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BeautifulPeople Review — What Do We Know About It?

BeautifulPeople Review — What Do We Know About It?
About Girls
Date with older guy 25%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 97%
Popular age 30-45
Profiles 7.500.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration itself is quick and easy
  • User-friendly site
  • The mobile app is available on different platforms
  • Paid members can follow their rating
  • All members can vote for others
  • Manual moderation of photos
  • More than one million users
  • BeautifulPeople works globally
  • There are users from most of the countries
  • A lot of beautiful people
  • The BeautifulPeople uses are active
  • The ability to share your thought in forums and discussions
  • A cool Beautiful Mentor feature
  • Cool offline meetings provided by the site
  • The membership is of the average price
  • The long applying process
  • The low chances of being accepted
  • Everything depends on the users
  • The moderating team may still delete your profile than in case you do not meet their high standards
  • Most of the cool features are not free
  • You can send messages but have to pay to respond

If you compare dating sites with night clubs, then BeautifulPeople is a room for the VIPs. This exclusive online community is popular on the web. If you want to get into it, its members must vote for you. The central criterion for BeautifulPeople is your appearance. Here is how it happens; you submit a photograph in your profile to the court of members of a community of the opposite sex. If you get enough votes in favor, the service will accept you into the community; if not, then, unfortunately, they point you to the door. According to the founders of BeautifulPeople, the so-called veracity check happens on the site. If administrators doubt the authenticity of the picture, they ask the user to send the photo. It should be a photo with a sheet of paper with the name and the date today.

How Does BeautifulPeople Work

How Does BeautifulPeople Work?

This service is one of the many dating sites that creators call it elite and designed exclusively for beautiful people, which sometimes causes outrage for Internet users. Previously, many criticized the community because strict selection in appearance humiliates those who could not pass BeautifulPeople. Now it has become known that the supervisors can expel community members if they aged not aesthetically enough.

The elite online community BeautifulPeople, intended, according to the creators, exclusively for beautiful people, was attracting universal attention during the 17 years of its history. It is continuously reducing the number of its members because some of them have become less attractive. The reaction, as you might guess, is often harsh. BeautifulPeople administrators claim that people who have been deprived of their members no longer meet the community’s standards. For example, they are not sophisticated enough, but if they manage to return their former beauty, they are allowed back.

Due to such principles of the BeautifulPeople’s work, many people who did not make it into the community, pull themselves together and bring about the positive changes into their lives. This strict beauty contest has helped many men and women to lose weight, do the surgeries they have been dreaming of, or completely change their style.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

The site is known for its quite strict registration rules. Only those who have passed a kind of “face control” and fit into specific appearance standards can cope with it. Now there are about five million users on the BeautifulPeople site. The rating is compiled separately for women and men.

To join the elite BeautifulPeople, you have a 48-hour voting period during which members of the opposite sex decide by voting whether you are attractive enough to participate. Since its launch in 2003, the site has rejected 7,500,000 applicants! Not everyone reconciled to defeat – many of the rejected made fundamental changes in their appearance in the hope of being accepted, and still passed the selection.

Greg Hodge, managing director of BeautifulPeople, says there are no limits on the number of applications submitted. So some people make three, four, or more than 20 attempts to get through the very rigorous voting process. Sometimes you just need to get yourself together, cut down on the unhealthy products, take care of yourself a little more, and finally start to work out.

The signing up process of BeautifulPeople is complicated. There are some problems and stress worrying about whether you will pass the beauty test. According to BeautifulPeople, the five most beautiful categories of girls are the representatives of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Brazil, and Argentina. Among the men, the representatives of Sweden, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, and Portugal won the most handsome status on BeautifulPeople. The last — 21st — place in the ranking went to the girls from Germany and men from Ireland. Men from Lithuania did not enter the Beautiful People rating at all.

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

Users of BeautifulPeople completely disagree with the saying ‘Love is blind’. On the contrary, they are sure that beautiful people are the only worthy lovers. The BeautifulPeople network is an exclusive community of pretty people, an elite club, as they call themselves, for personal and professional communication. BeautifulPeople can be seen in every detail of their sleek, modern design. According to the administrators, there are not a few beautiful people in the world as it might seem. Their community is extensive. Registered and full members of the club get access to a comprehensive database of the most attractive people in the world with whom they can communicate, collaborate, and fall in love.

