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Meetmindful Review — What Do We Know About It?

Meetmindful Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • A unique community full of interesting individuals
  • Easy to use platforms and beautiful design
  • High profile quality. There are practically no fake profiles, and everyone you come across is a quite interesting character
  • No hidden fees, just one membership that unlocks all functionality for the user;
  • Excellent verification process which makes the platform much more secure;
  • Lots of information and articles they offer for free
  • The registration process can get a little long
  • As a free user, you cannot scroll through many profiles quickly
  • The layout is very different from other dating sites, so there may be a learning curve for some

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Meetmindful is a revolutionary platform created with a specific demographic in mind; people fed up with the traditional dating sites. If you have tried many dating sites, you just cannot stand the way they operate. You probably hate and feel frustrated when people ghost, and it seems you cannot strike meaningful connections. One night stands and hookups may be cool for a while, but you grow tired of them quickly. That is the biggest pet peeve with regular online dating. Half of the people are only into quick hookups, and the other half end up ghosting you. Here is where this platform comes in.

This is a place for those souls that crave deep connections. For people who enjoy having incredible conversations that continue until sunrise, maybe you have experienced that kind of relationship, or perhaps you dream of having one. The kind where you know every detail about each other. When you can talk about everything and be open; you just feel the other person on an intense level. Those are the kind of relationships Meetmindful service wants to help create.

Here you will find a community not satisfied with being superficial or straightforward. This is a corner for minds that seek meaning, in whichever way they can. After all, individuals are not all the same, and this platform understands that. People look for purpose in different places and get excited about other things. That is the beauty of humankind; each one is an individual, unique, and beautiful.

Meetmindful Review

Meetmindful helps you find those that seek meaning in the same places that you do. Here you can meet incredible human beings with unique perspectives. More importantly, you can find those that are open to share, discuss, learn, and blossom. A place for individuals to find their soulmates in the most literal and profound sense of that word. Here you can really find those that vibe with you at all levels.

The team that created this platform was in the same place you probably are right now. They faced all those issues with regular online dating and wanted something else. In search of that particular page that could offer what they needed, they came to one realization. There was not a place where people interested in deep connection could go and find those. Everything used to be superficial and straightforward; hookup culture took over online dating, so a change was due.

This place was forged to give everyone an option; there is no need to deal with swipe culture and unsatisfying relationships anymore. The team created something special that they wanted to use, made it as impressive as they could, and then released it to everyone. Now every person has access to this incredible tool to meet a partner that actually understands them. There is no need to jump through hoops and tons of dubious profiles anymore to try to find something worth your time. On this platform, the users are not about that. Here, everyone is seeking essence. Meetmindful is a community filled with outstanding individuals that crave meaningful connections.

How does Meetmindful work

How does Meetmindful work?

This site is based on the concept that people need deeper connections in order to build real relationships. This goes against the belief that you can hook up with someone and somehow create a bond or something more. Knowing a person at the superficial level is not enough to build any kind of closeness, let alone relationships.

For that reason, Meetmindful gives people a platform to open up about themselves. Show everything they feel comfortable showing and maybe a little more. That way, you can start meeting people that are attracted to the real version of you. Not the mask you wear at the office, the one you put on the internet, or any other one, here you can meet people that are interested in what’s behind that cover.

You may think that those kinds of connections and the overall concept is unachievable. But that is only your perception after experimenting with traditional dating platforms. Here, they have a different approach to allow you to be more yourself and meet those that count. In the registration process, you fill up a questionnaire. It is not long or difficult to complete but has significant questions. The kind of questions that assists the platform get to know you a little better and then help you find like-minded individuals.

Once you complete the registration and personalize your Meetmindful profile, you can then start looking into other people’s profiles. You can just browse through the ones that the algorithm shows you or get more hands-on in the matter and use the advanced search options. There you have a plethora of options and parameters you can set. That helps you filter out things you do not like and make sure people you meet correspond with specific criteria.

After adding your preferences to the search parameters, you can look into the results. The profiles of those individuals who match your criteria are displayed so you can “Like, Pass,” or just ignore them. The decisions you make concerning those profiles feed the algorithm with information to improve your experience. Those profiles you “Passed” on will not pop up anymore, and similar profiles to them are also suppressed. The system will show you profiles identical to the ones you “Liked.” You get a match when a user likes you, and you like back.

A way to communicate with other users is via the chat. With a Meetmindful premium account, you can interact with pretty much anybody on the platform. Those who use the service for free are limited to chatting with their “Matches.” Nonetheless, you do not need to buy a membership. For communicating with one specific user, you can easily buy one time passes so you can chat with that user you are interested in.

