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OneNightFriend – What Do We Know About It?

About Girls
Date with older guy 36%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 23-36
Profiles 2.710.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast and convenient registration process - There’s no stressful process to follow.
  • It comes with a mobile application for iOS devices only - So, there’s no application to install or download for Android users.
  • Lots of active members from numerous countries - There are a lot of handsome men and sexy ladies to meet.
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans - The membership fees are reasonably priced and cheap.
  • Members range from 18 to 78 years old - This means OneNightFriend is a perfect option for people of all ages.
  • The website is packed with quality and tested searching tools - Therefore, finding your match will be easier than ever.
  • The website is available with a mob version for smartphones and other devices.
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface with push-messages.
  • Followed safety policies, making the dating site a secure option for all.
  • Viewing women’s profile is impossible for those who only have a free membership.
  • Communication becomes available after purchasing credits.
  • Active users only have an hour to reply to the message from the customer service.
  • There’s no application for Android phones yet.
  • The complaints about scammers have increased for the past years.
  • Chatting feature requires a paid membership. The subscription package, however, is affordable.

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It’s been a year since you dated. Maybe, you’ve devoted most of your time in the office. It’s time to date someone and has fun.

Have you ever heard of OneNightFriend but don’t know what it means? Well, it’s a website for single people trying to find casual dates. Yes, you heard it right! Before, you needed to go to a bar to meet a single man or single woman. In this digital age, all you need is your mobile phone, internet connection, or a dating application.

But the number of dating platforms make the selection tricky and complicated. Don’t worry! OneNightFriend has been creating a name in the industry. What makes it popular is that it has paid chat features with quality template messages for your flirting sessions with other team members.

OneNightFriend has been designed to connect people who are looking for casual flings and hookups without strings attached and commitment. When you’re searching for a serious relationship, the site is not the right option for you, but if you are looking for atheist dating, this site is definitely good for you.

Based on your search preference, there are many date suggestions to try. You have a lot of options to choose from, including sexy, young, and attractive single. Say bye to complicated hookups as this platform makes everything stress-free and seamless.

How Does OneNightFriend Work?

How Does OneNightFriend Work?

Dating applications have been gaining massive popularity in the past years. Some have stunning designs, while others have a user-friendly interface. OneNightFriend, however, has them all. Apart from excellent designs, the platform is easy to navigate and perfect for starters. So, there’s no complicated procedure to keep in mind.

The layout is modern and fun to utilize. The details are not excessive but easy to understand. Its functionality is simple and cool, too.

Since you don’t have prior experience, it can be a headache to get the attention of a user. Don’t overthink. Everything starts with a wink, so send your message to the girl you’d like to hook up. Does it cost a lot? No! It is free of charge. You will also get noticed as quickly as possible.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Registration OneNightFriend

Yes, the registration process is simple and convenient. You just have to provide your age, location, gender, and email address. After a minute, OneNightFriend will send a confirmation email. Open it and click the verification link to activate your account. The email also contains a four-digit code. If you don’t want to click the link, just enter the code. Then, you have successfully registered your account.

What About Design and Usability?

Design and Usability OneNightFriend

Apart from a quick and easy sign-up process, OneNightFriend has a good design. Pictures from several members are featured on the site’s homepage, enabling new users to browse after registration.

To access the homepage, just click the link on the website. There are Flirtcast features, messages & notification, and gallery feature, too. If you have subscribed to the premium package, you can use the features without hassles.

The design is attractive and user-friendly as well. The website is easy to understand. It’s not wordy. All details are also well-presented and organized.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

The profile of members is about their physical aspects. These include body type, hair color, height, eye color, weight, piercing, or tattoo. Sometimes, it composes of habits. Whether you smoke or drink, you can include that information in your profile.

Other important details are ethnicity, income, educational attainment, gender, age, and location. But are the fields required to be answered? Well, it’s not necessary.

As a member, you can also share a status to express your thoughts. However, there are some rules to follow. You’re not allowed to include links to websites, personal details, age mismatch, escort offer, currency status, drugs mention, and more. So, check the policy so that your message won’t get disapproved.

The Mobile Application

OneNightFriend comes with a mobile version. It is easy to use, and there are no downloads needed. That means, there’s no application for Android and iOS devices yet. But OneNightFriend can be accessed on your phone already. It is mobile-friendly. After entering your username, email, and password, you are good to go. The mobile version loads faster. It is also more organized and compact.

