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Fuck Marry Kill Review – what do we know about it?

Fuck Marry Kill Review – what do we know about it?
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Profiles 1.500.000
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Pros and Cons

  • Registering on the website is very simple and fast
  • The site features a detailed layout, and it is quite interactive
  • The user experience is astounding
  • The members are friendly
  • The essential features are unpaid
  • The premium service is not as costly as in other dating sites.
  • No online dating desktop version
  • People without active social media accounts can’t register. Also, people with insufficient information on their online social media accounts may not join the site
  • There is no searching feature; users depend on a matchmaking tool
  • The service seems like a game, hence discourages people that are searching for long-term partners
  • There is only one method of sending payment

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Rui Gouveia created Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking service. He describes this app as a cool way to meet partners entertainingly. There are two types of people that users can find on the platform. The 1st type is those interested in having fun, and the second type is those looking for unfamiliar individuals.

This dating platform has those “would you rather” and “have you ever fun” question games. These are games that junior people love playing. The questions often featured are the naughty ones. If you enjoy that, then this could be a perfect matchmaking platform to join.

The Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking platform provides an entertaining style of finding a romantic partner. The developer bases this platform on who a user can kill, marry, or fuck. So, a person should pick one of those three profiles. If two people pick a similar option, for instance, marry, then that is a match. The dating process begins once a person finds his/her match. So, what comes next after finding a match in this dating platform is messaging one another. Users can even exchange contacts and plan to meet in person.

The Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking website is suitable for junior people; older people might find it overwhelming. Besides that, there are very few older people who would want to engage in fucking, marrying, or killing games. Joining the matchmaking platform is free. There are both free members and premium members on this platform. The free members get access to a few features, while premium members get so much to enjoy. Keep reading this review to learn more about the site.

How does Fuck Marry Kill work

How does Fuck Marry Kill work?

The matchmaking service functions the same way as Tinder. In Tinder, if a person likes someone, he/she swipes right, and the individual receives the like symbol. If the person liked also likes the person who liked him/her first, a match gets created. What follows next is sending each other messages. The same thing happens in the Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking platform. One significant difference is that a user sees three unfamiliar people at once, and he/she must choose the one to have sex with, marry, or kill.

So, if one is interested in honest feedback, here is the perfect matchmaking platform to use. Users see the matchmaking service more like a game than a dating service because it brings so much online entertainment. This platform provides the most enjoyable way to meet individuals that you will have a romantic relationship with.

Compatibility in the Fuck Marry Kill web dating platform occurs when two members pick matching votes. After finding a partner, the two members can start texting each other. Members may search and filter people according to age, residence, or sex. Users can even use some winks to find a partner instantly. Also, people should upgrade to the premium membership to get more communication options in the Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking platform.

Interacting with other people on this site is impressive. Users have various ways to meet their matches. Especially once you pay, you will have more advantages than non-paying members. Non-paying members get limited ways of finding their perfect matches on the platform. However, writing or getting texts does not require people to make payments. Free users can also use search options like age, residence, or sex to get their matches.

The major thing in this Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking platform is choosing whether you will fuck, marry, or kill a user to get a partner. That makes the platform different from all other online dating services.

The special features on this site include:

  • People that vote

Users can see the people that voted for them but never matched their votes. This is a paid feature, and it improves the number of people that users can communicate with.

  • Using winks

If a user uses a wink on the Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking site, he/she will emerge on the matching section of other users. Using winks is like making the first move towards an individual you like.

  • Boosting profiles

This makes users more visible. With this, users can get additional voting and emerge first when other people search for matches.

  • Power vote

Through the feature, people can give a similar vote to all three members. The feature is useful whenever an individual is undecided in giving votes.

Registration - is it really easy

Registration – is it really easy?

The registration activity at the Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking platform is simple. Recent members can register with their active social media accounts. This site does not require new users to fill in a personal details registration form, and neither are they required to upload an original display photo. Again, it is unnecessary to register through an email address.

To register at the Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking platform, people connect their Instagram or Facebook accounts. Doing this instantly creates a user’s dating profile. The social media details will create a matchmaking profile.

