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PolyamoryDate Review — What Do We Know About It?

PolyamoryDate Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • The biggest online community for polyamory
  • The site available globally and internationally
  • A user-friendly website with a simple design
  • High usability and authentic features
  • Search filters available
  • The anonymity of the profiles and messaging
  • You can upload videos to the profile
  • Detailed and straightforward account descriptions
  • Useful newsletter subscription
  • Couple profiles
  • Different membership options
  • The absence of PolyamoryDate mobile app
  • No email verification
  • Explicit content not moderated by the support team
  • The site may use your profile for advertising without permission
  • Most of the cool features cost money

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PolyamoryDate is a site believing that traditional marriage is an obsolete concept. You can love two persons. Or three. Men or women. Or any variation of genders. You do not even need to get married. Love has no (and should not have) restrictions. That is what the adherents of polyamory think. PolyamoryDate is a system of ethical views that allow one person to have relationships with several people at once with the approval of each member of this “family,” of course.

Polyamory has its advantages: according to statistics, such people have a bigger social circle and experience less jealousy. Partners themselves are more satisfied with the relationships than those who stay in monogamous couples. PolyamoryDate appreciates this and offers people a comfortable environment for polyamorous dating and meetings. This service is the most prominent PolyamoryDate dedicated to polyamory in the world. It can hardly be called niche because the userbase here is vast and quite open-minded.

How Does PolyamoryDate Work

How Does PolyamoryDate Work?

Society has concluded that modern marriages no longer satisfy the needs of people and require modification. So, PolyamoryDate took over this responsibility and is now the biggest polyamorous dating site in the world. The format “man-woman” is no longer working for all. People who wanted to enter non-monogamous relationships needed an online platform for this.

PolyamoryDate meets their requirements. PolyamoryDate’s users are successful, confident people, young professionals who do not take monogamy as a standard.

Polyamory is a format of relationships in which love relationships with several people are allowed at the same time with the consent and approval of all participants. There is even an International Polyamory Association. PolyamoryDate cooperates with it and follows the trends of the polyamorous community in the global context. Polyamory can take many different forms, depending on what the partners agree about. Their union can be a group marriage, polygamy and non-monogamy, open relationships, and much more. So, PolyamoryDate satisfies all these needs should be functional and cope with everything. This open-mindedness is what PolyamoryDate is all about.

Polyamory focuses on the idea that sex is not the main content of the relationship, that the age of sex exclusivity has lost its meaning. People, if they want, can have a lot of romantic relationships. PolyamoryDate aims at finding open relationships, partners for an orgy or threesomes, life-partners for serious relationships, and just polyamory-junkies for friendship and sharing knowledge. The idea behind PolyamoryDate is freedom of choice. The concept is based on the mutual understanding between the participants who are informed and agree with this. These are the key points.

Registration — Is It Really Easy

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

In practice, polyamory can look different. Marriages with intermittent sex on the side or polyamorous communities are common. In the last case, three or more people live under the same roof and raise common children. You must remember this while registering on PolyamoryDate and know your specific preferences. Then, the process of signing up for PolyamoryDate is pretty straightforward and will not take much of your time.

The basic knowledge about polyamorous dating is on the site of PolyamoryDate. You should study the topic before proceeding to registration. The articles in the blog section of PolyamoryDate are helpful if you only dive into the world of non-monogamy and want to try something casual and spontaneous. If you are a long polyamorous community member, you may already know what type of relationships you seek on PolyamoryDate.

The first thing to specify in the registration form of PolyamoryDate is your gender and that of the partners. Then, enter your email and come up with a password. Choose a username for your PolyamoryDate account. Profiles on PolyamoryDate are mostly anonymous, and the users get registered under the nicknames. Since the polyamorous community is pretty open about their intentions and sexual preferences, you can specify any of them straight in the username. Use adjectives, participial constructions, kinky nouns, and anything that will give other members a clearer understanding of who you are. Then, add your date of birth and choose a location. That’s it! The registration process of PolyamoryDate is complete.

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

The interface of PolyamoryDate’s website is clear and straightforward. The key buttons are situated to the top and the bottom of the home page. To sign in or register, you need to enter your data to the forms located at the very top right corner. The PolyamoryDate toolbar situated under the entering form shows the menu. The available sections are the forum, the main page, browsing the members, and the help section.

The functionality of PolyamoryDate is outstanding. As soon as you create a profile, you can plunge into similar-minded people seeking polyamorous relationships or hookups. The browsing is free, so you will immediately see hundreds of accounts with pretty provocative photos provoking you to start communicating. The feed page of PolyamoryDate shows who is online and can wink or send reactions to the users you like. You can also filter your search according to your preferences. The site owns a powerful search engine, and the criteria for the search are quite advanced. The members can use the filters to narrow down the circle of potential matches. Among such specific attributes are gender, age, location, body type, nationality, and even purpose.

