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Kik review – what do we know about it?

Kik review – what do we know about it?
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Profiles 1600000
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy communication, easy interface.
  • Free download on all mobile versions and platform.
  • The vast population on Kik from across the world.
  • You can upgrade the application whenever a new change comes.
  • Periodic upgrades and adding of new features.
  • You can block someone if you find them suspicious.
  • Sexting is widespread among young adults and teenagers, which can lead to a catastrophe if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Users are generally teenagers and young adults.
  • One might be exposed to explicit content at a very young age.

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Kik is one of the most prominent dating apps among youngsters and young adults because it helps them connect with people to establish communication through smooth messaging. It does not only make strangers date each other but make some real friends too!

This cross-cultural communication application allows group chats and personal messages. You need to sign up with Kik using your email address and password. Kik app is available on Android and iPhone Stores too. This application makes searching for contacts easy. You can easily search for family members, friends, or random searches, too, if you wish to chat with them. Kik also has a very distinct feature; you can even search for contacts on Kik using the Kik QR code.

Kik has every feature similar to WhatsApp; it allows you to send videos, sketches, meniscus, gifs, messages, etc. Also, Kik allows live video chats identical to any video calling application like Skype. Kik works only online, similar to WhatsApp.

The Kik app’s safety and security are crucial because you will be coming across hundreds of strangers over the internet. Kik has an elaborate safety and security page that will give explanations to all your queries. You can report profiles if you find it suspicious. Kik authorities will certainly take action against them. These pretenders might even be banned from using the website.

Many reviews from Play Store state that the app is in general better than their phone messaging app.! Therefore, can you understand the confidence?

One of the most exciting features Kik already has been installed with; it has a Bot working, which helps operate browsers. The browser is not simple like Chrome, though, but it is an interesting one. There is a specific section mentioned as Discovery Bots, which has different exciting topics to share with the user. You can watch photos and also learn the story about the picture. Some of the issues are Astronomy, and Bible Bot; swell helps collect votes form users on different topics, etc. This is, in short, an exciting app, we would recommend you to try it out, and you would never regret it ever!

How does Kik work?

Kik works mainly with teenagers and young adults, with over 300 million users already using Kik. Anonymous users with little information about their whereabouts. To sign up, you just need an email ID. When you use your email ID, it will ask you for a password; then, you can set your profile picture and also add a little description about you. A well-described profile will have more potential to attract people, rather than a half-filled description.

With its simple interface, you can start using it as soon as you register on their system. Video callings, video chatting, pictures, audio, etc. can be sent through this app. You can either have group chats or one-to-one chat.

What do different letters on Kik mean?

Kik app uses different letters to describe messaging status.

  • S- sent.
  • D- delivered. When you have sent a text message, it will show “D,” which will be faded in color when the user opens Kik, the “D” solidifies. If you don’t see an “R,” that means the receiver has not yet read your message.
  • R- read.

How does Kik Bots work?

Kik Bots have pre-installed directions for the Bots to help the users because this browser is nothing similar to Chrome. At the bottom right corner of the app, you will see four dots, click on it for additional features. What to know, how it works in real-time? Let’s review.

First of all, you have to go to the Discover Bots section and serve whatever, please. A purple bolt indicates the Bot chatting. Therefore, it is easy to see the difference between Hot operated chat and otherwise.

They are educational. If you choose the weather, Astronomy, etc., the Bots will send you images with a description of it. They are informative and also help you fight boredom. The huge multinational media companies or digital companies are buying these messaging apps, and they are trying to make a profit out of it, adding some fantastic Bot features like this one. For example, there are Christian Grey or Kim Kardashians Bot!

How does Kik work?

Registration – is it really easy?

The registration process is the most straightforward and most accessible of all; you only need an email ID to register at Kik. After you open the application, installing it from the App Stores of iPhone or Android, you need to open a profile using your first name and last name. You can choose to put up a profile picture, or you can use a “bitmoji.” Also, Kik allows you to set a background picture as well, along with the profile picture. This feature is something similar to Facebook.

After you are done with the registration, the app will prompt you to search for contacts. Once you have mentioned your interests and added information on your description, Kik will help you find people of similar interests. You can either choose to accept or decline the suggestions. Once you join the groups, you will be able to interact and use multimedia options. KikBots will help you learn and let you play group games to help you fight boredom.

Kik Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Kik has a very simple interface that is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Web. It helps strangers meet on a common platform that leads to a lovable relationship or friendship. You can connect and communicate with your family members and friends if they are on the Kik platform. It’s effortless to use. The system in which Kik runs is similar to WhatsApp. You can chat in groups that can have mimicry up to 45, or you can personally can’t with someone. From the groups, you might make new friends and chat with them. Share photos, videos, gifs, stickers, etc.

You can make video calls and connect with your friends virtually. Kik has a personal browser, which will help you keep yourself engaged on the platform for longer hours. Not just an engaging app but also contributes to your knowledge. It has Both apps that help you learn about new stuff like astronomy, weather, etc. If you have not faced any issue with WhatsApp, using Kik will not be difficult for you.

Kik What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profiles are well-designed and contain an individual’s basic information. The descriptions Kik asks you when you register your profile will help you find profiles similar to these. Kik does not require any personal information for verification; therefore, there is a chance of fake profiles. The profile pictures might also be fake. There is nothing to worry about because Kik has a strong security policy to help fight these profiles.

