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Blendr Review — What Do We Know About It?

Blendr Review — What Do We Know About It?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 250.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly social community site
  • Blendr is easy to navigate
  • Geo-censor technology is a real helper for users
  • It is a worldwide famous site with 180 million users; hence it works well
  • The accounts are verified; hence authenticity is not compromised
  • Users will find ease and less-hassle to open a profile here
  • The security of the site is well maintained
  • Nudity and indecent behavior are strictly prohibited
  • The site maintains strict safety protocols
  • Blendr offers excellent customer care
  • Registration is free and a quickie. You can upload a photo also. Photo verification is mandatory
  • Blendr is not free; in fact, free users will not get the benefits of premium users
  • Photo verification can be a bit tricky
  • There is no direct customer care number; you have to mail your issue
  • If you use your social profile, your contacts will be automatically imported
  • The subscription canceling process is a bit lengthy
  • Blendr matching works mostly on your behavior algorithm, which may not always work for searching a partner as the opposite attracts more
  • There is no place for LGBT+ people here

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Blendr is a realistic dating site that helps you to make new friends near your geo-location and make nice heterosexual dating. The site is unique in terms of technology where social networking and GPS censoring are integrated, and here you may get to know who is actually at your close distance so that you can start a conversation. If you wish, you can plan your date instantly with the help of Blendr, and that ultra-convenience makes it widely popular across the world.

Blendr is righty called the social dating app. It was launched in the year 2011, in September by Joel Simkhai. This online dating platform was first launched in Australia, so Blendr users can get to find like-minded singles within their close locality. Powered by Badoo technology, the site offers functionality as well as a balanced combo of aesthetics and user-friendliness. Presently, the office of this world-famous dating site is based in the USA, and the user ratio is 50:50 in terms of the number of men and women members.

Needless to mention that the dating site is popular worldwide, and it has a strong membership base. It has been claimed by the Spokesperson of the site that Blendr enjoys 250 million user base, and it uses GPS technology to suggest contacts long with some other striking features. Unlike chat-based dating sites, the site’s real-life socializing algorithm has made it unique in its category.

How does Blendr work

How does Blendr work?

Social networking, gaming, and making friends are the three pillars of success of the Blendr. With these three factors of enjoying the fun, Blendr integrates the privilege of GPS censoring for its users so that people can search their dating partners within their closest vicinity.

Blendr helps in healthy and friendly dating by its unique search system. The search algorithm is a versatile and intuitive one, and it has different ways of finding the right partner for your socializing and friendship. You will get to search here based on the filters like your gender and age, and you can search people according to the 1-km radius from your geo-location. The site offers matchmaking based on behavioural patterns, and it works.

You can like and rate other profiles on Blendr, and the others can rate your profile in return. This mutual rating polity is the best way to boost the rank of your profile, and the profile with a high rating is likely to attract more dating proposals. Contacting Blendr members is easy: you can either use People Nearby function, or you may play Encounters Game.

Virtual wooing is one of the best attractive algorithms of Blendr. You can buy a virtual gift (emoji’s or images) for your crush or dating partner to let them know that you have found them adorable, and you wish to take this impression ahead.

Registration - is it really easy

Registration – is it really easy?

The registration process is straightforward here, but it’s not a non-formal one. You have to fill up a registration form where you are supposed to furnish some of the basic personal details. Alternatively, you can use your existing Facebook account for signing up. It will make the process easier and quicker. In this way, the technology of Blendr imports all the requisite information from the Facebook account and makes your registration process complete. It saves time and maintains absolute accuracy and authenticity. If you have your MSN account, you can use that account also for signing in Blendr.

If you don’t want to use your social media account for signing in Blendr, you can use an email ID, which is a valid one, to sign in. In that case, you have to verify your mail address by clicking a link sent on your given mail address sent by the site admin. You have to fill up the registration form in these cases.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

The design of the site is simple and straight. Users have appreciated the interface and have claimed that it is easier to navigate here. There is no big problem in finding the menu or searching the users on the interface. The design color is blue and white, which is relaxing! The site offers multilingual support, which is one of the reasons the site is famous worldwide for its usability and huge user-base. The apps of the site are downloadable from the site interface as well as you can do it from app stores.

In terms of usability, Blendr is a social community site. If you use your Facebook ID to log in, you will get to see and import Facebook friends in this interface. You will get to enjoy the facility of commenting and tagging, which means if you want to engage and chat with a vast community quickly, you can get it done with this dating site. It is an all-purpose website in terms of utility. The interface has a chat room, and that makes the communication between the users easy and hassle-free. You can also change your privacy option, which is an added relief while you will be using the social dating site. The exciting features you can try are:

  • You can chat with a big group in the chat room.
  • You can change your status so that you can assert your present mood to your contacts.
  • You can check while chatting if someone is typing, which reduces confusion.
Let's talk about profile quality

Let’s talk about profile quality

A profile is the most critical component of using the site. Blendr has kept the design smooth and complexity free. The sign-in options are seen on the landing page. If you are not using your social accounts for signing-in or for creating an account, you have an asset to your gender. There are only two options, male and female.

As a user, you can upload a photo in your Blendr profile. However, the site never approves a picture in which you are not present. Similarly, nudity and other obscene snaps are not allowed for uploading on the website. The site can import photos from your Facebook and Instagram accounts, but Blendr never publishes any content on your timeline with official permission from the user (you). You may edit your profile as many times as you want, and you may need your photo verification, which you can do with the help of the site’s photo verification process.

You can verify your account with the help of Google+, Twitter, and Instagram and in the dating site of Badoo, if you have an active account in these sites.