When you proceed to the chat of PolyamoryDate, several communicating options are available. The system doesn’t ban sharing private numbers, email addresses, and outside information to contact each other off-site. The chat inside PolyamoryDate is pretty convenient, and you can use it to enjoy the conversations fully. There are anonymous messaging features as well. For example, in the incognito mode, the users can send the messages without revealing their nicknames and clearing the conversation history for them and another person. Another cool feature is video calls.

You can upload not only photos on PolyamoryDate but short videos to your account to personalize the profile and attract more users or send videos in a private conversation. If you are a couple seeking polyamorous connections, you can create a couple of profiles so that the users understand your preferences straightaway.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Polyamory may seem strange and unnatural to some people. PolyamoryDate is not for all, but in fact, polygamy and polyamory appeared much earlier than monogamy. People became monogamous when they settled in one place — it was easier to share the inheritance between children. According to scientists, polygamy in its various manifestations is allowed in 83% of the world’s societies. There are different types of polyamory: someone lives with their partners (and sometimes the partners of their partners) under the same roof, someone sees them from time to time and occasionally sleeps with random people.

PolyamoryDate enables people to quickly find partners for various purposes and be open about it. The main difference between polyamory and cheating is openness and honesty with other people. Such relationships do not start on their own — it requires thorough discussions, “setting rules” and a willingness to make concessions. PolyamoryDate unites people who understand this, and the quality of its userbase is respectfully high.

PolyamoryDate contains the profiles of the real people who seek polyamorous dating and are welcoming everyone willing to try them. Most of the users are here for the hookups or non-commitment relationship, the information about it you will find in their profiles. Many of them are looking for a one-night stand immediately the same evening. PolyamoryDate is useful not only for the non-monogamous people but also for anyone who want a quick connection without obligations. The site will offer you to answer more questions and specify the search to increase the quality of matching. You should take your time and do it to receive the best results and access hundreds of hot users.

The Mobile Application

The first and the main pitfall about using PolyamoryDate is the absence of a mobile app. PolyamoryDate claims that it is not needed, and you can get a full user experience opening the website on your phone’s browser. Dating apps are the most convenient way for most people today to find a partner on-the-go. Those who are not at home at a specific moment and want to find someone to hand out in the city would appreciate it. The prospect of browsing PolyamoryDate may not please them. Then, these people will simply choose another dating platform with an app and simply download it. So, PolyamoryDate states that they are the biggest online community of the polyamory-junkies in the world. If they want to make the userbase only more significant, they need to launch a mobile application.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Security is one of the most significant issues when it comes to dating sites like PolyamoryDate. Without it, the platform’s members will not feel free to express themselves and communicate without being exposed or threatened. The first level of security the site provides is the anonymity of the user names. Here, on PolyamoryDate, everyone can register under a nickname and not reveal their real personal data. Another essential feature in terms of security is the anonymous chats.

PolyamoryDate provides a significant section of the blog concerning safety tips, and it shows that it cares about how responsible its users are. No one is protected against scams, and it can happen on niche dating sites like this. However, PolyamoryDate does everything to prevent such cases. The users’ photos, including those that are pretty revealing, are still available for the unregistered Internet users. You can go to the site’s browse section and see hundreds of profile photos without registering on PolyamoryDate. Moreover, the site cannot fully moderate the pictures because the polyamorous community is pretty open, and many people are there only for hookups. These users upload provocative photos and are honest about their intentions.

On the other hand, this is only a specific feature of the polyamorous community in general. The members of PolyamoryDate understand it. The site warns its users that they are in full responsibility for their content or the information they provide to others in private conversation. The users on this dating platform are open and friendly, and they care about each other’s security and rights. You will not be humiliated or exposed if you register on PolyamoryDate. If you experience any negativity, there is the contact section on the site that you can use to report the violation of the site’s policy. You can also block the suspicious user on PolyamoryDate.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

There is nothing wrong with people stepping aside from the traditional monogamous relationships. PolyamoryDate meets the requirements of everyone in this matter. There are various forms of non-monogamous love scenarios, and some of them differ from each other more than monogamy from distinct kinds of polyamory. Everything else depends on the specific arrangements in the pair/community. So, creating a site that would have it all is a pretty complicated task. PolyamoryDate coped with it successfully. To reassure this yourself, you should not only sign up for free but pay to get more features.

There is free registration on PolyamoryDate, but browsing the site for free is not as enjoyable as with a paid membership. When you pay for a subscription, your messaging opportunities become unlimited, you get access to the full anonymity and search functionality of the site. If you plan to use PolyamoryDate to find a quick hookup, the free version will be enough for you. It enables you to react to the users of PolyamoryDate and adding them to favorites. You can also buy a trial membership for one dollar. If those users have a premium subscription, they will notice and find a way to reach out to you.

