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Spiritual Singles Review – what do we know about it?

Spiritual Singles Review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 24-35
Profiles 2400000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing up is free and better than free trials.
  • Their member profiles are thorough and extensive.
  • The matchmaking software they use is quite transparent and wide-ranging.
  • Their rating system helps identify the most compatible members at a glance.
  • They have very insightful compatibility and astrological reports.
  • There are always materials such as helpful dating tips and articles.
  • They have a very wide-ranging search engine.
  • Communication between members is only possible by paying for it.
  • The dating site needs a mobile app.
  • New users can’t access the free features before their profiles pass a strict approval process.
  • The number of ads flooding the site can be annoying.

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Owner Jill Crosby launched SpiritualSingles.com in 2000 as a niche service for people who are having a difficult time finding their spiritual match on mainstream or pansexual dating sites.

The website has been uniting singles together in romance and friendship and has almost two decades of experience under its belt. The membership base isn’t the largest, but it’s loyal, with an average of 2,500 new people joining each week.

Spiritual Singles and similar labels are riding on the network of CDN (Conscious Dating Network). It’s CDN that’s responsible for the online infrastructure and marketing of Spiritual Single’s service. That means there’s a shared membership between sites on that network, although many users are active on Spiritual Singles sites.

However, part of its success is due to referrals and numerous success stories from couples. That translates to customer satisfaction, which the site is very proud of. Spiritual Singles claims a conversion rate of more than 20% of registrants who opt for a paid membership.

Its most significant selling point has to be its matchmaking capabilities in finding singles or single parents who have harmonious energies, share the same values, beliefs, and holistic lifestyles. Their goal and focus are providing the ideal environment and the right tools to promote deeper connections that would lead to a lifetime companionship or marriage.

People are encouraged to keep an open mind, not only an open heart, to find more success in their love life. Spiritual Singles expects all members in its diverse community to respect one another since spirituality isn’t the same for everyone.

You can read our review of Spiritual Singles to see if it’s the gateway to your potential partner’s soul.

How does Spiritual Singles work?

How does Spiritual Singles work?

People who join Spiritual Singles are spiritually awake and looking for like-minded individuals. The first thing that they’ll need is a profile where they can share personal facts and describe their ideal match. After completing a profile, one can begin searching for that person.

With a standard membership, you can perform a quick search by choosing criteria like the gender, age range, or location. There are also searches by Username, Online Now, and Keyword options. More specific results are possible by setting your Matchmaker Preferences in your profile like exercise frequency, weight range, body type, hair, astrological sign, language, and more.

Furthermore, you have control of the results with options for a Basic View, Detailed View, or Gallery View, that all show the percentage of your compatibility with a member. From a Basic and Detailed View, you can chat with anyone online or send a message.

Once suitable candidates emerge, you can send an icebreaker to each of them called a Quick Hello from a selection of pre-written greetings. There’s an “Interested” button on a member’s page that serves as a notification that you’re attracted to that person.

Interestingly, you can also read a Passion, Love, or Sun report, which gives a good idea of a member’s sexual style, love nature, and core nature. Users can then decide if they want to add the person to their Interest or Favorites lists or block them entirely.

To learn more about members, you can view their Romantic Personality Profile, Romantic Forecast, and Life Forecast. Aside from helping manage these reports, a Control Panel also shows who viewed your profile, made you their favorite, sent an Interest, or greeted you with a New Hello.

Despite all of these features, members won’t get anywhere with anyone unless they upgrade to a premium account. While free members can only reply to messages, paying members can send unlimited messages and not more than 50 emails daily. They also have the privilege to upload 20 photos and two videos.

Other unique features for premium members are astrological reports like Romantic Compatibility for Couples, Romantic Forecast for New Couples, and even New Couples Planetary Compatibility. With these reports, you can find a potential romantic relationship with different individuals in various ways.

Spiritual Singles Registration - is it really easy?

Registration – is it really easy?

There’s more to signing up with Spiritual Singles than the typical username and password, plus a few other requirements. It takes less than twenty minutes to complete all of the necessary fields to make the service work. On the Home page, left-click on “Quick Join” to start the registration process.

Firstly, there’s a “Your Credentials” step that asks for your username, password, and email address. You also confirm your gender (male, female, trans “M to F” or vice versa, or intersex), sexual preference (straight, lesbian or gay, bisexual, pansexual, or asexual), and the age range of a potential partner (18-99). There’s a field to pick which country (including all countries), locale, and zip code to search.

After that, there’s “The Basics” where you fill in your first and last name, location, birthday, and add a custom tagline.

