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Chatstep review – what do we know about it?

Chatstep review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatstep is a FREE online chat platform used for dating purposes.
  • The site has five million members around the world and logs about 200,000 users per month.
  • Chatsteps requires very minimal information during registration and provides an option for either a registered account or complete anonymity in joining chatrooms. Of course, there are differences in the features of each type of registration. However, both can be used for active participation in chats.
  • Chatsteps protects its members from unscrupulous characters by weeding these out early on in the registration process. Now all users are required to create accounts with an appropriate photo to prove authenticity or mitigate fake sign-ups. Furthermore, the moderators are on constant watch for suspicious behavior to prevent any untoward incidents from occurring.
  • The interface is clean, bright, uncluttered, very user-friendly, and is easy to navigate. The operation is straightforward and highly intuitive that at times seem automatic in response.
  • Although it does not have a dedicated mobile app, Chatstep is accessible via the mobile device’s browser.
  • Since the chatrooms are created with specific interests and purposes, the members or users joining those rooms have primarily the same beliefs. As such, they would maintain an amicable exchange of views. That is an inherent safety mechanism employed by the developers of Chatstep to mitigate conflicts, arguments, and fights in the chatrooms.
  • Registration only requires very little information, especially the anonymous sign-up option.
  • Searches are difficult to make as a lot of Chatstep users are anonymous users.
  • Since anonymous users’ activities are challenging to monitor, the possibility of ghosting is very high.
  • Chatstep does not have a dedicated mobile app

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Chatstep is an online chat platform that was one of the first of its kind in the dating scene several years ago. Due to its user-friendly interface and customizable rules, it was very popular as a venue for creating chatrooms for specific concerns and pursuits.

Chatstep is still prevalent in India and the US nowadays, although it is technically present in other countries such as Germany and the UK. Users from India are very active in chatroom creations. You can see all the flag labels (denoting the nationality of the room creator) visible in the list of available public chatrooms. Since all chatrooms have proper identification and description, users can join a particular room with their interest or pursuit.

Once you are in a chatroom, you will notice all individuals who have entered that room and have opted to stay. A circle next to each username shows whether the user is currently active or not. A green circle denotes being online, and a blank is inactive. However, green circles do not mean the users are chatting, as they could just be observing, with some leaving after only a few minutes. The flexibility to exit chatrooms easily is advantageous if you realize the content is not to your liking.

In cases where you enter a chatroom and encounter an abusive user, you can always leave the room immediately and block the offending party. You can also report the chatroom to the moderators, who will then investigate the room at once.

It currently has five million members, with as much as 200,000 users per month. The membership’s composition is 40% female + 60% male.

Now if we look at the age demographics of Chatstep, 40% of the total chatroom users fall under 14-18 years old, 20% of regular visitors are 18-25 years old, 15% of total users are between 25-35 years old, another 15% belong to the 35-45-year-old group, and only 10% are aged above 45 years.

The figures clearly show that most of the users are minors, and most, if not all, have anonymous access. That fact was taken advantage of by unsavory characters, who themselves joined in via anonymous channels to enter the membership base.

Chatstep review - what do we know about it?

How does Chatstep work?

Chatstep is a costless online chat platform that allows users to create either as a registered member or an anonymous account. Each type of account has unique characteristics related to access Chatstep’s three fundamental features:

Public Room

Public rooms are accessible to both anonymous and registered users. The only distinction being, as a listed user, you must physically exit the chatroom when you are done with it permanently. Anonymous users merely have to close the tab to exit the room permanently.

Join room

Users who have registered can access chatrooms if they have the room’s name or a password set for the particular chatroom they want to join.

Create Room

This feature is only available for users with registered accounts. You have the option to set your chatroom as a clean room or allow adult or explicit content and information in the room.

Moreover, you can also establish the chatroom’s category. There are three to choose from; a “Friendly group focuses on social interests and communities, “Image being a photo-oriented room, and “Fantasy for exploration and role-playing. When you create a chatroom, you have to indicate its description and set the room’s guidelines. This information will be available for all users intending to join the chatroom. In case you set a password, you have the option to share it with whoever you want to enter and access your room.

How does Chatstep work?

Registration – is it easy?

Chatstep offers two alternatives for joining and accessing chatrooms on their site. Users can choose to have a registered account or be anonymous. When you want the latter, you have to select a chatroom from an existing public chat room list. After choosing one, you then nominate a username, confirm your agreement to the site’s Terms and Conditions, and enter the chatroom you have chosen. You also have the option of creating a password that will allow you to re-enter the chatroom anytime. When you are done, simply exit the tab to leave the chatroom. That would automatically delete your chat activity records.

If you prefer a registered account, you can create one by providing a username, an email address, a nominated password, and take the CAPTCHA challenge. Chatstep will send a verification link to your email to activate your account. Being a listed user, you can establish your chatroom, which you can then set as private or public. That also means you have to click the “leave the room” button (located on the menu bar, left of the screen) when you want to exit the chatroom permanently.

Chatstep Registration - is it easy?

What about design and usability?

Chatstep’s interface is clean, uncluttered, and straightforward. It is very user-friendly and has intuitive features that allow for ease of navigation. When you log in, a redirect screen immediately pops up that displays the three main functions: Public, Join, or Create. Selecting any of these optional features takes you to the corresponding page or screen so you can input the required information to accomplish your intended action. One negative aspect of this automatic redirection is that some functions (Logout, My Settings, and Help) on the side menu become inaccessible. However, you can access these functions later on after you have joined a chatroom. Otherwise, you have to be fast enough to click on them before any of the pop-up dashboards appear.

The chatrooms are very simple and straightforward to use. You can quickly tell who sent a particular text message by the colors representing the user/sender. The messages also arrive with a very audible “ding. Should you prefer not to have a sound, you can disable the notification feature.

