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Jswipe Review – what do we know about it?

Jswipe Review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Religious orientation
  • A potential partner is not looking for one-time dates but long-term relationships
  • Representatives of the Jewish community use this app mainly. It boosts the odds of finding the right person in times
  • The user can look for a couple globally with First Class membership
  • The time limit for swipes is 18 days. This is a great motivation to start your dating faster
  • The free version of the app has limited functionality
  • The JSwipe focuses on dating matches for Jews. In this regard, the number of active and new users is not growing fast

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JSwipe is a mobile dating app that broke out in 2014. It is specially developed for single Jews so that anyone looking for a Jew partner nearby can find a match. This is a great app produced by David Yarus. From the very start, the idea was more like fun than a serious plan to create a special program. But during the process, David changed the attitude to his creation. JSwipe became the realization of his skills, interests, and beliefs. As a result, the app officially entered the market in 2014, with David Yarus is the founder and Smooch Labs as co-founders. The app got its first financial support from young Jewish entrepreneurs.

Now, single Jews from more than 70 countries across the world and its largest cities can use the JSwipe dating app. In less than a year, the app faced a true success. Its download counter showed over 165,000 users. And this is incredible when you consider that this is not an ordinary dating application :). In March of the same year, it got 1.5 times more users. And by the end of 2016, the number of users who were looking for their match was confidently striving for a million users!

How Does JSwipe Work?

Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?
  • The free version of the app has limited functionality
  • The JSwipe focuses on dating matches for Jews. In this regard, the number of active and new users is not growing fast.

Registration – is it Really Easy?

This nice app is smooth to use. If you are not a technology genius and find it hard to deal with new programs and apps, you will not misunderstand that kind with JSwipe. The program is user-friendly. A popular app is available for iOS and Android. You can install it for your phone by downloading it from Google Play or Apple App Store. After the installation on your phone is completed successfully, the app is ready to run. You need to log in to start. There will be no trouble with this logging because you can do this by signing your Facebook. After successful registration, the user needs to fill out the profile. We recommend you to pay maximum attention to filling out your private information. Remember, the match seekers will decide whether to like you with your profile as well.

What About Design and Usability?

Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

Notwithstanding all obvious similarities with the Tinder, the JSwipe app surely has its peculiarities, and users liked them. This popular app has a cute and user-friendly design and is deeply integrated into a religious matter. Everyone knows that young and lonely Jews are looking for a representative of their religion to meet and build long-term relationships. The developers of the app didn’t forget about it when they worked with usability and a list of information that will be displayed in the profile. As for the design, every Jewish guy or girl will like it. The JSwipe dating app contains a lot of religious symbols, and it’s great! For instance, when the match happens, the seeker will find a picture on the screen with one of the symbols of a Jewish wedding. This may be a picture with the phrase “Mazel tov!”. If you liked someone’s profile, you would see the Star of David on the screen.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Filling out your profile in this popular dating app, keep in mind that users are looking for more than dating. Single Jews focus on long-term and good relationships. They handpick the partner and are not ready for just a flirt. Fill out your profile so that the person who notices it will be impressed. You will show concern and honor for the future match this way. The JSwipe app offers to put four photos in the profile and complete a section with a short description. You should not put all the photos in a row, no matter how striking they appear. Party photos are not in the place here. Leave them for your Instagram or Facebook. It is enough to choose a cute photo that will highlight your qualities. If you doubt which photo to use, ask your parents or female friends for advice. When you are photos with photos, start filling out the text block. Consider the text to the smallest detail.

The Mobile Application

Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

If you belong to the Jewish community, and believe it is the time to find a partner for strong relations, give a chance to JSwipe. This mobile app will become your place for dating, communication, and marriage in the future. The app is free for iOS and Android. It is free to download. The JSwipe has a cool layout with religious symbols. People with religion in the heart will surely enjoy that. Ease of use will attract everyone who is not good at managing electronic devices. This dating app is awesome as it consolidates people of the same religion across the globe. Now you can seek for your match during the lunch break, waiting for your flight at the airport or resting on the beach.

Safety & Security

When we speak about web interactions, no one can be sure of absolute safety. But JSwipe is not a regular matchmaking app. The majority of current users are Jews who want to meet the cute representative of their religion. After all, even a separate section in the profile is dedicated to religious preferences and kosher. Of course, some seekers are not representatives of the community, don’t take the values of the faith, and can be a threat. Measure your choice and choose a desirable partner to prevent the menace. The technical support of JSwipe makes every effort and opportunity to provide service and data security. Users can contribute to security measures by unsharing important private information on the web. Therefore, it is achievable to guarantee the safety of personal data, to avoid stress, and negative impacts.

