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XCheaters Review – What do we Know about It?

XCheaters Review – What do we Know about It?
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Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 45%
Popular Age 26-29
Profiles 1 220 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration 1 month
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast and easy registration for a free account
  • Plenty of cheaters in your local area
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Check out cheaters that are online and reach out to flirt
  • People are looking for hookups, not long-term relationships
  • Good value with a paid subscription
  • The free version has too many fake accounts
  • The free version is not suitable for new users
  • The free version is not suitable for new users
  • The free version sends automated fake messages to your account
  • The free version is just an advert to entice you to purchase a subscription

Are you looking to hookup with other horny individuals? XCheaters is the dating site you’re looking for online. This website has plenty of other people near you looking for some adult fun. As the name implies, most people on this site are cheating on their spouse or partner.

Most users are looking for a fresh take on their stale relationship, and they’re willing to find other people who are open-minded and willing to hook up on the side. As soon as you log on to the site, it looks and feels like other adult hookup websites, such as Adult Friend Finder.

The site caters to individuals all over the world, with almost 2-million global members. There are tens of thousands of people online at any time on this platform. This website is strictly for people that are looking to hookup. There’s no room for talking about your feeling s and long term relationships with users on this platform.

Let’s unpack the offering from XCheaters. We’ll see if they offer a value-for-money service, or if it’s a scam.

How Does XCheaters Work?

XCheaters Review

XCheaters is a standalone website, and there are no mobile apps available for this site. The desktop interface is almost identical to Adult Friend Finder, and we get the feeling that the original development team for AFF must have something to do with this platform.

The company operates out of a Cyprus address in a tax haven where they keep your membership fees locked away from tax authorities’ prying eyes. It’s entirely legal to use the site, and they have servers in countries all over the world. With nearly 2-million members, there’s sure to be thousands of users in your city, wherever you are.

As a single, you have a few ways to hook up with others in the real world. You can go to a bar or a club hoping to find a partner and get lucky. That’s a long shot, and it’s hit and miss at best. With XCheaters, you have a much better chance of finding people that want to fool around. There’s no need to meet up, and then start flirting.

With the XCheaters platform, you do all your flirting and qualifying online through your account. You don’t have to waste hours at a bar, and hundreds of dollars on drinks to find out if this person wants to get laid.

Instead, you can reach out to contacts on XCheaters, qualify them, and then add them to your favorites lists. Build your personalized dating circuit with all the cute guys or girls you want, and then rotate through them whenever you’re feeling horny.

Whether you’re cheating on your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, XCheaters has plenty of horny people looking to satisfy your sexual needs.

Registration – Is it Really Easy?

XCheaters Registration

Registering on XCheaters is fast and easy. When you land on the site, it immediately presents you with a registration box. To sign up for the site, you’ll have to enter your email address and select a password. The site also wants to know your birthday to ensure that you’re the platform’s right age.

After filling all that data, click to accept the terms and conditions. After registration, you go through to your dashboard, where you have your account settings.

Start your journey on the platform by building your profile. You can add images to your account, write a bio, and start browsing for other cheaters that match your preference.

You can adjust your profile information to include your physical description (height, weight, hair, and eye color) in your account details. You al have the option of completing a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes, such as smoking and drinking habits, and what you like to do for fun.

Registration is a walk in the park, and you’ll be browsing others in your area in minutes, setting up hookups with people that are only a few minutes away from your current location.

What about Design and Usability?

XCheaters Design and Usability

As mentioned earlier, the design and layout of the XCheaters site are similar to the Adult Friend Finder site. The navigation and themes all look the same, and it’s easy to mistake the site as just another AFF clone.

The free registration on this site is a plus for most people that want to try and get a hookup for free. However, the reality is that any site that offers free registration is a target for trolls and criminals. We recommend avoiding this service unless you’re willing to pay for the upgrade to a premium account.

If you stick with a free account, you can expect fake accounts to contact you on the first day. The fake accounts are generally scammers looking to extort money out of you. For instance, they’ll tell you that they have your IP address, and they’ll email your wife about your use of the site.

All these scammers are a waste of time, and we suggest you avoid any interaction with them. Report any scammers to the admin team, and they’ll take care of the issue.

The overall design and usability of the site are good. There’s easy navigation through profiles, and you can surf through your search results quickly. The search options and advanced search options allow you to filter your search results to find the perfect partner.

You can filter your results by age, body type, lifestyle habits, and much more. This site’s user-friendly functionality is hard to beat, and it’s easy to use the dashboard and tools on the site.

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

XCheaters Talk about Profile Quality

The XCheaters platform has a user-friendly design and layout, with three columns on display. The left column shows your recent activity showing how many people and profiles you liked in your last session, how many profiles you visited, how many people viewed your profile in the previous 24-hours, and how many new matches you have.

