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Feabie Review — What Do We Know About It?

Feabie Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 30%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 35-45
Profiles 115.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Friendly community
  • The support team that works fast and blocks negative users
  • The safe place where people can hide their personal information
  • Quick registration
  • Using Feabie for free is still comfortable
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Cheap membership and discounts for purchasing a long-term subscription
  • Forums and discussions
  • Integrated constant messaging is available
  • Feabie is only for straight people
  • Limited search possibilities for the free members
  • Popular mainly in the USA
  • There is a limited circle of users, mainly proponents of feederism

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Feabie is a part-social network, a part-dating app dedicated to fat admirers, people who seek Fat-dating, and BBW dating sites. This site, with a more than five-year-long history, is for adult dating. Feabie is pronounced as “fee-bee” and is a pun from the initial sounds of the terms “a feeder” and “Big Beautiful Women.” Feabie promises the best and safe experience where obese people would be praised instead of facing hatred.

Feabie specializes in dating for all people who do not find adjectives like “curvy” or “plus-size” offensive. Here fat people and their admirers can create family unions, seek serious relationship, or hookups and not be scared or hide.

How Does Feabie Work

How Does Feabie Work?

Feabie offers dating facilities to the heterosexual supporters of feederism, a community whose cult is fat people and relationships with them. Feedees are people who like the thought or physical demonstration of becoming fatter, or potentially bigger. It’s a sexual direction; similar to orientation, but here the focus is on the preferences of the body type. Feedees are people who like the thought or physical demonstration of becoming fatter, or potentially bigger.

This community is broad and versatile. Feedees come in all shapes and sizes, but mainly in bigger forms. Some people consider feederism their leading fetish. Feabie is the best choice for those people. The site has approached the people with dreams of dating someone obese with all seriousness and created a site where the proponents of this community could feel beautiful and safe.

A few individuals on Feabie have put on or are putting on weight on purpose. Many of them have been overweight for years and do not know the taste of another life. Some users of Feabie are yet considering gaining a few pounds because they enjoy the thought of being a feedee. Feedee is mainly a term for straight people; in the gay network, feedees are ordinarily called gainers.

Feeders are people who like the thought or physical demonstration of helping another person become fatter. Feeders might have any figure too, and a few feeders additionally combine the roles of feedees. Feeders also form a vast community. You can find all of these people on Feabie because the central concept of this site is that “bigger means more beautiful.”

You will find different people on Feabie. From those who simply need to cook for somebody and offer excellent help to the individuals who appreciate “driving” a feedee to eat out (this is consistently a consensual demonstration). A feeder is usually a name utilized in the straight network—in the gay network, feeders are commonly called encouragers. Once again, there is no incorrect method to be a feeder. If you feel sexually excited at the sight of a feedee, you can call yourself a feeder.

Registration — Is It Really Easy

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

The registration on Feabie is easy and quick. You can link the account to your Facebook profile to make signing in even more comfortable. Or fill the registration form yourself and specify the email. To complete creating the Feabie account, you will need to:

  • Come up with a username. You can use your real one or create a nickname; Feabie allows you to choose whatever name you want as long as it is available.
  • Enter the email address. Feabie notes that the users will not see it, but you need a valid email to create an account.
  • Specify the date of birth. This way, Feabie makes sure you are over eighteen years or older of age. By entering the date of birth, Feabie users agree to the basic terms of use within the legal jurisdiction of the country. This information remains confidential, as well. The other users will see only your age.
  • Pick a gender. Later the system will automatically match you to the people of the opposite sex as Feabie is the dating site for the straight fat admirers.
  • Choose preferences on Feabie. Here you need to specify what kind of potential partners you are looking for and type of future relationships. The options are from creating a family to regular meetings.
  • Sign Membership Agreement, and you are ready to browse the wonderful world of big people.
What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

Feabie takes the comfort of the users very seriously, and its standards are high. For this reason, every user receives a personal site browsing experience. You can use different filters on Feabie to see only those users who meet your requirements, quickly chat with them, and read the news or share thoughts with the community. Everything helps your interaction with Febie be pleasant and productive.

