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Huggle Review – what do we know about it?

Huggle Review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Huggle is a free app.
  • Huggle offers straightforward matching based on geolocation and age.
  • All matches are available for a physical meeting.
  • You can be confident that the members' profiles represent genuine people who live and work in your location.
  • A large and active team of moderators carry out extensive verification checks.
  • Huggle provides a relaxed introduction for friendship as a focus of its activity. Dating prospects are a pleasant bonus.
  • Huggle limits your matches by the population in your area – plenty of partners in cities, less in remote rural areas.
  • Any criteria than the location cannot form a profile search. If you are a keen ice skater, you probably hang out at the local ice-skating rink with all the other keen ice skaters. The ice skaters will turn up on your matches because they are visiting the same venue as you.

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Huggle is a mobile app that matches you to people who go to the same places as you. Valerie Stark and Stina Sanders started Huggle as a friendship app. When Valerie left Moscow for London, she wanted to make friends. She used geolocations on Instagram to meet new people in her vicinity. When Valerie and Stina met, they thought it would be great to have a purpose-built app to help people meet other people in the places they often visit. They teamed up with Andrey Andreev, and Huggle was launched in 2015. After some trials, the final version was released in July 2016. Badoo has now taken Huggle on in its fold.

The app started as a friendship app, but people soon started using it as a source of possible romantic dates. You can use an icon to indicate if you are looking for dates (wine), mates (slice of pizza), or both (coffee). Millions of places have been logged on the app as users check in to coffee shops, museums, and parks.

The principle behind Huggle as a concept is that people like to hang out with other people. When you find another person, who hangs out in the same places you hang out, you are likely to have similar interests. The app shows you people who hang out in the same places that you visit. Huggle gives you the option to indicate if you would be open to getting to know other members.  The idea is that you make better connections with people with mutual interests to you.

How does Huggle work

How does Huggle work

Huggle uses GPS tracking to compile a list of all the places you visit. This information can come from Huggle or your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare. No one can add a location manually. They must be in that location for it to register. Fake check-ins are not a concern with this app.

You see a list of people in the same place as you or visit a proportion of the same sites you visit. You set how many places in common you need for a match. You also set the age range of the people you are interested in meeting.

Huggle only shares partial location information between users. You and others see only the places you match, not the whole list of places you visit. You can indicate interest using a swipe system – left if you do not want to meet (pass) or right if you ‘like’ how they look. Additionally, you can swipe up for more information – to view their profile.

Huggle only allows members who ‘like’ each other to send and receive messages.  The point of sending messages and getting to know each other is to say ‘Hi’ when you are in the same location. Or you can maybe set up a meeting. Huggle focuses on connecting people to meet in a physical space and form friendships based on common interests.

Huggle How does Huggle work

Registration – is it really easy

Registration takes around five minutes and involves a verification process. You need a Facebook account before you can register with Huggle. The necessary profile information and places you visit are imported from Facebook to start providing information to other members. Initially, you add five favorite places, and as you use Huggle, more locations are added to your list.

Unlike most dating sites, Huggle does not ask you to take a personality test. Members match by location, age, and places they share in common. The criteria are that straightforward.

Most of the information required on registration automatically completes. The details are limited to name, age, education, and work. You write a short biographical statement and use either your Facebook profile picture or select a different one. Fellow members see the profile information and a list of check-ins you share. No one gets to see your whole location list.

The profile picture goes through a one-minute verification process. You take a selfie picture copying a set gesture when prompted to do so. The Huggle moderators compare the images using 160 different facial recognition points. You may need to take more than one selfie.  This intensive scrutiny of the profile picture minimizes the possibility of being able to catfish – using a picture of someone else instead of their real image.

As part of the registration process, you state your intentions towards other members. You select if you are on the site looking to make friends, set-up dates, or a mixture of both. A small icon sits on your profile advertising your intentions. Wine indicates you are looking for romance. A slice pizza shows the hope for friends, and a cup of coffee says you are open for both.

You decide on the age range and the number of shared places needed for Huggle to suggest you are a match. You need to be at least seventeen to register on Huggle.

Huggle Registration – is it really easy

What about design and usability

The Huggle app is incredibly straightforward. It checks for fellow Huggle users in your vicinity and highlights their presence together with other places you share. The search facility compares other members in your age range against your check-ins. If the number exceeds the level you set, you are given them as a match. The match goes on age range and mutual locations.

You use swipe features to assess each potential match. A swipe to the left removes that person from your list of possible matches.  You choose to pass on the opportunity of getting to know them. A swipe to the right tags that person as someone you like. If you want more information than the picture provides you a swipe up, swiping is quick and straightforward as a familiar sorting technique for most people.

Liking another person is the first step to sending messages and building up a relationship. The other person needs to like you before you can send them a message. In other words, both parties need to be open to the possibility of contact between them.

Messages can be by text, photos, graphics, and video. If you want to stop talking after getting in touch with another member, you can simply block them.

Huggle imports your geolocations from your social media accounts (Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram) to build up your list of places. Because no one can manually add a location (GPS data is essential), you can have confidence that your matches are genuine.

You gain access to other members’ profiles through shared locations. You can use a discovery option to find members who have visited your favorite place. The discovery option is different from the matching option in that you restrict it to one location. With the match option, you set a lower limit on the number of shared places before that person flags as a potential match.

