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Tinychat review – what do we know about it?

Tinychat review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Starting a video chat is super easy.
  • The webcam works seamlessly.
  • You can control the number of people participating in your chat.
  • You can block someone if you don't want to communicate with them.
  • Lots of features to make your experience better.
  • The subscription prices are a bit high.

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Launched in the year 2009, Tinychat is an online chat website that allows video calling, video chatting, and instant messaging. You can create a separate chatroom with friends or even strangers based on any topic you choose. Create your virtual world using the chat room facility and enjoy newfound friendships. Since 2017, Tinychat has updated its website layout and removed any old-fashioned design solutions. They have also added video chat rooms, with HD quality video streaming, and also launched applications for Android and iOS mobile devices. Does this sound exciting? Let us know more about this chat website.

You can log in to the Tinychat platform using your social media account on Facebook or your email. It takes about a minute or two. But before you can get on with the chat room sessions, you will have to create an account on Tinychat, which is not very complex. Entering a chat room is relatively complicated as well secure because upon creating an account, you will be provided with an URL that can be used to enter a chatroom. You copy the URL or just type it.

To communicate with members, you can send virtual gifts and private messages. Tinychat has upgrades that provide some fantastic functionality. To view profile pictures of participants, you need to upgrade to the premium version. The price range is cool if you wish to make some new friends and have little conversations about a specific topic with people interested in talking only about it.

Tinychat will help you upgrade to a position called Live directory when you are collecting the most “cool points.” They have badges to designate the superiority of the members over other members. There are three upgrades, Premium, Gold, and Extreme. Different levels have different options, and to avail of these exciting features, you will have to upgrade. Payment can be made through credit card; there is no other way. Therefore, if you want to experience an upgraded chatroom, Tinychat is your destination for making friends.

Tinychat  review - what do we know about it

How does Tinychat work?

Tinychat is an online dating and chatting platform for the millennials with upgraded layout and features. You can download the app from the stores of Android and iOS mobile devices. The service is also available in a desktop version. Log in using Facebook or using your email ID. You won’t be able to use the platform until and unless you create an account. Therefore, you have to create an account and come up with a username and password to secure your account.

When you log in to your account using the username and password, Tinychat will ask you to fill out a form that will have some personal questions. They need some details about you, such as your age, gender, gender preference, marital status, weight, height, and hobbies, to help you select your preferred rooms. You can quickly join any group chat room, and while you are using the free account, you won’t be able to view the profile pictures of the participants. To see them, you have to upgrade your subscription.

The basic upgrade is Pro, which lets you do high definition video calling, no ads, and pro badges. With the Extreme upgrade, you will have access to facilities like bonus Tinychat coins, no ads, as usual, extreme badges which are higher in order from the Pro badges, high-quality video calling, and priority directory listing. When you subscribe to the Gold upgrade, you can access HD quality video chatting, gold badges, gold-colored nickname, priority directory listing, and bonus coins. In this way, these features work for Tinychat and help you get famous on the platform, making you more approachable by people looking for dates.

How does Tinychat work?

Registration – is it really easy?

The registration process is straightforward. First of all, you need to download and install the app from the stores or directly log in to the web version. Now, you have to create an account to enjoy the benefits of the app. After creating the account, Tinychat will ask you to fill up the description form for better matches. Pretty standard procedure for most similar services.

You can continue using the free version, but if you’re planning on getting a date, you need to upgrade to the paid subscription because, with it, you can access the content of a higher quality. You can join the chat rooms and start conversing with group mates. A chatroom with about 12 members can communicate using the audio and video calling or video chat facility.

Tinychat Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Tinychat has a straightforward interface. It is merely a mixture of the old and the new, the essence of group video calling of the 90s along with advanced features of the modern internet.

The usability is uncomplicated, fresh, and somehow nostalgic. Tinychat comes with some unique features, like:

  • Coins and points

Do you want to purchase gifts from the virtual shop? Use the coins gained so that you can give it to someone you like.

“Cool points” is a fantastic feature that helps an individual account to jump levels. The cool point is mentioned in their profiles to help others see it. You earn these points when you send and receive a gift. These points will help you go up the level and reach something called the Live directory.

  • Live directory

If you want to become popular among the members, the live directory is crucial. Whenever you earn points, the chance of the live directory featuring you increases. The live directory is for name and fame among this online platform.

  • Promotion of a room

You can promote your room if you have an Extreme or Gold subscription. Get 2000 coins every month with the Gold plan renewal. The promotion of your room costs 500 coins, but you should promote your room to get popularity among Tinychat members. Status issues seem to be very important on this site.

Tinychat What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profiles are well designed to help users understand who hides beneath it. There are profile pictures, along with a description based on which you can get a hint of who your interlocutor might be. These descriptions will help you choose whom to talk to.

So, the profile form itself is suitable and well-done, but the information is up to users. They have enough tools to make an introduction, but we know it’s not very popular these days on not specifically dating site.

Tinychat Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Tiny chat is available in both Google Play Store and Apple Store free of charge. The mobile applications are very smooth and straightforward. Blocking, reporting, or making payment for the monthly subscription is made easy and direct with the mobile device.

The background colors and the design is pleasant to work with. With the bright layout and bold letters, Tinychat is here to rock the video chat concept in groups among the teens. The welcome page is so exciting and colorful that even the older generation will feel lively.

The installation of the mobile apps is free of cost, along with the creation of your Tinychat account.

