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Tinder Review — Find a Date by Swiping Left and Right?

Tinder Review — Find a Date by Swiping Left and Right?
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Date with older girls 74%
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Beauty 49%
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Ready for some fun night! Tinder is just the right app to find you a casual hook up. Tinder app has changed the world of mobile dating by its simplistic approach and casual online dating service. Since its release in 2012, the dating app has generated about 9 million matches up to date. The app has been in the limelight for its instantaneous popularity and controversies about dehumanizing profiles or making physical appearance standards for beauty. Regardless of what is the cause of fame, the app is popular with a massive user base of 25 million members. Approximately 1 million premium subscribers and the app is available in 24 languages at present. The app is all about yay or nay game if you like someone swipes right if you don’t swipe left spoke like that! Want to learn more about other dating apps? We have many comparison articles in our blog, for example Tinder vs Plenty of Fish, Tinder vs OkCupid or Tinder vs Happn.

Tinder Review

Over the years to pace with modern requirements, Tinder has introduced some additional features to some left and right games. Features like Super Like profile of other members and Boost your profile as well. The casual tone of the app is the heart and soul if it’s progression. If there were a crown for best hookup app Tinder would gladly wear it in its head and sit on the throne.

The purpose of dating apps is to cater to the need of people looking for some casual fun without any strings. There are some profiles here and there that request to be contacted by severe members only. The majority of the members treat Tinder as it is a hook up where people get from typing to touching in mere hours.

Tinder ranked on the first position in the lifestyle section if Android and Apple virtual stores are holding four stars out of 5. It is estimated that Tinder users spend about 35 minutes on the app daily and complete about 149 swipes.

If the one-night stand is your cup of tea and you are not ready for settling down, then Tinder is your hero. The claim to match members on specific criteria apart form location. If you’re leaving a bar at midnight or sitting in a subway at 2 pm, Tinder is always accessible for its service.

Even though people are seeking a serious relationship on the app, the status of the app says that only 13 percent of the members declare that they find relationships on finder that last for about one month, about 20 percent of the members use the app for hookups. On the other hand, 27 percent are using it to find a serious relationship, while the rest of 53 percent is using it to find friends.

The gender proportion of the app is 62 percent male and about 38 percent of female members. Eighty-five percent of the user base is between the ages of 18 and 35.

About seventy-three percent of students consider Tinder the best hookup app, here for example you can read comparison between Tinder vs Badoo. The daily influx of the app is about 10 million users.

How Does Tinder Swiping Method Work?

Tinder is like an online mobile dating game where users create matches to have conversations. Users are presented with a single profile at a time based on their sexual preferences, age demand, and location requirements. If you don’t like a profile swipe left or to the X button, and if you want, the person swipe right to not the person about your interest. If the interest is mutual from both sides, then a match is built, and the app presents a conversation opportunity. The swiping method is an excellent con to speed up the dating process. As Tinder is famous for focusing on physical beauty, the app is considered best for finding casual encounters and hookups.

How Does Tinder Swiping Method Work?

Quick and Simple Sign-Up and Login Process

Tinder sign up process is quick and easy and requires an only Facebook account and some tips here and there. To sign up, you have to permit the app to connect with your FB account. The app asks permission to allow access to your location. By giving authorization, you agree with the term of the app.

Tinder will import your necessary information for your FB account. Such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Profile picture

The app will then auto-complete your profile by replicate option. Now, after registration, you can choose your main profile photo and a maximum of five secondary photos of your choice. Tinder accesses a similar folder as your FB albums like mobile uploads or profile pictures. You can customize gender, distance, and also age range settings. Until recently, Tinder only allowed us to upload photos from Facebook, but the app has made some changes and, at present, allows us to upload pictures from mobile phones as well.

In your setting menu, you can turn discovery on and off. It will allow new members to see your profile and add you to different groups if you are part of Tinder Social. Choose a username and adjust the notification settings that include new matches as well as in-app vibrations. You can write your brief biodata in the profile section. You can select work and school that is already listed in your Facebook profile. You can edit your gender if you want. And also, connect your Instagram account so that your Instagram posts display on your Tinder profile.

Tinder doesn’t bother with a particular login procedure. You can stay signed in as long as you are connected with FB. There is no need to log in again unless you log out of the account through settings.