BeautifulPeople community often cooperates with modeling agencies and other organizations of this kind who are interested in finding beautiful-looking people to work with. Another feature of BeautifulPeople is the exceptional service that they recently launched – a virtual sperm bank that women who want to have beautiful children.

For those who are confident that their happiness is possible only with handsome men pretty ladies, they now have ample opportunities to arrange their personal lives. BeautifulPeople offers various useful features and carries its central concept through every detail. You can trace it in the dark colors of the site’s map, a luxurious design, and a modern mobile app.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

To enter the voting on BeautifulPeople, you have to create an account and describe yourself a little bit. You should enter your date of birth to make sure you are over 18, your sex, postal code, location region, a nickname, and a password. Then add a personal description, choose the orientation, and your goals on the site among those suggested by BeautifulPeople. All paragraphs should contain information; you cannot skip them.

Then you should confirm the account on opening the link sent to your email in a letter and upload a photo. From this moment, the period of the 46-hour long voting starts. BeautifulPeople will notify you about how much time you have left with a timer. You will see the number of votes you gain and receive a confirmation of registration or a rejection.

The registered users will determine whether the candidate is worthy of an account on BeautifulPeople by global voting. Averages of 4 out of 5 candidates are rejected. The main pitfall of all dating sites is the lack of guarantees that the profile data matches the applicant’s actual appearance. The risk of registrations under the fake photos remains on this dating site. When the person seems too good to be true, BeautifulPeople can ask for a live confirmation. In a project where attractiveness almost reaches the fetish level, the percentage of pseudo-handsome people is much lower than on other sites. The registration of BeautifulPeople happens in a few steps, and the first is to upload a photo and wait for the voting results.

In addition to the opportunity to meet the same attractive people, in the future, community members have a chance to attend glamorous parties organized by the BeautifulPeople administrators. An account on the site is a chance to get a contract with a modeling agency. The hunters of beautiful bodies for the catwalks do not hide their interest in the resource, which opens up many significant prospects for them and the users. If a user of BeautifulPeople gains a significant number of users over time, it is guaranteed to become popular outside the platform.

The Mobile Application

BeautifulPeople mobile app is available to all the registered users and those who apply for registration. You can download it on both Android or iOS and follow how you vote for your profile. And when you get access to the service, the app will provide you with on-the-go messaging, voting for other people, and the search algorithms to help you find your match. The functionality of it is almost the same as that of BeautifulPeople. However, you will not find the Forum and Events sections there. The voting is convenient and easy; you can either like the person or pass on them. This process reminds of the swiping matching you could see on other dating apps.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Last winter, researchers contacted BeautifulPeople to report a problem with databases. The resource management explained that the test server was to blame and quickly eliminated the malfunction. Then the incident was not made public, believing that no one was hurt. It turned out that the attackers discovered an open database before experts. The test server of the dating site worked for a long time since the unknown managed to steal user data and now put up the information for sale.

The database of BeautifulPeople contains comprehensive information about users. In total, the profile of each site member has more than 100 different data attributes. The database also contains many more exciting things, such as username, email address, phone number, encrypted password, and geolocation data. The team of BeautifulPeople worked to protect the sexual orientation and preferences of users, hobbies, bad habits, favorite films, and books. In the questionnaires of BeautifulPeople, site visitors indicated the place of work and study, described their physique, weight, height, and other parameters. People themselves diligently filled out their own listing. So, this data should not be leaked.

The stolen database contains over 15 million private messages from BeautifulPeople visitors. The management of BeautifulPeople told Forbes that the users’ financial data were not affected by the incident. They also managed to save the passwords. Although this incident shows the weak spots in the site’s security system, no one was hurt, and the site quickly solved the problem.