If you switch on the geolocation filter on Feabie, you will see which users are within the easy reach. In the Feed section on Feabie, you can view users who recently updated their profiles, uploaded photos, or visited your profile. Here you can use the search criteria to adjust the matching and receive the narrower or vaster results.

Everyone who uses Feabie can customize their news feed because it unites dating and social interaction. Feabie is a real social network for the lovers of everything chubby, plus-sized, or straight fat. The Feed on Feabie contains posts and feedback from users all over the world. It also applies to your local community, depending on your location settings. By customizing the criteria for the search, you create the perfect environment for seeking feedees. You can choose to follow people, hide their posts, or share your views and exchange opinions.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Making up a profile on Feabie is easy and takes up to 15 minutes. First, you need to open the site or download the app and specify personal details like age, height, location, name, email, gender, and interests. Second, you will have to come up with a password or link the profile on the site with Facebook. You can later use this social network to sign in. Profiles of the Feabie users may contain the information above, or the members may hide it. Everyone chooses what they want to show, and the security goes before anything else.

The interface of Feabie is clear and understandable. As soon as you create your account, you will get access to the site. Now you can upload photos and start to seek your soulmate among the 114 thousand users registered on the site. According to the statistics of Feabie, approximately 4 thousand of them are online at any time. That is why the chances of starting an immediate conversation are very high.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Feabie has fully functional web design, and you can use it on any device. So, Feabie offers to download an iOS app from AppStore for use on an iPhone or iPad. This site also has an Android app. Feabie userbase mainly consists of the US resident; the iOS users are in favor. Feabie app for Android can be downloaded only as a part of the Grokio community, which contains other dating apps.

The website is a practical and comfortable way to use the Feabie platform. But when you are on the go, it may be reasonable to use the app. So, for the full experience and 24/7 access to your favorite community of feedees, download it. You can browse, share the news, like, and comment on other users without being tied to one place. When you open the site from a desktop, the server synchronizes your recent activity. Feabie is a relatively young site, so it’s cool app does not come as a surprise. They care about keeping up with the trends and launched a mobile app. Why not use it then?

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

On Feabie, you can make some of your photos visible to specific people and hide them from the general public. You can apply the safe mode to all your pictures or hide only several images while your profile will contain the rest of the photos. Then the users of Feabie can ask you for private access, and you can dismiss or accept the requests.

The community site is protected by specialists who understand how important it is to communicate securely. Feabie uses a safe web connection and encodes the data of users, and third parties can access the conversations or credit details stored in the database. The outside users of Feabie can see no personal data through search engines. The photos, individual information, and names are kept only in the database of the site.

What is more, Feabie meets the security requirements of the users and allows them to delete their account forever by wiping all the information from the site. People outside Feabie should first register and pass all the verification steps to see the information about other users or browse their images. Various security measures include confirming that you are not a robot and linking your profile to a valid email or real Facebook account. Such verification aims to provide quality search algorithms. This way, you can be sure that no fake accounts or bots can access the site.

Pricing and Benefits

Feabie contains paid add-ons. Only essential functions, such as messaging, can be used by free users. There are no trial rates. The paid membership is called Feabie XL. This rate is auto-renewable. You must cancel it to stop paying. The prices are next:

  • One month costs $ 9;
  • Three months cost $ 23;
  • 365-day membership for $ 50 with One Time Payment. This tariff is without auto-renewal; you do not need to do anything to annul it after the term of use passes.

You can pay by card. There are no tariff plans. With a free version of Feabie, you will still be able to search people, look at their profile, enjoy posts, comment, see people near you or worldwide, and instant message. However, if you want to receive unlimited matches and view photos of your potential feedees without limitation, it is better to purchase Feabie XL.

