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Be2 review – what do we know about it?

Be2 review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 67%
Popular age 25-40
Beauty 78%
Profiles 56 000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Scores highly on data safety;
  • Several sites based on the country, so you get to meet people in your neighbourhood;
  • High success rate;
  • 24.000 new users sign in every day;
  • 41% find partners;
  • There is a good balance between genders 49% to 51%;
  • Data protection and web security.
  • High number of users on site;
  • Customer support is available and great;
  • The algorithm selects for you, so it is difficult to tell whether the person interested in you is concerned, which is a bit confusing;
  • Difficult to verify the statistics given by the company;
  • Most users complain that the process is vague;
  • It is expensive for premium users;
  • If you are looking into dating across the globe, this is not the app for you;
  • No option of paying one month, you spend many months even before you know the quality of service;
  • It is difficult to cancel a subscription.

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Be2 is an award-winning dating site that started in Germany in 2004. The company’s current headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. It has physical support offices and registered in Luxemburg. Be2 has won an award for data security, as displayed on their website. The website has over 35 million single people looking for mates. It is not meant to be a casual dating site but targets those looking for long term commitments. The company is in over 37 countries and has a website for every one of them. It is also on six continents and in 12 different languages. There are several country-specific sites, including the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Germany.

How does Be2 work?

Be2 review

The site Introduces to suitable suitors through the use of scientific personality assessment based on potential partner description. They call it the index of compatibility based on anthropological, psychological, and sociological indicators. The partner recommendations have no obligation and are free.

If you register for the UK app, you will see to singles in that location. Although the site is available online from every part of the word, the target is the population in British Cities. The cities include Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Belfast, among others. If you sign up from a different location outside London, the software automatically gives you a British place.

Registration – is it really easy?

To register, users sign in with an email that they will use to verify your account. The Registration process includes completing a personality profile and upload up to five photos. Registration to the site is free. The questions are interesting and include lifestyle section. These questions include where you live, how often you go to the cinema, shopping habits, how you would describe your lifestyle, sleeping habits.

The personality test allows you to evaluate your character traits. The developers credit it for the 40 percent success rate. Users see people looking for a similar type of relationship.

What about design and usability?

Be2 design

The website is simple and very easy to use. The platform has a well-structured database. Be2 has excellent features, and they sometimes give discounts to frequent users. The site shows Latest Visitors at a glance, a service for premium members. You can also see favorites on the right-hand side of the website.

Users of Be2 have complained of a problematic cancellation method and difficulties in deleting the account, leading to extended charges beyond the period intended. For cancellation, there are terms provided in English, depending on the country. You need to log in to the site and click to profile, then settings, Edit/Change, then delete profile.

Once you are a registered member, you display your matches with their profiles for you to contact them. A canceled photo icon can see those who have allowed and disallowed the viewership of their photos. They show you how good of a match you are with the user. Further, in detail, for example, they may say your values compare 50%. They also display a graphical comparison of your answers. Could be what he answered on Rationality example could be what you answered on Rationality vs. Emotionality. They will also have an explanation of that attribute.

Once you access the profile of a person you are interested in, you can like them or send a big smile, simple smile, wink, kiss, simple wave, or big wave. You may write a message, allow or deny access to the photos, or even report a member if you have any problems.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Be2 profile quality

Once you upload a photo, the moderators approve a photo. If the picture is not good enough, they will reject it. Be2 ensure you get the best. Users are encouraged to take pictures when they are relaxed and photos that say something about their hobbies or work. The site owners always remind registered users to complete their profiles to increase their chances. They say a complete profile is likely to get one more attention. They may get more messages up-to four times.

Profiles of Be2 have several categories of information – topics like hobbies, music, outdoors that serve as a good icebreaker for potential partners. Personal values help users get people who share common beliefs or at least believe that they are compatible.

You can see the visitors who have been to your site from the right side of the website.

You are encouraged to broaden the search to meet a variety of people. You can choose to change the settings at any time you wish.

Basic settings include age, height, and education. Advanced settings include gender, location, smoking habit, drinking habit, yearly income, family, religion, and ethnicity.

You can upload up to five photos to the Be2 site or app. Pictures containing violence, contact data, comics, explicit sexual content, celebrities, only landscapes see, animals are not accepted. The uploaded photo should be visible and apparent, and no other people should be on your photo. The picture should not have children and no violence. There is a green checkbox below the profile photo that should remain checked if you want people to see your photo. If not, it will remain blurred until a time when you wish to release to photos to individuals you chose to see.

For example, about reading, they will start by asking whether you are a reader, for a yes or no answer. They will then ask whether you attend book events with three multiple choices. The next question will be whether you write audiobooks, the book genres you read after you have specified the type of book you understand they will ask for your favorite authors and favorite book. The same would go for food, sports, music, films, etc. The save button will only be activated once you have selected something. You, however, have an option to skip a question. The amount of detailed data collected by Be2 is enormous.

When registered, you can see the matches with their age, city, and profession. You can add them as your favorites or write them a message.

On the right, there are photos of matched profiles, and you can choose whether you love at first like or not. Once you select the cross for no or thumbs up for yes, you get to the next photo. If you are not a paid-up member, you have up to three photos per day.