Tinychat The mobile application

Safety & security

Tinychat has a reputation of going beyond usual measures and trying to protect the members of their community. According to customers’ reviews, Tinychat support is very active in taking steps against users who seek to destroy the ecosystem of the chat community.

If you are facing any technical issues or need immediate help, you can contact the official customer support helpline provided by Tinychat.

When you face any issues with members who might have tried to utilize the webcam feature for something nasty and inappropriate, report the profile, and the Tinychat authority will ban their camera. The camera ban might last for 72 hours, more or less, depending on the seriousness of the inappropriate behavior. You can block or report a profile that you find uncomfortable conversing with.

If anyone breaks the rules set by moderators, the room will be closed. If any inappropriate behavior or language is noticed, the user will be banned.

Tinychat Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

TinyChat is a communication platform which generally runs free of cost. You can continue using the online chat rooms without paying for any facility, or you can buy the upgrades along with features. The prices and main benefits of each subscription are below.

  • Tinychat Pro: full screen high-resolution videos, with a nickname, which is green in color. No advertisements and “Pro” badge.

The price is 9.95 USD per month and 4.14 USD per month if you buy a year subscription.

  • Tinychat Extreme: High quality full screen video, a purple nickname, Extreme badge. The main features are Tinychat Coins as a bonus, absolutely no advertisements, and a priority-basis listing in the directory.

The price is 14.95 USD per month and 6.23 USD per month if you buy a year subscription.

  • Tinychat Gold: High quality full screen video, golden nickname. It also features no advertisements, gives a priority-based listing in the directories, “Gold” badges, and Tinychat Coins as a bonus.

The price is 44.95 USD per month and 37.48 USD per month if you buy a year subscription.

Options you get free of charge:

  • Registration is free.
  • You can join rooms without any upgrades.
  • You can browse the live directory.
  • Sending messages and virtual gifts is available with free registration.

Benefits of paid subscription:

  • No advertisements.
  • Bonus Tinychat coins.
  • HD quality video streaming.
  • Collect “cool points” and get promoted to the highest point.
  • Join any room you prefer.
Tinychat Pricing and benefits


You might have hundreds of questions right now, including the app’s safety, usability, credibility, etc. We have tried to mention each of your primary queries here. If you think you need a more detailed answer, you can visit the official webpage of Tinychat, but first, t let’s check out the primary questions mentioned below.

Is Tinychat safe?

Yeah, Tinychat is very safe and secure because the service makers made it very clear that protecting the privacy of its members is one of their fundamental concerns. The free service is reliable, but the paid subscription is safer to use. Every single account is verified once they enter into the Tinychat community.

Is Tinychat a real dating site?

Tinychat is a platform that connects individuals from all over the globe, but if you use it to date someone, you may call it a dating app. Therefore, Tinychat has various users and can be used for multiple purposes. It is a dating site and as well a platform where you can exchange knowledge about anything with anyone.

There are various chat rooms with specific purposes and topics to discuss. You can create a chatroom for like-minded people and set a password to restrict any unauthorized entry in your chatroom.

How to use Tinychat?

It is a straightforward process; you can log in to Tinychat using your Facebook account and also your email ID. To enjoy the features of this specific communication facility, you have to create an account. Creating an account is entirely free. You can also send virtual gifts and private messages using the free account. To access other exciting features, you have to upgrade to a paid membership.

After you create an account, fill in a form containing the fields for personal information like gender, gender preference, topics that attract you most, your hobby, etc. After you fill the form, you can start communicating with group members based on your interests.

Is Tinychat free?

Tiny chat app can be downloaded free of cost, and also you can open an account for free. For free accounts, private messaging and virtual gifts are available. If you want something extra, like, view content in a better quality, or earn some “cool points” and collect premium badges, you will have to upgrade your account to paid membership.

Does Tinychat really work?

If your question is, “Does it help find dates?” your answer will be “Yes.” Tinychat does what it says. It is an online chat platform where you can talk about your favorite topics. If you find someone alike, you can privately text them and build the connection—a nice place to have a try.

Is Tinychat free?


Tiny chat is a promising platform that has tried to incorporate the new and the old best things of chatting. The layout is quirky and fun with bold colors and nice fonts, whereas the chat room facility is very much millennial. Some groups talk about sexuality, makeup, video games, general knowledge, groups for singles, music, etc. You have the option to join any group at any moment. You can be invisible and not talk while just listening to the other group members.

There are some fantastic features for free users, too, but if you wish to upgrade the tools set, you can try the paid versions. You can avail features like coins, points, live directory, virtual gifts, etc. All of these may help you stand out from others on the platform, which is a good thing because a reputation here means a lot.

People can join a single chat room and discuss various topics. If you don’t like any of the participants, being the creator of the chat, you can simply block them from using your chatroom. Or you may report their account to the support team. You can exit the group if you want to and join any other group that interests you. In short, Tinychat is a fantastic platform that can provide you some fun with friends and also give a golden chance to find your special one among your new friends here.

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by Janae Oct 10, 2021
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John Douglas
by John Douglas Oct 03, 2021
I would like various other daters to know that this particular service 100per cent does its job without methods. People who truly long for to have in contact with a special someone won't regret her solution whenever enrolling in the working platform. The most important thing isn't to quit. I have already met my favorite loved, and we also are currently pleased. Personally I think arousal and concord, understanding that means lots. So, the audience is crazy, and it's really never too-late for individuals of all ages and needs. I will suggest this website, thus merely shot.
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