Registration - is it really easy

Registration – is it really easy?

Here the process is not like other sites where you click a couple of times, and that is all. Since this service is all about mindful people and filtering out those who are not into that, you need to put a little effort. You have two options, either sign up by email or sign using Facebook; either way, you will need to spend a couple of minutes writing about yourself.

If you select to sign up using your email, you will have to fill up some forms, but it is still super quick, simple, and fun. You start by introducing your email and creating a password. That takes you to the next page where you select your birthday, name, location, and some fill up info about how you identify yourself and who you want to meet on Meetmindful.

The next page asks you to upload a picture; you cannot skip this. To register, you need to upload a photograph of yourself right away. The process of uploading the photo may take a couple of seconds. That is because they immediately check that pictures uploaded are from actual people and not just random images. After your pic is uploaded, you will land into the page where you talk about yourself. You have to write your motto, exciting things about yourself, and give some extra details like drugs, tobacco and so on.

The last part is where you get all the questions about yourself. It comes to the part where you can enjoy while talking more about who you are. Talk about your hobbies, how you develop yourself as a character, what interests you, and more. This part is exciting because you get to do some reflective while writing about very personal stuff.

Now the registration questionnaire is done. The last thing left is going to your inbox, confirming your email, and enjoying this platform.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

Meetmindful’s design is exceptionally pleasing, exactly the visuals you would expect from a platform so focused on mindfulness and substance. Everything is in green pastel tones and organized in a way that makes it feel welcoming. As soon as you sign in, you are presented with people you may be interested in meeting, not in a grid, but rather each profile altogether. Here you do not have tons of candidates to scroll through. Instead, you can see all the information about each user so you can make an informed decision. This is your chance to read about the person, see who they are, and then conclude if you click on Like or Pass.

There is the option to have a grid view with more profiles. Nonetheless, that is reserved for premium users. As a free user, you can go through the profiles presented to you, one by one.

In the top right corner, you can see your notifications, both for connections as well as likes. Next to that, you have your avatar, and clicking on that takes you to your settings. From there, you can activate the private mode, edit your info, change your preferences, and more.

Finally, on the left side, you can see a small tab with an aquamarine heart on it. Click on it, and that takes you to the filters for the search. There you can set parameters for location, age, education, among many others.

Let's talk about profile quality

Let’s talk about profile quality

This platform is all about profile quality. You can tell by how easy the registration process is. Meetmindful immediately checks that you upload your picture and not random images. Also, you have to fill a fun but lengthy questionnaire about yourself. So you can imagine that only those that really want to be part of the community will go through that process. However, this should not scare anyone away. After all, the questions and process are entertaining for those who enjoy self-development and sharing.

The mobile application

The mobile application

The app gets every single excellent feature as well as the design language from its webpage. You can count on the same fantastic experience full of lovely and soft colors. Every profile is displayed to you as an individual, including a lot of information about the person. This is your chance to read about each user before deciding to like or pass on them.

Long story short, the mobile application offers everything the desktop site shows. Furthermore, beautifully adapted to be comfortably used on your phone or tablet.

Safety & Security

Meetmindful offers many layers of security. For starters, they check all the images users upload. Regularly monitor the activities on the service and act with zero-tolerance against those that break the rules. This creates a unique and extremely secure place for the users to enjoy while meeting other unique and beautiful guys and gals.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

They offer just one type of membership that unlocks what the site fully has to offer, including tools. It also takes off the limits imposed on free users. A premium account gives you the possibility to contact any user via message with no limits in regards to how many people you can contact. Also, it unlocks the “Grid View” of profiles so you can quickly check out many profiles at a glance. You get more advanced search and filter options. And you can check out the people that liked and viewed your Meetmindful profile.

You have many options for payments, from low commitment ones all the way to long term. Here is a list of the payment options:

  • weekly 14.00 USD
  • monthly 29.00 USD
  • every 3 months 49.00 USD
  • every 6 months 79.00 USD
Help & Support

Help & Support

They offer excellent support, and the team is always online, ready to assist you with any issues you may have.

In the same way, Meetmindful has a library full of content. Both regarding common questions users ask as well as in-depth articles about other topics. Those topics include mindfulness, relationships, and many others.



In this section, you can find a big library with all the information you need to better understand how the platform works. All the common questions of users have been gathered here with their respective answers so you can quickly find them and take advantage of the information without needing to reach out to the Meetmindful support team.

Is Meetmindful safe?

Yes, the team works around the clock to ensure every user who registers is verified. In the same manner, the platform’s activities are constantly being monitored so everyone can enjoy a safe and rich experience.

