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CatholicMatch – what do we know about it?

CatholicMatch – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Stories of success and pictures from members who matched on CatholicMatch
  • Option to personally interview other members
  • It provides specifically Catholics profiles only
  • Ability to post on the blog and make polls
  • The app is available on android and apple store
  • Easy to use
  • Free 6-month subscription for premium users if their match isn’t found
  • Advanced and updated design
  • The mobile app is a little slow
  • The low number of matches if your residing area is small or less populated
  • You have to get a premium subscription to send messages

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This CatholicMatch review is to bring about discussion of this modern religion-based dating website that provides a platform focused on bringing together Catholic singles so they can explore their options and have an opportunity to engage in the act of sacramental marriage. CatholicMatch aims to build a close community of Catholics all around the world. In this busy, stressful life, people can also feel connected to their faith by meeting other Catholics. By being a part of the CatholicMatch, people can find a place where they are understood. The place where there are more people like them. CatholicMatch allows these people to learn more about themselves and their faith while providing them a platform to find their significant other. The CatholicMatch dating site targets to create a path of love and righteousness for Catholics.

CatholicMatch was initially founded in 1999 after its co-founders, Jason LaFosse and Brian Barcaro, had noticed that Catholic singles have difficulty with finding partners with the same faith and beliefs. Soon they decided to help people solve this issue, so Jason and Brian launched their website called SaintRaphael.net. Later on, Mike Lloyd joined them as well to become one of the founders. In 2004, the site was renamed to CatholicMatch. However, the company had to face a devastating loss of losing one of their co-founders Mike Lloyd who had a sudden death. But Jason and Brian continue to run their company to help Catholics to find love, peace, and belonging.

CatholicMatch provides an online dating site, but the company also operates a CatholicMatch institute that aims to provide education to Catholics. All church leaders, singles, divorcees, or married people are welcome to this institute, building a stronger community and promoting peace and harmony among them.

The company has been a great success and currently has millions of members. All because it gave the people what was much needed, a platform to find their life partner while also feeling more connected to their faith. The app quickly became widely known to Catholics all around the world because of its legitimacy and success rate. The company continues to follow its goals, which are to contribute to reducing the divorce rate and increasing the marriage rate by giving people a chance to find Catholic people with the same interests and beliefs. So far, the co-founders and CEOs have received a great amount of marriage, family, and baby pictures of CatholicMatch made couples, which were all made possible by providing them this platform. It has sparked happiness among the owners of the companies and has encouraged them to keep running this company to cater more and more Catholics in finding the love of their lives. Another great site for Catholics – CatholicSingles, and here you can read our article about CatholicMatch vs CatholicSingles.

How does CatholicMatch work?


CatholicMatch utilizes a survey framework called Match portrait, which evaluates the characteristics of each member. The match portrait representation poses inquiries to assess every member’s character and their perspectives on various subjects and their convictions. This altogether helps in finding a reasonable counterpart for the individuals as the aftereffects of this coordinating picture hold the key elements two individuals need to concur on to take part in a fruitful sober dating experience. Even though a couple of these inquiries can be too personal yet the more legit the members’ answers are to these inquiries, the more immaculate match would be found. The information on this questionnaire is not visible to any other members.

Furthermore, the matching portrait results are surveyed with a Likert scale, which contrasts various individuals with one another. This assists in discovering individuals who are increasingly good with you. On the chance that you are not a perfect match with other members, at that point, they are coordinated with different members with whom they can be a more suitable match. Along these lines, the site attempts to boost the matchmaking results for everyone.

Some people are unable to move to different cities or countries to meet their matches. It is why CatholicMatch caters to this issue by giving a filter that would show members residing only in your area. Your previously selected matches will not be removed by using this filter, but your new matches will only be limited to the area you are currently residing in.

It would be suitable to say that CatholicMatch success over the years is because of its highly effective matchmaking system. It provides you a platform where the first time you decide to meet a member, you would know that the person would have a personality that would be similar to yours

Registration – is it really easy?

CatholicMatch Registration

After putting in your username, password, email, date of birth, you have to fill in a thirty MCQ questionnaire. You have to answer questions on some very personal topics, such as pre-marital sex, contraceptives, termination, etc. This questionnaire focuses on different issues such as appearance, habits, and a lot more. Most importantly, your faith focuses strongly on Catholic beliefs because of this website. You have to add up a bio because your matched members would read your bio as the first thing when they see your profile. Members often write about their family, habits, and beliefs. After this, you can also do a temperament test which helps you learn more interesting things about yourself as well as help you find better matches. Do not worry; your data and this test result would be hidden from the eyes of other members.

We would also like to tell you that this registration process may seem a little long to you, but actually, it takes only 20-25 minutes. It’s effortless and simple. The best part is that this process is what makes this site unique and successful. Furthermore, by accurately filling the questions, you will be able to find better matches so later you won’t have to waste your time talking with members who are not suitable for you. The 20 minutes you spend on registration will be more than worth it when it would be one of the reasons you find the perfect match for yourself.

What about design and usability?

