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Connecting Singles Review — What Do We Know About It?

Connecting Singles Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • The service is offered free of charge. You do not have to pay anything to grab the endless opportunities of fun and flirting on Connecting Singles
  • All the members’ profiles are usually scrutinized to make sure there are no scammers or fake accounts that may engage you in non-fruitful conversations
  • Connecting Singles offers more features than most premium dating platforms
  • You can consider their mobile app if you do not want to use the web version
  • They have a wide user base that guarantees you to get the most suitable partner
  • They don’t have live chat
  • You could get banned if you give senseless answers to the essay queries

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There are multiple matchmaking platforms on the internet, such as Connecting Singles. A large percentage of them offer their services under two versions: a free and a paid plan. It is usually up to the person who intends to become a member to choose the preferred option. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a dating platform that offers its services free of charge and suitable for artist dating. But here comes Connecting Singles — a free website.

So, how would you feel to be a free participant of a matchmaking site? It sounds pretty awesome. Connecting Singles offers the best possibilities that everyone, including you, would love to explore. All the users do not splash out any number of bucks to access it. Nonetheless, you should not doubt its functionality due to this fact. It is far much better than most traditional matchmaking platforms have. This place has some tricks up its sleeve to impress you. However, many of its incredible features are shared in a paragraph that is yet to come.

How Does Connecting Singles Work

How Does Connecting Singles Work?

You might be thinking that too many features will distract your attention while navigating the site looking for love. So, are they beneficial? Or are they just put in place to impress you yet not serve as expected? Well, keep reading this article. Here, all the details will be clearly explained. Thus, before you could think of creating an account at Connecting Singles, it is a witty idea to get informed.

You see, Connecting Singles is not merely a dating platform. Its core objective is not just to bring those with sexual desires together; instead, it proves to be a more valuable website due to its multifunctionality. Thus, some consider it a genuine opportunity, while a small percentage of users may find it a bit controversial and full of disappointments.

Reports reveal that men happen to be the most active participants at Connecting Singles. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find a female — there are lots of women! Therefore, anyone could meet a better half of either gender. Upon successful registration, you get to engage in various elements. Here, you are highly privileged to leverage active forums as well as games. It just adds up to the fun of flirting. Though not directly related to dating, it is worth your time.

In order for you to enjoy the top-notch services offered on the Connecting Singles platform, newcomers are encouraged to fill out their profiles. In addition, they can upload photos that they deem cutest. You must, however, consider giving more details about yourself. You see, this assists those who search for matches. It is practically easy for them to single you out. Another tactic to get linked to your match is searching for online members. You will always see who is active at the moment.

Registration — Is It Really Easy

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

  • The use of a Facebook account to join Connecting Singles is highly advocated.
  • Upon reaching the second process of registration, all the site’s guidelines are precisely displayed for you to go through.
  • Answering the queries in a senseless manner is prohibited and may lead to your account getting deleted.
  • The narrative text you intend to put in place must be consistent with the gender you are looking for.
  • Upon successful joining, your account will not be active immediately. You will have to be patient for only 24 hours, awaiting its approval.

As seen above, there is not much to expect during registration. The procedure of registration will, at some point, demand that you describe your occupation. The second part of the joining system will have 3 questions posed in essay type. And to give you an insight, you can’t include some details: your kid’s ages, your current active email address, a URL, full name in the identification document, and your contact information. Be keen, however, because they will use your details to match you with someone. Thus, try as much as you can to be accurate when providing the required info.

What About Design and Usability?

You will definitely fall in love with the design of the Connecting Singles website. The various pages are perfectly displayed. All the current elements are visible to users. Thus, no more struggle with slow loading pages. The navigation is swift enough to give you results within the shortest time possible.

The photos are of the best quality. All the profiles are approved. And the information found on the platform is clear with no blurred images or even typos. You should, therefore, anticipate a great experience while using Connecting Singles. All the elements included in the site are aimed at improving its usability.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

  • All the photos you upload to Connecting Singles will be seen on your profile.
  • If having a glimpse of other members’ images is your favorite thing, then you can always explore the photo gallery.
  • Most of the accounts on Connecting Singles may not be highly detailed.
  • The last moment you were online will be visible to others.
  • Anyone who intends to customize the info on their pages can do it later.
  • You can view the profile pictures of others while they can still see yours.

By visiting Connecting Singles’ site, you will admit that most of the accounts have basic info about a particular member. They only show the occupation or the job of the individual, the gender, religion, among a few others. The section with essay questions happens to be the part that contains a lot of details.

See, the reason why your profile ought to be of the utmost quality is simply because it is your selling factor. Other members must see a good page to show interest. Besides, no one wants to get associated with an individual who never looks impressive or presentable.