To enjoy PolyamoryDate to the fullest, you may want to purchase a membership. The price range is wide:

  • 1 USD for one day;
  • 30 USD for a month of premium subscription;
  • 20 USD for a month if you purchase three months in a row (a total of 60 USD);
  • 15 USD for a month if you are buying twelve months in a row (a total of 180 USD).
Help & Support

Help & Support

All the new members of PolyamoryDate get access to the PolyamoryToday newsletter. This service is an online blog dedicated to the polyamory culture. It can be useful for all the people who are only getting acquainted with this movement and for those who have rich polyamorous experience and want to receive updates concerning events and news of the PolyamoryDate community. You can go straight to their site to read reviews of other dating sites and get more tips.

PolyamoryDate also provides an informative help section containing the answers to the frequently asked question. Here you will find information about:

  • How to reset a password;
  • What to do if you do not receive the newsletters or an email to reset a password;
  • How to report a scam;
  • How to fill in your profile correctly;
  • The payment methods;
  • What is polyamory;
  • The prices for the PolyamoryDate services;
  • Ways to check the authenticity of the users;
  • How to clear out the conversation history;
  • How to message the users;
  • Customer service improvements.


The next answers provide information about the final issues you should know if you consider using PolyamoryDate.

Is PolyamoryDate Safe?

Polyamory is more about romantic relationships than sex. Such a union can consist of three people, while they do not necessarily become a family or fall in love with each other. There are polyamorous “triplets” consisting of a woman and two men who are in love with her and agree to “share” relationships with someone else. PolyamoryDate provides such groups of people opportunities to meet and date. Their intentions and forms of contact may be different. PolyamoryDate allows everyone to express their sexuality and be open about their preferences. On this dating site, you will never be judged or put under pressure. The community is friendly and secure.

Is PolyamoryDate a Real Dating Site?

Yes, this is a niche dating platform for the polyamorous people and all who seek connections with the latter. You can use the PolyamoryDate site for hookups or find a partner for a serious relationship. Its coherent policy and vast search possibilities will help you find the match to your taste and requirements.

How to Use PolyamoryDate?

Before you create an account on PolyamoryDate, you should understand your preferences and expectations. But whatever you seek, from the open relationships to one-night stands, this dating site will have something for you. You should go to the PolyamoryDate page, pass a quick registration, and browse the members. If you want to contact them, you can try to do this using the free features or pay for a subscription.

Is PolyamoryDate Free?

Initial signing up and browsing is free on PolyamoryDate, but you will not be able to message the users without a subscription. You may want to invest a little to access the full functionality of PolyamoryDate. Luckily, there are several tariff plans, and they are not expensive compared to the average prices on other dating sites. PolyamoryDate is a niche dating site, and you get your quality for the price.

Does PolyamoryDate Really Work?

Although PolyamoryDate sounds too good to be true, this dating site do help thousands of people find their love and partners every day. It corresponds with the various requirements of the quickly developing and growing polyamorous community. PolyamoryDate succeeded in becoming the most respectful web resource for the non-monogamous people. You can find various proofs of this if you read the reviews of real people or try it out yourself!



PolyamoryDate is a quality dating site worth your attention. You can find all sorts of people here, and all of them will be open about their intentions—no walking around the main topic, long searching process, or scams. You register here knowing what you want, and you will receive it. So, regardless of your purposes, if you do not seek something particularly serious and want to have fun, PolyamoryDate is for you.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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by Wiese Oct 14, 2021
This web site is ideal for myself. As I'm slightly tired of swiping, they started to be a middle crushed for the goals. I don't program any severe connections at the moment, but I won't escape while I encounter my personal prefer. Our site really doesn't stress myself and enables obtaining all amazing features of excellent a relationship. Besides, I enjoy it app is very convenient to use, whether it's about navigation or fee. Value is ordinary, and I typically grudge cash with them since I have get the very best worth for prices they might need. I've already satisfied some reasonable people and obtain beautiful schedules. Besides, I message with a few people to chat, joke, and discuss various matters, including love-making. I'm that i'm within my league considering that the area is really helpful. Visitors don't evaluate a person, because might be when you yourself have found a person in a bar.
by Miller Oct 06, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and navigation is easy. We receive an adequate range insights and experience for customers that appear popular with me. In fact, i really do appreciate located on this page. I really couldn't run into my personal current good friend till now. Continue to, I ran across several inquisitive visitors to keep in touch with. I feel cost-free and casual while talking with all of them. I recommend this great site to any or all whos selecting great company, irrespective of the form of partnership.
Karl Gutierrez
by Karl Gutierrez Sep 30, 2021
Good impressions. I've found numerous ready and fascinating group and some freaks . that's a norm if you find yourself on the web. Some games had not been in my venue . that's why we stayed close friends. I should point out that this particular service provides a lot of equipment to generate additional owners bear in mind a person. Initial, it's room enough to develop your very own account and supply adequate information regarding the way you look and dynamics. Subsequently, chatting are ok. Generally speaking, an individual receive complete online connection and can also become a romantic date at any time whenever you are prepared satisfy your chosen in real life.
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