This dating platform will post nothing on users’ social networking pages, even when they log in via 3rd party apps. The registration through social media accounts is additionally a suitable way to prove that members are eligible. The website requires its members to be above eighteen years old.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

The Fuck Marry Kill dating platform looks creative. The site looks attractive, and it is easy to navigate through. But the website might overwhelm new users and older people. What this means is that the site seems only suitable for young users who are looking for fun. The people looking for serious relationships may see this platform as a game, especially because finding a match is through voting whether to fuck, marry, or kill a user. But the website is simple to use, and it is more fun to use than most online dating platforms.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking platform has simple member profiles. The details on every profile are few compared to many dating sites. Users can identify other people on the site through a name, age, and even display photos. Users may include the institution they were in on their profiles and can connect their profiles to social media accounts.

The major part of the Fuck Marry Kill site profile creation is answering questions. The website asks users these questions so they can know them better. And sharing more information about yourself may make you get more admirers on this site. So, it is crucial to make the profile as detailed as possible. This will also make site members see that one is serious about finding a partner.

To create an account, it requires the Fuck Marry Kill site members to select between logging in through Instagram or Facebook. The website also uses these two social media accounts for authentication; they can tell whether a user is real and eligible to join the dating site.

These days it is difficult to distinguish between fake and real accounts on most online dating platforms. The Fuck Marry Kill site analyzes users’ accounts before allowing them to use the platform. In case this platform finds any misleading information on a person’s profile, it will ban that profile.

The details on the users’ accounts are used to attract their matches in many online matchmaking platforms. However, in the Fuck Marry Kill online platform, details profiles might not matter. But the users may mention the schools they attended and describe themselves briefly. Most users here just pay attention to people’s display photos. Decisions on this website happen subjectively, which makes the dating experience more fun.

The mobile application

The mobile application

The Fuck Marry Kill phone application is for Android gadgets. The dating application is free to download and install at the Google Play Store. This application features a friendly design, and it looks creative. Users can search through it quickly.

The design of the application is modern, and it looks beautiful compared to many matchmaking services. If you are new, or you are an older person, the app may seem overwhelming. The developers do not complicate it; you only need to tap to enjoy how unique it is. The Fuck Marry Kill matchmaking application has four stars rating, and there are several positive reviews.

To sign into this application, people should possess an active social media account. Again, a person can only communicate with another person if both of them assigned each other a similar category, either fuck or marry. If a person picks the kill option, the user vote disappears and will never get displayed when the user searches.

So, what happens in the Fuck Marry Kill dating app is that users get tested. The app shows users how other people have categorized them.

Safety & security

Safety & security

This dating platform is safe for users. The site provides safety guidelines, and you can read them on the safety page on the site. Sites that do not have safety pages are often unsafe.

The Fuck Marry Kill website also encourages users to report any inappropriate activities on the site. So, if you feel that a certain user is up to no good, report his/her account. Also, users should not share their private details with people they meet on the site. The website has an excellent support team; users who encounter any issue get help within the shortest time possible.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

The costs for this dating platform are as below:


  • Thirty credits: 0.28 Euros per credit. This totals up to 8.49 Euros;
  • Twenty credits: 0.32 Euros per credit. This totals up to 6.49 Euros;
  • Ten credits: 0.35 Euros per credit. This totals up to 3.49 Euros.

VIP membership

  • One week: 4.99 Euros;
  • One month: 2.49 Euros per month;
  • Three months: 0.66 Euros per month. The total amount for three months is 1.99 Euros.

Members with free accounts enjoy the services below:

  • Signing up on the website;
  • Writing and getting texts;
  • Taking part in Fuck, Marry, and Kill game;
  • Inviting other people to join the site.

The services that the Fuck Marry Kill premium users enjoy:

  • Seeing people that vote for them;
  • Sending winks;
  • Boosting profiles;
  • Power voting;
  • VIP membership.

Users can make payments on this online dating platform using a phone. The site does not have any other payment options at the moment.

Pelp & support

Help & support

The online Fuck Marry Kill platform has excellent customer service, ensuring that the users enjoy their dating experience with no challenges. The customer service team comprises individuals who work around the clock, ensuring that all users are comfortable on the site. So, should you encounter any difficulty on the site, contact them using the contact details specified on this platform.



Is Fuck Marry Kill safe?

Yes. This is a reliable, matchmaking platform that takes users’ safety seriously. They ensure to provide users with safety guidelines on their page. This service also provides users the option to report fake users or individuals engaging in inappropriate activities.