Pricing and Benefits

Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

The app for Jewish dating won’t cost you a cent if you are not ready to pay for extra perks. Downloading and using the app is free. This is great news for those who have not decided. Each seeker takes 1 Super-swipe per day. Those who have already tried all the benefits of the free account are ready to go beyond their search and get into the JSwipe First Class. The match-dating app offers premium membership. It includes a lot of perks that will enhance the quality of your matches and speed up the search result. First Class can be bought for one month for $ 24.99, for three months for $ 44.99, and for six months for $ 59.99. The most popular membership is three-month access to First Class. Among the coolest benefits of such a membership:

  • Change Your Location – Search for singles globally
  • Most Eligible – the app shows the most popular singles nearby
  • Optimize Your Photos – You can find out which of your photos are popular
  • Explore View – no limits to like profiles
  • Liked Me – the ability to write to users who liked you
  • Message Read Receipts – you can find out whether your message is read or not
  • Undo – change your mind and undo the swipe 🙂

The benefits of First Class membership will make your hunt process hot!

Help & Support

Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

The app for the search for Jewish dating matches has not only a cool design but also a fast and competent support service. The user can contact them for all concerns related to the app, financial problems, comments, and suggestions. Users can be sure that each service request will be admitted and analyzed in the smallest time period. Support representatives will give assistance to every request in accordance with the set company standard. JSwipe help & support is the heart of an app that will not let its users down.


Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

Can I download the app if I’m not Jewish?

Yes, you can. But remember, this is a dating app for single Jews, and the main audience is the part of the Jewish community.

Is this app free?

Yes, the app is free. You can get extended functionality by purchasing First Class membership.

How can I register?

The logging in is through the signing into your Facebook.

How do I recognize a kosher user or not?

Each user fills out the information about the kosher and religious denomination.

What is the age of active users?


Is JSwipe Safe?

The issue of user safety is one of the principal aspects of the JSwipe dating app security team. Any app requiring communication amid different personalities might be a potential threat. Users who register in this service refer to diverse social and age groups, live in countries with various behavioral patterns. The app can’t regulate every user who signs up for dating. The user fills out the information in the profile and is responsible for its veracity. Each person can take measures for protection. It is essential to consider the data that is published and becomes available to others. The professional technical service of this app is working to guarantee user data security.

Is JSwipe a Real Dating Site?

Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

If there is a choice within some dating apps, a potential user will reasonably be engaged in the experience background of others. After all, people are not ready to waste their time and emotions on an app that may not work accurately or will turn out to be fake. The question is whether JSwipe is a real dating site is as appropriate as ever. We can assuredly confirm that this is a real dating app. Its main target audience is single Jews who are in search of a match. When downloading this dating app, one needs to realize that most of the users will be part of the Jewish community. If you are not Jewish, you better look for additional choices amid regular dating apps.

How to Use JSwipe?

The algorithm of using the JSwipe app is quite mild. The Jewish dating app for singles aims to help find matches for dating and long-term relations within Jewish community members. If you are a Jewish guy and looking for a cute Jewish girl dreaming about the lasting relationship, traditional family, and religious values, then you need to get this service. After logging in and completing your profile, you can start your match hunt. The free version is good to get started. As soon as the operational principle of the service becomes clear, don’t miss the moment to try the First Class membership with its numerous perks. It will take you some additional fees.

Is JSwipe Free?

Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

The app’s cost may be the principal motivation for declining it. The JSwipe dating app took the responsibility of the users’ budget and offered a free variant of the service. This Jewish dating app can be downloaded on Google Play or Apple App Store and installed on your phone free of charge. The free version introduces a set of basic functions for swiping and contacting matches. But if you require more, then you should get First Class membership. This set can be activated for 1, 3, and 6 months. The app statistics say the most popular purchase for such membership is three months, with a total cost of $ 44.99 per period.

Does JSwipe Really Work?

The app really works. According to anonymous polls handled amidst representatives of the Jewish community, more than 60% of respondents said they were accustomed to the application. The users from 30 years old + category managed to get and try this app. The former owner David Yarus in his interview confirmed the information of hundreds of positive stories about successful relations. Moreover, he does not deny several engagements that have grown from the right swipes. The app also has a positive experience of being the basis for one or two marriages between Jewish singles being the users earlier. JSwipe really works and is ready to give every single person a chance to make the most right swipe and find happiness!


Jswipe Review - what do we know about it?

Summing up the above mentioned, it is honest to assume the JSwipe dating app is worth every minute you will spend on it. Even if you had never used such services before, but only heard about them from your friends, be determined and download the app on your phone. The current life races ahead at an enormous pace. Peoples are engaged in careers and everyday problems in their heads. They do not find time to go for a walk with a friend. Sometimes a person is feeling uncomfortable with meeting someone on the street or in a bar. Things might go worse, especially if there is an introvert or autistic problem. This is the determining reason to try the dating app. Being Jewish means a certain set of traditions to follow. It’s great when you can obey the traditions of your people and look for a match within the community. The JSwipe app is for detecting your Jewish match. It will succeed in bringing joy not only for you but also for your family!

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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