If you log out and want to log in to the account, tap on the Login Using Facebook button, and you will be back in the account.

Is the Design and Navigation User Friendly?

Tinder has a desktop version of the app called Tinder Online. It’s convenient for people who are not comfortable with using Tinder on a smartphone. Tinder Online has similar features to the app, including searching profiles and able to chat with members you match.

The design layout of the Tinder app and Tinder Online is more mid and neat. Make yourself familiar with the icons of the app because you got limited Super like Boost and Rewind, and you don’t want them to get wasted.

The overall design of the app and web is sleek and well organized. Users of all ages can easily navigate through the features once they get familiar with the terms. The swiping method is easy to use and needs no assistance to understand.

Is the Design and Navigation User Friendly?

Well Designed and Impressive Profile Layout

As mentioned above, the layout of the Tinder app is well designed and impressive. You can also add music and pictures to your profile; it will make it more impressive and attract more matches. You can connect your Instagram account with which will let your potential date see about your activities and may end with him or her following you. Also, the Snapchat account can be connected as well, which will give a peek to your personality through cute photos and filters.

You can also connect your Spotify account even if you have had one; still, you can share your music taste with other members. Choose music wisely, the one that depicts your personality and profile. If you are not comfortable sharing such information publicly, you can have a low profile. However, it will decrease your chance of getting more matches. Members like to know someone before swiping right. Add enough information to give others an idea of who you are.

One more plus point about the Tinder app is that it not only supports straight members but also members of the LGBTQ community as well. They can choose the best word that defines their sexual orientation.

We have found out in our review that Tinder suspended profiles that are not in use for a long time. If you want to keep your Tinder profile, make sure you remain active at least twice or thrice in a week. If you’re going to get more right swipes in your profile here are some tips to achieve it:

  • Make an impressive biodata by using descriptive words that catch the reader’s interest.
  • Don’t be scared to brag about your interest and qualities.
  • Add some humor to your description; it impresses people to know you know how to have fun.
  • Use easy and understandable words; don’t use words that need a dictionary to look for meaning because no one will bother to do that sailing left will be a better idea.

What’s Promising About the Mobile App?

Tinder is a dating service most famous for its app on mobile phones. The swiping of the app is easy and fluent, along with neatly organized features and attractive color, icons, and music selection. Its also very often compare to Bumble, so its really popular question – what is better, Tinder vs Bumble ?

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the icons in the app before you start using your freebies. The app is available for Android and Apple users and is compatible with smartphones, tabs, and iPads. For Windows-based phones, users have to download a third-party app called 6tin as the Tinder app is not available on Windows virtual store.

What's Promising About the Mobile App?

Is It Safe to Trust Tinder With Members Security?

The privacy and security setting if the app and its policies are mentioned on the app. Users can read all the procedures and safety measures if they have any concerns. Tinder uses Facebook accounts for identity verification, which eliminates scam rifles up to some extent. They all allow members to block any unwanted members from contacting them. The custom support team if the app is diligent in responding to user queries and assisting in solving problems.

Is the Premium Features of the App Affordable?

Tinder has two premium membership plus rights. In our blog we have excellent articles about differences between Tinder vs Tinder Plus and Tinder Plus vs Gold. Also the difference between the services in the standard and premium membership are:

Standard member services

  • Free to download Tinder app
  • Sign Up to the app
  • Swiping
  • Uploading profile photos
  • Finding members nearby location
  • Get one Super like daily.

Premium services

  • View members who live them
  • Instant matches
  • Unlimited right swipes and lines
  • Top on the search result
  • Browser members globally
  • Able to rewind swipe
  • Ad-free app
  • Top picks access

    Tinder Gold under 28

  • One month subscription fee is 14.99 USD
  • Six months’ subscription fee is 8.83 USD per month and 52.99 USD in total.
  • Twelve months subscription fee is 6.92 USD per month and 82.99 USD in total.

Tinder Gold over 28

  • One month subscription fee is 29.99 USD
  • Six months subscription fee is 18.83 USD per month and 122.99 USD in total.
  • Twelve months subscription fee is 12.50 USD per month and 149.99 USD in total.