Is Meetmindful a real dating site?

It is not only a real dating site but also a unique and amazing one. Here you can find people who would not sign up for any other dating platforms. Individuals with great goals in mind. People who want to grow and learn. They come here to get away from the “swapping culture” and meet real people that they can connect with. There is no place for pet dating.

How to use Meetmindful

How to use Meetmindful?

Keep in mind that this is a place for people interested in growing and meeting people who share that interest. It is a community created for souls who seek something deeper than a simple hookup. Anyone can spend the night, but rarely ever someone stays for the next day. Here, people want the kind of connection that leads to someone staying for long.

Here you can forget about just swiping on profiles and judging a person by a quick glance at their profile picture. A little more effort is needed to get a match on this site.

You can filter profiles just like on other sites; however, on Meetmindful, you get much more information about each user. You see their full profile before being able to like or pass on them, and you may want to take your time with each one. Read carefully and analyze the person behind that profile.

Once you have made up your mind, click on “Like” or “Pass,” and the next profile pops up for you to check out. When someone likes you back, you get a match, and that is the perfect time to write that person a message and start interacting.

Is Meetmindful free?

You can use the platform for free, but you will have to deal with some limitations; nonetheless, you can still meet awesome people and enjoy the service. A free account allows you 10 matches per day, you can like up to 3, and you can chat with your matches.

Is Meetmindful really works?

Yes, this platform is about quality over quantity, and for that reason, it works so great. On Meetmindful, likes actually mean something. People matching you are those that want to get to know you. Not only exchange a couple of messages but interact on a deeper level and hopefully build bonds and create a relationship.



More platforms like this one are needed in the world. Nowadays, all that is around is hookup culture, ghosting, and superficial relationships that leave you unsatisfied. This site helps you get away from that and get into a place where substance is what matters. Here people are all about mindfulness; they want to know you better, understand who you are, and how you arrive at that point.

Every person using this platform is an outstanding individual interested in growing and developing. They also want to meet people alike, somebody who is more about long talks and profound experience rather than quick hookups. If this sounds like you, then Meetmindful is your best option.

Sim Sibanda
Sim Sibanda
Sim Sibanda
MS, RD & Writer
Sim is one of the best relationships and dating expert in the industry, she helps thousand of people to solve their problem, and we really glad to have such professional in our team!
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Customer reviews
by Valerie Oct 20, 2021
The web based dates regarding websites became great and attention-grabbing knowledge to me. It works absolutely for your self-confidence and permits generating brand-new associations. They are not interactions so far but have a look promising. Likewise, its wonderful for me personally to get rid of the snow and talk with people from any nation i love. Searching pages was participating, often. It's usually fascinating observe how group promote themselves when shopping for intimacy.
Joann Klein
by Joann Klein Oct 12, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved for another opportunity at adore. Thanks a lot our site for support since I had gotten my favorite wish. Do not produce lots of long-range strategies and just savor oneself. We evening, traveling, and express a variety of strategies. It's the most incredible part of all of our connections. I adore my personal partner and expect our relationship will establish and drive to the next stage. Many people are looking to find couples at wedding internet based services, and often, that sort of issues are stressful as you feel like items in store microsoft windows. This app differs. Chances are you'll start off with chatting and result in the chapel. The service has a good technical foundation. I prefer the internet site typically back at my notebook, but sometimes I correspond with consumers and look our techniques from my personal iPhone. No problems in any way. I've observed no pests . every single thing is effective, without bugs. Right after I visit, i personally use this site given that i would like without interruptions and aggravating reloads. I hope it stays in that way, in addition they maintain high quality. If only everybody best of luck since my has already determine me.
James Price
by James Price Oct 07, 2021
The dating site is easy, and course-plotting is a breeze. I use an ample many information and facts and information for consumers that seem attractive to me. The thing is, I do really enjoy due to being on this page. We possibly couldn't come across my personal existing pal yet. Continue to, I recently uncovered two interested individuals to keep in touch with. Personally I think free of charge and peaceful while chatting with them. It is suggested this great site to all or any whos shopping for great company, regardless of type of union.
Jeffrey Stanley
by Jeffrey Stanley Oct 03, 2021
Very good feeling. I have found an abundance of nice and intriguing someone and some freaks . that's a norm while on the web. Some games were not in my own area . that's why we stayed friends. I ought to say that this service gets a lot of gear to help different people note you. Very first, it's room enough to construct the visibility and offer sufficient details about the way you look and dynamics. Then, texting is actually all right. Generally speaking, we access whole online interaction and that can come a night out together any time if you find yourself prepared meet your favorite in real life.
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