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Uberhorny review – what do we know about it?

Uberhorny review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2000000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Real profile photos.
  • Quick and easy sign-up process.
  • All features unlocked with Gold membership.
  • Limited options with free membership.
  • No recommendations of the member to chat with.

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Uberhorny, as the name itself suggests, is a popular hookup site that aids you in meeting local women who’re interested in having some fun with you. The reason for taking the name of Uber, the world’s most popular riding service, is that there’s a map that shows you the list of all the women who would potentially be interested in having casual sex or hookup with you. It’s one of the most popular sites from the United States of America, boasting over a 2-million-member base. The site eggs you on to find casual sex within no time. The functionality is primarily based on you viewing members who’re staying near you, and you can then contact them for having fun.

If you’re unsure of paying a lot of money, you can opt for the 2-day and weekly trial membership to help you understand if this site is cut out. One of the most significant advantages is that the website gives you a guarantee in a 3-month duration package. If you’re unable to find a single match in the three months, you’ll avail of the next three months’ subscription free of cost.

That’s time and investment worth putting into if you’re single/couple and are looking to have some one-night stands or casual sex with people who live close to you. We’ll take you through with an elaborated review, which can help you make up your mind about using Uberhorny. This site is not for people interested in a long-term relationship or marriage, so make up your mind and act accordingly.

How does Uberhorny work?

It’s given that if you have a premium account, you’re chances of getting someone to sleep with are better on Uberhorny. With a paid membership, you can send quick chats for no cost, send text messages also. Note that you can only reply and initiate a talk only if you’re a paid member. If you’re on a free membership, you can send likes and winks and also get the opportunity to participate in the Who’s Cute matching game without any cost involved. But do note, to check who liked you back needs a Gold subscription.

You’ll come across a feature called ‘Trending Now,’ which works on the lines of a newsfeed where you get to post photos and videos and update your status so that even other members can come in and comment. You’re also allowed to post comments on any member’s post for no cost. This is a brilliant alternative to get in touch with members without paying any membership since you’re doing it for free.

If you observe the member search page of UberHorny, you’ll see that it’s divided into four parts. You can filter out the members by the last login,

the number of photos, distance, and the most popular profiles You can look at alternative search filters that show you the result to fit your category of a perfect partner. The search includes parameters like sexual preferences, appearances, body type, interests, hobbies, and so on. If you know who to search for, you can also opt to search by username.

How does Uberhorny work?

Registration – is it really easy?

You’ll notice that the registration process in Uberhorny is quick, efficient and hardly eats up any of your time. At the start, you’ll have to divulge into your details such as gender, preference of gender for a partner, and the zip code you want to be in. If, by any chance, the code which automates comes as wrong, you can choose to type it in manually.

Be careful to certify that you’re not a minor as only 18 years and above age group can register through valid email id and a unique password. Be on the safe side, try and utilize an exclusive email so that it doesn’t clash with your personal/work email ids, and stay away from prying eyes. You’ll then be given a verification link to the email id you’ve chosen to provide. Only when you confirm that link, you’re in. Just before that happens, you’re requested to fill out an information form where you get to punch in details that’ll allow your profile to rank ten times higher than others due to the data you provide.

Upon the activation of your account, you can choose a username and an attractive profile photo to stand out from the others. Even though putting up a profile picture is not compulsory, we advise you to do as it helps you rank higher for other members to see your profile, and that means your chances of finding a partner are a lot more. The moderator team of Uberhorny doesn’t take much time to approve your profile even though they verify all the details due to the no-fake promise they’ve delivered to their members.

What about design and usability?

The first impression of the web design layout and usability for a member was that its’ squeaky clean. Even if you’re just of legal age and not of many experiences in sties, you’ll still be able to maneuver quickly through all the contents of the site and have a gala time in doing so.

The color theme is based on the combination of white and grey, which gives it a glossy and classy appeal. You can see that the sections are divided down into boxes, which helps easier access for members. The tabs appear in a grid format, which gives it a smart and sophisticated look. You’ll see that all the features can be easily accessed from the top of the menu bar.

Some tabs can also be found in the drop-down access that gives more compartmentalization to each feature. If you’re looking to get to the registration part, you’ll find it on the main page of the site, where there’s a window on the right side. After you enter your necessary information about you and what you aim to find, you can open your profile and fill out the essential details.

You’ll notice that all the members are not shy here and openly express some sensual and explicit details without any embarrassment, which is what you’d want to see such an open platform. Even though the site doesn’t have an anti-nudity policy, you may not find it essential to upload nude pictures. However, if you wish to, you’re welcome to do so. The part where you mention your personality shows in a visually appealing tabular form with all the tools and functions provided easily to you. In conclusion, Uberhorny has done a remarkable job of creating a non-complicated site for users of all limitations.

Uberhorny What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The member profiles of Uberhorny aren’t the best-outlined profile pages you’ll come across. But they’ve at least divided into three main categories that define the information on each of them, i.e., Profile photos, profile information, and public media.

If you observe the top left of your profile, you’ll notice that there’s a provision for tabs such as profile photo, username, location, and age. Further moving on, there’s also an ‘About Me’ option and an ‘About you’ paragraph you’ll need to fill. Do note that the composition about yourself in a paragraph is not compulsory; however, it wouldn’t hurt you to do so.