Tinder Plus under 28

  • One month subscription fee is 9.99 USD
  • Six months’ subscription fee is 5.83 USD per month and 34.99 USD in total.
  • Twelve months subscription fee is 4.58 USD per month and 54.99 USD in total.

Tinder Plus over 28

  • One month subscription fee is 19.99 USD
  • Six months subscription fee is 10.00 USD per month and 60.00 USD in total
  • Twelve months subscription fee is 6.67 USD per month and 80.00 USD in total

Members can purchase a membership through credit cards, debit cards, and Mobile Phone.

Diligent Customer Support Service of the App

Tinder customer support service is diligent in resounding to any queries by the members. Users can contact the support team through the app. Tap the button that states Report a Problem, and you will be automatically directed to the email page. Your device information will be automatically written on the bottom of the email. The device information will let the expert team understand the problem.

Diligent Customer Support Service of the App

What Is Likeable and Unlikeable on Tinder App

Likable features

  • The app is free to download and could be used through the desktop version.
  • Easy registration with minimal personal information required.
  • The easy matching process with the right side for like and left swipe for not interested and swipe up for Super like.
  • Instant connection with matches compared to other dating platforms.
  • The location-based matching system regularly digests new matches.
  • Affordable memberships and impressive features as standard members.
  • They’re also a Tinder kite app in some countries that have data usage.

Unlikable features

  • There is no picture verification system.
  • The app does not consider members FB relationship status.
  • There’s is not much data about the match before going on a date.
  • No option to search for events with common interests.
  • Standard members are not allowed to reverse their swipe.
  • The age-based membership system makes Tinder expensive for senior citizens.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Section

Is Tinder App Safe to Use as a Dating Site?

In the earlier day of the Tinder app, the dating device has to face some critical security concerns about the location feature. The app displays the exact location of the matches, which was a matter of concern for some members. Soon after, the app resolves the issue by giving the user the option to show or hide their exact or nearby location. The app addresses any concerns if the members when reported. We can safely say that Tinder is a safe app for dating service.

Is Tinder App Safe to Use as a Dating Site?

Is Tinder a Real Dating Website for LGBTQ Community?

Tinder is a fantastic dating platform for not only straight singles or people but also for the LGBTQ community. The gay or lesbian members simply have to mention their preference, and the app will find their match.

How to Use Tinder on Desktop?

Tinder is a dating app, but it has a website version called Tinder Online. The desktop version of the app has the same feature as the app, but the swiping feature is more fun on the app compared to the desktop.

Is Sending Messages to Tinder Members Free?

If you are a standard member, then sending a message to your matches is free. As a gold member, you can send messages to potential matches as well, even if they haven’t reciprocated the gesture yet.

Does Tinder Work for People Seeking a Serious Relationship?

Tinder is a hookup dating app, and most of the members on the app are looking for some casual fun. However, some members are looking for committed relationships. They can mention their preference in their profile so that they match accordingly. There are success stories where members have found their soulmate on Tinder.

Tinder App Review in a Nutshell

Tinder app is a leading dating service that caters to the singles seeking hook up or casual encounters. The app has a vast user base of about 9 million members, which range from 18 to 55 in age. The app presented a unique swiping method to respond; swipe left to reject, swipe right to like, and swipe up to super like. If you want to hook up without any strings attached, Tinder is your best bet. By the way here you can read our Tinder vs Hinge comparison.

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We enrolled with this site last year and acquired an outstanding adventure. Today, You will find a competent and mind-blowing mate, and we're excellent together. I'd advise the software because I have figured out from strong feel it operates. We notice that many of us frequently grumble about no meets, convinced that they just spend time and cash. However, I should remember that when individuals cannot see someone, they often start their disappointments to external elements. Job, loved ones, internet dating sites, this basically means, you can find a person the culprit. Nonetheless, you should never lose hope, and every single thing will be all right. Eg, they took me nearly 7 many months meet up with my personal mate.
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Very good impressions. I have found lots of ready and fascinating men and women and some freaks . that's the norm whenever you are on line. Some meets are not in my area . that's why we stayed close friends. I ought to claim that this specific service provides lots of gear for making more owners bear in mind your. Initially, it's enough room to create your own page and offer plenty of details about the way you look and personality. Next, texting is actually acceptable. Typically, we use full online communications and may collect a romantic date anytime while you are all set to encounter the best in the real world.
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