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Friendfinder Review- what do we know about it?

Friendfinder Review- what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • FriendFinder has various types of features, which include Blogs, a network of friends, a group of people sharing the same thoughts, and interests
  • FriendFinder has a unique feature to comment on the blogs of the other members. You can only get this feature here on this online dating site
  • This online dating platform is a very interactive one! FriendFinder provides numerous opportunities and features to communicate with its other members
  • FriendFinder takes much less time to load the whole site in comparison to other online dating sites
  • FriendFinder provides the option of “Video Introduction,” which is profoundly missing on other online dating sites
  • FriendFinder provides attractive discounts that usually other online dating sites fail to deliver
  • At FriendFinder, it is tough to get in touch with the person who is in search of a serious relationship
  • The layouts of FriendFinder are not at all presentable. Even the website is outdated. Thus, it is likely to create a negative impact on the eyes of the users
  • The layouts of FriendFinder are not at all presentable. Even the website is outdated. Thus, it is likely to create a negative impact on the eyes of the users
  • The worst point of FriendFinder is that the non-paying members are not allowed to interact with other members of FriendFinder

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FriendFinder is a framework of the FriendFinder network. The FriendFinder network was founded by Andrew Conru in 1996 and was named Various, Inc. The company envisions itself to entertain adults with the use of online dating and other services. It primarily focused on online dating. Within a few months, it also started targeting other services for different audiences having different choices such as Asian FriendFinder, Christian Dating Website Big Church, and so on. Today, it is ruling the world as the most popular and widely used online dating and entertainment site. The site currently has over 2 million members across the geography and around a million subscribers.

How Does FriendFinder Work?

FriendFinder, like any other dating app, allows you to interact with people all over the world. Many brands also promote this app, which makes it more accessible and increases their revenue. It allows creating more members and generating significant investment in dating features that help in searching and communicating.

FriendFinder’s “VIP” or “Hot or Not” search options help you find people. VIP option lets you search for members having membership only who are more serious about finding true love. You can easily interact with them. This app also comes with the option of a chat room that is open to everyone. There you can look for people with different mind set-up. You can find who is single, flirty, having good sense of humor, and so on. Like all other apps, this app provides you with the “Like or Not Interested” option. Beware of the fact that while searching costs no money, it is required to upgrade to interact with people on this site. Another unique point about this app is that it provides you with the community section, which shows various blogs and other exciting content. You can even check photos, videos of other members that are trending on this platform.

Registration - Is It Really Easy

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Yes, the registration process of FriendFinder is quite easy in comparison with other online dating sites. The whole registration process just takes 5 minutes to complete if the internet connection is secure. On registration, FriendFinder does not ask many questions, and you just need to provide a few essential things like name, sex, location, contacts, marital status, etc. about yourself. The data that you provided while registering yourself will be reflected in your profile.

If you have a valid email address, then only FriendFinder will allow you to register to yourself. Once you have done with your registration process, then you will get a verification email from FriendFinder to verify whether the provided email address of yours is fake or not. It is is the best way to avoid fake profiles and scammers to use this online dating site.

The tricky part, though, is coming up with a unique name for yourself, and since there are plenty of users, finding a unique name during registration is challenging but possible.

What About Design and Usability?

The design of FriendFinder can seem to be massive at the first look. The layouts of FriendFinder are a little restricted and hence make it difficult for the users to use. The user interface of this online dating site is old and basic, creating positive as well as negative impression at the same time. This creates a positive impact on the users as it takes much less time to load compared to others. On the other hand, it’s layouts decrease the overall look of the FriendFinder in the eyes of the users.

The features of FriendFinder could look attractive in the eyes of its members if there is an improvement in design. The outdated model of FriendFinder may lose the power to fascinate the youths, but it is suitable for the majority of members. This online dating app is quite user-friendly. The members who are paying little amount can also access FriendFinder along with the premium members. But yes, like any dating site, guest members are only allowed to view other profiles, they are not allowed to have a chit-chat with other people on FriendFinder. To have chats with other members, you need to opt for Silver or Gold Membership. So, check this dating site twice before thinking of enrolling in it.

