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SPDATE review – what do we know about it?

SPDATE review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 19-29
Profiles 1200000
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Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is easy.
  • The website offers a great user experience.
  • The website gives free access to most of its features.
  • It is available as a website as well as a mobile app.
  • There are many users registered, which makes it easy to find a like-minded partner.
  • The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the majority of users are looking for a one-time affair.
  • The ads are very interfering.
  • There are no videos, and the only way to connect is through photos and chat.

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Spdate is a casual online dating site that lets you connect to the singles that like you are sexually adventurous. The company is owned by a Digital International Inc a Cyprus based organization.

The main feature of this dating site is to let you connect to a casual or nudist partner online. Whether you want a sexual adventure offline or are interested in some online fantasies, Spdate has you covered.

Spdate is worth your time if you maintain some strict precautions when using this online dating site. More than 700,000 members from the USA registered on the dating site and more than 500,000 active members using it every week. Considering this, it is worth giving Spdate a try. The average male to female ratio on this dating site is 73 to 27 percent, respectively.

How does SPDATE work?

Your Spdate experience starts as soon as you register on this dating site. You will be surprised to find that it hardly takes a few minutes to complete the registration. Once you have finished the process, you can start your search for a partner to hook-up with.

There are many ways through which you can search for dates on Spdate. However, with the number of registered members on this platform, you may not have to spend any time on search at all. If you’re a man in most cases, a female will get in touch with you as soon as you register on the site. You may just accept the invitation and start a personal chat to see how things turn up.

You may also be more proactive when searching for a hook-up. Many sexually active and good looking women are looking for partners on this dating site. All you need to do is to send a message on the chat window to anyone you like.

The database does most of the work of searching eligible partners for you. This is based on an algorithm. You may choose to skip or to like the members that are suggested by the site. It will also let the algorithm understand your taste better.

The best part about Spdate is that the members out there are looking precisely for what you are seeking. The maximum users of Spdate are neither looking for a committed relationship nor for a long time one. All that they want to find is a one-time fun.

Once you have your account created, the system will check your present location and suggest members close to you. This is convenient because it lets you meet a partner as soon as possible. There are lots of options; even in the areas where you may have least expected it to be. This opens up many chances of finding a likely partner online.

The communication that you have with the other members on Spdate is very relaxed. Since every person on the dating site is looking for the same thing, it is easy to arrange a meeting in a few minutes. The site also lets you keep your profile anonymous and still converse and get responses from other users.

How does SPDATE work?

Registration – Is it really easy?

Spdate has a straightforward and basic process of registration, which allows one to create an account within minutes. The users will only have to input some necessary information like name, gender, email address, age, and that is all about it. With just one step, you can start to use the features of the site.

When the account is created, a pop-up advertisement will appear. Do not click on it because it takes you to an altogether different site. The account creation is free and fast. There is no email verification needed to create a profile on Spdate. The only issue is that once you log out, no login page takes you back to your account again.

SPDATE Registration - Is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Spdate has an easy-to-navigate design; the only issue for the users is that the site is flooded with advertisements. The ads are sensitive to the cursor, which means that you may end up clicking on one without really intending to. At times the ads also open up when you are chatting. Apart from this small disadvantage, the site is easy to browse through.

The design overall is very intriguing, and the action buttons are straightforward. It is fun and easy to use this casual dating site, which could be why hundreds of users visit it daily.

You can also easily view the photos that you like on Spdate. On the homepage, you will be able to see your profile notifications. To add a member, click on the profile picture of the user and add the contact to your list. Spdate only lets you choose from members of the opposite sex.

SPDATE What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

Expect to be welcomed with a lot of advertisements on Spdate. This mostly populates your profile page. Some of the ads will even mimic the essential functions of the site, tempting you to click on them. However, it then takes you to some other site. Like for example, you get a pop up that resembles a friend request icon. When you click on it, it takes you to an altogether new site. Many such misleading ads keep coming up continuously.

Apart from this small issue, the profile pages of Spdate are excellent. You get all the information about the profile, but make sure to check if it is not a fake one. The profile pictures can be viewed for free. The site does not verify the profiles to test for its authenticity. There are many fake ones on this site, and most of these fake profiles are usually bots. A few minutes of chat will let you identify those.

Spdate also offers some erotic features to make your experience better.

  • ‘Sex request’ is not a feature through which you can get a date on the website. It will only take you to a page that is filled with pornographic content.
  • ‘Discovery’ will have all your recently liked pictures on the list.
  • ‘TOP-users’ lists the popular and the top members. You can send messages to them and also visit their profiles.
  • The mobile application

The clean and modern design of the Spdate mobile app is tempting. The Spdate app can be used by the Android as well as iOS mobile owners, and it gives you a very satisfying experience. The app is neat, and you can sign up and start using the mobile app as easily as you use the desktop website. The functionality of the app and the website are the same. You can upload your pictures and chat with the other members. You can also delete your profile on the app if you wish to. Overall the Spdate application gives you access to all the website features, but at the same time, it also gives you the flexibility to be connected on the go.

