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Mocospace Review – What do We Know About It?

Mocospace Review – What do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 5%
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Profiles 100.000.000
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Pros and Cons

  • Over 100 million members
  • It provides a friendly user interface
  • A wide range and a different number of games to play
  • Easily and instantly accessible
  • Multiple ways to interact with the other members
  • Fake profiles and only limited information available about the users
  • The payable options are costly
  • The site charges the members without their consent
  • In Mobil-app, games are not so conducive to meet people
  • Lack of regulation on the content shared on the network
  • Removal of unrelated ads requires a premium membership

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The dating landscape was different 20 years ago. One of the best ways to meet someone was to hire a matchmaker. But things started to take a shift when companies started to build online games by 2001. These games were more than just time-killing means for ourselves; they also helped us connect with others.

Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel launched Mocospace in 2005. It was one of the first companies to create a simple and popular web-based game. After a while, Mocospace was making the most popular gaming software for mobile phones. After adding a social component, the company took off to the US. Hence, the people around the world found Mocospace to be the perfect platform for playing games and meeting someone special. It has then become a popular social networking platform with features that are similar to other social networking sites. Mocospace has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and it supports multiple languages.

In 2005, the fund venturing to start-up companies in the mobile space started rapidly. Mocospace was one of the beneficiaries of this trend. In 2007, it received around $3 million in venturing, and in 2008, it received around $4 million of funding. Mocospace is also available as an application that is supported in Android as well as iOS devices.

At present, Mocospace records around 1 million users logging in to the gaming site every day, and over 100 million users checked it out. Unlike many other social networking sites, Mocospace has a very young user group in which 80 % of the users are under the age of 30, 50% are under the age of 24, and 25 % are teen users. The website administrator would review all the user-posted contents before it is approved.

Today, Mocospace is more than just gaming dating site, which includes group chat, private chat, and photos to get to know each other. As of late, it has become one of the popular social media platforms and online dating sites.

How does Mocospace Work

How does Mocospace Work?

Using Mocospace is a lot more like using any other social networking website. Users will get their profile page when they join the site, which they can modify with backgrounds and other graphics. Members of Mocospace can also use their profile page to show photographs of themselves and share personal information. The profile may include their name, age, relationship status, type of body, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and whether the members are used to smoking, drinking, or have children. If the users are looking for a particular type of relationship or person, they can also include those details.

The real-time java scripted Chat rooms allow the members to talk with other Mocospace members privately. They have classified ads and forums as well, which serves as a platform to connect the members. By this, they get to know about the common interests and dislikes. It is also possible to browse galleries of images posted by other users.

Members of Mocospace can then create a friends list and interact with them on the site. By adjusting their privacy settings, they can make sure that only certain people can view their data. In addition to photos, users can add videos to their MocoSpace page, or even start their blog directly.

Registration - Is It Really Easy

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

The registration for Mocospace is effortless. The first requirement to get registered with them is that the member must be at least 18 years or older to sign up. It is followed to keep a check on safety and security. Since they include members of all age groups, Mocospace is keen on what is posted across their profiles. All that the user needs is a username and a password.

The signing up is even easier with Facebook or a Google account. The user has to give the username, password, email id, birthday, and gender for creating an account. It is mandatory to upload a profile photo initially, but unlike the other social websites, Mocospace does not review them.

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

The design of the Mocospace website is neat and easy for navigation. It is just like Facebook, where the News Feeds will have all the updates from the other members. But the minor difference is that Mocospace will post updates of everyone on the website and not just those who are on the Friends list.

There are lots of games on the website that are easy to search and fun to play. There is a strict privacy policy that the users might find, and you would encounter various warnings about sharing the information on the website. The menu on the site are well organized. It does not involve any complex navigations to reach the home page. The color and appearance of the pages are plain and clear.

Mocospace allows the users to choose the background colors of their choice, and also the text color can be modified on the “Profile” page by going to “Settings” Option. The only annoying thing that the user might find is the continuous ads popping up on the feed section’s screens.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

The profiles on Mocospace can be made either public or private. Though the privacy policies are not that stringent like other popular social websites, the basic privacy settings are provided to avoid a breach in the data leak. Just like Facebook, Mocospace also has a profile photo section and a Cover photo section. Users can choose even GIFs in place of static images.

The profile picture of the users is visible to everyone on the website. It is one of the significant drawbacks, leading the members to choose random photos of their choice. The alarming thing about the site is that it shows the activity of all the members on the website.

The Mobile Application

The mobile application is available for both android users and iOS users. The free users will get pop-up ads every few minutes, whereas the premium users can avoid annoying and unwanted ads. The premium version of the app is available only for android users. The default landing page on the application is the “Meet People” feature. To find like-minded people, users can set the filter however they want to.

The design of the application is also simple and user friendly. However, each page and its functionality take as a second longer to load; the navigation to each feature is quite easy. But when the users are used to apps like Facebook and Twitter, they will find the difference glaringly obvious.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Mocospace claims to provide industry-standard security measures to prevent any loss, misuse, or alteration of any information.

The website stores the information of the users as long as it is necessary for the legal Obligations. They have hosted the services in the United States and maintain the information on the US cloud server. So the users who are away from the US should agree to have their data processed and transferred to the United States or elsewhere. They make sure to give an adequate level of protection for transferring the data and storing it on the cloud.