Let’s Talk About the Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About the Profile Quality

Profile Quality of FriendFinder is not enough to put a scratch on this online dating site. This online dating site does not ask you to put up a profile picture immediately after signing up. It leaves this issue totally up to you. So, if you wish, you can add a profile picture or, if not, no need to do so. This app is relatively challenging to handle when it comes to uploading a profile picture due to a list of requirements for uploading your profile pic. Hence, you can find a lot of members of this website without a profile picture. If you are a premium member, you will be able to view all profile pictures and videos, including the full-size versions. However, if you are a standard member, you can only see a thumbnail size version of the profile picture.

This website also allows you to skip any questions that you do not wish to answer during the signing up process. This is one of the uniqueness of FriendFinder. This way, it can be easily differentiated from who is serious about this website and who is not. If you are not serious about this website, then you can go missing with a lot of information, which can create a problem for you later on for finding your lover.

FriendFinder offers two types of memberships: Silver and Gold. Silver Membership expense is about 35% less than Gold Membership. By opting for Silver Membership, you will get slow technical support along with few search options. You can choose for your Silver Membership if you are not much sure about our site, or you don’t want to pay full money at once. FriendFinder also adds up benefits to the non-paying members. It allows them to contact other people if they are willing to pay a small amount monthly. The data provided can be edited or deleted whenever you wish.

Another thing about its profiles is that each pattern is subjected to a strict verification process. It tallies information provided by you to ensure that every information is authentic. Overall, this app is mainly created for genuine people who have the mindset to find their lover here.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

If you are thinking this ends here, think again. FriendFinder app is readily available on iPhones and Android smartphones. One simply needs to go to the play store. The FriendFinder mobile app comes with features like a chatbox, messages, and notification along with flip pages for Hot or Not. This easy to use the mobile app of FriendFinder lets you communicate and make new friends and get new dates, any time anywhere.

Safety & Security

FriendFinder includes a set of terms and conditions which entail the safety and security of your profile data information. It deems itself to be safe to use and assures you that the data you provide is secure. However, this is subjected to many questions, especially after the leak of data of 412 million profiles. Today this site is aware of the need for data security and monitors the site for weak backlinks to ensure data safety.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing: Do you want a FriendFinder that is cheaper or costlier? No compared to other online dating platforms, FriendFinder is on average.

The prices for Gold Membership on FriendFinder:

  • For one month subscription: 30.95 pounds
  • For three months subscription: 16.30 pounds for one month

The prices for Silver Membership on FriendFinder:

  • For one month subscription: 20.95 pounds
  • For three months subscription: 11.95 pounds

Even FriendFinder offers some discounts and offers. Upon registering, the customer is taken to the subscription site where he/she needs to choose between Silver Membership and Gold Membership. You will get an extra one-month subscription for free selecting Gold Membership for 1 to 3 months. If you renew your membership with FriendFinder, then the price that you need to pay is quite similar to the 1-month subscription of Gold and Silver. So, it is quite apparent that there are discounts available on this online dating site.


FriendFinder comes up with some added benefits that put up your dating to the next level. These features are engaging as well as essential while interacting with other members. Using FriendFinder features lets you reap several benefits like:

  • Video Introduction: With the use of FriendFinder videos, you can easily add up a video introduction to your profile. To add up a video introduction, you can upload a file from your device, take a video by using a webcam of your device.
  • Instant Messaging: This benefit especially comes handy if you are among the shy segment of the population. Using this feature lets you get the benefit of messaging the other members instantly while using FriendFinder. So bid Goodbye to your waiting days.
  • Get dating tips from Magazines: FriendFinder has its magazine section where you are welcome to post your blogs and writing. The section is free of cost and encourages your interactions with other people. This lets you gain more information on dating, and if you are new to the dating concept, it is advantageous.
  • Find new friends in Interest Groups: One of the chief features of any dating site is to know what you seek in the said website – a friend, a date, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a soul mate. Most introverted people and people who do not wish to hook up on the spot want new friends and what better place than an interest group of FriendFinder.
  • Let people know about your relationship status. This dating platform allows you to update your status. Here, your given status will be visible on the activity feed. You declare whether you are in a relationship and single and ready to mingle.
  • Voice your opinion Hot or Not: This is the newest or exciting feature that FriendFinder has to introduce to its online dating site. It is a unique benefit that you can get only in FriendFinder. With this Hot or Not, you can easily judge other people on this FriendFinder site by viewing their photos, which gives users the benefit of voicing their opinion of dating a person based on yes for “Hot” and no for “Not.”