In 2011, the administration of the resource became famous for a strange PR-action; BeautifulPeople stated that it allegedly attacked by the Shrek virus in which 30,000 unattractive people managed to get into the system. The bizarre joke of 2011 was not published at all. It attracted a lot of attention to BeautifulPeople. The leadership of the resource considered that there was no such thing as bad advertising. Although there was no official refutation of the hacking and the existence of the Shrek virus four years ago, of course, many experts noticed that this message was an obvious fake. The protection of the user’s data of BeautifulPeople is high and qualitative. The moderating team continuously regards the accounts of users, and the registration requires email verification.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

There are free and paid functions of BeautifulPeople. The members without the paid subscription still receive access to:

  • Registering an account;
  • Entering the voting;
  • Viewing the profiles of other members;
  • Uploading photos and editing an account;
  • Voting for others;
  • Winking to the BeautifulPeople users;
  • Adding them to favorites.

The subscription-based services include:

  • Texting;
  • Viewing the private photos;
  • Live chatting with other BeautifulPeople users;
  • Forums and discussions;
  • Seeing who added you to favorites;
  • Knowing your voting score;
  • Seeing the people who voted for you;
  • And those who liked you.

The membership prices of BeautifulPeople are:

  • One month for $ 25, a total of $ 25;
  • Three months for about $ 17, a total of $ 51;
  • Six months for about $ 13, a total of $ 75.

Help & Support

An exciting feature that the members of BeautifulPeople get is the personal, beautiful mentor. This mentor on BeautifulPeople is a person-counselor to help them in the world of fashion, beauty, personal growths, style, and confidence. It is a pick-up coach and a bit of a psychologist who should help the person in all matters. This adviser teaches the users how to make the most out of their potential. The new skills help them be popular among potential partners.

The beautiful mentor should help you become a better person; this is the highest level of assistance BeautifulPeople can give. This person will teach you how to look beautiful, talk confidently, and be the winner in life. The members of the mentor team on BeautifulPeople belong to the respectable and successful. They are people who know how to achieve their goals not only in dating but in life. They are brilliant at making an impression on others, winning their hearts, and getting any partner they wish. They are ready to teach you this.

Their smart pieces of advice cost money. The service is not free, yet it is very popular with the users of the BeautifulPeople site. Hundreds of people who have tried these personal growth courses leave positive feedback about how much they have changed and how their own lives have improved. It is immediately from the first date that they manage to win the partner’s attention and radiate inner confidence.

All of these exciting mentoring techniques are, of course, an addition to the site’s standard assistance. BeautifulPeople gives dating tips for all on a free basis. You can find articles about relationships at the bottom of the site’s menu. If you have any trouble with BeautifulPeople or experience harassment from the part of other users, you can contact the site as well. To send a report, you should click on the Contact Us button and fill in the form describing your problem.



Even if there are more pros than cons in using BeautifulPeople, you may need more information. The next Q&A sections will help you make a final decision.

Is BeautifulPeople Safe?

The scandal involving incorrectly configured databases that were mistakenly freely accessible from the Internet did not result in leaking the personal information of the users. This news means BeautifulPeople is a safe and secure resource.

Is BeautifulPeople a Real Dating Site?

This dating platform has been working for more than 17 years. It positions itself as a “dating site for beautiful people,” where new users must undergo a manual approval process. The system rejects unattractive people. No matter how many people may disapprove of this concept, the BeautifulPeople still flourishes and attract millions of users.

How to Use BeautifulPeople?

To enter the community of beautiful people, you must pass a voting test. It implies that the registered members of the community vote by the attractiveness of the newcomer. Based on their unquestionably honest and objective assessments, the person will be accepted or not accepted into the elite club.

Is BeautifulPeople Free?

There are free and fee-based services on BeautifulPeople. The only variant of the membership is available, and you can save up by purchasing a few months in advance. Then the total is reduced. Among the free services, there are almost all features needed for comfortable browsing. So, you can get by with it.

Does BeautifulPeople Really Work?

The administrators of BeautifulPeople monitor the community around the clock. For a dating site, this selection is of great importance. They believe that external attractiveness matters. Thus, when meeting on the BeautifulPeople’s website, you don’t have to worry about this because everyone on this dating site is beautiful. Such selection allows the users to focus on the inner world then.



