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FilipinoCupid – what do we know about it?

FilipinoCupid – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-34
Profiles 3500000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Affordable prices – you will most likely appreciate the fact that the rates at FilipinoCupid are affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the services offered on this awesome platform.
  • Ultimate safety and protection – many people tend to worry about the information they give to dating sites. You see, financial and personal details are very crucial, thus must be guarded. Here, you do not have to worry about that since the site has its own mechanisms to ensure the info is protected.
  • A modern website that is highly convenient – on this site, no one struggles with navigation. You won’t get stuck on your way to finding your match. The interface is quite modern, and you will definitely like it.
  • Profiles – the profiles on this site are many. They are also of the required quality. The number of ladies waiting for a perfect match exceeds 3.5 million, and their profiles are verified. Scammers are usually fished out regularly to keep them zero.
  • The site is highly credible – how would you feel when using a trustworthy site? How about a site that is well-reputed across the entire nation and even beyond? You see, FilipinoCupid is a trusted site. Its credibility has been proven by the services offered to thousands of individuals who gave positive reviews about the platform.
  • Basic users may not have much to enjoy since they can’t even communicate.
  • The app for mobile use is only created for Android users. The iOS app has never been developed.

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The Cupid network runs over 30 sites, and it happens to be the firm that operates FilipinoCupid. You have most likely heard or read about the Cupid network of matchmaking sites. Having a close look at most of them, you would conclude that they are related. Its experience sets it apart from all other dating sites in terms of service, delivery, and maintenance of international matchmaking platforms.

Many dating platforms face challenges of scammers, which give them a bad name in the industry. However, the scammers may just be real people trying to use dubious tactics to scare users. They could also intend to interact with members to whom they end up having undesirable experiences. But the firm has been operational for two decades. Its reputation is good, and this makes it one of the most sought-after dating sites. Nevertheless, you may not enjoy much of the features of the site using a free account. This connotes that you must possess a premium to have the full access to all elements.

Sadly, there are lots of negative reviews about this fantastic site. All those reviews are not genuine. Much of the buzzes claim that the dating site is meant to fleece cash from unsuspecting members. And because such reviews have become so rampant, this article will tackle that. This post proves that FilipinoCupid is entirely legit. Thus, no one should be afraid of becoming a member of this growing community. If you ask yourself whether FilipinoCupid is legit or not, stay around. You will see how the site is dedicated to hooking you up with Filipino women for Filipino dating.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

You probably wonder how this site works. Do not worry, though. You are reading the right piece that will shed more light on that. You see, the mandate of any dating platform is to connect you to people who share the same interests or preferences with you. This is not different from what happens on the FilipinoCupid.

On this site, you are first supposed to become an active member. There are two ways to achieve that. You can become a member using the basic plan of the site, which is complimentary or the premium. However, you may not have much to enjoy if you use a free plan. If possible, consider a premium plan that gives you access to all that is offered on this site.

You will get matches that are filtered by your preferences. If any FilipinoCupid member views your profile and gets integrated into you, they will reach out to you. They may either chat with you or use another method to let you know that they are interested. You can also reach out to a member whom you deem suitable for you. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should just find one match and close your account. You can try several matches, talk to them, and find out who might be perfect for you.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

Registration – is it really easy?

  • The only info needed when registering is the personal details.
  • Anyone who has an active Facebook account can use it for registration.
  • The site does not require newcomers to perform a verification of email.
  • It is not a must to upload a picture. But it is highly encouraged

Like on most other dating sites, you will need to fill out your name, age, password, email address, and gender. You also may be prompted to give more info about who you are and what, in particular, you are looking for. You will be encouraged to upload a cute photo that would give an impression about your looks to other members. You can do that on a dashboard that pops up immediately and complete the first phase of registration.

Nonetheless, you may not have to upload the photo right away. If you decide to do it later, it is still okay. Afterward, you can give your profile a title. A short paragraph that tells more about yourself should be included in your profile. Besides, understand more about the kind of a man or woman you are looking for. This will make it easy for the FilipinoCupid to find a suitable match for you. As you can see, the joining procedure is not as intricate as many people think. It is straightforward.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

What about design and usability?

The overall design of the website is comfortable and modern. A clean site is another term that could be used to describe the platform further. It does not possess bright colors that might be irritating your eyes. And the menu of the platform is not intricate. It is laid out correctly. You will most likely like its navigation speed since it is optimized. The buttons of the site are intuitive. Since everything on the platform is clear, you will not have to need help from IT guys to create your profile and browse around. You just need simplistic or so-called basic computer skills.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

Let’s talk about profile quality

One of the aspects that you must put much consideration into is the profile setting. You see, every serious member of the FilipinoCupid will be looking for a sincere partner. Someone determined to find a partner will always have their profile well arranged. And if you do so, your chances of getting the right match are typically high. On this site, you will notice that 99 percent of the profiles look good. In case your one doesn’t seem to impress anyone, try to customize it.

