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Bronymate Review – What do We Know About It?

Bronymate Review – What do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a niche group. The cartoon “My Little Pony” has developed quite a fandom over the years. With it, sites such as Bronymate have taken inspiration for a niche-focused project. While we are not particularly big fans of the franchise here, we do understand how this might excite those who are. At best, it connects you with like-minded individuals who can understand your love for these adorable, magical ponies. At the very least, you will have your common love for the cartoon as a conversation starter. Whichever way you look at it, Bronymate still is a pretty genius idea.
  • It is safe for users. With all the security and anonymity of the site, you can easily know that your information will be kept safe. We like it continues to guard your safety even to other members of the dating site. Plus, you do not have to worry about someone reading in on your private messages too.
  • It cultivates a community. We know that we have already talked about this niche-website, but let’s tackle this perk from a different standpoint. On the whole, Bronymate is a safe space for people from different sexual orientations to meet. Being a fan of the cartoon may not always be easily acceptable for everyone. Still, you will have Bronymate to go to for support and fangirling or fanboying over these ponies.
  • You need to pay to sign up. True, you do have three days to explore the site and check out all of its features. However, one major drawback to Bronymate is that you need to pay to be a continuing member of the group. Depending on how long you plan on committing to it, you can choose from a trial membership of 3 days. You can also stay with it for the long haul with a lifetime membership.
  • There is no guarantee. We feel like this needs to be said all the time – online dating sites are not magical solutions to finding a partner. Instead, they are merely platforms where you can meet and connect with people who are your match.
  • No mobile app available. While this may not seem like much of a big deal for some members, the lack of a mobile app does take away some points for the site. With a mobile app, accessing Bronymate will be a lot easier. Not to mention, this will contribute to the ease of messaging with other members too. We hope that the developers consider launching one for the site soon.

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If you are a single and fan of the “My Little Pony” franchise, there is never a perfect place for you than Bronymate. It allows all genders to register, and it has a fun twist that takes the edge off online dating. Your only requirement for joining it is for you to keep an open mind and really love the “My Little Pony” cartoon.

The site was launched in 2013 with the intent of matching Bronies and Pegasisters online. It means that it has been a matchmaker for seven years. This site fosters a “My Little Pony” fandom. Its tagline continues to be in theme with “Bronymate – Where Magical Relationships Begin.”

So are you ready to embark on this fascinating and magical journey to finding friendship and love? Read our full Bronymate review to learn more about its features and find if this is the place for you to find everlasting happiness.

How does Bronymate Work?

Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

Besides catering to a very specific niche, you can see that Bronymate has all the features that you can see on a typical dating website. It all starts with registration to set you on your way to finding Pegasisters and Bronnies online.

Once in the site, you need to simply filter your search based on your gender preference and how old you are. You can also filter based on who has uploaded their photos and who are online. If you are interested, you can also zoom in on more filters, such as searching for users in your region.

Once everything is set up, you can make use of the instant messaging feature on the site to connect with people. You can block users as needed, and choose to be “invisible” while you’re on the site.

Overall, it is the simple execution of a dating platform by focusing on a particular group of individuals.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Registering for an account at Bronymate is easy. You need to simply visit its main page and input all the necessary details about you. You should specify your username, password, email, gender, and preference in a partner, and your location.

All these fields are necessary for you to create a profile that is complete and has the ability to attract your romantic partner or friend. Once you have added all these, you are now all set to explore the magical world of online dating – through the lenses of a “My Little Pony” fandom, of course.

What About Design and Usability?

Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

Bronymate is how you might expect a dedicated dating site to “My Little Pony” fans to look like. Colorful, bright, and vibrant – just like its cartoon peg. Fans of the cartoon franchise will find the site design to be to their liking. Of course, this kind of aesthetics may not work for everyone. If this is your case, you have no business in the land of ponies and rainbows – better try your online dating luck elsewhere.

So is the design as exciting as its site functionality and usability? We have to hand it to the developers; it certainly is an intuitive platform. It is straightforward and does not include all the complexities that usually come with other sites.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Bronymate is a perfectly executed niche dating site. You simply sign up for an account, add your photo, and take a more active role in pursuing friendships and relationships – this is how Bronymate works.

If you equate profile quality for trustworthiness, all you have to do is make sure nobody blocks you on the site. It includes being conservative in your approach, gauging the recipient of your messages, and not sending too many messages to another member.

Aside from these, you can boost your account’s discoverability by choosing to stay online often and adding a photo. It is because the site allows users to filter based on these specific metrics.

The Mobile Application

Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

No matter how exciting and original the idea of dating “My Little Pony” fans is, the developer has yet to design an app for Bronymate.

We think that this is where the site may lose in its competition (if they do have one). Because let’s be honest, there is not any other niche “My Little Pony” -themed dating site, is there?

Still, app usage is a big part of online dating, and Bronymate needs to step up in this area. Users can access the site on a web-based page on their phone, but the experience is still quite different. Maybe this year, a Bronymate app will launch – let’s wait and see.