BeautifulPeople was founded around an unusual concept but still is very popular and attracts more users every year. Perhaps judging people based on appearance is not entirely correct to some, but at least the site is honest about its methods. Getting into BeautifulPeople community, you can be sure that no unpleasant surprises are waiting for you here. All the photos are real and show quite attractive people.

Amie Katelyn
Amie Katelyn
Amie Katelyn
MS, RD & Writer
Amie is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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Customer reviews
by Sadie Jan 12, 2022
This particular service noticed my favorite eyes. I favored its layout and layout. We tested how it works back at my Android-powered mobile, and all is fine. I feel like a duck to waters on this website. Generally, I have a great time on the web, because of a large guests with an optimistic personality towards absolutely love and commitments. Are you wanting merely sexual intercourse? Welcome. Do you want informal a relationship? You'll get a hold of tons of selection. Will you beginning associations? Test your chance. I suppose things are feasible with this system.
by Perla Jan 06, 2022
Thanks to this site for conference a lot of incredible individuals. Currently, any time both males and females are very busy and possess little time to remember romantics as a border around them, it challenging to come across anyone to posses premium moments with each other. However, using this internet site, referring real. It's a tremendously time-saving as well as simple method of getting schedules and take pleasure in lifetime.
Gregory Young
by Gregory Young Jan 03, 2022
Five performers for your design and style and direction-finding. The model brings me to access any selection in the next and revel in conversation without shifting through complicated hyperlinks and control keys. This means that, this dating site can help you pay attention to anyone instead of the internet site by itself. We have a remarkable listing of good friends appreciate every minutes of my sign on.
by SWEET Dec 27, 2021
I do want to take note of an easy interface and sufficient onboard devices to initiate brand new prospective friends. However, a number of my favorite on the internet relatives have gripes the application cannot assist them to to boost and spicy upward their unique romantic life. I can not say for certain towards grounds for these types of crap since each situation differs. However, one point is important in going out with, I presume. It involves to be able to generally be realistic about point. Place has a job, and you will have a decreased opportunity to become a night out together after individual you love resides far off. Many people are active, and they won't travel for several several hours to generally meet a person personally. Website makes it possible for encounter people in your neighborhood that basically helps hookups, casual matchmaking, and exciting. I don't realize the app will work for lasting interaction since I'm not into searching for a life mate. In any event, I enjoy no-strings-attached situations and want to renew a subscription to my own ongoing.
Kenneth Caldwell
by Kenneth Caldwell Dec 22, 2021
I have been through a really messy breakup after 36 months of really serious a relationship. I've just discovered that my sweetheart was indeed cheating on myself at all times. After three months of despair, my buddies stimulated me to sign up for the website. They told me that it would make it possible to unleash myself and forget regarding most detrimental. Extremely, I've registered on the website and make a member profile. I should say that We took an extremely mindful and responsible approach to simple individuality classification and performedn't miss a tab. I additionally attached a number of our best footage. In the beginning, it had not been went wonderfully to me since I have couldn't start chatting people regularly. Spotty and clichéd messages you should not rely. Subsequently, I making many relatives to have a chat and reveal several items. I had a positive adventure for the attitude and vanity. Definitely, it has been good to hear from other people that i'm alluring, horny, smart, etc. Soon, simple rubbing became more direct, i sensed that i'm currently open to big date once again. Extremely, i obtained a romantic date with one among my personal favorite I've pad on this internet site. Every single thing moved smoothly, and in addition we got a great time. In doing this, I begun achieving others both online and real world and little by little adding additionally simple prior agonizing commitments. Online dating transformed living for all the greater, this site had a key function inside transformation.
Mary Martin
by Mary Martin Dec 22, 2021
I signed up with the app just last year and now have currently satisfied my own that special someone in 30 days. Many individuals grumble about so much of enough time they must become a romantic date. So, In my opinion I happened to be really lucky. We have a paid registration to access all choices on the website and never to constrict my self to the model of discussion. Besides, i used to be most effective, attempting to communicate with as many people as you can. As you can imagine, I mean only those whom may be more or less appropriate for me personally. The account enjoys several cool photo, i had been 100% honest about your needs. Having been certainly not wanting dedication, but I had been available to brand new encounters and attitude. We never ever gloss over my own beauty, daily life, and character. Your page got completed and, as soon as I moving texting, used to don't say any alternative people choose to find out. We don't see needless to say whether it am our attitude towards online dating sites or simply just the chance that aided me to realize success on this internet site. Anyhow, thank you for these types of a great program.