Safety and Security

OneNightFriend has been known because of its security. The team has been working to deliver individualized and excellent service with cutting-edge and modern security systems. It strives to get rid of any fake profile while prohibiting illicit activities.

That’s not all! OneNightFriend is equipped with a safety mode function that blocks out suspicious profiles. Once blocked, they cannot view your account anymore.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits OneNightFriend

Yes, you can use OneNightFriend for free. But the features are limited. A paid membership, on the contrary, allows you to enjoy unlimited chats, extended search, big photos, premium support, and more.

How much does the membership cost? A one-month subscription is around $19.29. But a month of use is fast. Don’t worry! Extend the intense excitement and fun with the dating platform’s three-month subscription package, which only costs around $32.45. That’s not all! OneNightFriend can be enjoyed for up to 6 months. The pricing structure is also competitive. It’s available at $52.45.

Help & Support

Quick registration? Creative design? User-friendly features? Profile quality? Easy to navigate the mobile version? Optimal safety? Competitive pricing? OneNightFriend has them all.

Another thing that active users love about the dating site is its incredible and 100% support. It has a team that’s always ready to help. Whether you have questions or concerns about the payments, spam messages, login process, or verification, OneNightFriend has got you covered. You can send your questions and other thoughts to the site’s email address.


Can you use the dating website without registration?

No. Registration is part of the process. Before you can talk to singles, you need to sign up. So, create an account today and finish it within a few minutes.

How long does the verification last?

It only takes a few minutes. Just open your email. Check if you receive a new mail. If you see a verification link, don’t forget to click it.

How to create a profile?

Go to the main page of the dating site. You will see a registration form there. Be sure to fill out the necessary details. Include your gender, name, location, and email as well.

Can you delete your profile?

Of course. All you have to do is to go to the profile settings. Then, select Deactivate My Profile.

Can you get a private profile?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a private profile at OneNightFriend. But you can publish no personal details on your page/account. If you feel afraid of security issues, use the safety mode.

Can you create and register an account for free?

Definitely. Signing up for an OneNightFriend account does not come with fees and expenses. The requirements only include your email address and other personal details.

How can you cancel your full membership?

You can ask the administrators to cancel the subscription plan of your choice. Send your concerns and other inquiries to payment@onenightfriend.com and support@onenightfriend.com.

How to reply to other member’s messages?

A free membership does not allow active users to reply to others’ messages. Take advantage of the paid membership.

Is chatting free of any charge and expense?

No. Chatting is not free. You have to purchase a subscription package before you can access or enjoy this feature. Don’t be afraid of the cost. The package is ideal for those who are on a tight budget.

Can anyone reply to your Flirtcast?

No. Only those who have a full membership can get this done with peace of mind. So, don’t be sad. Also, be patient and persistent.

Can you send as many Flirtcast as you want?

No. Users can only send one message every 12 hours. For that reason, every subscriber can do it twice per day. It’s quite disappointing, right? Get the most out of the other features.

How does a wink work?

A wink allows you to get the attention of other members with ease. It is similar to poking on other social networking sites online.

What’s the difference between the safe and full mode?

Full safe mode implies that only verified users can contact other members. Basic safe mode, on the contrary, lets you receive messages from anyone. But you can only open the messages from verified members.

How to use the mobile version of OneNightFriend?

Type m.onenightfriend.com on Google, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, and other browsers of your choice on your mobile phone to use the mobile version of OneNightFriend. Then, log in using your username, password, and other details.

Can you connect the app to your Facebook account?

No. OneNightFriend is not compatible with Facebook and other social media. It doesn’t encourage the members to provide a link to other accounts. Once detected, your profile information can be rejected.

Is it safe to provide your credit card information for a membership payment?

Before giving the details about your credit card, read the terms of use. Spend time to study and understand where / how you can cancel your membership before paying.

Will your account log out when you close a browser?

No. Your account will remain logged in. When you open the browser, you don’t need to enter all login information.

Is OneNightFriend Safe?