Help & Support

Help & Support

The support team does not only promise to answer your requests but help with any feederism-related problems. Feabie provides a lot of information about the cult of obese people and the whole culture of fat dating. Moreover, by clicking the “Contact Us” button, you receive access to a separate web-page where you can get more information about feedees or feeders and report any problems.

On the help page of Feabie, you can report policy violations, read the latest news and events of the community, require help with registration or payments, and report bugs or malfunctions in the search system. The users of Feabie can also find information about frequent problems and explore the quick decisions made to solve them.


On Feabie, integrated messaging and chatting, is a considerable range of topics for discussion, and low-priced membership. What else does Feabie provide?

Is Feabie Safe?

Feabie does not show you profiles of potential matches until you register. Such precaution provides the first level of security. Since there is no way to hide your pictures on Feabie, anyone who is a user can open your photo album and read the bio. But all suspicious individuals and those who spread negativity get immediately blocked. The users of Feabie should not be scared of sharing their personal information on the platform because it does everything possible to make this social network a safe place. Because feederism is a controversial topic, many people object to this movement. Fortunately, Feabie approaches security issues very seriously and cares about its users’ personal and emotional well-being.

On Feabie, users can specify their location to get better matching results and enjoy the advanced technologies of the search engine. Sharing your location when you are part of a specific community can be stressful. Feabie understands it and promises to encode and not reveal any personal information of the user.

Is Feabie a Real Dating Site?

Yes, this is an advanced dating platform with over five years of experience and a significant user base. It specifies on fat dating and provides a comfortable environment for people with a similar mindset. Feabie is perfect for those who stand up for body positivity and have a fetish on obese people. This dating service is not a scam or a suspicious web recourse. This Feabie has a vast community, integrated chatting possibilities, the encoding of personal data, and lovers of everything chubby. You will find thousands of people who would suit those “before and after” ads at gyms ideally. However, they look more like “before” and are proud of this.

How to Use Feabie

How to Use Feabie?

To use Feabie, you need to consider yourself a part of the feederism movement. For example, fat admirers on Feabie, or FAs, are men or ladies who are explicitly and implicitly driven by people who are overweight. Some of them care more about incredibly huge people (for example, SSBBW, which means super-sized big beautiful woman) while others may favor ladies with just a couple of extra pounds. Fat admirers can be any size themselves, from thin to super-sized. Some fat admirers additionally have feeder inclinations, yet many do not and simply love how other obese people look.

If you have recognized yourself in this description, you can register on a site, answer a few questions about your specific preferences, and start exploring the world of fat beauties.

Is Feabie Free?

Feabie is a free dating site that offers some features for an additional fee. Users can send messages, read blogs, and browse the site for free. Downloading the app is also free of charge. If you want to hide your profile or access the advanced search filters, you should pay for these add-ons. The Feabie XL subscription is cheap compared to the average price on similar dating sites. You can enjoy the wide variety of functions for a reasonable amount of money because the membership is fair-priced.

Does Feabie Really Work?

This dating platform is one of the biggest for fat admirers and feedees. It promises to provide the users with different tools and features no matter your age, weight, or personality. Feabie is a useful site offering many compelling messaging and chatting options; it helps people meet their perfect fat soulmates and provides the fastest search engine. Feabie offers you to choose from thousands of photos, which makes matching and chatting significantly quicker. You can be sure that this site works whatever your aim is on Feabie. It makes everything possible from posting photos, writing articles, and publishing in a blog, to liking feedees and arranging a date with a BBW of your choice.



Feabie provides possibilities for fat dating, not discriminating against people and making them feel safe. Feabie is a friendly platform for feederism proponents, not only a dating service but also a social network. Here people can share their views, create discussions, upload photos, and receive praise for every extra pound. Feabie provides various options for memberships and does not deprive free users of the coolest features. Any guest of the site can enjoy the search of soulmates and meet feedees of choice. However, you should remember that Feabie was created only for straight fat admirers. If you seek obese homosexual connections, you should turn to the brother site of Feabie called Grommr.

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