If you come under the profile photo tab, you’ll find a list that runs through your basic personal information that’ll outline all the basic info about yourself. Some of those details include interests, living arrangements, sexual orientation, manner of appearances.

This is done to get an idea of the personality you can come across and be prepared to know each other well accordingly. One of the most crucial parts of your profile is the activity tab on your site. It’s shown in an Instagram-like newsfeed style where it’s up to your choice to view it either in a grid format or a list-style format. You’ll also find all your uploaded photos and the statuses you put up under this tab.

Do note that the premium members can only watch the profiles you come across of UberHorny members. In case you want to visit the search tab, you can learn more about the members through the ‘About Me’ section, which is outlined with their profile photos.

The mobile application

The mobile application functions smoothly without any hindrance and will keep you glued to the screens. The functionality is pretty much similar to that of the desktop and is available to download on Android.

The good news is that it’s also a small app in terms of size and is free to use. The app also gives you timely notifications whenever there is any kind of activity on your app, like a wink, like, message, or when someone added your profile to their favorite list. You can meet like-minded individuals on the app and hope to find some casual sex through the location-based settings.

Overall, the app design is good, with a similar color structure with that of the desktop. It gives a sexy vibe, and you’ll bring on the app and finding some hot women to have a one-night stand with.

Uberhorny The mobile application

Safety & security

One of the good things about Uberhorny is that they have round-the-clock support that entirely focusses on customer support. Even if you’re concerned about any activities that are happening on either your profile or the site in general, you can write out an email or call them on the toll-free number. The moderators will then take the right action. Another major work of theirs is to constantly observe suspicious behavior where the money is involved since most of the customer complaints are regarding that. If you want a session with the customer support team, you can go to the main page and find customer support. Your queries might take some time to get answered, but that’s because the customer support team works around the clock to ensure the best service possible to a member.

Pricing and benefits

You should be aware that all the brilliant features are not available for free, and you’ll have to upgrade to a Gold membership to get access to everything. You have five variety of membership plans to pick your choice of it. You can also choose to pick out two trial packages. It’s either of 2 days or 7 days, depending on the amount of time you want to invest.

The 2-day trial will cost you around 1 dollar while the more picked option, the 7-day trial will cost you around 10 dollars. The best way to start off using an app is to use the trial version you’re not expected to commit for a longer duration and spend less than 10 dollars as an experiment.

But if you straightway head into a three-month subscription package, you can get the 1-monthly one for 35 dollars, the 6-month subscription for 11.65 dollars per month, and the best one of the lot, the yearly one for 6.67$ dollars a month and also an additional 6 months free with it. It’s when you upgrade your membership to Gold that you can unlock the best of the best features on UberHorny.

Help & support

The 24/7 support team sits around the clock to ensure that the members don’t face any issue in their profiles. The moderators do their job well and ensure that all the queries and issues raised by members are solved on time.

Uberhorny Help & support


Is Uberhorny safe?

Yes, it’s a safe site as UberHorny claims that they maintain international standards for internet protocols that ensure members’ data protection.

Is Uberhorny a real dating site?

Yes, it’s a real dating site that offers members a chance to meet up with people from their closest location for a casual hookup or a fling.

How to use Uberhorny?

After registration and sign-up, check the matches that come to you based on the location you choose and get going! Although, most of the features are only unlocked with a premium membership.

Is Uberhorny free?

Only the registration and basic stuff to do are free. Texting and other advanced features are to be opened only with the premium membership.

Is Uberhorny really works?

Yes, Uberhorny works if you’re looking for casual flings and are willing to try out the trial period or their premium membership.

Is It Difficult to Cancel My Uberhorny Membership?

No, it’s not difficult since it’s not a scam website. You can easily cancel your membership whenever you choose to. Go to ‘My Account, then ‘My settings’ and click on ‘Cancel membership.’ Once you state the reason for cancellation, you’ll be out of the site and app.

Who can join Uberhorny?

Anyone who’s above 18 years of age can join Uberhorny.

Why can’t I see the messages of other members?

You’ll only be able to see messages of the other members if you have a paid membership.

Does Uberhorny have auto-renewal function?

Yes, there’s a function for auto-renewal. You can find it in your account settings and choose to disable it whenever you want.

What do I do if I didn’t like my time on Uberhorny?

There’s a guarantee for 3-months that’s provided to premium members, and it states that if you don’t get a casual hookup within 3 months, you’ll get three more months.


UberHorny is a fun, adventurous ride that lets singles from all over the world find something their body craves for, one-night stands and flings with gorgeous women in their vicinity. The app’s primary focus is to allow people to relax, be casual, and find local women to have fun with. It’s a competent app that will enable people to satisfy their sexual needs without being discriminated against or judged. If you’re looking for a partner in the long runs for a long-term commitment, look elsewhere as Uberhorny is not made for those kinds of relationships.

The various methods of communication provided, even if it’s only suitable for premium users, give the members ample opportunities to interact, catch up with people who seem of interest to their choice, and have fun with them. It’s an attractive site that allows people to let their wild side free and talk to people within their location and try to meet for casual sex. They’ve also given a trial period option that can potentially save you a lot of dollars and is an excellent experiment to begin off with. If you’re looking to have fun on a platform that allows nudity, sensuality, and a good reputation, UberHorny is the place to be.

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