The timeline feature shows a chronological list of your locations. It can also highlight members who have recently visited some of these. To keep track of members who interest you, you can tag people onto a favorites list. The visitors’ feature lets you know how many people have viewed your profile. Finally, you can link your Huggle account to any of your other social media accounts – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Huggle What about design and usability

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile information on Huggle keeps to a minimum. The emphasis is on essential details, photos, and physical locations.  A team of 5,000 moderators ensures the profiles are consistent and high-quality.

The profile information compiles from your social media accounts and geolocation. The profile photo undergoes a verification process that makes you take one or more selfies in a set pose. It is hard for anyone to insert a false picture for their profile. You can edit the profile information.

Huggle has strict rules covering photos uploaded to the site. The images need to show your face. Nudity and suggestive poses in skimpy lingerie are banned. The moderators enforce the rules. You can’t show pictures of children on their own, group photos, or images with much graphic content.

Most members provide all the necessary information, and the validation process means the profile details are genuine. The profile information strips down to the minimum needed to give you a quick view of the person.

Huggle Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Huggle started as a mobile app and is available Windows phones, Android, and iOS. You can also access it by tablet and PC, but it is for easy mobile use. The swipe feature makes use of touch screen technology, and everyone is comfortable handling messages.

Safety & security

Huggle is a friendship contact app that you can use to find local singles interested in dating. Downloading and using the app is free, and no financial information is shared.

A team of 5,000 moderators works hard to keep all the profiles genuine with multiple verification systems. Huggle is unattractive to most scammers and fraudsters because you can’t fake the check-ins, and the photo verification is intensive.

Only members of the same locality get access to profile information. The profile information is minimal and does not share all your locations – only those that you and the member viewing your profile match.

Huggle Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Huggle is a free service. You sign up, create your profile, set your intentions, and get to know people in your area for free.

The main point of Huggle is to show you people in your vicinity who are open to friendship or dating. You get the opportunity to check them out digitally and start a brief conversation. Huggle removes the difficulty of approaching a stranger and trying to start a conversation. Most people are shy and awkward about trying to start a conversation in public with someone they don’t know. Plus, the person you approach may be rushing to a dentist appointment or an interview and rebuffs your advances. Disheartened, you never contact them again, and perhaps abandon the coffee shop to avoid bumping into them.

Huggle changes the picture. You get to make a quiet approach and get to know them. When you agree to meet and chat, you are both prepared and relaxed. There is none of the anxiety involved with approaching a stranger that may publicly reject you. Huggle removes the fear and the embarrassment of the initial approach to a potential friend or date.

Huggle’s other significant advantage over other social apps is that your matches are in your area. They frequent similar areas that you go to. You can make contact today and meet them for coffee the following day without setting up something out of your usual routine. The process of making friends through Huggle is more natural than the framework of most dating sites. There is less focus on how you look and your need to impress potential partners with your personality and character. Huggle lets you know of people living near you that are open to making friends.

Help & support

Huggle app is a free app that is mainly automated and self-sufficient but has excellent customer support if you need a fellow human to help you.

Huggle Help & support


Is Huggle safe?

Huggle is exceptionally safe compared with most dating sites. The profile photos and information are verified by extensive cross-checking. Huggle’s set-up and search process leave little opportunity for fraudsters and scammers to gain a toe hold on the site. Profile information keeps to essential details, and no financial information links to the app.

Is Huggle a real dating site?

Huggle is primarily a friendship site with the option to meet potential dates. Huggle has been around since 2015 and uses geolocation to match and introduce people to each other. You can indicate you are open to dating and meet other members with this intention.

Is Huggle a real dating site?

How to use Huggle?

The verification process with Huggle takes around five minutes, but your profile information transfers from your other social media sites. You can sign-up and be active on Huggle in five minutes.

When you log in to Huggle, you get a selection of people who visit the same places as you. You assess with a swipe to the left (no) or right (yes) to indicate an interest in getting to know them. If they are interested in getting to know you, they will swipe right on your profile. Then the two of you can start to build up a relationship through an exchange of messages. When you are comfortable with each other, you can arrange to bump into each other at one of your mutual favorite spots.

Is Huggle free?

Huggle is a free app to download and use in iOS, Android, and Windows.

Does Huggle really work?

Huggle will show you profiles of people who visit the same places as you. Huggle works as a way of getting in touch with people in your area for fun and friendship. Huggle will only work for you if there are people in your area who have joined Huggle.

How to use Huggle?


Huggle is the brainchild of two women who were looking for friends in London. They realized that it is difficult for adults to make friends in new areas. Many adults need to build their social network from zero to move locations with their work.

Initiating contact with strangers is stressful and often fruitless. You have a five-minute conversation while waiting for a train and then cannot follow up. Huggle fulfills that need to get to know people, one short talk at a time. Huggle allows you to make connections with people who live and work near you. They visit the same shops, parks, coffee houses, and leisure centers as you.

Huggle is excellent for you carrying out the getting-to-know-you phase of any relationship in moments throughout your day.

Huggle is a relaxed, friendly place to meet other people like you in a safe, secure digital space for free. There is no pressure to be the perfect soulmate or put on a show about your fabulous personality. When you want to meet people for fun and friendship through friendly, natural interactions, join Huggle, the free and friendly app turning strangers into friends.

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