The Mobile Application

  • The layout of the app is quite apt and clear.
  • Due to the numerous features of Connecting Singles, the app looks a bit cramped.
  • Compatible only with Android devices.
  • The process of downloading is simple, and one does not have to pay for the installation.

The program opens the same way the web version does. So, you may not even tell a clear difference while using the two. The only variant could just be the placement of the features on the mobile application. It is even more expedient to use since it possesses many valuable options. The app is reported to load slowly. Nevertheless, any user can consider the mobile version of Connecting Singles for faster browsing. If you deem the software is good for you, simply use it. It will save you costs on internet use.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

You should feel secure whenever you are using this platform. Connecting Singles has a way of fishing out fakes and any suspicious accounts. Thus, you will not be linked to fraudsters while expecting to find a real partner. There are terms of use which come along with conditions. Firstly, to make sure you comprehend the guidelines, you must go through them before you could even begin looking for matches. This improves your security and arms you with knowledge on what to do when you face hurdles.

Pricing and Benefits

It does not come as a surprise when you hear the website is free to use. You are most likely used to platforms that demand hefty charges for you to use all the services. Connecting Singles is a unique place that does not fleece cash from its members. You are only needed to give valid details. Afterward, you can wait for not less than 24 hours to get approval for your Connecting Singles account. You are not charged anything for joining this platform.

Special Features

Connecting Singles possess many elements that are up for leverage. They are provided to give all users a better experience that is more than the dating fun. So, as you wait to get hooked up to your most ideal partner, here is what you could enjoy.


There are some special days when you have to celebrate either a birthday or an important event. On such a day, you could receive CS eCards from fellow members of Connecting Singles. Other people could be happy too if you send them such greeting cards.


How would you feel upon receiving a flower from one of the participants of Connecting Singles? It is such a pretty thing. Thus, you can send a flower to others. You can also pick a greeting from an extended list available on the site. If you like, you can craft your own compliments to send to whoever you want.


If, at any instance, you love creating or answering polls, this feature is meant for you. It is time to enjoy it on Connecting Singles.


Another great element is video upload that lets you share videos. You can as well comment on other members’ items. It is a feature that you could leverage anytime you deem right. Get the videos you have meant or gotten from YouTube and post them on your page. Other participants will check them and may leave some comments.


On Connecting Singles, there is a birthday list that reveals the members who are celebrating birthdays during that week. You could wish or send them good thoughts, which can be excellent ice-breakers as well.

Singles Events

Events are another great way to improve your experience on Connecting Singles. You can attend a meeting created by another user. Or you can arrange your own and invite fellow members for a meetup. The location and date are some of the details you must reveal. Also, consider choosing an address that is convenient for a large number of guests.

Articles, games, rating photos, profile reviews, poetry, and quizzes are other important perks that you can try out. There are also forums where you could get to know more individuals, link with one another, and even discuss issues pertaining to sex and other topics.

Help & Support

Help & Support

In most instances, members may get stuck while using some of the features. Also, you may have problems with logging in or, perhaps, your profile. The best thing to do is to contact the customer care team. The Connecting Singles customer support is very swift and employs professionalism in everything that concerns their clients. Getting help is easy, and you will not be forced to wait for days to get a response.



Is Connecting Singles Safe?

It is safe to utilize the Connecting Singles website. No scammers or bot-operated accounts. If you are to chat, you will do so with real humans. And the site cross-checks all profiles to make sure they are real.

Is Connecting Singles a Real Dating Site?

Connecting Singles is a real matchmaking platform. A lot of people have found love here. Don’t miss the chance to be among those lucky ones!

How to Use Connecting Singles?

To use this platform, you must create an account of the best quality to attract potential matches. You should then provide more info about yourself so that other interested parties can get to know you better before reaching out.

You can search for matches anytime you want and pick the one you find suitable. Whenever you are not looking for a partner, you can leverage the numerous features to improve your experience.

Is Connecting Singles Free?

Yes. It is absolutely free to use Connecting Singles.

Does Connecting Singles Really Work?

Connecting Singles works perfectly. Many people have given positive reviews on how they have benefited from this website.



Those who have been looking for a free dating site have a place to fulfill their fantasies. Connecting Singles is here to stay. It is dedicated to giving all users the best matches ever. Apart from the usual dating activities, you can also spend more time availing of the various features, for example such feature like in music dating sites. It is not time to just sit somewhere doing a lot of nothing. Join this site to enjoy flirting, and games, poetry, blogs, reading of articles, and participating in forums.

Do not worry about your safety since there is a team that works on that daily. All profiles are thoroughly scrutinized to guarantee that you will be flirting with real people. You can get all kinds of relationships on this platform. If you are trying to get a quick hook-up, this is the place to be. Anyone looking for a long relationship that could even lead to the two walking down the aisle is still possible on Connecting Singles. Join today, and you will never regret your decision.

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