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Hater Review – what do we know about it?

Hater Review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Searches for best dating matches not by appearance, but the relation to stuff and events
  • Available to all users as it is free
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Provides quick registration options
  • Presents a wide audience of users whom it is likely to have a good match
  • Has a fit and intuitive interface
  • Fast and expert support team
  • No fake users
  • Need to improve the search filter matches
  • You can send one direct message in 12 hours to a user who is not your match
  • Ability to add a limited number of photos

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The Hater app broke into the Internet dating environment at the start of 2017. This mobile service has become something fresh for users who are used to relying on certain features to make their choice. The new application has changed the world of virtual dating and suggested a new alternative for discovering people close to their attitudes. Hater made it possible for the seekers to hunt for a pair by what they hate. We must say that this idea worked, and the application has won its audience. Originator Brendan Alper intimated that it might be more natural for people to discover similar interests based on commonly hated topics. This concept worked. It turned out that shared views on matters that somebody doesn’t like or are annoying could bring people together. In a dating application, users can find 4,000 of these topics today and create their own.

How Does Hater Work?

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

To start hunting for your potential match, you will require getting this mobile application on your phone. The Hater app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play. It is available for everyone who seeks for a hookup for free. There are real-life user reviews that are happily handling this service and are ready to share their experience. It is also available as a website. After registering, creating, and filling out your profile, you are ready to run it. The working principle of the Hater app is manageable and convenient for use and understanding. The system extends plenty of topics for the user’s reaction. Once you and the other user complete a match, you can swap messages and establish the contact. You can also send a message once every 12 hours for non-matching users.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

The problem of the simplicity of the registration process in the application is relevant for users and the app owners. Its reputation and the number of current users depend on this issue! The Hater service coped with it. The application submits options of registration for its potential users. Most utmost will like the chance of registering in with a Facebook account. Just log in with your account on the social network, and half of the task is done. This is the fastest and secure way to improve your day now. The second alternative is to register using your phone number. This will take more time and require additional effort on your part. The principal data about you will not be imported automatically, and you will need to fill it in the profile. The user can add five photos and indicate gender favorites to interact.

What About Design and Usability?

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

The Hater app has a simple, user-friendly, intuitive, and cute design. The user is immersing in the process of finding matches of personalities who hate the same things from the first seconds of running the application. The product is not oppressed with user information or pictures but has a basic mattering list of data for obtaining a possible partner. Millennials will enjoy the design and capacities of this service – finding a partner feeling the same hates 🙂 The interface of this application is similar to Tinder. Users are offered to scroll candidates left and right, depending on the eventuality of feelings on the topic and make a match. But the highlight is that you need to estimate not the appearance of the candidate, but hated objects, events, or circumstances.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Create your profile in the Hater mobile app to see people with equal hates like yours. If you joined the app using your Facebook account, then primary information about your age, gender, the location was imported automatically. If registration took place with a phone number, then you will need to put this data. Add your photo, which will be exposed as the main one in your profile. Add your four best images more. Only the first name of the user is shown in this application. Compatibility matches are stated in percentages. You can find your potentials at the bottom of your phone screen. If you click on the number of percentages of the user, then you will have a list of the most hated topics of this user. It is possible to search for matches both across the USA & Canada and globally. The design of the profile is clear and easy to use. The set of potential matches and your emotional comfort depends on how thoroughly you fill out your profile.

The Mobile Application

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

As you already know, the Hater service is created as a mobile application and has a website. It is free and is available from Google Play or Apple App Store and can be installed on your phone just in a couple of clicks. That provides many advantages to users. To start your communication around the world, you will need a smartphone and Internet access only. Besides, you will stay mobile and won’t be obliged to stay in a specific place to access your profile. It is one of the most valuable principles when choosing a particular service today. While traveling, standing in a traffic jam on the highway, or having dinner in a cafe, you can run the Hater dating app service, and spend your time enjoyably. You won’t miss a single match, because of push notifications informing you on time. This is a great tool for daily communication, getting up-to-date information about potential matches and interactions with other people.

Safety & Security

When we talk about communication and dating through a global web, you should always keep in mind the security issues of personal information. The Hater service appreciates its users and takes the necessary measures to protect, collect, use, and not to distribute personal data to the third parties. All your personal information that you give us access to is required for us to improve the quality of service and user support. It cannot be used to the harm of the user or provided to third parties. Our service does everything necessary to ensure that your data is safe. But it is also worth noting that no one can be secure from cyberattacks, which can cause information leakage. Be careful and cautious of the information that you put in the public domain and share it with other users. We use all our capabilities to ensure the safety of your data. You have the right to add and change the information in your profile based on the relevance of personal data.

