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ChinaLoveCupid Review – what do we know about it?

ChinaLoveCupid Review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 1.200.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are multiple methods to converse with each other in ChinaLoveCupid
  • The site has thousands of users hailing from China as well as other states ready to get matched up with great partners
  • As an individual who has the free version, you still have elements to leverage
  • Never at any moment, be afraid of your security since the operators highly prioritize it
  • It is just but a small site
  • You need to upgrade so that you could access the most improved elements of the site

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ChinaLoveCupid is a matchmaking platform whose principal objective is to link up singles with their matches. It was officially incepted in 2005 to cater to anyone finding intimate affairs with a Chinese. Nonetheless, it was also to provide for any Chinese. This connotes that the site was not only meant for the Chinese nationals but also the rest of the world.

However, the highest percentage of participants are singles looking for love. Therefore, one could find their better half here. The good thing about it is that international participants are highly welcomed. It is established and operated by the famous Cupid Media. This firm is known for running international matchmaking sites deemed highly successful with thousands of individuals around the globe have found love on such platforms.

As per various reports, ChinaLoveCupid is ranked among the best matchmaking platforms that have facilitated the meeting of many couples for Chinese dating. Some of which are happily married while others are still dating. And whoever is in the lookout for a valid dating site, then joining ChinaLoveCupid would qualify to be the ideal decision ever. Meeting Chinese elite singles on this site would be a dream come true for you and many others.

How does ChinaLoveCupid work

How does ChinaLoveCupid work?

While using this matchmaking site, it is incredibly seamless when it comes to tracing matches and striking a conversation. See, upon successful registration using your details, the next activity on this remarkable platform should be furnishing your profile. This aims at making it highly noticeable by other members on the platform. Then, you can start to find your matches. The site offers thousands of companions to choose from.

Nonetheless, no one is just limited to the matches available to them. Yes, you may feel realize some sort of attraction to newly-searched members after you perform an advanced search on the site. It is highly allowed to thin out your results on your search using effective filters that you can leverage n the platform. A lot of matches will show up in your search, and it is then upon you to point out whoever you deem right for you. Across the results that show up, you may never fail to notice someone pretty impressive to you. Besides, there exist various approaches to reach out to those that look impressive to you.

First of all, it is advisable to make a good introduction. Nonetheless, this is after a glimpse of their profiles and the number of photos they have uploaded. Then now send a message of introduction to them. You see, the good part of the ChinaLoveCupid is that which permits you to exchange as many messages as you want. Besides, it is okay to strike a talk with fellow participants with the help of instant messenger. It proves to be the best thing for you and fellow members since it serves as an active conversation. This eases the tactic to find out more about the individual. Meeting your virtual crush in person should come after a chat with the same guy.

As well, you can leverage the chat room. The chat room is essential as it enables you to strike a conversation with various fellow active guys. You can gain much from the chat room. You will have made it possible for the site to achieve its objectives linking singles to preferred partners.

Registration - is it really easy

Registration – is it really easy?

Quick facts about the procedure of registering in this site;

  • You will have to give personal details as you sign up to become one of these communities.
  • The process does not much of your precious time; two to five minutes are enough to join.
  • The platform is friendly to use or navigate; you will not come across any hurdles.
  • Immediately you finish your sign up, and you will get massive droves of matches.
  • Perhaps, you will be prompted to make an upload of a photo of you.

As stated here, you should not be afraid of meeting complicated signup questions—no disruptive pop-ups during your registration. The process is unbelievably simple. Nonetheless, all the details that you provide in ChinaLoveCupid will be verified. Make sure you add a picture that you deem the cutest than the rest in your pc or mobile gallery. It is permitted to upload more cute pictures later. It is as simple as explained in this block.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

You will most likely like the impressiveness of the site. You see, it is simple. Yes, you read it right. The site is very effortless to navigate. On the platform, you will not come across any intricate buttons or even hidden functions. You do not even require a manual for understanding how a particular button performs. Everything on the site is well organized. Thus, those that join the site can leverage it independently. And lastly, no need to be tech-savvy to browse across the site due to its simplicity.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The dating platform possesses very detailed profiles. You see, before you could make a move once you notice an impressive member, it is good to get a few details. This should happen fast. And the details you need to check are well displayed. Right from the first look on the profile, you will be able to find out if you are compatible. Remember, all the pictures and your awesome profile will be visible to all members despite their membership status.

Thus, make sure the profile is impressive in ChinaLoveCupid. It should be highly noticeable. Do not upload photos that are not clear enough. They should be crisp and clear. Remember, no one wants to strain while loading your photos to get a clear look at it. Profile improvements can be made later. Your photos shall have a watermark once the team performs verification.

The mobile application

The mobile application

Just like the version you use on the computer, the app offers something similar to that. The design is impressive and intelligently laid out. Seamlessly, anyone can load the various pages—nevertheless, no need to spend your bucks to access and download the application since it is free. Indeed, you will enjoy the convenience that the app can offer. You see, it is very impressive to be able to fully utilize this platform by using your handset. No stress, even if you lack a PC. Simply put, all the features that you could find on the web version are entirely available and perfectly working in this app.

