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Wireclub review – what do we know about it?

Wireclub review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers several chat–rooms. Users can join the chat room according to the discretion.
  • Profile creation is a flexible formality: you may add details, and you may skip detailed info.
  • The cost of a paid profile is also quite affordable.
  • The site enjoys high traffic; hence making new friends is highly possible.
  • Wireclub is user responsive and navigation friendly.
  • The registration process is quick and hassle-free.
  • Most chat rooms are active.
  • User interactions are mostly cordial. The verification process is an added boon for safety and cybersecurity.
  • User satisfaction for the site is quite high.
  • Although Wireclub claims to be a dating site, it is more introduced as a social community site.
  • Dating dedicated chat-rooms are not very active usually.
  • Different chat rooms are there, but relationship related chat-room is not seen.
  • Most of the exciting services are paid services.
  • No dedicated phone number or WhatsApp number is there to entertain customer care queries.
  • The Wireclub app is available only for IOS users.

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Wireclub is one of those dating sites, which opens endless hooking opportunities for you. You can speak to strangers, make new friends, grow new love interests, or start enjoying flings here. The site has its chat room, but what makes this dating site exciting is members can make their chat rooms with the facility of adding their own rules and preferences keeping the guidelines of the site authority in mind. It is a moderately anonymous chat site.

The site is friendly enough, but it has some rules which users have to follow. The site is popular now, which was started once as a hobby. Currently, it enjoys a total of 7,733,871 members on its chat-interface, and they are all highly active on this website and individually spend at least 20.2 minutes per day on the site. In terms of performance, the site receives 1.1 million messages between the members.

The site runs with a limited workforce, and it includes a robotic moderator as well. According to the company details, there is only three full-time staff. Of course, there are some volunteers, and they work as the moderator also. The technology used in the site leverages it, users, in a way that they can coordinate between a vast number of members without employing bigger human resources.

How does Wireclub work?

Wireclub works as a free online chat room. This dating site performs as a network of several micro-communities together. A more significant community gets formed to hang out virtually and enjoy chatting with each other. The site has a chat room where all the users can get their access post-registration. There are many small and private chat rooms created by members, and you can anytime join these private chat rooms.

The users can start with the free basic profile to get the hang of the dating site. Not necessarily all chartroom deals with adult chatting. Several chat rooms deal with different topics. However, before you access any of the chat rooms, you have to complete your registration. However, it is easy to get the virtual registration done, and it hardly takes 2 minutes.

According to the users, Wireclub is exceptionally straightforward, a dating site, that is not only user-friendly but also quite easy to navigate. Finding a chat space for your preferred chatting is also an easy task.

How does Wireclub work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Yes, Registration is easy and hassle-free on the Wireclub dating site. It is a onetime process for the new members. As a sign of authenticity, new members need to provide their valid email address and create a password for their profile to join the association. It hardly takes a few moments, and no match suggestion will come to you before the registration process gets over.

However, there is the process of email verification before you access the chat room. It is a safety protocol and a simple filtering gesture to control the entry of people with a fake profile and ambiguous notion. Wireclub allows uploading of your latest snap in your profile. It makes the profile more human, clear about your gender, and adds some transparency in the user profile, hardly available in faceless profiles. By default, your enlisted email will be set as your username.

Of course, the mail extension will not be used. There is a provision of changing the username. You have to keep at least 100 credits (you have to buy the virtual currency of the site) in your account. You may spruce up your profile after verification of your email address. After email verification, you can add photo albums of the users in the profile.

Wireclub Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Existing users have declared about Wireclub that it is a user-friendly dating site, and the user experience of this site is satisfactory. This happens because of the simple design and seamless usability of the website.

The chat interface of the app is highly intuitive, and users will find it well-guided. The buttons are designed with simple style, and the suite has uploaded a truly informative FAQ page for the immediate help of the users. The chat interface page is quite spacious, and you can view the chat history at one go.

However, you cannot find a potential hook up like matchmaking, etc. The algorithm of Wireclub is more like a social media platform than a mere dating podium. If you are more interested in finding a potential match in your love life, you have to find your prince or princess by your effort. The site will not help you that much.

The chat room of this site is well-designed, and because of the simplistic style, it is a dun to use the same. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or very much experienced in tackling the algorithm. The personal chat-rooms are also easy to use, but here, users may add some chat rules according to their discretion but maintaining the protocol of the site admin.

Wireclub What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile is a critical factor on the Wireclub platform. You can add here some personal detail if you feel free. If you want to maintain reservations about sharing your details, you can skip it. However, the site recommends a complete user profile, and it will help you attract new contacts. If you have joined Wireclub for expanding your friend circle, an exciting and complete profile is an excellent supportive tool for you on this virtual interaction platform.

The profiles on Wireclub platform offers the look and hang of a social media account. You will get to see a description, a current snap as a display profile, and a video gallery. Exactly like Facebook, you can control its visibility, either you can make it visible to all the users of Wireclub, or you can allow it to be visible to your friends only. You can comment and react precisely like Facebook on other user’s profiles.

When you are joining the standard chat room, you can do it with your free profile. But when you want to join a private chat room, you have to go for a paid subscription. If you’re going to add people as a friend, you have to go for a paid membership.

Creating a basic profile is easy and will take a few minutes after your registration. But if you want to make your profile a colorful one with lots of personal information, you have to do it after registration. If you’re going to meet a potential lover on Wireclub, you cannot skip garnishing your profile.