Pricing and Benefits

The Hater app is free and recommended to use for people who have reached the age of 18 and above. This service is built for people and has the ultimate purpose of communication, interaction, and the alliance of people of different countries, social affiliations through the stuff they hate. Being free is an absolute benefit for users who have financial limitations or are not yet sure that such an application might be interesting for them.

Help & Support

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

When using a mobile application or a website, the user expects to get the most high-grade assistance ever. Speaking about this dating service, we can say for sure that it has such support. The support service is working accurately and gives out the maximum that it is capable of. The users can be sure if necessary, they can ask for help. It will be provided as soon as possible and in the most expert way. The Hater Support Team is your trusted personal assistant, open to questions and advice. You can contact them with any problems regarding the operation and functionality of the application, as well as suggestions for improving the service. You can count on quick and qualified help and support.


What is a hater?

Hater is a mobile app for searching and discovering people with common hates.

Are Hater & Tinder are the same apps?

No, these are two different applications for dating people. Tinder focuses on appearance features. Hater relies on hate matches for stuff.

How long has the app been running?

This mobile app was launched in February 2017.

What is the age group of users?

The application is for people from 18 years and above.

What is the monthly usage rate price?

The app is free.

How can I download the app?

You can take it on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Can I use it for iOS?

Yes, you can. The application can be used for iOS and Android.

How can I have an account here?

There are two registration options – with your Facebook account and by phone number.

Can I find matches around the world?

Yes, you can look for hate matches across the country and globally.

Is Hater Safe?

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

The security problem of any resource is an essential aspect today, especially when it comes to the mobile app, which assists as a place for interaction and dating. The Hater app matches people of different communities, generations, social status, and faith through their mutual hates and passions. Using a mobile app to hunt for new relationships, you need to understand that people are diverse. It is impossible to be absolutely sure that the person who became your hate match is perfect. But you can always protect yourself if you are concerned about keeping and sharing your personal information. Another issue is the risk of loss or unwanted splitting of personal data. If you follow the simplest rules of interaction on the web, then you will not have similar problems. The Hater team is using the best of its skills to make this application cool, effective, and safe for users.

Is Hater a Real Dating Site?

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

Among the FAQ, one can find the mystery of whether this app is a real dating site. This amazing resource can actually be called before-mentioned. After all, people who get familiarized with this mobile app have every chance to proceed with their relationship in real life and grow it fast. If traditional dating applications focus users on their appearance, and this is the main choice point of a potential partner. The Hater app made a stunning surprise and suggested evaluating the possibility of a potential relationship through an attitude for ordinary stuff. As it turned out, people are similar in feelings regarding different phenomena and things, which are confirmed by the number of hated topics in the app. It helps to be on the same wavelength and find mutual topics for interaction. Therefore, yes, this is a real dating app that will achieve its social function.

How to Use Hater?

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

This mobile app is accessible and easy to use because it was developed for people! If you decide to give a chance for this application, then go ahead and get it on your phone! Download the Hater and log in using your mobile phone or Facebook account. Then you will need to take time to fill out your profile and determine what you hate and love most. When it’s done, you are ready to start. Run the Hater app and immense into a stream of like-minded people. Swipe left and right for your likings. You will see the most successful matches at the bottom of the screen of your phone. Remember that you can also initiate contact with a user who is not your match. The app provides the occasion to send one message once in 12 hours and give them a chance! If you need help, you can contact the support team to get the remedy.

Is Hater Free?

Hater Review - what do we know about it?

Although most dating applications have restricted free functionality and usually ask for a certain amount per month, the Hater app is not like that. This mobile app is free and does not require any additional or hidden fees for its installation and usage. This is the position at the time of writing this review. So if you feel like trying, do not waste your time and do not postpone this undertaking for a long time.

Is Hater Really Works?

Make use of all the openings the life gives you. Especially it is the right way if you are ready to get new acquaintances, friendships, or a sex partner. You never know where you will find it. According to various researches, people find it easier to start communicating online. It is almost anonymous and safe. You can always end a conversation or stop an obscure contact in a couple of clicks. Hater is your windfall because it is already offering a lot of topics to set contact. One thing is certain; this is a great place to find like-minded personalities. And perhaps today your match will turn out to be not just a friend, but something more!


Hater Review - what do we know about it?

Summing up our review about an amazing hate-based mobile dating app, you have to agree that the idea of estimating events, ideas, and stuff is awesome. Until now, people have been judged by appearance only, and many feeling uncute just did not have a chance. Hater dispersed this problem and changed the situation. Your match is already having the same hate or love for usual stuff like you do. And this is incredible! If not so far, you have had only negative background using traditional dating apps. You are likely to get a positive experience! This dating app is definitely worth your attention and time spent. Using it once, you might find friends of interest, at least. You do not have any risk of failing with money, security, or emotions. After all, a positive outcome of the case is for you. If you are a lonely heart and desire for sharing and love, then the Hater mobile app should be on your to-do list for the near future!

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