SPDATE Let's talk about profile quality

Safety & security

A lot of users have concerns about safety, especially in an online dating site. This is because there is a lot of private information shared, and it could be dangerous without protection. Without security features in place, your data could be stolen, and it could also be misused by a third party. The Spdate site, however, is safe and secure to use, and you should not worry about any leak of information when you use this online dating site.

You can use Spdate without being concerned about your privacy also. The website is encrypted with SSL technology, and you do not have to include personal information when creating your profile. The profile only asks you for basic data. There is a section that provides you with the safety tips that should be learned when you look for dates through this site.

Yes, there are many fake profiles too, but most of them are bots created to increase the platform’s activity. You can easily understand when you speak to the bot. So rest assured, Spdate is a safe website, and you may use it enjoying its features.

SPDATE Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

The members who have registered on the Spdate site for free can use its features like creating an account, browsing through photo albums, viewing the profiles, and sending messages. Those who pay for the advanced services get access to the list of the most active users and unlimited photo galleries. A 1-month subscription costs 39.99USD per month. This is a bit above average as compared to the other similar dating sites.

The free membership is for a lifetime. However, some additional perks can be enjoyed when you are a paid member. Get more likes, messages, and visits and also bring your messages to the top list when you are a VIP member.

Help & support

The support desk at Spdate is highly efficient and ready to give you the best service. If you would like to connect with the customer help team, complete your query and drop them an email signed with your name on support@digitalint.co.

If you have any issues with refunds, then you can contact the team at the same email address, but make sure to accompany your refund request with the information and evidence relevant and supporting your claim.

SPDATE Pricing and benefits


Is SPDATE safe?

Spdate is safe to use. However, take care to be vigilant and spot the fake users on the site. There are some artificial users, but they are site generated bots and can be easily identified. Apart from this, the site uses SSL encryption, and it is also safe from any credit card fraud. There is also no fear of any accidental charges.

Is SPDATE a real dating site?

The Spdate casual dating site is real. It is safe and is also reliable. They have an efficient customer help desk, real profiles of girls, accurate contact information, and many good reviews. There are also many active users. All this shows that Spdate is a real working site for searching hook-ups.

How to use SPDATE?

To use Spdate, all that you need to do is to be a registered member. It is quick and easy to register and start exploring. The site asks for some of your necessary information and once done, you can proceed to use the features of the site. Browse through various profiles or accept requests from other members and initiate a conversation. Most of them are looking for a short term fling like you do, which makes it easy to either chat online or take the relationship offline.

How to use SPDATE

Is SPDATE free?

If you are wondering whether this site is for free, here is some good news. The site is for real, and it is highly efficient to let you find casual dates online free of charge. The functionalities are impressive, and the best thing is that most of its features can be used for free. Everything on the dating site, be it the signup process or the private communication with members, can be done without paying. There is a paid membership, but that just gives you access to some sophisticated features. You may choose to continue using the site with its free membership and still enjoy most of its benefits.

Does SPDATE really work?

Spdate proudly states that the hook-up rate of the site is almost 98%. You can check the reviews and comments online only to find out that Spdate works. It is essential that you add little details into your profile and uploads your picture, and you may be sure to find a date on this online casual dating platform.

Is SPDATE free


Spdate is for free, and thus many are registering on this site for the sake of fun. The good thing is that many of them looking for casual hook-ups have been able to achieve their goals on the site. It is essential to be careful and alert to spot the fake profiles, but apart from that, it is a fun place to enjoy some non-committed relationships with a person of your opposite gender.

The best part about this dating site is that it is for free. This means that you can try out most of its features and even get a real date without paying anything for it. There is nothing about Spdate that looks bad. There are a few ads that pop up when you use this site, but that should not be a bother considering the free features this site offers.

The interface is modern and clean, and it is also easy to navigate through its many features. The casual dating platform can be accessed on the computer as well as on the mobile app, which lets you stay connected and find casual date partners on the go.

And the most important thing is that the members on the site are looking for precisely what you want. This means that it gets effortless for you to date someone soon.

Waste no time and try out the fantastic features on Spdate. The site uses proper encryption and keeps your credit card details safe in case you choose to be a paid member. So go ahead and register on the platform to get connected to a partner of the opposite gender. You are free to fulfill your sexual fantasies online or take it offline. It all depends on what you and the partner that you like are comfortable with. Worry not because all are here just for a one time tings so enjoy with no strings attached.

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