by Mora Dec 10, 2021
I prefer this app frequently once I wish chat or satisfy anyone to invest an attractive opportunity collectively. Not too long ago, I've had gotten the primary time, plus it got amazing. Before witnessing 1 the truth is, we all talked and located several popular abstraction, implies out flavors, personalized properties, and also some pastimes. Perhaps, all of our on the internet relationship has been essential in regards to our prosperous real-time meeting. We all consistently communicate online and will venture out on the weekend. I don't make ideas and strive to be at liberty at the moment. This incredible website aided a good deal.
by Aislinn Dec 06, 2021
Needed possesses a fairly easy layout and routing. Dedicated packages happen to be sensible, and talking options are convenient. Those viewing was reasonable, with lots of interesting visitors. I became happy to determine this sort of open-minded owners that had gone a lot beyond stereotypes and enforced personal formula. Quite simply, my favorite experience in this software is good from all perspectives. You will find no gripes and regrets. This app permits us to enjoy the pics even if I cannot select a partner for a night out together. I adore speaking because supplies me personally with ideas, talking about intercourse, human nature, the current a relationship stage, etc.
Troy Gordon
by Troy Gordon Dec 03, 2021
After a few weeks and something different go out on this website, I recently found somebody that part our heart worth and loves identical actions because I love. Both of us like skiing and camping, and after this, we love our existence jointly. I am needing to suggest this application, and I'm maybe not shy to talk about our personal dating online feedback in public.
Margaret Padilla
by Margaret Padilla Nov 27, 2021
Like this specific service. We made preparations to meet someone for a coffee plus a celebration. I do believe they drove somewhat perfectly. I have maybe not made a decision yet on the second dates, but I'm on my option to choose the one that will be truly special. Okay, wanted me personally opportunities, everyone.
by Zeke Nov 21, 2021
I enjoy this app because it shouldn't bother me with overwhelming exams. To tell the truth, we don't believe in being completely compatible based upon a variety of reports since visitors used to sit pretty typically. To me, It's far better to talk and ask problems, producing dialogs all-natural. This incredible website has the usability i have to discover my personal on the web mate best prior to going up.
Lori Taylor
by Lori Taylor Nov 19, 2021
I was quite cynical which would go just about anywhere, and I can find anything meaningful on this internet site. My mate likes dating online, and I've simply enrolled with the website amusement. Well, okay, truthfully speaking, I just desired to authenticate that internet dating doesn't manage and say to him or her after, “There you happen to be, buddy, we mentioned so.” However, Chatting about how located online flirting addicting and began chatting with truly intriguing individuality. You will find new close friends or even some people. Very, I'm going to get a night out together off-line appreciate unique ideas.
by Joseph Nov 12, 2021
The smartest determination I've ever made is definitely signing up for and employing this fabulous website. I'm going out with nowadays, and because of the app for such good fortune. We are along for 30 days together with a superb occasion along. Thus, i assume Having been happy in order to satisfy my mate as the whole processes is incredible on the website. All their choices provide you with the chance to decide upon many the lover prior to getting the very first day. On the internet communicating is truly helpful to choose somebody who matches your very own values and aspirations. My favorite profile on this web site added much satisfaction and ventures to my entire life. Therefore, I'd endorse they to every people selecting standard suits.
Frances Ward
by Frances Ward Nov 08, 2021
The wisest determination I've available happens to be signing up with and employing this excellent website. I'm a relationship at this point, and with thanks to the application for this sort of fortune. We've been along for 30 days together with a great moments collectively. Hence, I guess I had been happy to meet up with my mate because the entire system is tremendous on the site. All its options provide the possiblity to decide upon most about the lover prior to getting one go out. Using the internet chatting certainly beneficial to collect a person who meets your very own specifications and hopes and dreams. My existence on this web site brought very much pleasures and escapades to my entire life. Hence, I'd recommend they to any or all consumers finding standard suits.