Safety & Security

Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

Despite its cutesy design, Bronymate packs a serious punch when it comes to safety and security. First of all, anyone who is not a member of the site is not allowed to view the profiles. This layer of security alone makes one breathe a sigh of relief. On top of this, you can also keep yourself safe from registered members by covering your profile photo and restricting access to members that you approve of. If you think that a particular account is fake, you can also easily report it to the admin of the site.

If it is your private messages that you are worried about, then you can rest assured that it is sent through an SSL connection too. It makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access these exchanges.

Overall, Bronymate does an excellent job of keeping its users anonymous and safe. They have employed measures to keep them safe from non-members and members alike, which we think is great.

Pricing and Benefits

Unfortunately, registering on Bronymate comes at a price. Sure, it may come free for the first three days – and only the first three days, but you need to pay after that.

The packages start with a trial plan that costs $3 for three days. It is called the “Trial Silver Membership,” which is perfect for those who simply want to satisfy their curiosity. You need to set up a reminder to cancel this, however, because it automatically charges your credit card or PayPal once you forget to do so.

There is also a one-month plan available at $24. Just like the previous plan, it is a recurring bill that automatically charges your registered Payment path. Silver membership is offered to those who want to commit to a $ 48 three-month plan or a slightly longer 6-month plan for $ 84. At the top tier is the Gold Membership. It hooks you up with certain perks on the site – including access to more profiles – at a varied price range. For a month of Gold Membership, you need to pay $34. It can be as high up as $126 for a 6-month membership. If you do see yourself wanting to be part of the community for the long haul, you can also pay for the lifetime membership cost of $295.

Help & support

Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

When it comes to accessibility, one can easily contact the staff at Bronymate at several available gateways. If you need anything from them, you can easily send them a message through their social media accounts such as FB and Twitter. These guys are also pretty active, even on Pinterest and YouTube.

The developers have made it easy to raise concerns and secure support from their staff. This quick response is greatly appreciated, of course. The presence of chatbots have made help and support a lot less personal, but Bronymate still manages to add a human aspect to customer support.

It is also worth noting that Bronymate is prompt to launch investigations whenever a profile is reported or sent to their attention. This level of responsive support is commendable!


Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

Is Bronymate Safe?

In terms of safety, Bronymate has one of the most robust security tiers we have seen in an online dating site. It employs measures to keep their members safe from outsiders and misbehavior people. Even their private messaging feature has an added layer of security to it that is almost impenetrable.

So to this question, we respond with a resounding YES. Not only is Bronymate safe, but it takes the necessary precautions of protecting its members online too.

Is Bronymate a Real Dating Site?

Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

For a “My Little Pony” fan, this site does seem too good to be true. But we’re telling you this now – it is a real dating site. Of course, it seems like a hybrid for a fandom site and a community-based website, but the intention of matchmaking members is blatant throughout. If you belong in this fandom, then this is a viable way of finding your partner. There have been plenty of reported happy endings on the site, and we sincerely hope you find your soul mate.

How to Use Bronymate?

Signing up and using Bronymate is actually easy. You just need to register with them, set up the membership that you want, and are willing to pay for, and you are ready. You can start messaging other members you find interesting or start by requesting to see their profile photo if they are in private. The interface itself is quite simple, so anyone can easily navigate through it.

Is Bronymate Free?

Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

To be part of the Bronymate community, you need to pay a premium first. Of course, you can sign up for free and enjoy the three days of browsing and learning the ins and outs. However, if you want to peruse the pages further, registering for a paid membership is essential. You can take it easy with a 3-day extension at $3. You may also completely commit to the community by paying for a lifetime premium of $200+.

Does Bronymate Really Work?

If you want to meet other Pegasisters and Bronies, then this is definitely the site for you. It connects you with fellow “My Little Pony” fans so you can share your love for the cartoon, and eventually find love therу too. Of course, as is always the case, there is no guarantee that you’ll find true love on the site. However, if it is a shared love for these adorable ponies that you are after, there’s no better place than Bronymate.


Bronymate Review - What do We Know About It?

Niche dating scenes are not exactly new to us. We are rarely ever surprised by the dating sites created based on fandoms. Still, if we’re honest, Bronymate took us by surprise.

Maybe it is because we’re not too familiar with the colossal fandom that My Little Ponies has. Or, we could simply be in awe that a cartoon show can be the bridge that connects many singles in one platform. Either way, we were completely and humbly flummoxed when we first heard about Bronymate.

Despite our initial doubts, we have managed to explore this site and find it truly charming. The site’s design is vibrant and served as a good representative of its users. Not to mention, it has some solid security measures in place too.

With the availability of a mobile app and maybe a longer trial period, Bronymate is an excellent site for single fans of “My Little Pony.”

If you are willing to pay a premium in exchange for an accepting community of fellow “My Little Pony” fans, then money may not be an issue to you. However, to most people, this remains one of the major deterrents to fully committing to the site.

So, are we going to keep on using Bronymate? Not really, but that’s just because we are not fans of “My Little Pony.” However, we do recommend this to people who consider themselves staunch Pegasisters or Bronies.

It is a great community for nurturing your shared love for these magical characters – and we hope that this is where you find everlasting love too!

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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