When you’re looking for a dating site, what’s the most consideration you have in mind? It’s probably the level of safety. OneNightFriend has been the go-to platform for men and women who are looking for singles. How about safety? Well, it has followed the industry’s best practices to maintain the user’s convenience and security. It provides strong and high-end systems, clears out fake profiles, prohibits illicit activities, offers a safety mode function, and blocks out suspicious profiles. If your current dating platform is inefficient, OneNightFriend is an excellent alternative you shouldn’t miss. Your personal details will remain private and confidential too.

Is OneNightFriend a Real Dating Site?

It is easy to hook up with a handsome man and sexy lady without strings attached. Thanks to the popularity of dating websites. If you haven’t tried an online dating platform before, it would be difficult to find a real dating solution. But it has never been easier with OneNightFriend. The website makes hooking up more convenient and successful than ever packed with a great number of active members. It comes with a Wink feature designed to help men and women find someone to hook up with. It is also available with a Flirtcast, so it will be easy to send a message to different members.

Is OneNightFriend Free?

There are free and fee-based services at OneNightFriend. For free membership, users can sign up, upload photos/videos, enjoy basic search functionalities, or even like photos.

Fee-based services, on the contrary, lets you maximize OneNigthtFriend’s messaging/chatting feature. It is also fun to view full search results, access unlimited members’ profiles, view full HD photos of other users, and share photos in chat.

The paid membership comes with three subscription plans, but it varies. So, the best thing to do is to visit the official website of OneNightFriend.

  • The 1-month package costs $19.29.
  • The 3-month subscription costs $32.45.
  • The 6-month package is only available at $52.45.

Does OneNightFriend Really Work?

Have you ever used a dating site before? How was the experience? Perhaps, you were unable to find your match. Because of that poor service, you’re likely to be hesitant with dating platforms. But OneNightFriend is far different. It has been one of the most sought-after options for men and women in different corners of the world. Established to connect with tattoo singles, OneNightFriend has been helping its active members to have a successful and fun hookup. Whether you’re bored or want some excitement, the website can fulfill your fantasies. For further details, feel free to visit the official site of OneNightFriend.


Are you looking for a dating website with a significant number of real members? OneNightFriend has got you covered. Any fake profile and the user will be eliminated right away for everyone’s safety and convenience.

As the dating platform for people of all ages, OneNightFriend has age categories from 18 to 78. The searching process is also fast and reliable because the site is packed with quality searching tools. So, finding someone that best matches your interests and needs will be a simple experience.

OneNightFriend prides itself with user-friendly interface and push-messages. After a stressful work in the office, you deserve some form of excitement. OneNightFriend can get the job done with ease. Its interface is simple, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. There’s no prior experience required as the website is ideal for those who are less tech-savvy.

The security is superb as well. The platform is equipped with safety mode. You can block any user with ease. If you have been harassed before, OneNightFriend will give you a different, secure, comfortable, and risk-free experience.

The paid membership is available at a competitive rate. You can enjoy the quality and unique features while saving some cash.

So, what are you waiting for? Type OneNightFriend in your chosen browser and sign up. The registration is fast and straightforward. The needed information only consists of your age, email address, location, and gender. That’s it! You’re ready to go!

Whether you have something to ask or verify, please feel free to contact the site’s customer service team today.

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Carmen Walters
by Carmen Walters Oct 07, 2021
I signed up with website just the past year and have an excellent practice. Today, i've a reliable and mind-blowing lover, and we're good collectively. I'd highly recommend the application because i've learned from strong encounter this operates. I observe that plenty of people often grumble about no fits, convinced that they just spend your time and cash. Continue to, I should note that when anyone cannot pick a person, they often times start his or her failures to outside issue. Career, loved ones, online dating sites, this means that, there's always someone responsible. Continue to, you shouldn't lose hope, and every single thing is okay. For example, they required almost 7 months to fulfill simple companion.
by Ibrahim Oct 04, 2021
Very high opinions. I've discovered a lot of ready and fascinating someone and a few freaks . that's the norm whenever you're on the internet. Some fits are not my personal venue . that's why we kept good friends. I ought to say that this service offers many technology to create other people observe a person. Initial, it's room enough to produce their member profile and provide plenty of the informatioin needed for your appearance and characteristics. Then, messaging happens to be okay. In general, your use full online interactions and may bring a date any time whenever you are equipped to satisfy your preferred in real life.
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