The mobile application

The mobile application is smooth and simple to use. It is somewhat similar to what’s app except, Kik also has a browser which helps to learn about many things and even play games online.

This app is available on Android, iPhone, and Web. Therefore, every individual can use this particular app. It is convenient for Kik to perform when you stay connected and don’t log out every time you don’t want to use it. The cookies help you find profiles matching your description and interests.

Kik Let's talk about profile quality

Safety & security

Kik is very much aware of the safety and security of its users and members. Therefore, any user needs to read the safer terms thoroughly. Also, you should read the terms of use carefully.

For child safety, Kik has allowed a safety measure, which will enable parents to take control of their app downloads, and they can change settings on the Kik app.

If you find any suspicious profiles, you should immediately report the profile to the Kik authorities. They will take measures to take down the profile. Kik is continuously trying to improve its security measures by introducing different means, including the QR code facility. QR code makes the use of the Kik app safe and secure.

Kik Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Kik is a free messaging app that connects you with family, friends, and a lot of people of your interest. You get features like video calling, texting, send emojis gifs, etc. just for free. Also, an additional feature lets you browse some exciting features like weather, astronomy, games, polling, etc.


  • One to one chat
  • Video chat/ calling
  • Send messages, videos, gifs, stickers, etc
  • Browse to find exciting facts with Kik Bots. They have a particular Bot search, which helps to learn, discover, and engage your time more on the app. Has a facility of polling too, when you are in doubt.
  • Group chats up to 49 members.
  • QR side for more secured and protected access. It makes communication safe and secure. Protection from online predators and hackers and also form fame profiles. That might hack your personal information through this messaging app.
  • Bitmoji is also available
  • Simple interface to make chatting easier for people who don’t want to spend much time knowing the app.
Kik Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Kik is ready to help you cope with any abuse or mid treatment from a fellow member, any suspicious profile, etc. You need to visit the official website and seek the section that writes “help center” and “safety and privacy.”

There is also an additional feature for parents to control with whom their child is interacting. Getty is a feature in Kik that helps parents change settings, which will block the online surfing of strangers except for family and friends. Also, you can download apps that allow parental control, which restricts your child from downloading any apps without your consent.

You can report the profile, which will make the security alert about the profile. After taking your feedback, Kik will take steps against the Profiles.

For Ireland, the age restriction is 16. If you are below 16, you have to take consent from your parents to use digital media; otherwise, the app indicates 17+.

Kik Help & support


Let’s answer some of your queries regarding the Kik app.

Is Kik safe?

Yes, Kik is a safe brand because they have strong cybersecurity for the members. According to some reviews, parents state that Kik is not a secure app for kids below 14 because they might not know which profile to accept and which do not.

Kik is mainly dominated by teenagers and young adults searching for companies other than parents or school friends. Therefore, parents are worried about their kids because they might end up in a toxic relationship or fall prey to some illegal practices.

Many reviews state that these message media are sites for online predators. One needs to be careful while accepting invitations from strangers or adding them to your group. It’s better not to share your personal information with these people. You need to be careful while using any online media because you might fall prey to cybercrime.

Is Kik a real dating site?

If you want, you can call it a dating site because you can meet thousands of people and who knows you might find your soul mate among them. Otherwise, it can be stated as an app for cross-communication. It lets people concert in group chats and personal chats.

How to use Kik?

The brand is effortless to use, which is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook. The video calling is similar to Skype chat. After you sign up with Kik and become a member, use your mail ID and create your profile, you will be able to search for people. When you add your tests in the description box, Kik will help you meet people of similar interests. You can either accept those profiles; just let it go.

Is Kik free?

Yea, it is a free messaging app. There is a sticker that needs to be purchased. There are free stickers, but if you wish to buy more, you will have to purchase it.

Is Kik free?

Is Kik really works?

Yes, it does. Technically, it depends on your purpose of using it. This is not a dating app, but it ends up making happy couples who love to stay together forever. It is an online communication app that allows you to connect with firms and families. Additionally, it helps you make stranger friends too.

The app is smooth as well and is easy to use. It has different interesting features that can make someone stay on Kik for a more extended period. Here’s a lot to explore, start exploring!


Kik is an online meeting that allows one to communicate in a group as well as personal chats. You can talk to your family members, friends, also make new friends online through Kik. Persons with similar interests will come as your suggestions. If you wish to chat with them, you can do so by accepting their request, or you may decline their request.

Kik is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook but comes with its browser that is operated by Bots. It is somewhat similar to Chrome but not as easy as Chrome. The Not browser will help you surf different things pre-stored in the “Discover Bot” section. You can enjoy group games to overcome your boredom. Kik also has a polling Bot app that helps you collect polls for opinions when you are confused about anything.

This app is safe, and Kik officially requests its users to read all the safety and privacy standards. If you ever come across any suspicious profiles or someone misbehaved with you, you can simply report the profile, and Kik authority will take care of it. Kik also has parental settings to help you regulate your child’s activities. This is not a traditional parental setting, but you can monitor their account activities if you wish to.

The mobile applications are smooth, with a way interface, it does not usually handle, therefore, allowing you to use Kik messaging smoothly. You can download the app free from the stores. Sign up for free and communicate for free as well.


Teenagers often complain of boredom, as a result of which they always try searching newer elements of excitement. Kik is one of them. Be safe, and don’t share your pictures or information with any stranger. It is better to be safe than regretting later. Enjoy your time with Kik!

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