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Dine App Review — What Do We Know About It?

Dine App Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • The app has a direct approach that takes you from liking to dating in a matter of seconds
  • Dine app is perfect for people looking for hookups or platonic friendships with shared culinary tastes
  • Dine Pass feature of the app offers many discounts to the premium members
  • The app promise members at least one real date every month
  • The coin system is used to unlock special features in the app
  • The app is not suitable for small cities
  • Standard members are not authorized to send messages
  • Limited matches per day that expire in 24 hours

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Dine app is the foodies’ heaven, where they can find a partner who loves food with the same intensity.

The founders of the Dine app are also former members of Japanese video games companies. The founders got a new concept after getting frustrated with dating apps. To make the experience more exciting and comfortable for the user, they introduced a new app called Dine app. These Tokyo based enterprises launch the Dine app first in North America to see the outcome. The japanese dating app took a great start in a new location, and the company decided to expand to the international border and test new horizons. After 2017 the Dine app launched in Japan and Europe with extreme success. The practical approach and simple interface give terrific app popularity.

Dine app is an online dating app that is tremendous in catering singles seeking date partners. The app has a particular exclusive feature that gives an option to the members to pay for their dinner or not. The females are mostly in charge of the date. They can decide whether they want to date alone or accompany a friend along. They can see how the first date goes and then decide whether they wish to pursue their relationship. Dine app is for members who can afford dinner dates. The app is specifically designed to meet at a dinner table, whether at a fine restaurant or a pizza corner. Anyway, that should be a date with food on the table and some drinks. Make sure you have money to afford your date’s dinner because most of the women expect their men to pay.

How Does Dine app Work

How Does Dine app Work?

Have you spent an eternity chatting and sending expensive messages to your potential matches with no fruitful conclusions? The Dine app is an exclusive solution to your dilemma. The app is perfect for those who want to fast forward their dating life by discussing and meeting at once – the app selects your matches based on the shared dining establishment. You can date and dine at your preferred restaurant or cafe, and you don’t have to chat and send messages for hours to prepare your date to meet.

The Dine app is an excellent platform that makes dating and meeting a simple task. The service also makes information exchanging quite easy too. It’s a fantastic dating app for foodies and drinks experts because it revolves around eatery choices and your preference in drinks. You can not only date at your favorite restaurant with your preferred surroundings but also get an insight into your date choices. Eating preferences are an ideal ice breaker and perfect conversation starter as well.

Dine app does not suggest many matches every day, nor it gives you a choice to find your matches. The app wants its members to focus on matches with keen interest. While limited matches are not everyone’s cup of tea, many favors this restricted approach. The Dine app gives you the option to select the gender of your pair. Members can also use the Smart Preferences, which is kind of a game where you see hundreds of profiles to which you can show your interest and dislike. The app is also smart in a way that shows you automatic profile photos that got more likes from the other profiles. They will get you more matches than the rest. The photos will be arranged in a way where the best comes first.

You can install the app for free and have many features for standard members. If you want to experience the app with a full potential premium account is your best option. The premium level is more suitable for men who wish to send flowers to their dates and want to be the first to send messages and reach out. With a premium membership, you can not only send unlimited messages but also get Dine Passes that are the same as discount vouchers for selected eating establishments. The website does not perform any services other than the landing page, which gives you the download option and some other essentials.

Dine app is doing an excellent job of arranging dates more swiftly and efficiently. You can say that the app is some kind of hook up to the platform as it prefers to meet than courting. The app also caters to the needs of those who are looking for platonic friendships. Overall, Dine app works in a way that is different from traditional dating apps and somewhat similar in features.

What is the procedure of registration, and how to build a profile for this app? Keep following the in-depth review of the Dine app for further information.

Registration — Is It Really Easy

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

Dine app registration is similar to many dating sites; it’s simple and easy. The registration goes through your Facebook account, which is an easy and convenient method as most of the information is imported from the FB profile. It’s also the best for identification purposes for the app, which provides security to other members and filters out fake profiles.

