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The Perfect Match Review – What do We Know About It?

The Perfect Match Review – What do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration
  • A specific test for determining the personality type analyzes eight critical points of character and renders the result
  • Unique matchmaking algorithm
  • Access to personality potential suggestions
  • Security in details
  • Focus on usability
  • The Perfect Match brand no longer exists and mirrors the FriendFinder service
  • Many services are available only in the premium membership

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The Perfect Match is an online dating service that has been popular recently. It had an imposing background in its niche. Created and launched in August 2003 in Seattle, it made some noise and wound up its fans. The brand has gone nonstandard from the start. It collaborated with the entertainment industry to strengthen brand status. It was a service for online dating to find an ideal partner for a relationship. Singles registered in the system and searched for their happiness among the similar. This matchmaking service had a unique matching system that worked great at that time. It was called the Duet Total Compatibility System, and it is still cool. The operation principle was to pick the most accurate match as to the many answers provided by the seekers. The singles got a specific list of questions to answer. The type of personality of the seeker and the matched one were determined with this information. The service was quite successful and popular for about ten years until it was suspended. FriendFinder service burst it with a new life in 2011. The Perfect Match got the logo and name back, but not the chance to operate as a separate brand. Today it is mirroring the FriendFinder.

How does the Perfect Match Work

How does the Perfect Match Work?

All the newcomers should go through the logging process when meeting the service for the first time. The registration covers five blocks of the necessary information that the user needs to indicate to start. The info is about gender, age, location, race, and sexual orientation. Once all the fields have been filled out, the user will need to complete the process by verifying the email address. The next step is the taking of a special test, and it defines the user’s personality type. The test consists of two pools of questions. The first section is the main one and covers 25 questions. The second section additionally offers 16 questions. Both blocks resemble situations where the user must show the attitude to certain stuff. The program interprets the information, determines the type of personality of the seeker, and gives recommendations about the ideal personality of the partner to match. It is how the Perfect Match dating service works and succeeds.

Registration - is it Really Easy

Registration – is it Really Easy?

The registration process of the Perfect Match dating service is common and does not take much time. The usual time for logging takes from 3 to 5 minutes. The user provides the system with essential information to register. Question list to be answered:

  • You need to indicate your gender, as well as the gender of the match you are looking for
  • Information about your age, location, and careers opportunities
  • Your race and sexual preference information
  • The marital status
  • Additional information about yourself, interests, and dreams. This line is not obligatory to fill out. But it would be nice to give a potential partner more information about you.

After everything is completed and you are happy with the result, click on the verification of the email. Congratulations, you just registered and created your account!

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

The Perfect Match dating service mirrors the FriendFinder service today. As you get to the website, it grows obvious that its design is as simple as possible. It is not about flash animations, video reviews, or full-screen large photos. The service reckons on usability, and it has handy and intuitive site navigation. The framework, the block’s sizes, buttons, and fonts are comfortable to use and are noticeable with the standard user positioning near the PC. The left panel enables you to customize the profile as you wish based on the suggested filters. Using this panel, the user can also search for matches and top photos of the dating site. A filter is available for sorting potentials by the last visit, new users, or by the top-rated profiles. Profiles are presented on the page in a few rows, and its appearance is accessible and understandable. It simplifies the decision process. The Perfect Match service strives for the perfect functionality, having lost in the design.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Making a profile in the Perfect Match service is not a quick matter. The program focuses on the smallest details about each user. Creating a profile includes answering two blocks of questions. Each block covers situations sharing the attitude to circumstances, situations, and stuff. Interpreted information makes it possible to give the best matches to the seeker. It is believed that the success of the service is for their matching system only. Responding to true or false questions, the user gives a vision of eight key components of Duet compatibility. These are Romantic Impulsivity, Personal Energy, Outlook, Predictability, Flexibility, Decision Making Style, Emotionality, and Self-Nurturing. The good news is that having spent time at the very start, everyone gets a detailed profile. You can evaluate the quality of filling by looking at the checklist. Each well-filled profile can earn the points to reach paid highlights. Good news since the free functionality of this online service is limited.

The Mobile Application

The Perfect Match online service no longer exists and does not have a separate mobile app since it no longer exists as a brand. As mentioned above, this is a mirror site to FriendFinder service that implements the ability to switch to a mobile-optimized website to view information and profiles online.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The security policy of the former online dating service is strong. It ensures each user to gain the goal, and to get the sought-for quickly and safely. The process of registering and filling out a profile is time-consuming, as you have already seen. There is no chance to leap any of the steps. This attention to the details not only gives a practically 100% chance of the match but also backs safety. There is little chance of meeting a fake account on the site. But, if that happens, there is a fixed algorithm for their ban. The user can report his suspicions to help and support, and such an outline will be checked and banned. The system also tracks such profiles and stops them. The perfect matchmaking site provides a privacy guarantee. But please bear in mind that each user is responsible for the message that is shared. Always consider the info and photos before sharing such online.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

Not acting more as an independent site, but being a mirror of another service, the Perfect Match offers similar features. It has some free services, but they do not provide all the choice completeness.