Is Fuck Marry Kill real dating site?

Yes. It is a genuine matchmaking platform that helps users connect with people for serious or casual relationships. This platform offers the best features to use if you want to connect and communicate with people interested in casual or long-term dating. The platform also has a premium membership, which gives users access to more useful features. The website also has an excellent customer support team. They attend to all issues encountered on the site.

How to use Fuck Marry Kill?

The platform is simple for users. The registration activity is easy and fast. It only requires new users to register using their active social media accounts. Meeting a partner on this platform is fun. What people need to do is play a game requiring them to choose who they like or dislike. If two people select a similar vote, they communicate.

Is the Fuck Marry Kill free?

The matchmaking platform has free features and premium ones. The ones that free members get include, registering, exchanging messages with others, choosing either fuck, marry, or kill, and inviting other people to join the platform. The premium features on this site include knowing people that vote for someone and using winks to get a partner faster.

Is Fuck Marry Kill really work?

This dating platform works by picking a match. If two people select a similar option, it creates a match. That’s how people on this website know that they like one another, and from there, they communicate. Apart from that, users may send winks to site members. This will show certain dating website members that you like them, and a match happens faster by using winks.



Individuals’ selections differ based on where they base their decisions. This is the principle applied in this matchmaking platform. All people on this platform use the pictures of other people to pick the one to go out with. This is an insubstantial decision; however, no one cares. The Fuck Marry Kill platform looks at the web matchmaking process differently. The users find it interesting to meet their matches. The site aims to make single people hook up, and most of the members are in their 20s.

These are junior people who love having fun and meeting people who they never knew existed. The site requires users to select from the three people displayed, who to kill, marry or fuck. So, the members get grouped as per how good they look. And even though finding a partner here focuses on looks, users are still likely to find serious partners who want a long-term relationship. So, whether you only wish to date for fun or find someone to spend the rest of your life with, the Fuck Marry Kill web matchmaking platform may be a wonderful choice.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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by Zackary Oct 17, 2021
Exceptional solution for those who are not afraid of dating online and available dialogues. The app try well organized possesses most signed-up consumers. Messaging is not difficult, several other options are really easy to receive and realize. Concerning myself, I've already located a friend with whom the biochemistry is truly pressing.
by Yvonne Oct 14, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved to obtain another opportunity at prefer. Thanks a lot this page for services since I have acquired my own wish. We don't prepare lots of lasting projects and just enjoy oneself. Most of us meeting, trip, and communicate a wide selection of recreation. Here is the most breathtaking thing in the commitments. I like the lover and expect our personal romance will establish and proceed to the next level. Many people need partners at union using the internet organizations, and often, that sort of factors is definitely stressful given that you think merchandise in retailer computers running windows. This app is not the same. You may start out with conversation and end up in the religious. This service membership enjoys a beneficial technological credentials. I take advantage of the web site generally over at my laptop computer, but sometimes I correspond with consumers and look simple techniques from your new iphone. No problems whatever. I've mentioned no insects . every little thing works, without problems. Right after I visit, i take advantage of this site assuming Needs without distractions and aggravating reloads. I really hope it remains as planned, in addition they preserve good quality. I wish everybody good-luck since simple has already discovered myself.
by Lindstrøm Oct 08, 2021
I signed up with this web site just the previous year and got outstanding knowledge. At this point, i've a trusted and mind-blowing partner, and we're close together. I'd highly recommend the app because i've knew from drive encounter that operates. We observe that many of us typically complain about no suits, convinced that they simply spend time and cash. However, i ought to be aware that when individuals cannot pick someone, they frequently boot their own downfalls to exterior facets. Job, loved ones, online dating sites, this basically means, often there is anybody to blame. Nevertheless, you should never give up hope, and all will be fine. Like for example, it took me nearly 7 many months to meet up my favorite partner.
Steven Foster
by Steven Foster Oct 02, 2021
Really good perceptions. I have discovered an abundance of ready and intriguing people and some freaks . that's the norm whenever you're using the internet. Some fights were not in my own place . that's the reason we remained buddies. I ought to point out that this service provides many instruments to produce different customers take note of your. First, it's room enough to construct your shape and provide plenty of information about the way you look and character. Next, texting are okay. Normally, your use full online conversation and can get a date anytime while you are willing to see your chosen in the real world.
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