Safety & security

You will be highly privileged to utilize a site that uses an improved fraud protection system. They undertake regular checks to ensure all active members are valid and safe. Therefore, never be afraid when using the dating platform. Besides, getting more safety pointers on using the site should allow you to check out the tips shared on the web.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Gold Membership Pricing:

You can opt to pay a monthly fee of 29.98 dollars or a 3-month plan that goes for about $ 69.98. Moreover, you could simply translate it to $ 20 for every month. Nonetheless, you could also get a membership for 12 months at the cost of $ 119.98. This reveals that you should calculate a $ 10 payment for each of the months.

A platinum member cost

  • One month $ 34.99
  • Three months $ 69.98
  • 12 months $149.99

You may anticipate the prices shared above. Nonetheless, there could be some adjustments, but they may not differ from the stated amounts. It is best to own an account with full authority to access all the valuable elements of the ChinaLoveCupid. Splash several bucks to leverage the top elements without any limitations.

The key features for paid memberships

The following are the most prominent features that you would love to use in ChinaLoveCupid;

Cupid Tags

The search element happens to be among the top parts of the ChinaLoveCupid. These tags let gives feeds on who could have similarities with you. But it is wise to note premium version owners only are permitted to leverage it. If you’re yet to pay for your subscription, then do it right away without hesitation.

The Element of Matching Box

How would you feel if you get to know your rate of compatibility? This is possible with the matching box, which is usually at the profiles of every member. Thus, you can easily be aware of the person you are checking out is compatible with you. It helps you browse fast since you are showing what you are looking for just when you open a profile.

Translation of Messages

It is true to say that Chinese people speak their native language. This connotes that other foreign languages get an instant translation. You could even have your language translated so that they could interact effectively. You can, therefore, read everything on any profile that you open for exploration in this site.

Profile Highlighting

As said earlier, those with premium subscriptions possess a lot to leverage in this matchmaking site. You see, it is a good idea to your profile exposed to as many potential matches as possible. Thus, this wonderful element makes your profile to be highlighted upon a search by another active participant.

Help & support

Help & support

ChinaLoveCupid is known to offer the best support services to its clients across the various states. Their customer support services are on another level. You can reach out to them using different methods. If you deem it fit, snail-mail them through the post office. This type of communication to them favors those who intend to send physical credentials to their offices.

You can make use of this type of contact, but it is not as fast as such. Thus, it may take a few days before you could get a viable revert. The best method, however, is calling them directly. You can reach out via a call from Monday to Friday. Make sure you use the phone number that accurately corresponds with the state or country you are calling from so that they can serve you better and effectively. Your call shall get answers without much of waiting.

All burning issues shall be dealt with swiftly by the ChinaLoveCupid team. The support team possesses the right skills to handle clients’ queries with unrivaled professionalism. Anytime you have anything to ask about the site or any related issue, always consider reaching out to get more information. Occasionally, it is good to visit the FAQ section before you make efforts to contact the customer care team. This piece of advice is beneficial. So, consider finding help from the said page or checking out its reviews on how to use it fully.



Could you be having any questions related to the use of ChinaLoveCupid? Have them dealt with here;

Is ChinaLoveCupid safe?

Indeed, this site is very safe. They take the safety of users with ultimate seriousness; thus, no one should be worried about using it. It is safe for everyone who wishes to get matched with compatible partners.

Is ChinaLoveCupid a real dating site?

This platform is a real dating site. Anyone eligible can get matches right here. For instance, a man looking for a beautiful lady can get a compatible one right here.

How to use ChinaLoveCupid?

ChinaLoveCupid qualifies to be a matchmaking platform that is very simple to use. You just need to sign up so that you become a member of the site. You can use a free version or a paid one. Create an outstanding profile and add cute photos of you. Then, multiple matches would, therefore, be available to you every time you log in.

Is ChinaLoveCupid free?

Yes, owning a free account is possible and highly encouraged. The account you register for free will set you in a position to see photos and profiles. Adding your photos too after creating your profile is possible.

Is ChinaLoveCupid really works?

Thousands of individuals from China and beyond have found love ChinaLoveCupid. It perfectly works for people who join, create magnificent profiles, and get linked up with potential lovers.



Anyone looking for a real dating site, the prolonged search ends right here. The best way to achieve your dating dreams or say objectives revolves around finding the most successful matchmaking platform that connects you to thousands of potential lovers. ChinaLoveCupid is one of the great platforms that work perfectly. Do not be fooled by dubious sites that use bots to lure you into conversations that never yield any viable results. Dating real humans comes with an awesome feeling that only the partaker can understand. Be the partaker in this case, and you will experience a lot of intimacy.

You can opt to become a member of this site without paying anything. You just create your account, furnish your profile sand still adds photos of you. You can enjoy the advanced elements of the ChinaLoveCupid by making an upgrade to your current subscription. With a premium type of account, you will be able to make use of all the features without any limitations. Do not hesitate to create or upgrade so that no one will restrict you from using the advanced search filters, the matching box, and instant messaging. You could meet Chinese women if you have been finding a way to get one. Also, you could get a man from other states if you are a Chinese woman. Dating guys from the Asian continent would be a great idea. Hurry up and make the necessary arrangements to secure yourself an account on ChinaLoveCupid that you can utilize to win a Chinese heart.

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