Next is the “About You” part with 27 multiple choice questions to answer. Here, the answers that users give will form a clear picture of themselves, especially their spirituality, diet, lifestyle, and even eco-friendliness. All of this personal information will go a long way in helping Spiritual Singles find suitable matches for you.

Following this, users will then upload their profile photo. There’s a text field where they can describe themselves in more detail, such as their personality, attitude, and beliefs, and passions. All of these will show up in your profile for other members to examine.

After left-clicking on “Finish,” users will be instantly redirected to their pages. They’ll also get a notification that their profile will remain hidden while it undergoes a check and is approved. The whole process could take from one to several hours before you receive an email confirmation.

Once that’s over with, you can access all the free features of the site available to non-paying members.

What about design and usability?

The color theme of the website is a mostly white background with a few blue highlights here and there. The overall impression it gives is rather bright and pleasant but a bit dated. On the homepage, there are several photos of beautiful couples adding to the agreeable mood.

Despite its not-so-modern look, Spiritual Singles does have a pretty good layout and structure. No one would get lost navigating the user interface even for older folks who may not be technically inclined. The website has stuck with the same tried and tested functionality for many years because it works well.

It would only take a while to get the hang of using all the services and features at your disposal. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get through the many details of creating a profile, you’ll quickly appreciate how necessary it is. The site has an abundance of compatibility reports and ratings, profile comparisons, and matchmaking algorithms.

It’s easy to understand how they use this full information, so there are more variables that their computers can work with to get it right. The ways they show their results are transparent and detailed, and it makes sense why the paired members would be a closer spiritual match.

There’s also an Events option on the menu bar where they post the schedules of classes, workshops, and retreats in different locations around the world.

Spiritual Singles What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take the time and effort on the profile creation process for better results. The starting profile that they provide free members can be impressive, but it doesn’t end there.

Many sites wouldn’t even prioritize this aspect of their membership, so what you get from them is a mere database of contacts that only scratches the surface. These in-depth profiles from Spiritual Singles take so much of the guesswork out of the dating and matchmaking process.

To get a quality match for yourself, they’ll demand a quality effort from you from the beginning, which shows just how serious they take their service. As a result, the compatibility and even sexual intimacy tests help members zero in on the right person for them.

All the other astrological reports are just the cherries on top. Aside from the information you fill out, the quality of your profile photos can go a long way to get prospects to respond to your advances. Users can also add a brief but engaging video that can enhance their appeal on the platform.

Members also have the opportunity of writing a more personal description listing their character traits, personality quirks, or anything that would present themselves in a more favorable light.

Another cool addition to Spiritual Single profiles is the “Compare” feature. Here a member can view another person’s profile side-by-side with his or hers. This feature will brightly highlight all the similarities between the two and calculate a compatibility rating.

If that’s not enough, there’s also the “Match Questions” feature. Members viewing another person’s profile would only see the questions that they gave the same answer to during the profile creation process.

Spiritual Singles Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

With its long experience in the business, one would think that Spiritual Singles will have a mobile app by now. Nevertheless, it recently came up with a new mobile-friendly version of the website. Oddly, it seemed to have done away with the lengthy sign-up process to attract more singles.

Members can still fill out their profiles later on, but it has resulted in more unfinished profiles. It means their accounts will be less effective in helping them land a date with someone spiritually compatible. Also, more committed members gravitate more towards higher quality and complete profiles.

Safety & security

Site administrators pore through each new profile before they’re approved. That’s why registration could take a day or two to complete. Users can also rest assured that Spiritual Singles won’t share their details outside of the platform. This privacy policy is explained fully on the Terms and Conditions.

Since a diverse number of beliefs and sexual orientations are allowed, the site encourages all its members to keep an open mind and be respectful of one another. In its long years of experience in the dating scene, Spiritual Singles hasn’t had much of an issue with member privacy.

The website is also adequately protected from hackers and harmful programs.

Spiritual Singles The mobile application

Pricing and benefits

Free to members

Since many of the features are free, you’ll see them in the premium packages, and it’s good to know what these freebies are. For starters, standard members can upload only two pictures and a video, but they have unlimited browsing access.

With a free membership, one can also see who’s online, and show any of them interest with a Quick Hello. Free members can save a profile to a Favorite list and instant message people who instant messaged them. They can also receive matches based on the preferences they put in their profile. Aside from that, they’re also allowed to use the Match Questions feature and view simple astrological data of others.

Paid-for features

In addition to the freebies, paying members can respond to messages, and start communications with others by sending up to 50 daily messages. They can also attach images to those messages. There’s no limit to initiating instant messages.

They can also upload as many as 20 photos and more than two videos to their profiles. Furthermore, they can examine a more comprehensive astrological report on others.