Help & Support

Help & Support

Like every dating site, FriendFinder has a help and support section, which is available in the form of the Help/Contact section. The best thing about FriendFinder Help & Support is that it has to chat help support for registered members and a question page, which is often asked by people. However, if the queries persist, the dating site needs to be filled post which a customer support chat box immediately pops up or calls the member, helping out the person.

FriendFinder is open for 24 hours, seven days a week, throughout the year. This process involved providing help and support makes the team of FriendFinder a highly responsive support team. The result is a 0% disappointment level, resulting in members to fall in love with their affordable services and unique features.



Is FriendFinder Safe?

Yes, FriendFinder is too safe. Don’t worry, FriendFinder comes with strong security to secure your data and information from the hands of scammers. In 2016, there was a security issue with FriendFinder, where 412 million profiles were hacked and leaked. After this, intense action was taken against this, and with the help of logarithm, now security is made secure.

Is FriendFinder a Real Dating Site?

Yes, FriendFinder is a real online dating site. Here, you will come across thousands of people worldwide searching for a life partner like you.

How to Use FriendFinder?

To know how you can use FriendFinder, you need to visit the official portal of FriendFinder. By visiting the official site of FriendFinder, you will find all the details are given there.

Is FriendFinder Free?

Yes, FriendFinder is free, but the free members are only allowed to view profiles. To have conversations, you should be a registered member of FriendFinder.

Does FriendFinder Really Work?

Yes, FriendFinder works. If you have that zeal and seriousness in getting up into a relationship, then you will surely get your life partner here. You can even find a friend who will hold you tight on your tough days. So, FriendFinder is the best solution for everything.



Overall, FriendFinder is one of the few online dating sites where you can easily enjoy dating with some unique features at the cheapest rate. Also Herpes singles are welcomed there. FriendFinder is good to use and worthy of users’ time. What more do you want from an online dating site? FriendFinder has come with compact features in a single bucket, making it a hit among most online dating sites and grow in popularity with each passing day. Considering so many benefits and pros, and its accessibility and support, we would recommend you to opt for FriendFinder.com over membership of other dating sites.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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by Abbie Oct 13, 2021
This great site is wonderful for me personally. As I'm a tad weary of swiping, it turned out to be a middle crushed for my needs. I don't arrange any severe connections nowadays, but I won't run away while I satisfy my fancy. This website doesn't stress myself and enables receiving all special features of good quality relationships. Besides, I really like this app is really handy to utilize, whether it is about navigation or paying. Discount was ordinary, and I also do not grudge revenue to them since I get the very best importance for costs they might need. I've currently found some reasonable people to get beautiful schedules. Besides, I communicate with several people to chat, chuckle, and discuss a variety of themes, like sexual intercourse. I feel that i'm inside my category within the people really friendly. Customers don't assess a person, precisely as it could be if you've got acquired individuals in a bar.
by Rose Oct 11, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and routing is a breeze. I access an ample number of information and facts and information for people that seem appealing to myself. Really, I do really enjoy being on website. I possibly couldn't hit our current friend yet. Continue to, I ran across multiple interested visitors to get in touch with. I feel no-cost and casual while talking with them. I would suggest that this web site to everyone who's searching for good company, irrespective of the style of connection.
by Carson Oct 01, 2021
Excellent opinions. I've found a good amount of nice and intriguing individuals and some freaks . that's the norm when you find yourself using the internet. Some games weren't inside my location . that's why we remained buddies. I should declare that this service brings a lot of gear which will make additional customers observe an individual. First, it's room enough to create the account and supply enough information regarding the way you look and character. Next, chatting was okay. Generally, we receive complete online connection and will have a romantic date whenever while you are willing to meet your preferred in the real world.
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