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Habbo Review — What Do We Know About It?

Habbo Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use and attractive games available
  • Minors who are at the age of 13 would enjoy the application
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Free games to play
  • No special charges for messaging
  • Not a typical dating site. One cannot look for serious relationships
  • Many fancy games are paid services
  • Premium membership is a bit pricey
  • Inappropriate contents exchanged due to fewer restrictions
  • Slow loading time

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Habbo is a virtual network game with the person to person communication services which formally began activities in 2000. It is under the organization Sulake, a Finland-based enterprise. The site at first meant to pull in the high school market. However, presently, with a large number of individuals worldwide, it has increased a critical number of members of all ages. Considering the idea of Habbo, more youthful individuals, despite everything, take over the site.

From making avatar to dressing them up and decorating the room with furniture; to sending chat messages to the room or a whisper to a particular avatar, the sky is the limit with Habbo. It may not initially be a college dating site, yet it can proficiently work that path. It will diminish the pressure of the client’s first meeting with their latent capacity accomplice since it will occur through the symbols. Individuals can intrigue their symbol date with what they could offer.

It has an application version that one can download for free in the App Store and Google Play store. Messaging is free for everybody. It comes in three structures. They are

  • Chat message to the entire chatroom
  • Instant message for the companions
  • Whisper

Those who are aged above 13 can exchange messages on the site, and one should be cautious when they attempt to connect or message another person with the reason to establish a relationship. Members should ensure that the user they are trying to contact is of legal age, by checking their profiles first. There are around 700,000 active users from the USA, and to an estimate, 47,000 users are signing up every month. The website has 38 percent male participants and 62 percent female participants.

Having a broad database of individuals sounds extraordinary. Clients will get the opportunity of drawing in discussions with more individuals. However, there are a ton of minor individuals around, so they must be careful about that. To be safe, it is, in every case, better to treat individuals with the most regard. This is to safeguard from being accounted for, either by a minor, his/her guardian, or even a legitimate matured player.

How does Habbo work

How does Habbo work?

There are several ways on how one can communicate in Habbo. The first way is by chatting directly in the room where all the avatars there can read the message. One can just type directly on the chat-box and press enter to send the message. A pop-up balloon will appear above their avatar. They can also read the messages of other members on their pop-up balloons.

Another way is by tapping on the next avatar where they can see the different alternatives: include companion, exchange, murmur, give regard, disregard, report, and give hand item. Unlike the other standard dating websites, the client needs to put additional efforts for completing some business related to their date.

It is simple, and users are allowed to contact different individuals; in any case, they are not very responsive to texting. Chatroom discussions are consistently a hit and that the primary role of going into the room is to engage in the conversations.

Some individuals might present unseemly messages on others in the chatroom. If somebody feels awkward about it, it isn’t essential to report it to the help group. Revealing such conduct is to ensure that different individuals must stand up for themselves about another person’s foul behaviour.

Registration - is it really easy

Registration – is it really easy?

One can register with Habbo for free utilizing any of their gadgets. It will just take around 3-5 minutes to complete the procedure. It is sufficient to give their email address or sign-up with their Facebook or Twitter record to begin the enrolment.

The individuals can make their avatar and make it appear just like them or change their preferred style and design. They can purchase different garments and extras in the time of joining, so they can utilize the default things for meanwhile. The username will be allocated to the clients, which they can change later on, given that the username that they need isn’t yet taken.

One should be at any cost 13 years of age to enrol in the site. Minors ought to be observed by their parents when they are utilizing the site/application. They should be careful about those who are sending across the messages to their children. The site seems to be spammed with the people, sharing offensive content with anybody in the network. However, as an individual of legal age, different individuals should be careful that the members they are going to meet are not all grown-ups.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

The design of the Habbo site is slick and straightforward for navigation. Since the application, for the most part, focuses on the youngsters, the developers ensured that it keeps them engaged. Clients can plan their avatar based on their character. For the desktop form, all that the customer need is a point and click the mouse on the tile or the furniture where they need the avatar to go. For the application, they simply need to tap the screen where they need the avatar to move towards. The development of the avatar is hassle-free and straightforward.

One can send a Habbo Instant message by looking at their companions’ list. They will see the option of sending a text there. The texting feature of this application is unquestionably more straightforward than some other application in the market.

Erasing the record is far increasingly simpler in Habbo. One can discover this feature under character settings. GDPR menu under the protection tab will have the choice “Right to Erasure.” The clients should respond to some security inquiries before the cancellation takes effect. It will take a few days to erase the record.

Let's talk about profile quality

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile data in Habbo isn’t extremely detailed for security purposes. Not so much as a member’s genuine name appears on the site. To have the option to change the privacy options, individuals need to confirm their email to show that they own the account. With this, Habbo can protect the profile from the fake ones, scammers, or programmers.

Individuals can purchase their furnishings, attire, pets, and significant more virtual things from the inventory. They can make their avatar’s existence in the way that they wish to experience in reality. Badges are one of the principal things individuals see when they visit a profile. The more badges one possesses, the more they can get attracted to different individuals. Clients can welcome their genuine companions to join in playing Habbo and then show them down on the relationship board. In any case, they can likewise welcome the virtual companions to be on the board as well.

The mobile application

The mobile application

Habbo has an application form for mobile phones for individuals who are consistently in a hurry. It may not be as advantageous to use as the desktop version, yet it’s designs are somewhat less pixelated. As referenced, just a little percent of Habbo’s population utilizes the application to the fullest. The loading time of the app is a bit slow. This happens even in the desktop version due to the memory that the application uses to operate.

