all the same. However, the advancement of technology has seen multiple dating sites that tend to match lovers. These include the Fitness singles, an online site, tracing back to 2003, and fitness enthusiasts and lovers of sport dating an opportunity to find a partner. While you may join it primarily to find a partner, the advantage of fitness, as well, is an assurance.

Among the majority of online dating sites, the Fitness singles website is outstanding because it aims to connect people with the same interests. Ideally, the website enables singles with the same passion in fitness to meet and share, probably leading to love. The workouts are vast and could range from athletics, sports, to gym-related exercises. Furthermore, you are assured of privacy and security, so no need to worry about your whereabouts being in public.

How does Fitness singles work?

Fitness singles - what do we know about it?

If you are contemplating Fitness singles, then understanding how the website works is vital. The distinctive feature concerning this website is that you submit a profile with details of your favorite workout activities. Besides, you will include your character traits, physical appearance, weight, and exciting features, among other significant traits. You also can add your sensitive and personal details, including children, relationship status, and religion. Your submissions are then reviewed for matching, and you could find yourselves exercising together; hence an interaction platform is created.

Registration – is it really easy?

Fitness singles - what do we know about it?

The registration process has been made easier, and it is not difficult joining this fitness dating site. It is more of an instant input of your details. Here is how to make a profile on the site:

  • Go to the original website.
  • Enter a username.
  • Create a unique password.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Go to your email, follow the link sent, and input the necessary details highlighted. While on this, you include your preferences in an ideal partner.
  • Note that it is crucial to enter the exact information needed to register successfully.

A user can choose not to submit some information by clicking the ‘rather not say’ section. Upon submission, a team of Quality Assurance reviews your profile for suitable matching. Be aware that your submission may be canceled because of many reasons.

Since you are not sure of who will be your perfect match, Fitness singles adhere to a specific profile standard to all users, whether free or paid subscribers. Regardless, your profile communicates a lot to potential clients, and therefore, being as precise and as clear as possible could be the only thing standing in your happiness. Any site that needs requires an individual to submit a profile has expectations. Though the guidelines may vary from time to time, before hitting the submit tab, here is a checklist to avoid rejection or cancellation even when already accepted:

  • An applicant should be an adult.
  • Include your bio, which could at least introduce you to other users. While on the same, keep updating it since it might be canceled after a given period of inactivity.
  • Share your profile photo: Before the support system and other users think that your application or membership is a scam, a picture could be the only identity verification needed to be accepted.
  • Be honest and real. Some clients have been known to plays pranks.
  • Do not pose as a threat to other users.
  • User’s details should not appear suggestive in a way to hinder freedom.
  • Exploitation is highly discouraged.
  • Abusive and vulgar language is discouraged.

What about design and usability?

Fitness singles - what do we know about it?

Before interacting with the website, a potential user would want to know what the site entails. Though users vary in terms of website appearance, the Fitness singles’ is quite appealing. The site has less intense graphic designs to enhance the attention given to the website’s primary objective.

Furthermore, features like a readable font, white background color, click and edit functions, among others, enable a user to navigate without difficulties. Hence, a user saves time he or she could spend on waiting for the website to load the next page. Besides, you can access the profile portal easily, thus, achieving its vital purpose.

On the other hand, the absence of other online ads and the absence of third party regulations or snooping into conversations makes it secure since no one will be monitoring your online networks. With these features, it is indisputable that the website has attractive usability features. As much as many sites offer the opportunity for singles to meet, it is interesting to find out that each of these sites varies. Such variations are what make them stand out, making one brand preferable over the other. Here is a list of features that makes Fitness singles distinct:

  • Security and privacy- your information is secure and cannot be shared elsewhere unless authorized.
  • Those who sign up have the same interests, which is fitness. By this, getting a perfect match is more logical with high chances of individuals with the same interests.
  • A provision of searches matching your profile, preferences, age, and other features, saves time spent searching. For instance, you can narrow your search to gays, straight, divorcee, widow, or single partners.
  • You can save someone’s profile and interact with him or her. This option lets you track and trace the saved profiles later on and express interest by hitting the ‘show interest’ button. You also spend less time searching for guys you could be interested in.
  • Every submission undergoes scrutiny before approval. By this, scammers, cons, and people who plan to share spam content are omitted during the initial stages. Also, it reduces the risks attached to online dating sites since those who sign up are proven to be authentic.
  • A user can update his or her profile anytime and change it. This feature enables you to include any milestones you make along the journey and change information initially displayed.
  • The Top25 feature makes it easier for users to narrow down their search options. This ensures that you spend less time looking for the ideal partner. You also have the upper hand of reaching out to the individual you find interesting.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Fitness singles - what do we know about it?

Lest you find all sorts of photos among other users, the profile photo requirements have specific submissions to adhere to, including:

  • No nasty and sexually suggestive images. All images should be presentable.
  • Your face should be captured for approval.
  • The photos should not have a copyright restriction.
  • For standard photo submission, your photo should be in JPEG, GIF, or BMP format.
  • The file size should not be more than six MBs.

Once your application goes through approval, you can now access it and start searching for your hook. Here is how you can look at:

  • Search by name.
  • See who is online.
  • Primary search, which ranges from gender, age, to region.
  • Contacting famous members by hitting the ‘Top 25’ indication.
  • Check for who checked your profile.
  • Search for the latest users.
  • You can, as well, search for profiles matching yours under the matches tab.
  • Custom searching, including physical appearance, lifestyle, and fitness, among others.
  • Express interest by clicking the ‘show interest tab,’ send a message instantly by hitting the ‘email tab,’ among other alternatives.

