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The following website is a reliable online resource that people can use free of charge. It helps its clients compare and decide which dating platform provides the best services. It features a vast amount of useful information about trustworthy dating sites, but it cannot give details about every dating platform you find online.

The website developer gets different forms of compensation for advertising dating sites and applications and all their services that people can get. The compensation level depends on the positioning, rating, and the products/services the site presents.

However, a user must understand that the compensation is just one factor, among many others, that influences all the posted content and topics. Before presenting our site/app’s rating and our personal opinion about the services, the Company does an in-depth analysis of different criteria, such as the reputation, the brand market, current rates of conversion, etc. The top priority is client interest.

The section “Terms & Conditions” stresses the main rules and regulations on how to use the Website correctly. You have to accept all the rules to access it. In case there is something you disagree with, you should not use the Site. Read all the statements carefully.

Our “Terms & Conditions” section includes the following terms. You will find them in the “Privacy Statement,” “Disclaimer Notice,” and “Agreement” blocks. The terms “Client,” “You,” and “Your” refers to a person who accesses the site. This person accepts all the terms and conditions of our Company. The terms “Company,” “We,” “Us,” and “Our” refer to the service provider. “Party” refers to both the Company and the Client. Our Terms and Conditions describe the offer, acceptance, and payment, which is essential to provide the needed assistance to our clients. The Company arranges meetings of a certain duration that has been discussed before or other means to help the clients. We do our best to meet all the needs of our customers and act in accordance with U.S. laws.

Use of Cookies

Our Company makes use of cookies. A Client gives the consent to collect this data in strict accordance with the Privacy Policy. Nowadays, it is a common practice for all modern websites to use cookies. It helps boost the functionality so that our clients can use the Site without problems. Note that certain ad partners have the right to use cookies too.


It has been already stated that the official licensor of the Website is the owner of the intellectual property rights of the materials used on the platform. The mentioned rights get securely reserved. Every user can review and print out the pages from the official website for their personal use.

It is strictly prohibited to do the following:

  • You cannot republish any content (both textual and visual) from the Website.
  • You cannot sell or rent any material from the Site.
  • You cannot share or copy any content from
  • You cannot distribute the site materials to third party resources.

Who has the right to hyperlink to our materials?

  1. Here is the list of organizations that can link to the Website without waiting for our written approval:
  • All official government organizations;
  • Approved search engines;
  • Companies that deliver reliable news;
  • Official directory distributors. They have to list our Website in their directory and link to in the same way;
  • All accredited businesses. Non-profit/charity organizations and fundraising communities are not allowed to hyperlink to the Website.
  1. Certain third-party organizations get the right to link to DatingRanking in case the link is not misleading, doesn’t imply any kind of hidden sponsorship, and corresponds with our context.
  2. Our Company can approve other linking requests from the list of organizations:
  • Well-known consumer or business-related source of information, for example, Chambers of Commerce, AARP, American Automobile Association, or Consumers Union;
  • Various associations and public groups that represent charities;
  • Online distributors;
  • Reliable internet portals;
  • Law, finance, or consulting companies that deal with business people, educational establishments, and official trade associations.

Our Company can approve your link request if you meet the following criteria and regulations:

  • Your link will not reflect on our business negatively. It means that various trade associations and organizations that represent unreliable forms of business, for example, work-at-home jobs, do not get permission to link to the Website;
  • The Company does now display a certain unsatisfactory record with;
  • When the overall benefit for our Company from the visibility associated with the hyperlink outweighs the absence of the DatingRanking website;
  • The link gets inserted in the content of available information resources.

All previously mentioned organizations get the permission to link to the homepage of the DatingRanking website, publications, and websites if the link does not mislead our customers, does not imply sponsorship or endorsement of the third party and its promoted services/goods. The essential criterion is that your link must fit the context of the linking party’s platform.

If you belong to the organizations listed in the section above and want to link to our Site, send us a detailed email with all the explanations, intentions, and expectations. It is essential to include your name, the name of your company, your valid contact details (a mobile phone or email), and the active URL of your website. You must provide us with the full list of URLs from which your organization plans to link to DatingRanking, along with the list of all the URLs on our website you plan to link to. Note that the official response may take up to 3 weeks.

Organizations get the right to hyperlink to the DatingRanking site:

  • using the Company’s name;
  • using the web address that has got linked to;
  • using a description of the DatingRanking website and other materials that fit the context and the format of the site of the linking party.

Note that using logos and artworks is strictly prohibited (without our written approval and permission.) It is not allowed to insert frames around the DatingRanking website and use additional tricks to boost its visual appearance.

Liability of Our Content

Our Company is not responsible for the textual/visual content that will appear on your site. It is your direct responsibility to defend our website against arising claims. Note that you may not include third-party links on your site’s pages, which contain any material that can get treated as illegal, offensive, or criminal. You may not include the materials that violate U.S. laws.

The Way We Reserve Our Rights

The Company reserves the right to ask you to remove all the links to our website at any time and at our discretion. You must agree to cooperate with us in such circumstances and remove the links immediately upon our request. The Company has the absolute right to amend the Terms and Conditions and our linking policy without notice. If you want to continue to link to the platform, you must agree to the rules and our official linking conditions.

How Can You Remove the Links From The Site?

You must contact our Customer Support Team if you find the links on this site or any other associated site inappropriate. All the requests get considered, but the Company is not obliged to approve your request or send a direct response to you. Our duty is to ensure our clients and partners that the content on our Site is legal and correct. We do not have to ensure its accuracy or competence. The Company does not guarantee that the site will remain functional for a certain period of time. It is not our responsibility to keep the content up to date as well.


The Company excludes the implied warranties, conditions, and representations related to the official Site to the full extent, which gets permitted by U.S. laws. The use of the Website must not go against the law. The Company focuses on the satisfactory quality of its material and provides only reasonable customer care and services.

The disclaimer ensures not to:

  • limit our or clients’ liability for death and injuries that result from negligence;
  • limit our or clients’ liability for any kind of fraudulent activity;
  • limit our or clients’ liability in the way, which gets prohibited by the applicable laws.

You can read all the limitations and the possible exclusions in the section below:

  1. they are the subject to the previous paragraph;
  2. we govern the essential liabilities, which may arise under this disclaimer and in relation to the subject.

The Website provides all the services free of charge. As a result, we are not responsible for your damage or loss of any nature.