Free services

  • Registration and profile filling
  • Test to determine your personality type and suggestions about personal qualities of your potential
  • Ability to update, add and change profile information
  • Ability to add photos
  • Support service
  • Change match preferences
  • Add potential profiles to your list

These are basic services that are not enough if you are serious about finding a partner.

For those users who are willing to pay to boost their chances, premium membership is implemented. Depending on the level of access to the perks, any user can connect gold or silver membership. Tariff plans are for 1, 3, and 6 months. As for the cost, it is available and does not beat similar ones on other online services. Silver membership can be unlocked for $ 22.95, $ 41.85, and $ 65.70 for 1, 3, and 6 months. Access to the gold membership will initiate for $ 34.95, $ 59.94, and $ 95.60 for 1, 3, and 6 months. When purchasing gold access, be prepared to catch a couple of months more as a bonus for free.

As for the benefits, they are intriguing. Golden membership includes these special extras:

  • Blog posting. Users can share their thoughts and news on the blog. This information will be visible to everyone in the feed. Free users can only view such messages and comment on them.
  • Adding and using moving icons. Users can use such icons to emphasize individuality.
  • Publishing an article in FriendFinder Magazine. Being one with FriendFinder, the Perfect Match users can write and publish articles.
  • Access to the 24/7 telephone support
  • Priority in reading letters in the users’ inbox
  • Profile at the very top of the list

Users with premium membership have more benefits than free ones.

Help & Support

Help & Support

The help and support service is an integral part of the interaction process between the site and users. Although the site has several restrictions for services depending on membership, the support service does not concern them. Each user has free round-the-clock access to help and support service and can use the right if required. The help desk supplies guidance about the work of the service and explains and eliminates errors that may occur during its running. The support team also controls site functionality and tariff plans. If you face a profile that is opposed to the site’s policy, contact the support. Each claim is considered promptly and processed. It should be noted that the Perfect Match support service is fast and at a good level.



Is the Perfect Match Safe?

Since 2011, the brand is not active independently. The FriendFinder service bought the domain. The Perfect Match today is a mirror of the FriendFinder. As a subsidiary website, it operates according to set security protocols and is safe.

Is the Perfect Match a Real Dating Site?

The Perfect Match dating service is not as alive today as it was until 2011. Currently, it is a subsidiary of FriendFinder, which is a real online dating site. It fully mirrors the former one. It is valid in the legal area of those countries where it is registered. If you go to their website, fulfill all the steps of registering and filling out a profile, then you get a stroke of luck to find a partner.

How to Use the Perfect Match?

The site is manageable and clear to use. Its final aim is to link people fitting according to a certain set of pointers. The site has become popular exactly for its unique partner matching algorithm. Each seeker got suggestions about the personality type of the potential partner. To get immersed in the search, the user must go through the registration procedure and fill out the profile. It will take a little time. If you use only free services, then there will be a short sense of it. Here’s a tip for you, use premium membership and get the most out of the online service! Set your own filter patterns and see top profiles right now. Unlocking premium access to the Perfect Match service, you can view profiles and photos, make publications in a blog and magazine, write in private chat rooms.

Is the Perfect Match Free?

The Perfect Match has both open and advanced services for an extra fee. If you estimate the effect, then the best point is to go for a premium path for advanced functionality. The free account grants a basic set of functions only, which does not provide options for quickly finding your match. But there is good news! If you want to find out about your personality type and get tips about your partner’s personality type, you will have it in the base list. All users go through this pool of questions at the very beginning. Paid access can be taken for a period of 1, 3, and 6 months according to the tariff plan.

Is the Perfect Match Really Works?

Users who have time to surf and experience it can give a straight answer to this question. Despite the lack of independence, the site remains relevant and beneficial. Having paid the entree to the specific perks of the Perfect Match service, the user gets the same admittance for FriendFinder and starts a variety of search options. They do not work without each other. However, if you decide on a premium membership, you will be rewarded and satisfied with your matches.



Summarizing those mentioned above, it grows clear that the online dating platform the Perfect Match held the lead among similar ones for a long time, especially for tattoo dating. Unfortunately, there is no way to get personal experience using it as an independent brand today. The site exists only as a subordinate, companion, and reflective of a FriendFinder service. But even in this manner, the service proffers the singles a chance to look for the partner. The platform became famous as it applied a never-seen-before searching algorithm. It declared an accurate target hitting. Everyone could get a brief about the personality type by answering a series of questions. Nobody did that before them. Today, the use of the service is limited in free access. Only the Gold or Silver membership will unlock a series of specific features upgrading the search to a new level. Paying for special features is beneficial and is affordable to the bulk. If you desire new faces in your life, then the Perfect Match is just for you!

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