The three-step procedure which includes

City selection

It includes around eight big cities in the United States and Canada and the last option for other or recent locations.

Dining facility selection

You have to select three dating spots or dining facilities where you would prefer to have a date. Specific features include lunch date, Top Brunch, Grab a Coffee, hitting the bar, and even Dinner Dates. For each place, you can see their photos, addresses, reviews, and categories like pizza bars, etc. You can see the reviews and decide whether you like the establishment or not.

Selection of people

After selecting the dining spots, the app requests its members to choose at least five people from the 30 members interested in meeting. At first, all members are selected; you can unselect the ones you are not interested in meeting. It’s an optional step but recommended if you are willing to have perfect dates.

After these steps, you are directed to the main page where you can view your matches in the center of the screen. On the right is your chat section, on the left is the main menu. Most of the information is imported from the FB profile, and the profile is automatically completed with this information. Your six recent profile pictures in FB are the ones that will be sorted for your profile picture. You can manage your image manually or leave it to the app to sort it automatically. The app will sort the pictures by putting the most popular one on the first.

It will increase your chances of finding potential matches. Facebook is not your only option to upload pictures. You can upload pictures from your device or any other source you wish.

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

The website of the Dine app acts as a landing page that offers information and nothing more. The site informed a little about the app and how to use it. You can also see the link to the apple store to download the app. Other than these information snapshots, you can contact the website to their customer support team. The site has a plain white background pleasing to the eyes with black readable fonts and the brown top navigation bar with the Dine app logo in dust gold. The website is available in two languages, Japanese and English. You can see snapshots of the app. The overall layout of the web design is simple and elegant, with no cluttered features to complicate things.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Creating a profile for the Dine app is relatively easy compared to dating sites with comprehensive profile systems. You need to select three locations from the menu or enter the one you like if not listed. Choose three dining facilities to meet your date and choose at least five people from 30 members. The next option is to select the photos for the profile picture, which can be imported from Facebook. The next step is to mention how you will treat your date, and will you be the one to pay? If you haven’t selected the sharing option, it’s considered that you take it on yourself. You have to mention if it’s a group date that includes other participants or solo.

Your work and educational information, along with hometown and Facebook friends, are imported from your FB profile. However, specific fields need to be filled by the members. The first is the About Me section: be expressive and creative in describing yourself for other members. Type your information about height, ethnicity, weight, children, and relationship status. There is a tag section where you can mention keywords that describe your personality best such as vegetarian, yogi, or a sweet-tooth.

You can modify the setting of My Treat, and the feature called Let’s Meet With Friends. You can also edit your eating facilities. You can log into the Dine app and start exploring the app without further delay.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Dine app is an innovative conceptive which is not based on culinary adventures. People with shared culinary tastes meet and get to know each other on a deeper level. All of this is accomplished in a simple three-level procedure, which starts with showing members potential matches that suit their preferences. The matches are suggested daily and for a limited period. Members are shown a suggestion that matches their culinary choices and dining facilities. The app does not require any personality tests or quizzes about income and religion.

If you are interested in some other members, just send dining requests without sending flirty hellos and waiting for their response for eternity. You don’t have to worry about what they think about your ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

Lastly, you can accept Dine Requests from any member you like. The app doesn’t have time in engaging idle talks and random chit chats. You are interested in someone; you send them a dine request and meet them as simple as that!

Dine app is more into a direct and straightforward approach. The app is only available on Apple stores at present. But there are strong notions that it will be available in Google stores soon.

It’s fun using the app with all the swiping features and tapping for likes. There is not a huge amount of features cluttering the app. The overall layout of the app is classy and elegant with white, gold, and black themes. Displayed pictures are few on the app but in high quality.