It would be so unfortunate if you opt for any online service only to find out that it doesn’t meet your expectation. The additional value that a competitor brand is what makes each brand exceptional. While most digital dating services may be questionable and not something to go by, here are what you this site has to offer:

  • They advocate for a healthy lifestyle; thus, a good solution for individuals looking for healthy lifestyle tips.
  • Fitness is a guarantee. While other dating services offer a specific hook to the clients, like coffee dates, movies, or outdoor events, when you join Fitness Singles, they work towards ensuring their members are fit.
  • Finding a partner with the same interests as you is a guarantee since your searches and matching are paired towards your interests.

The Mobile application

Fitness singles - what do we know about it?

Inevitably, technology allows one to access several services on their phone. Fitness Singles has an easy mobile subscription where an individual using it can customize his or her preferences. You can customize it to send alert notifications when someone texts you, making it an attractive feature.

Safety and security of using the Fitness singles

While opting for online dating services may not guarantee safety and security, there are tips you can follow to ensure you don’t fall victim. They include:

  • Keep your profile anonymous. This way, no one can find a basis in using your information against you.
  • Follow your instincts and develop trust slowly.
  • Don’t blindly love a member, instead ask for proof. An example would be requesting photos.
  • Do not ignore any warning signs.
  • When meeting someone for the first time, at least let it be in an open place.

Pricing and its benefits

While you are considering signing up, some members pay for this service to get specific benefits the free-user option does not offer. Those who make payments have the advantage of instant messaging and email options. Also, members who have subscribed have a more customized option, where they choose who can view their profile and message them.

The pricing varies depending on the package you want. For instance, a month’s subscription costs not less than $39.99, and three months would cost $24.99. You can still opt for a six-month subscription, which costs $15.99 monthly, or a one-year subscription, priced at $13.99 for each month. When you consider a six-months option or the yearly subscription, then you were payments would be cheaper, thus, cost-effective.

There is always an additional benefit when an individual opts for the paid subscription. This option gives you the upper hand, with multiple advantages that the free members have a limitation to its access. Here is what should inspire you when contemplating accessing paid membership services:

  • You can send, read, and reply messages send you directly with ease.
  • You have access to an instant and automatic messenger to chat with potential lovers online.
  • Your profile can be accessed faster, and so it is when searching for a suitable romance partner.
  • If you opt for the annual package subscription, you will have a guarantee of finding your perfect match.
  • If you are not satisfied with the service after a year’s subscription, you will have a one-year extension of membership free of charge.
  • Your profile gallery is made private, giving you the freedom to share photos with your interest.
  • While contemplating subscription, here is what to bear in mind:
  • The longer the duration of the subscription, the cheaper it gets.
  • If not satisfied with the services, a user can always cancel membership.
  • Subscriptions are subject to renewal immediately when the period elapses.
  • The subscriptions keep fluctuating. To be sure, you must seek clarity from the help and support system.

Like any other dating site, you may feel like you have achieved your reason for considering joining the Fitness Singles site. For many reasons, including having found a partner or merely unsatisfaction with the paid subscription, the next consideration would be unsubscribing or opting out of the paid subscription. To cancel, click on ‘my account,’ locate the ‘subscription status button,’ and then hit ‘cancel the paid subscription.’

Help and support

The system provides 24/7 support where you can inquire and be helped out. You simply click on the ‘contact us’ button and share your concerns. Their service is pretty amazing, and they attend to each member seriously.


Fitness singles - what do we know about it?

Is Fitness singles safe?

It is safe, and you can use it without risking your privacy. Fitness singles ensure that you meet in a convenient place. The information shared, as well, is tailored to provide the right screening.

Is Fitness singles a real dating site?

All the members signed up are real and available. It is not an enticing selfish scheme, rather genuine. The customer care service is entrusted with scrutinizing actual members from fake ones.

How to use Fitness singles

You simply sign up with your details, with the primary information being your favorite fitness workouts. After submission and confirmation, you are free to access and check your potential partners. You are free to engage with them and probably connect for a relationship.

Is Fitness singles safe?

The site itself is safe because the information submitted is scrutinized to meet the desired threshold. Furthermore, a user can block someone they are not interested in if you feel they do not meet your standard. Depending on your priorities concerning relationships and what makes for you, the ideal partner, Fitness singles’ is worth your consideration.

Does Fitness singles really work?

Whereas you may doubt Fitness singles’ success, some people have found the perfect match and made it to the next level of a relationship. It is a matter of chance and fate before you find your partner. While it may appear ‘discriminative’ as the brand name suggests, anyone looking for both love and healthy workouts would consider it. Ultimately, you have two primary benefits for signing up.


Fitness singles - what do we know about it?

Finding a suitable partner is not a guarantee for most individuals. However, some sites like Fitness Singles have made it easier and even reduced the struggle of finding your soul mate.

This dating site has reduced the burden of seeking a lover, especially if you feel unlucky concerning relationships. If you are seeking a partner with the same interests as you, specifically about fitness, then the Fitness singles is a site you may consider exploring. Furthermore, joining is effortless as all you have to do is sign up and roll up your sleeves for a happy searching.

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