The site allows the sharing of images or pictures: simply drag a photo from any source and put it in the chat window.

Chatstep What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

Since only a few necessary information is required during registration (for both anonymous and registered accounts), you will see only the username appearing on the chat screen. Photos are optional, and the anonymous users don’t post pictures at all. Also, maintaining profiles is not a strict requirement to be able to create and join chatrooms; an account provides user access to share files. The profile tab indicates all the chatrooms created or entered by a user.

The mobile application

Chatstep does not have a mobile app, but the site is accessible through the mobile device’s browser. All the features are intact and fully functional, so you continue to experience its benefits.

Chatstep Let's talk about profile quality

Safety & security

Chatstep’s registration, although effortless, has some semblance of security. Both anonymous and registered accounts pass through the confirmation of the Terms and Conditions that signify understanding and acceptance of the membership rules. The registered account has two steps more, as it requires applicants to go through the CAPTCHA challenge to make sure they are humans and not bots. The next step is the email verification, wherein the website sends an activation link to the email address you have nominated earlier.

Chatstep does not store or keep any information, image, conversation logs, or any kind of data in its servers. The site’s development team reiterates that their servers are not capable of reading usernames, images, or messages. Furthermore, the site does not have any cookies, user tracking, google analytics, temporary copies of images, and user tracking devices.

Moderators are continuously monitoring chat activities on the site to avoid untoward incidents from recurring. More importantly, the latest versions of the dating platform, all users are required to create an account complete with profile info and picture for proper identification. Non-compliance with these rules will deny any user access to or develop chatrooms, as well as join the app itself.

When using the chatroom and encounter a suspicious or offensive user, you can report that particular username to the administrators. That will then trigger an investigation of both the user and the chatroom. In this specific case, anonymity provides a sense of safety to the particular user.

Chatstep Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Chatstep is free! There are no ambiguities or primary membership status with limited access to features. There are no monthly fees for upgrades to access features that you should have been provided in the first place. You have only one account to create and maintain for free that gives you access to Chatsteps chatrooms. Lastly, Chatstep does not have in-app purchases.

Help & support

Chatsteps maintains a dedicated Help and Support team comprising professional individuals ready to serve each member’s concerns. They are continually monitoring all the site activities and operations, always on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. The team is prepared to intervene in any signs of illicit activities, or infractions against the Terms and Conditions clause that all users confirmed during registration.

Chatstep Pricing and benefits


Is Chatstep safe?

Yes, it is. Chatstep developers have put additional security measures to prevent the repeat of untoward incidents in the future. They assure the public that Chatstep does not, in any way, store or keep any form of data, communications logs, or images in their servers that can be compromised by unscrupulous characters. Furthermore, they also maintain 24/7 monitoring of user activities to protect the system and its members.

Is Chatstep a real dating site?

Yes, it is. Chatstep pioneered the dating aspect of chatting platforms and kept that feature alive in its current operations worldwide. The five million members can surely attest to that.

How to use Chatstep?

When you sign up with Chatstep, you get a free account that allows you to join, or in some cases, create chatrooms that have specific purposes or interests of its members. Once in the chatrooms, you can develop close relationships that could eventually lead to a romantic affair.

How to use Chatstep?

Is Chatstep free?

Yes, it is. Chatstep allows you to create a free account that can be used to join various chatrooms. In some cases, you can even create a new chatroom with your purposes, interests, as well as members. All these features are yours, free of charge.

Chatstep does not have in-app purchases or hidden charges. It will not require you to pay monthly fees for membership upgrades.

Does Chatstep work?

Yes, it does. Chatstep, five million membership base, can attest to its functionality and authenticity. Furthermore, the time-tested method of using chat venues or platforms to meet people and develop relationships is a useful tool in dating. Hence, Chatstep was able to take advantage of this and continue offering its services to members.

Is Chatstep free?


Chatstep, being a veteran in the arena of dating via chat platform, gives it an edge over other similar venues. Its five million-strong membership base spread across the world keep it at par with other dating sites. Also, its 200,000 users-per-month activity shows that the site is very much alive and into the game.

The anonymous access to various chat platforms is easily the most popular feature of Chatstep that attracts most of its users. Also, the ability of registered members to create their chatrooms comes in at a very close second.

The simple yet functional design of Chatstep interface allows for a user-friendly experience and easy navigation.

The developers made it clear that Chatstep servers do not store data in any way, shape, or form. The site’s moderators are also monitoring user activities 24/7 to detect any unusual or suspicious behavior. Any infraction against the member-confirmed Terms and Conditions clause will warrant a quick and decisive sanction by the website administrators.

While Chatstep is primarily a website-based chat platform, it does not have a dedicated mobile app. With that said, the site is still accessible via the mobile device’s browser and maintains all features present in the website variant.

All in all, Chatstep’s features and functions have kept it useful in the realm of dating via chat platforms. Despite the hurdles and difficulties that the website has gone through, Chatstep has been able to maintain a considerable number of members internationally.

The website’s implication in the recent unfortunate case is a regrettable incident that everyone did not expect. Fake or unscrupulous characters can still elude the best of security measures that most, if not all, websites put in place.

At this point, we would still recommend Chatstep as a viable dating venue utilizing chat platforms.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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Louise LouisaNyman
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The dating website is easy, and direction-finding is a breeze. We use an ample number of issues and information for users that appear appealing to myself. In fact, i really do delight in located on this web site. I couldn't come across my favorite current friend till now. Nonetheless, I stumbled upon multiple wondering individuals to correspond with. Personally I think no-cost and comfortable while talking to these people. I suggest this website to everyone who's looking close company, no matter the kind of union.
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