Just like the other social platforms, Mocospace also offers privacy settings that can be modified by users. There is a “Privacy” option under settings, where users can restrict the sharing of information to everyone across the website. Mocospace also offers the “Block user” option where the member can block someone if they find them untrustworthy.

Although Mocospace guarantees of hundred percent safety and security, there are few loopholes that members have to be careful about. The news feed is updated with everyone’s updates, which can lead to the risk of disclosing the information to even unknown people on the network. Members can delete their account by choosing the “Cancel Account” option that is available under “Settings.”

ricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

Mocospace offers a free account sign up and Fee-based sign-ups. The premium members will get more benefits in this aspect.

The free membership on Mocospace offers the following services.

  • Creating a free account
  • Users can browse through other member’s profiles on the network.
  • Viewing the photos have no restrictions.
  • Members can do unlimited messaging with each other.
  • They can even have access to all the blogs and forums.

The premium members of the Mocospace can enjoy the following benefits.

  • They do not see the annoying ads anywhere on their profile.
  • Members can see who has visited their profile recently.
  • They can get a VIP badge on their profile photo.
  • Users will be ranked first in the “Meet people.”
  • Premium members are given priority support assistance whenever needed.

The pricing and subscription fees of the Mocospace are as follows.

  • For 1 month: 7.99 USD/Month
  • For 3 months: 6.99 USD/Month
  • For 6 months:5.99 USD/Month

Apart from the pricing, Mocospace offers some premium benefits also. But the members cannot access them without providing their credit card information. They suggest the users it would be best to pay through the credit card. But they allow themselves to charge the members without any giving any additional notice or consent. Even though many dating websites auto-renew the subscriptions, this feature sounds a little alarming.

Help & Support

Help & Support

Mocospace is highly user friendly and simple to access since it involves all age groups across the world. Hence the accessibility to the features needs to be smoother. The Help option in Mocospace guides the users to all the features across the network. The help page address on various support options related to the website. Users can learn how to get started to the network to the deletion of their account if required. The help page also offers various solutions, such as managing the account, which involves a guide to change in password, username, etc.

It also helps the members to explore popular features like stickers, spin the wheel, sharing love, etc. They also help to address various other security issues like data disclosure, copyright violation, reporting inappropriate content, and many more. The help page in Mocospace is the one-step solution for guiding the users through the network.

The members can contact the support team by emailing them. Before reaching out to them, it is essential to make sure that the issue is not a temporary problem. Sometimes there might be some glitches that could happen for a brief time and resolve themselves. If the user is sure about the technical problem with the site or the app, they should collect all the details about the issue.

While sending an email to the support team, the members need to make sure that they are using the id that is associated with their account and provide the username in the message that they send.

In case of any reporting against violations or harassment, the Mocospace strongly urges the members to use their report system to document the offenses. It ensures to show either the history of repetitive harassment or support a claim for falsely reporting. The admins will review the emails that are sent out to the support team. Admins will not take any action against the reports unless and until it has all the proven happenings and supportive information with it.

The team will take approximately 24 hours to investigate the issue and get it resolved at the earliest. To ensure the user’s email was received, an automated reply is sent to confirm that the Mocospace support team has received the email. The support team has minimal support email systems. Hence they may not respond to the messages that are sent to them through SMS or text. They automatically filter out such contacts for this reason.



Is Mocospace Safe?

Mocospace doesn’t take responsibility for the users’ interaction on the network. Since it doesn’t conduct any background check on the members, the users must be careful while interacting with others. The website doesn’t use either Firewall or SSL certificate. Hence it is not recommended to share personal data on the website.

Is Mocospace a Real Dating Site?

Mocospace is not a typical dating site, but it encourages people to collaborate and share common interests. If that works, then it is up to the members to find if the match is the ideal one. Unlike other sites like eHarmony, Hinge, and Bumble, Mocospace is not for those looking out for serious relationships. The forum creates a space to share common interests, play games together, and share like thoughts, discuss the difference in opinions.

How to Use Mocospace?

Mocospace has its official website, or the users can even go for the android or iOS application version. All that the users need is an account for registration. It can be done with simple steps using a Username and a password. After registering, members can find many new profiles. They can even send friend requests for adding people to their lists. Members can join forums related to a particular topic and have a discussion. They can also invite someone on the website for a chat. Users can share photos, videos, and even blogs can be posted on their profile.

Is Mocospace Free?

Registration with Mocospace is free of cost and that users can even use their Facebook login for registration with their network. But the benefits for the free members are limited, whereas the premium members can enjoy special features of the network.

Is Mocospace Really Works?

Mocospace can be considered as a place where people can connect to get to know about each other. Though it claims to be a dating site, Mocospace is more like a social media platform. It does not focus on typical matchmaking; instead, it connects people through various forums and games available over the network. So, this would not be the right space for those who are looking for a committed long term relationship.



Facebook’s popularity has skyrocketed. MySpace has become a forgotten relic in everybody’s life. Mocospace evolved and turned out to be completely different. Many of us would believe that Mocospace has become something similar to a dating website. But it is not true, and the fact is that a lot of members log in mostly for games. They want to play, have fun, and make friends. Dating is not a priority for them. Mocospace can be considered as the best place for those who want to make friends online.

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