Clients can download the application for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. In-application purchases can be made for credits. They won’t get any notification when the application is shut on the smartphone. Since it’s a virtual game, all activities and updates are done once their account is on the web.

The application’s orientation is in landscape format, so one should tilt their mobile when utilizing the app. The colors on the application are as lively as they are on desktop. The individuals can buy things or credits legitimately using the application on their cell phones. The network carrier may charge them for their usage, or credit it to their cards. Different features for both versions are the same.

Safety & security

Safety & security

Habbo doesn’t take responsibility for an individual’s security and safety, though it verifies their email. But there are few things listed down by Habbo in their “Safety” page to enjoy a secured environment in their network.

Habbo doesn’t display the real name of the users. So nobody knows with whom they are genuinely speaking to online. Thus it is better not to share any personal information like name, address, the phone number to strangers.

It is of high risk to meet someone who is a stranger. Habbo doesn’t encourage it. Even if it suggests to meet the person in real life, it is an excellent way to avoid them saying “No thanks” by clicking on “Ignore.” If there is someone who is making the members feel uncomfortable or threatening, the users can put them on “ignore” mode. They can report to the help team using the “Call for Help” button.

The users have no power over their photographs, recordings, and webcam pictures after they share them on the web. When a picture is posted, it can never be removed, will be seen by anybody, and could be utilized to threaten or abuse them. Before they share a pic or video, they should feel comfortable with individuals they don’t know seeing.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

The Habbo app is free to download. Below are the services provided for a free membership

  • Sending messages
  • Playing free games
  • Free use of Habbo camera
  • Free access to Builder’s club
  • Growing up monster plants
  • Earn everyday virtual credits

The premium membership includes the following services

  • Programming a bot
  • Playing special games
  • Buying plants and pets
  • Buying Clothes
  • Buying Furniture
  • Club membership

If the clients need to play the games and approach the private chat rooms, they should continue with the participation. They can pick one of the packages that are best for them. It might cost them somewhat more than the normal amount; however, it will give a higher chance of discovering somebody on the web.

There are, in total, three types of clubs for which the prices vary.

Habbo Club Package

  • 1 Month 3.99 USD / Month 3.99 USD
  • 6 Months 3.50 USD / Month 20.99 USD
  • 12 Months 3.33 USD / Month 39.99USD

Builder Club Package

  • 2 Weeks 2.50 USD / Week 4.99 USD
  • 1 Month 9.99 USD / Month 9.99 USD
  • 3 Months 9.33 USD / Month 27.99 USD


  • 3 Months 14.00 USD / Month 41.99 USD

Help & support

Habbo has its help desk team available throughout to address any queries from the customers. The Support page of Habbo lists down all the answers for the clarifications from the members. There is exceptional support for the parents, which will help them to monitor their child’s activities over the network.

They provide end to end support from creating an account to protecting the data and deleting the records from their database. The support page of them is the one-stop solution for all the questions. Apart from the listed help, Habbo also has their help desk to which the users can mail to get their doubts clarified.

Users can also submit a request to the help desk team using the “Submit a request” page. They will have to provide their email address, with a subject line and a description of the queries. There are some pre-defined set of clarifications. Users can choose any one of the categories and submit their request. Due to an increase in the number of players, their customer support team is experiencing a high demand than usual. Hence it takes a longer time to respond to the user’s clarifications.



Is Habbo safe?

Habbo claims to be the dating app that helps people with the same interests to meet and fall in a relationship. But the site allows minors with the age of 13 to enroll with them. Hence constant monitoring of their activities is better to keep them safe from any scammers.

Is Habbo a real dating site?

Habbo is a virtual game platform. However, it has the messaging features that let people exchange messages which might, later on, turn into relationships. Since Habbo focus mainly on attracting the younger crowd, there is very little space for some serious dating.

How to use Habbo?

Habbo is available as both mobile applications and desktop versions. The minimum age for signing up with them is 13. Members can represent themselves with their avatars and can communicate with each other either inside the public rooms or guest rooms.

Is Habbo free?

Yes, Habbo is available as both Android and iOS applications for free in the app stores. It is also available as a desktop version. Members can register with them for free. They can even play games, create avatars, design the furniture, etc. without paying. But for any extra features, members should upgrade to a premium plan.

Is Habbo really works?

Habbo looks so much sophisticated and attractive with the games online. The platform doesn’t focus on doing normal matchmaking for the users. Those who join them don’t take the network seriously for relationships. Though there is a messaging feature that lets people exchange texts, it is rather a network for fun-loving people and not for those looking for some serious partners.



Habbo has its worldwide fan base with no age restrictions. Initially, it had to face a lot of controversies due to the lack of age limit imposition. Though it claims to be a dating website, the platform looks more like a gaming website. Since it has various attractive, sophisticated games, people love to spend time online on their platform. However, minors who are at the age of 13 can enroll with them with a parenting guide. The site offers some unique features for parents to look around what their children are up-to. Habbo claims to improve social skills and creativity.

There are guest rooms and public chat rooms available for members to exchange chats. They can utilize this feature to see if there is any hope for some serious relationship. The site administrator imposes serious actions against any violence or inappropriate content. Even then, one can find some weirdos sending out abusive messages over the chat. This seems to be rising alarmingly. But a survey says that around 73 % of the whole users in Habbo are spending their time playing games. Thus this website can’t be the right choice for finding an ideal match.

Some several other websites and applications aim in serious relationships. Adults who are looking for partners can use those platforms for dating. Habbo is one of many other sites that keeps the members engaged by their attractive features.

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