CatholicMatch design
  • The website has a blog that looks very much like a new magazine that posts material to read. It focuses on faith, relationships, polling, and posts, which takes people’s opinions. It is an interactive way to get to know more about the community.
  • The website has been updated by introducing a newly designed homepage and an advanced taskbar for better navigation. The company frequently makes updates to stay up to the standard of advanced technology.
  • There are no annoying ads on the website.
  • CatholicMatch special ‘temperament test’ and the ‘Match portrait’ feature assess member’s personalities in a very accurate way, which has proven to be very successful in finding the most compatible matches.
  • You can create your multiple-choice questions or take the ones already available on the site and forward them to the other members. It allows you to ask personal details you would feel uncomfortable in asking about otherwise.
  • The site has fun stickers and emoticons, which help enlighten conversations.

Let’s talk about profile quality

CatholicMatch quality

To make your profile more attractive at CatholicMatch, there are a few things you have to focus on:

  • Set up your best profile picture. A sober yet an attractive one because that would be the main eye-catcher.
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs about yourself in your bio because that would be the first thing people would read
  • Put up positive, good opinions about your beliefs. Keeping in mind this is a strong Catholic website, and people would be very much interested in your beliefs.
  • Write down points in your bio, which make you look unique. Any habits which make you seem like a good person would be a plus point. After all, on this website, the more pious you are, the sexier you’ll look.

The mobile application

The CatholicMatch app is available on both android and apple app store. It is easily accessible for all mobile phone users.

The mobile application allows users to access their accounts anywhere and anytime easily. The app follows the same design as the desktop version. As it is newly launched, there are still some updates which should be made on the app which can help improve it.

Safety & security

CatholicMatch Safety & security

This CatholicMatch review suggests that the website values the privacy and trust the members have with the company. It is why CatholicMatch strictly secures the personal data of its members and prevents any kind of hacking. The online payments are secure as well, according to many users.

Pricing and benefits

CatholicMatch Pricing

By using the free account of CatholicMatch, you are eligible to set your profile, view other profiles, engage in matching, and receive messages.

However, by using the premium account, you’re able to send messages, unlock special search filters, post on the forums, be prioritized for customer support, and view the likes on your profile and a free six-month subscription if you’re unable to find a match.

Subscription prices are the following:

  • $29.99 for one month
  • $89.99 for six months
  • $119.99 for 12 months

Help & support

CatholicMatch Help & support

CatholicMatch has a fast customer service providing team. Their team is highly devoted to answering customer issues and questions through emails quickly. They are well aware of the problems which users may face and about how to efficiently solve them and make CatholicMatch a simple and good experience for all users. They even offer individualized help regarding users’ accounts.

Is CatholicMatch safe?

CatholicMatch highly prioritizes the safety of its customers. This is why its team of professionals is constantly monitoring members’ activities, forum postings, etc. to notice any suspicious activity by any user. If any account is reported, CatholicMatch also thoroughly goes through the profile of the user. However, they strongly advise all users to maintain their safety on their behalf as well by keeping precautions and not share personal data or off the site contact without knowing the members for a few days.

Is CatholicMatch a real dating site?

CatholicMatch site

As good as this sounds, CatholicMatch is a legitimate dating site. It has millions of members on it. It is considered one of the topmost online Catholic dating services. There are stories and pictures of real-life couples all around the social media and CatholicMatch forum who got matched on this site and are now married. CatholicMatch has been on the internet for many years, and its legitimacy is the very reason behind its success and growth.

How to use CatholicMatch?

First, you have to sign up by putting in your details and answering a questionnaire. After the process of setting up your profile is complete, you can begin searching for your matches. Matches are shown following your preference and your questionnaire results. For each profile, your review, press ‘checkmark’ to either accept a profile or ‘X’ to decline a profile. After you are done considering, you can confirm all the profiles you selected and decline all the ones you pressed ‘X’ for.

Is CatholicMatch free?

Yes, CatholicMatch is free. You receive messages, see catholic singles profiles, like three profiles a day, do matching with others, see the viewers who visited your profile. However, the available features for the free account are minimal

Does CatholicMatch really work?

Every day, around 16,500 members log in to CatholicMatch. Why? Because they have seen so many successful marriage stories about CatholicMatch. But not only that, but they have also been able to meet many suitable matches for themselves. You can find lovers and some good friends on CatholicMatch as well. The website has been running successfully since 1999. All these years, many new families have been formed, and they have been born into this world by Catholics matching each other on this site. It has led the website to be known in the catholic world of singles. All of this is because the website does work.


At the end of this CatholicMatch review, the conclusion would be that this website overall is a niche that allows only Catholics to engage in dating on this website. But for Catholics who want to increase their knowledge and faith and have a life partner who would want to practice religion and grow their beliefs together, this is the perfect dating site for them. Nowadays, finding Catholics with strong beliefs is a little difficult, but CatholicMatch makes it much easier. Their quiz at the start while signing up is what makes the matchmaking on this website more accurate. The forum on this website is also very informative for all the believers. You may as well make some friends through this website with whom you can have discussions about your beliefs.

The free account on CatholicMatch has too many interactive restrictions, so it is better to take the premium subscription. That way, you will be able to find more matches and interact with them better.

The Catholic dating sites has some issues, such as a Catholic-only dating site, the number of members may be limited in some areas where the population of Catholics is low. Sometimes, it may take a little longer to find your life partner on this website. But patience and persistence is the key.

Overall, CatholicMatch is worth your time and money. CatholicMatch is a well-known, safe dating website with millions of members and many success stories. CatholicMatch is a website where faith and love are combined to form a marriage. CatholicMatch is surely worth a try for Catholic singles.

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