by Dreyer Nov 01, 2021
Used to don`t come across anyone to go steady because it is ahead of time for me nevertheless . Im a newbie on the webpage. Nevertheless, I'm pleased with exactly how this software is simple to make use of. Things are easy-to-use, and that I performedn't really have to spend your time and evauluate things while I subscribed to the site. I also enjoy exactly how profile pages are organized. It's extremely easy examine images, deliver messages, loves, and look about users' appearances and people. We ready the placement due to the fact long distance is important in my situation and got happy to notice several matches that provide customers close myself.
by Emmaline Oct 27, 2021
I really like this service. After being a subscribed consumer approximately 2 months, i discovered newer contacts, so there is not to whine about. The interface allows you to establish a unique profile with several appealing pictures. If you should don't feel they important to complete all farmland, you could potentially forget about any of them. I guess that pics are considered the heavily weighed due to the fact sleep you could potentially display while texting and speaking. We don't need a partner for going out with right now, but I'm on my technique. My home is a rural place, lots suits are actually not even close to myself. However, contemplating simple newest faves and our using the internet connection, i shall go out soon. Anyway, the application actually works, and also the group is awesome. We rejected some freaks, but I've came across no-one very dreadful in respect of prohibit all of them from speaking to myself.
by Remi Oct 25, 2021
Simple sex life was not extremely prosperous before I've accompanied this application. All transformed in an instant as I registered and moving messaging those I've wanted on the website. Obviously, some owners declined me personally, but that's not just a big deal. Choices differ, like it is stated. Commonly, I've received fairly precise games that authorized us to produce several family. One among these actually obtained under my own body. Within a month or more of chatting, you got the primary day. As every single thing am great, we've booked the second time shortly. This indicates I've procured my best match.
by Clapton Oct 15, 2021
Superb services for people who are not afraid of online dating and available dialogues. The application was well-organized and contains numerous signed-up users. Messaging is not difficult, and other choices are super easy to access and read. As for myself, I've already receive somebody with who all of our biochemistry is basically hitting.
by Rogelio Oct 12, 2021
I'm widowed and also craved to gather another odds at love. Thank website for support since I have have our intend. We do not create too many long-term projects and simply enjoy friends. All of us evening, vacation, and display a wide array of strategies. This is the most incredible thing in our personal affairs. I really enjoy my own mate and hope that the love will establish and go to the next level. A lot of people require spouses at nuptials web companies, and typically, that kind of abstraction is definitely disturbing since you think that goods in store screens. This software is significantly diffent. You could start out with communicating and result in the church. Needed possess a pretty good techie environment. I prefer the web site mainly back at my laptop computer, but often We get in touch with users and look our work from my favorite iPhone. No problems whatever. I've took note no pests . every single thing is useful, without problems. While I visit, I prefer the internet site as long as i would like without interruptions and frustrating reloads. I really hope they keeps this way, and they preserve high quality. If only everybody good-luck since my own has determine me.
Patricia Torres
by Patricia Torres Oct 06, 2021
I signed up with website just the past year and had gotten an awesome experiences. Nowadays, You will find a trusted and mind-blowing spouse, and we're great together. I'd advise the app because I have knew from strong feel it operates. We realize that some people commonly whine about no games, convinced that they simply spend your time and cash. Still, I should note that when anyone cannot look for somebody, they generally boot her failures to external facets. Work, relation, online dating sites, to put it differently, you can find a person responsible. Continue to, you must never give up hope, and every little thing are going to be fine. Case in point, they took me nearly 7 seasons in order to meet simple spouse.
Brenda Ward
by Brenda Ward Oct 04, 2021
Good thoughts. I've found numerous ready and intriguing group and some freaks . that's a norm while you are on the internet. Some suits are not inside locality . that's the reason we kept good friends. I will claim that this specific service gives a lot of equipment in order to make different users keep in mind your. To begin with, it's enough space to produce your profile and provide sufficient the informatioin needed for your appearance and characteristics. After that, messaging is actually fine. Commonly, we access complete online interaction and certainly will collect a night out together any time whenever you're willing to encounter your preferred in the real world.
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