The only way to meet and socialize with members at length is with a paid membership. It would be almost impossible for someone to get close to anyone they like without the necessary message and chat features. Other rivals seeking the affection of the same person would most likely beat you to it.

Subscribing to one of three membership plans would unlock all those hindrances and give you a chance with a possible mate. These are the plans they offer.

  • One month – $23
  • Three months – $39
  • Six months – $72

These plans all look quite reasonable, but there’s a catch. Spiritual Singles charges a fee for the more comprehensive astrological reports. Ten reports would set you back $44. Six reports go for $33, three for $22, and one costs a dollar.

Spiritual Singles Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Members looking for technical support can send a message to webmaster@spiritualsingles.com. Those with billing questions can email billing@spiritualsingles.com.


Is Spiritual Singles safe?

As far as dating sites go, Spiritual Singles has been around for almost 20 years and is one of the safest you can find. Apart from the reliable data protection against site intrusion and harmful code, they also take time to study each new member’s registration data before they’re approved.

Is Spiritual Singles a real dating site?

Spiritual Singles is a good dating site that caters to a niche market. It provides a specific service to members who have holistic lifestyles and spiritual beliefs more tuned in with the world and others around them.

How to use Spiritual Singles?

Members create a detailed profile that enables the website’s matchmaking computer programs to find and rate possible partners on how compatible they are. The higher the rating from 0-100 percent they get based on your profile, the more compatible they are to you.

Is Spiritual Singles free?

Spiritual Singles provides a free account to new members and is better than a trial period for testing the waters, so to speak, before you dive in. Many of the matchmaking features will be open to non-paying users, but only the paying ones can mingle with each other.

Does Spiritual Singles really work?

To make the service work, you, in turn, would have to put in the work so that their matchmaking algorithms can find more compatible members for you. The higher the number of suitable candidates you’re presented with, the more chances you’ll get to find that special someone.


It’s easy to see why a lot of the success of singles on the hunt for a lifelong partner rides on how complete their profile is. It’s not just about mingling with random strangers. It’s about presenting yourself as comprehensively as you can so that Spiritual Singles can find the perfect possible match for you. And for this reason, their matchmaking software alone is already worth the price of admission.

When all’s said and done, stars will align for those willing to put the work in finding a soulmate. Spiritual Singles only provides the tools to make your quest for romance a little easier.

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Customer reviews
by Ashtyn Oct 16, 2021
Excellent service for those unafraid of online dating sites and open dialogues. The software was well organized and also has most signed-up users. Texting is not a worry, and all other choices are really easy to use and see. In terms of me, I've previously discovered somebody with whom our very own chemistry is really hitting.
by Noah Oct 12, 2021
I'm widowed and also craved to get another possibility at fancy. Appreciate this page for support since I had gotten my favorite want. Do not build many long-lasting projects and simply relish both. All of us meeting, traveling, and talk about many recreation. It is the gorgeous thing in our very own associations. I really enjoy our partner and expect all of our relationship will develop and navigate to the next level. Lots of people are trying to find spouses at relationships on the internet businesses, and usually, that type of issues happens to be awkward because you feel products in shop windows. This application is unique. You are likely to start out with speaking and result in the church. This service membership possesses a beneficial techie credentials. I take advantage of your website typically back at my laptop computer, but often I keep in touch with owners and check my own activities from my favorite apple iphone. No problems whatsoever. I've mentioned no insects . every little thing is useful, without bugs. As soon as I visit, I prefer the site as long as i'd like without interruptions and annoying reloads. Hopefully they remains this way, and additionally they maintain standard. If only everybody good luck since my favorite has already found myself.
by Jazmin Oct 06, 2021
I joined up with this web site a year ago and obtained amazing event. Nowadays, i've a qualified and mind-blowing mate, and we're great collectively. I'd recommend the app because I have read from direct skills this operates. I realize that people commonly whine about no fits, believing that they spend your time and money. Still, i ought to note that when anyone cannot discover a partner, they frequently start their particular failures to exterior factors. Job, family, dating sites, put another way, almost always there is anybody to blame. Continue to, you shouldn't give up hope, and every little thing are going to be acceptable. Eg, they took me almost 7 times to meet up my own lover.
by Brandy Oct 02, 2021
Very good opinions. I have discovered lots of nice and interesting everyone and a few freaks . that's the norm while on line. Some fights were not inside my venue . that's the reason we kept close friends. I will claim that this particular service offers most gear in order to make various other people observe you. First of all, it's enough room to create the shape and offer plenty of details about your appearance and fictional character. Next, messaging happens to be acceptable. Usually, a person access full online connections and can get a night out together anytime while you are all set to fulfill your favorite in the real world.
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