Wireclub Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Wireclub has its mobile app compatible with IOS only. It means the app can be used by IOS users only. It is a free app; users can download from the Apps store. If you want to use the chat facility of Wireclub from your phone, this app will help you in doing so. The mobile app is compatible for use in all IOS devices.

The mobile app is user-friendly.

However, Android users can access the website from their mobile. The site is completely mobile responsive, and you will get the same user experience on your android mobile as you get on your desktop.

Wireclub The mobile application

Safety & security

Wireclub is a safe dating site provided you maintain all the recommended safety tips. The website admins try their best to keep the profile secured. However, you should maintain some protocols to support their efforts.

  • You must use the original website always, never try any cloned site.
  • You must create a strong password: hackers may use software to detect the password, so try to make it random.
  • You should not click on external links, which may contain malware.
  • In the course of private messaging, you should be cautious about the protection of your personal information, financial information.
  • Only people above 18 years can open their profile here. The website, however, cannot guess the age of a user, so parental control is the only way to stop this malpractice.

Despite all efforts, if you feel that your profile is hacked, you must contact the support team for resolution. Wireclub provides quick support for its users. However, you have to mail your concern. Still, now the site has not allotted any customer care number for quickly complain lodge.

Wireclub Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Wireclub is not a completely free website. Here you can create your profile free of cost, and you can get to access the chat room, but for illustrated benefits and facilities, you have to buy the credits. You can acquire credits by purchasing the website’s virtual currency. You can buy credit using two most reliable payment gateways, one is a credit card, and the other is PayPal.

The primary (free services) service benefits you can enjoy:

  • Making an account’
  • Viewing the chat room
  • Viewing the users’ profiles
  • Reading forums
  • Searching Members.

Now with free based membership, the facilities (benefits) you will get,

  • Private messages sending to other users
  • You can reply messages
  • Chat rooms joining
  • Responding to forums
  • Get the facility to add people as a friend.

You can buy the credits under different slabs:

  • For 3,400 Credits, you have to pay $20 @ $0.01/ Credit
  • For 8,550 Credits, you have to pay $50 @ $0.01/ Credit
  • For 18,400 Credits, you have to pay $100@ $0.01/ Credit
  • For 38,500 Credits, you have to pay $ 200@ $0.01/ Credit

The site is cost-efficient if you want to spend quality time online. If you are looking for your soul mate, the community of this site can be an excellent platform for finding the right match for you.

Wireclub Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Wireclub offers timely and adequate support for all its users. However, users are expected to stray while enjoying online interactions with strangers or newly known friends. More than a mere dating site, Wireclub is maintained as a social community platform. Hence, anything aggressive on the platform is never supported.

If any users of the Wireclub community behave in an improper way, the admin takes strict action against those users, and in some cases, the profile gets banned permanently. Wireclub often offers tech support for their users in case they fail to enjoy the chat and messaging facility, through the chat forum, the team often helps resolve the issue. The helps center answers typically between 24-48 hours.

Wireclub Help & support


Here you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions:

Is Wireclub safe?

Yes, Wireclub is a safe site, but to stay safe, you have to try your best. You have to maintain the recommended safety tips as well as you should behave in a matured way while using this online social community. If you keep your online presence safely, and you follow the safety rules of making friends, being alert and cautious, there is a high chance that you will get to maintain safety online in the Wireclub community.

Is Wireclub a real dating site?

Yes, it is a safe dating site if you know how to use the social community platform in your favor. Wireclub is a secure site and has vast numbers of members, which is 7.2 million. Per day the site exchanges 1.1 million messages, and members spend at least 20 minutes daily on the site. With multiple active chat rooms, the site has huge potential for finding a soul mate. If someone wants to find a potential partner in life, he/she may get ample opportunities for finding a possible match in the aspect of dating from the Wireclub community.

How to use Wireclub?

To use the interface of Wireclub, you have to create your profile with a secured password. Making a profile on this chat interface is a free benefit. But if you want to initiate your friend making an effort at full swing, you have to upgrade your free membership into paid participation. Using your paid membership, you can send messages; you can join private chat rooms, you can view and like other profiles, and add then as a friend. By getting added and adding new friends, you can enjoy the leverage of Wireclub.

Is Wireclub free?

No, it is not entirely free. You can join here free of cost, which means you will get to register your profile free. But if you want to search for a contact, join private chat rooms, or add friends, you have to buy credit with the virtual currency of the site. However, it is nominal, which you can start from $20 only.

Is Wireclub really works?

Of course, it works, only you have to learn the best way of utilizing the leverage of the chat interface of the Wireclub community. If you maintain a free profile, you will not get the complete leverage of chat, and other modes of community participation for sure. A paid membership will open a huge opportunity to find some good contacts in your friend list, and that can create the chance of finding potential dating partners for you.

Is Wireclub really works?


Wireclub is a safe dating site because of its easy algorithm, user-friendliness, and reliable help and support from the site admin. As it is a paid service provider, people with the serious intention of making friends join here; however, the fee for joining a paid membership is entirely affordable.

The site enjoys a performance score of 8 out of 10, which includes ease of use, customer satisfaction, safety, profile quality, quality of community members, etc. The best leverage of using Wireclub is its huge social community, and a user may join the chat room according to his choice. Due to the excellent support and help feature of the site, users feel happy to use it.

It is not a conventional dating site, and perhaps this is the reason behind its astounding popularity. Adult people can join here on different topics via chat, and this is one of the best ways to get a potential life partner nowadays. Wireclub offers you a sober dating and realistic approach to find potential interests online in a safe environment. That is one of the premium reasons for trying this site.

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