You can view the people who have visited your profile lately. The last visitors’ option is only available for paid-up premium members.

There is a back to top button at the bottom of the page.

The mobile application

Be2 mobile

Be2 has a mobile up on Google Play and Apple Store, making it more accessible. Before downloading the app, you get to watch a beautiful video of a happy couple having a romantic moment. There are, however, complaints about the app quality, bugs. The reviews do not rate the app so well. As of April 2020, the Be2 app rated 2.5 out of five, which is average. The low rating the app gets is more based on service and payments and deductions of the money from the accounts beyond the intended period.

There is a support team continuously responding to complaints on the Be2 website and Google Play. The company gives a support email to customerservice@be2.co.uk, and other accounts are given depending on the nature of the claim. There is also a Luxemburg physical address for support. The Be2 app has regular updates to improve performance and fix bugs.

The latest version, as per May 2020, is 5.4.0. Always ensure you get the newest version of the applications to benefit from updates. It is a light app taking 34 MB of space. You will need at least Android 4.4.

Safety & security

Be2 has won a prestigious award for the protection of personal data. Users have a choice on the amount of information they want to share on the site. Rapid SSL secures the website, a standard for domain validation using necessary encryption suited for small businesses. Their payments are Acertigo approved hence protecting your credit card details.

The company state that they follow stringent data protection policy. Be2 process customer data in compliance with relevant data protection laws. These include the EU/America privacy shield. There GDPR available for security, personal safety, and convenience. Almost all the complaints on the website and the app is about excess money deducted on the account. They are not expressly stating that you have to pay too much money in advance and delaying in canceling subscription leading to rollover charges even without contacting the account owner.

Data is not released or sold to third parties. The only third parties who will handle your data are those offering essential services to the company. However, in case the courts need information from the website, the company will release the data as per the law.

As much as Be2 tries to ensure safety, it is essential to exercise caution not to fall for scammers and perverts. The app owners need to develop a verification process to reduce the number of users who are not genuine. The support staff of Be2 claim they have procedures for removing fake users, and you will have to contact customer support to get those processes. Always be careful in sharing sensitive information with strangers. Some people online are not still who they say they are. Beware of catfish fake profiles and scammers based on ease of registration.

Pricing and benefits

Be2 Pricing

Be2 does not charge for registration, non-premium members have limitations on what they can do with the website. There are several packages available on the Be2 website. It is important to note that you cannot pay for one month only. They have plans starting from 3 months at £39.99 per month for three months, which they call Basic. A Classic, their Best Seller, go for £29.99 per month for six months. The committed plan is £19.99 for 12 months. When you subscribe, this money is subtracted from your account upfront and is not easy to cancel. The more months you pay, the lesser the monthly fee. There are very few users in the premium subscription. The low absorption rate can be attributed to cost.

The premium package of Be2 permits you to send as many messages as you wish. You can also read any message sent to you, see everyone who visits your page and contact the ones you like. Both free members and premium members open accounts and create personal profiles. They also upload pictures.

Only paying clients can see photos, respond to messages.

To cancel the payments, you have to communicate with them 14 days in advance. The cancellation process is on the Be2 website. Failure to cancel on time will lead to automatic renewal for 3, 6, or 12 months depending on your initial package. If you don’t pay, they will send notifications to you.

Help & support

The support of the Be2 site is immediate. The approval process is instant. The photos rare approved within a short time. The only area of improvement is the cancellation of a subscription.

Their customer service could also improve with less generic responses and more crafted to suit individuals.

Is Be2 safe?

Be2 safe

There is almost nothing you can do on the app unless you are a paying member. This weeds out people who are not serious from contacting paid up members. The website may attract scammers who target high-value clients, and access many people with money, so it is good to be careful.

Is Be2 a real dating site?

The personality test allows you to evaluate your personality and character traits. The developers credit it for the 40 percent success rate. Users will easily access people who are looking for a similar type of relationship.

How to use Be2?

Once you have registered, the service is accessible from the website or the app. You can access the website directly through messages sent to your email address without keying in login credentials. You may also use the app or just log in to the site and sign in. To use any service, you have to pay for a minimum of three months upfront. Before payment, anything you click takes you to the payment page. Yes, they have no place for non-paying members.

However, there is an opportunity to keep updating your profile and adding photos that will not help you until you pay.

Is Be2 free?


Registration is free and limited use. However, to get real benefits, you need to pay. You cannot see clear photos, open messages, and send messages.

Is Be2 really works?

There are convincing testimonials from real people who have been successful in the dating site. Once registered, the suitors will express interest, and you will be alerted in your email provided. There are also negative reviews on the cancellation process.


Be2 is a dating website worth considering if you are looking for a lifetime partner in your area. However, if your target is users in another country and continent, this may not be the site for you. It is a bit pricey, but that may help keep off the jokers from the premium subscription. There are a lot of complaints that the site continues to charge when the users cancel the subscription. Paid-up members also complain about the presence of bots and fake women. It is also essential to understand the contract terms and the wording of their site before submitting your credit card or even PayPal details to them.

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