All new members are encouraged to create a super profile. By super profile, first, what should come to your mind should be uniqueness. You should make an outstanding profile on FilipinoCupid. Remember, you are here to be found or find others. You are here to get noticed by others. So, make it easy for them to notice you. The photos you upload here must be of the ultimate quality. All the information required must be completed and successfully filled out. This way, they will find it easy to get matches for you. Also, the qualities of the person you are looking for must be clear. No one wants to struggle trying out to find out more about you. It should all be well-displayed on your profile.

Therefore, your profile should be outstanding. That creates a positive first impression to all other members. The higher the quality, the higher the number of messages you may receive. Thus, consider making your profile as impressive as you can. It is worth it.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

The mobile application

You must have been asking if FilipinoCupid has a mobile app. If so, then here comes the answer. Yes, they do have an application that is for Android users. This connotes that iPhone users can’t use it. They can make use of their mobile browser to access the services. Nevertheless, accessing the service via your favorite browser may not be as convenient as the mobile application.

Safety & security

Safety and security of all members are of utmost concern when it comes to matchmaking sites. Most likely, no one would want to use a service that doesn’t guarantee security and safety. You see, all illegal undertakings are tackled out to ensure the safe use of the service. All members are advised to be vigilant and report any suspicious profiles. Once reported, the FilipinoCupid team scrutinizes such profiles to find out if they are genuine ones. If found to be fake, they are gotten rid of immediately.

Remember, safety begins with you. As a member, you should be keen while browsing. You could find out about the unreal accounts. Such accounts must be reported to the team dedicated to ensuring safety for immediate scrutiny. Most scams are reported from encounters with such accounts. Thus, once they are eliminated, no more scammers will be active on the site. And that will improve the legitimacy of the platform. Lastly, scam prevention is a factor that is highly prioritized by the team behind the safety and security of all users. Do not be afraid as you use the site.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

Pricing and benefits

It is reported that the largest percentage of women on this site uses the complimentary version of the site. That is not to scare you from getting a premium plan. You see, if you use a free version, you can contact the paying members. You see, chatting with women on this site will require a paid plan. The complimentary plan may not give you much to enjoy. The paid version of the FilipinoCupid will provide you with the pleasure to know ladies here better.

Gold and Platinum memberships are the two alternatives for paying members. With any of the mentioned, you can send messages, get rid of disruptive ads, and browse on a private window or tab, and much more. Also, you can have your profile highlighted to improve the chances of getting noticed by other members. A month for Gold membership will go for 25 USD, and if you want a 12-month plan, you could pay 10 USD every month. Platinum members are required to give 13.33 USD every month. Always consider the paid membership plan that allows you to fully leverage all the features of the FilipinoCupid.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

Help & support

Many are the times when clients face challenges when using dating sites. Sadly, most sites do not prioritize client support. But this is different in FilipinoCupid. Here, you will not struggle with anything. They have the fastest customer support. They are highly reliable when it comes to client help and support.

Thus, whenever you face any technical glitches or maybe parts you do not comprehend well, it is advisable to reach out. Do not struggle alone, thinking that there is no one to help. That is not the case on this site. All your problems will be immediately tackled so that you may continue to enjoy the services. Their help and support services are the best and the fastest.


Is FilipinoCupid safe?

FilipinoCupid is safe for use. The site has put in place different measures to curb any issues that might favor scammers. Thus, you may not encounter scams on this site. A majority of the profiles are created by genuine members. All your personal information is well-protected. The site is safe, and you are free to become a member.

Is FilipinoCupid a real dating site?

FilipinoCupid is a real matchmaking platform. Thousands of men and women have found love in this site. You, too, could find someone on this site. There are thousands of positive reviews from past clients that prove its legitimacy.

How to use FilipinoCupid?

It is easy to use this site. You just need to create a free or a paid account. Upon successful registration and approval, you can begin to search for matches. Multiple features could help skyrocket the chances of success in this site. Make sure you use them.

Is FilipinoCupid free?

You can create a free account if you want. You can continue using the free version for as long as you wish. However, you can make an upgrade of your membership anytime you deem right for you.

Does FilipinoCupid really work?

FilipinoCupid does work. A lot of individuals have benefited from their services. And you can find your match right on this site.

How does FilipinoCupid work?


You have explored the various factors that make FilipinoCupid a site that is worth your time. It is one of the best matchmaking sites that you can get a match without much struggle. This review has shed a lot of light on the various aspects of FilipinoCupid. It is a legit site, and you could find your perfect match right on this site. You are only expected to create a profile that stands out. The photos you upload must be of the best quality. Though you can make use of the free plan, consider a premium membership. This type of membership will give you a lot to leverage. The complimentary plan will have limitations on how far you can use it.

Always make sure you adhere to the Terms of Use. All the guidelines set for all users must be adhered to in order to ensure the preservation of its legitimacy. All other members will respect your activities; thus, you should do the same to theirs. If you come across a profile that looks suspicious, do not hesitate to inform the support team. That is one of the ways to prevent scammers from invading the site. At FilipinoCupid, there is a lot you can get. There are thousands of matches waiting to see you there. The conversations are ever hot. Your active participation, too, will be highly appreciated. Thus, if you are not yet a member of the FilipinoCupid, it is the right time to register. You will probably love everything about the site.

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