Blendr’s search is kindled by age, appearance, location, and not much by personality or compatibility. Hence making the profile is one of the most important factors for enjoying success on this site, especially if you are joining here for serious matchmaking. The GPS sensor support helps in finding your dating partner at the closest possible location.

The mobile application

Blendr has two apps. One is for android, and the other is for IOS. The android app is highly rated, which is 4.2. Besides smartphones, it is compatible with tablets too. It is a free app and can be used with multiple languages supports all over the world. The behavioural matchmaking algorithm is available on the android app also, which is one of the premium advantages of using this dating app. Out of 100 top dating apps, Blendr holds the 22nd position. The chat interface is pleasing for the eye, pleasure for users, and preferred by the users even on the go. Monthly users, according to Google, are 180 million.

IOS app of Blendr also is a free app and can be downloaded from the App store. The interface is modern and artistically pleasing. In the Apple store, it is the 6th top popular apps in the dating category. However, the app has the same interface as the desktop version.

Safety & security

Safety & security

Blendr is safe because of its verification method integrated into the registration. Unless you make your account through an existing social media account (already a verified one), every profile on this site is authentic and verified. Users cannot upload a snap where the account holder is not present, and here the risk of photo scam gets mostly reduced. The dating site does not approve nudity or anything that goes against decorum posted in the profile or via the uploaded photo: this is another advantage of using this social networking site. Besides the ability of editing, you can block individual users if you feel bad anything about their comments, attitude, etc. Similarly, if you want to delete your account, you can do it anytime. It is easy and completely menu-based.

Blendr is strict about the security of the site and tries the best to keep it bug-free. The site always advises the users not to click on any external link. A user can keep his profile either private or in public mode, and this change can be altered as and when required.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Blendr is initially a free site, but all its facilities are not free for all: you have to unlock them. You can indeed open a free profile here, but it has the provision of using a paid premium profile. For the apparent reason, the paid and premium users get some added benefits, which are more interesting than the free users.

The free benefits are:

  • Profile making
  • Finding a match
  • Messaging facility
  • You can view members’ profile.

But the premium benefits are:

  • The facility of checking who has liked you/added you as a favorite.
  • Your messages will be underlined in her/his Message window to stand out.
  • You can undo your vote.
  • You can become invisible (you can visit profiles, anonymously).
  • Chat with new users immediately after they join Blendr.
  • Get access to the most popular users of the site.

Blendr premium pricing

  • 1 day- $0.79
  • 1 week or 7 days- $4.50
  • 30 days, Or 1 month- $14.99
  • Three months or 90 days- $35.99
  • 180 days, or 6 months- $53.99
  • Lifetime membership-$69.99

Blendr credit:

In addition to Premium subscription, you can also purchase Blendr Credits (in-app coinage of Blendr), which will offer some premium benefits. These are:

  • Show up first in search results so you can enjoy more visibility.
  • List your profile in the featured list and enjoy better exposure in the community.
  • Show up more frequently in “Encounters.”
  • Get the provision to send Gifts via Messages.
  • Use unique Stickers to your messages
  • Enjoy better exposure in Encounter
  • Enjoy better chat access.

Price for buying the credits

  • 100 Credits at the cost of $2.50
  • 550 Credits at the rate of $12.49
  • 1,250 Credits at the rate of $24.99
  • 2,750 Credits at the rate of $49.99

Blendr accepts three payment options. One is a credit card, second is PayPal, and the third is payment via Mobile.

Help & support

Help & support

Blendr offers support for its users as and when required. In case of any problem, you may contact Blendr at the help address.

Chat or photos cannot be shared, which is an advantage.

At the time of account deletion, all your account details will get deleted.

You will get the address on the website. You will get a prompt response.


Is Blendr safe?

Yes, Blendr is a safe dating site. Here all accounts and uploaded photos are verified, and hence hardly it is possible to maintain a fake profile here. Furthermore, the site does not allow any explicit photo or content uploading; hence users also behave within the limit. The safety and careful maintenance of the site makes it safe for the users; however, they should maintain their online behavior protocols to stay safe.

Is Blendr a real dating site?

Blendr is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. The website uses behavioural matching and applies GPS censoring technology for finding your dating part in the closed vicinity. You can check the contacts, and then you can react, chat, or send gifts for the contacts you have chosen. These are the real-life ways to show interest in real-life dating, making it a real and popular dating site with worldwide exposure.

How to use Blendr?

It is easy to use Blendr. Do the free registration instantly and then make a profile. It will take a few minutes and then start chatting or searching the site. If you love using the website and found it fruitful for making friends or settling for your dating partner, you can upgrade your profile to enjoy advanced facilities.

Is Blendr free?

Yes, you can use Blendr free. But there is a provision for upgrading the profile, and the paid profile holders enjoy more benefits than the free profile holders. So if you wish to enjoy maximum benefits from this worldwide social community site, it is better to upgrade your profile into a paid subscription.

Is Blendr really works?

Yes, it works, if your goal is to make friends online or to start a serious relationship, the site Blendr can work for both the purposes. However, you have to follow the directions of the site moderator to stay safe online and to make your profile stand out in the crowd.



Blendr is famous all across the world, and people use it for their entertainment and relaxation. It is a vibrant community supported by technology and an intuitive interface for offering the best user experience for its members. Whether you are planning to enjoy fun online or planning to start a new and serious relationship, the site can offer you both the scopes in an organic way. It is easy to use and fun for all its users. Both men and women can use it as the site enjoy a 1:1 male-female user ratio. The availability of the apps is an added advantage to becoming a member of the site Blendr.

The site maintains strict safety and security issues, and customer care is quite responsive here. For online friendship, therefore, you should not look anywhere else other than Blendr. By making a profile, you can enjoy the online company of the like-minded, or different minded people as much you like in your spare time. It’s all fun and pure joy here. Get your registration done today!

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