Safety & Security

You can view the Dine app’s privacy policy and terms and conditions on the app only as they are not available on its website. The Facebook verification system gives extra safety measures by authenticating the identity and filtering fake profiles. The site has a detailed privacy policy, which will answer many general questions. For further inquiry, Dine app customer service is proficient enough to solve any problem.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

Dine app is free to download from the iOS virtual store. There is one slightly sad thing about the app: standard members cannot send messages to anyone. You must be a premium member to deliver messages. The premium membership of the app is represented in two options for six and 12 months.

  • Six-month subscription plan costs 39.99 USD per month and 240 USD in total.
  • 12 months subscription plan costs 29.99 USD per month and 350 USD in total

Premium members get several privileged services like:

  • Exchanging with all the members
  • Receiving about 30 coins every month to unlock features
  • Hiding school and profession data and female members can also conceal their FB profiles
  • A Dine Pass from the app which acts as a discount voucher.

Aside from the subscription plan, members can purchase coins that can be used to unlock features. Coins can buy Special Request features, which let other members know that you are serious about them. Members can also purchase more daily matches with coins as well as viewing members’ Facebook profiles.

  • Ten coins for 24.99 USD
  • 30 coins for 59.99 USD
  • 100 coins for 179.99 USD
  • 300 coins for 399.99 USD

Dine app promises at least one date every month to its premium members. If you didn’t get what was promised, the app would grant you three free months for a six-month and six months for a 12-month membership.

Help & Support

Help & Support

The Dine app has easy-to-contact customer support. You can go to their website and contact their support center through the gold button at the end of the screen stating Contact Us. The site will direct you to your email page with the email address already filled. Write your query and mail it to the moderator, and they will respond shortly.



Is Dine App Safe?

Dine app is a safe and secure app because of its facebook registration, which filtered fake profiles and provided a secure environment.

Is Dine App a Real Dating Site?

Yes, the Dine app is a real dating site that has a direct approach to connecting people face to face rather than virtual meetings.

How to Use Dine App?

Dine app is easy to use; the app suggests potential matches. If the members show mutual interest, that can proceed with setting details about their date.

Is Dine App Free?

Dine app is free to download from the iOS store, and most of the features like showing interests and potential matches are free. However, sending messages is privileged to premium members only.

Does Dine App really work?

Dine app promises one real date a month to its members. The app is a fantastic platform for those who want to share their culinary adventures and meet someone with similar interests.



Dine app is an excellent platform that makes dating fun without getting into idle chatting. The direct approach of the app makes dating more straightforward and simple without any complicated loops. It’s perfect for people looking for hookups and friendship with like-minded people. Overall the Dine app is a haven for the foodies to seek people with similar culinary interests.

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Rose Freeman
by Rose Freeman Oct 05, 2021
This site is perfect for me. As I'm slightly sick and tired of swiping, it turned into a middle floor for the requires. I don't program any big dating at this time, but We won't try to escape as soon as meet my own prefer. This site shouldn't stress me personally and brings getting all amazing features of good quality relationship. Besides, I really like it software comes in handy to use, whether it's about navigation or repayment. Value happens to be regular, i you shouldn't grudge revenue in their mind since I have get the very best value for prices they need. I've already achieved some reasonable individuals to get very hot dates. Besides, we message with several customers to speak, laugh, and go over several matters, such as love. I feel that i'm throughout my league from the group is really welcoming. Everyone don't judge we, as it just might be if you have found some body in a bar.
Delores Lewis
by Delores Lewis Oct 05, 2021
Great impressions. I have found loads of nice and interesting group and a few freaks . that's the norm if you find yourself using the internet. Some meets were not my personal locality . that's the reason we kept close friends. I ought to state that this specific service gets numerous gear develop other consumers take note of your. Initial, it's enough room generate your own page and supply adequate information on the way you look and personality. Subsequently, chatting is actually all right. In general, an individual receive full online correspondence that can also have a date whenever whenever you are all set to fulfill your favorite in the real world.
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