The center column takes up the most screen real estate, featuring a timeline of your updates from other users on the platform. You can post your updates from the center column and communicate with other accounts.

The right-side column hosts the “quick match” function, hosting user profiles that XCheaters recommends based on the preferences you lay out in your user profile when setting up your account. The platform’s algorithm also takes note of profiles you like, and then includes this data in its search results.

Below the main window, you have two more selections. The first highlights those members currently using the platform, and the other displays new users to the site. You’ll find the search function and the discovery features for your dashboard and the platform on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

The search module is somewhat underpowered, and we think it’s rather lightweight when you compare it to what’s on offer at other dating sites.

You’ll get better results with your searches if you decide to customize your profile. Adding more detail to your profile helps the algorithm find the right matches to suit your preferences. However, it’s important to note that there are nude photos and explicit content on this suite from some users.

The Mobile Application

XCheaters Mobile Application

Unfortunately, XCheaters is only available as a desktop client, and there is no mobile app available in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

We think this is missing functionality for this website. Including a mobile-friendly platform would improve the user experience and better control the program and your account from any location.

Safety & Security

When you’re talking about cheating on your significant other, you want to know that the site you’re using takes security precautions. The last thing you need is for your partner to find out you’ve been sleeping with other people behind their backs.

Fortunately, XCheaters ensures that it doesn’t share any of your data to third parties. They also operate an SSL certificate on the site for end-to-end encryption on all communications on the site. However, if you’re using a free account on this site, you’re going to find plenty of scammers and fraudsters looking to take advantage of you.

Never send anyone money that you meet on a dating site, regardless of the story they give you. The biggest issue with this site is not the design or build or the security protocols – it’s how you use the site. We would go as far as to say signing up for a free account on XCheaters isn’t worth the hassle. You’ll receive constant bombardment from fake accounts that do nothing but waste your time.

However, the premium upgrade is worth the money. The additional functionality is fantastic, and you get much more out of the site.

Pricing and Benefits

XCheaters Pricing and Benefits

As mentioned, you can sign up with XCheaters for free. The signup process takes a few minutes, and you’ll have a profile ready to go in less than five. However, the free version of this site is useless. There are too many fake accounts, and you’re probably going to fall for some sort of scam if you’ve never used a dating site before.

We recommend that you bite the bullet and sign up for the subscription plan right away. You’ll find that the subscription service offers you plenty of extra features and functionality, and you’ll get plenty of hookups.

XCheaters offers your subscriptions in the following categories.

  • One-month membership $29.95
  • Three-month membership $59.95
  • Six-month membership $99.95

As you can see, there’s some serious benefit in going for an extended membership. A 6-month subscription gets you in at half the standard monthly membership rate.

You can pay for your membership using your credit or debit card, and the site accepts PayPal payments as well.

Overall, the premium is a good value for money, and you’ll find plenty of cheaters in your local area that is willing to hook up for a bit of adult fun.

Help & Support

XCheaters Help & Support

XCheaters doesn’t run any form of live chat support. There’s no support chat function, and everything works through a central FAQ page of the site. Click on the help icon in the website’s footer, and you get access to the page.

There’s a list of helpful FAQs to guide you on your next step to solve your problem with the platform. From what we can see, there’s no way to reach the admin team, other than from within the app, and that message system has a slow response.

If you need billing support, follow the links on the FAQ page, and a member of the admin team will get back to you. We recommend that you ensure that you turn off your automatic rebilling in your account to avoid a rebilling of your account when your subscription expires.


By now, you should have a good idea of what to expect when signing up for the XCheaters platform. On the one hand, with a membership, you’ll get plenty of hookups. One the other hand, a free account can get you in trouble.

In this section, we’ll go over some more information relevant to your decision to open an account on this platform.

Is XCheaters Safe?

XCheaters is a safe site. It operates with an SSL certificate and encrypts all communications. There’s no chance of hackers intercepting your data on thins platform, so it covers your cybersecurity needs. However, operating on the platform isn’t as safe. Free accounts will have to deal with fake accounts and plenty of scammers.

Is XCheaters a Real Dating Site?

Yes. This site is for married individuals or people in relationships that are looking to cheat on their partner. They aren’t looking for a relationship, and they don’t want to go out to the movies with you. This site is for hooking up, and most of the people on the website are only interested in short-term flings with you.

It’s important to note that you may not share any information on the site on your social platforms.

How to Use XCheaters?

Using XCheaters is easy. You visit the site using a VPN to protect your IP address and then register your account. The algorithm searches the platform for users that match your qualifying criteria and presents them in your search results. You have the option to reach out to your matches, and start flirting.

Is XCheaters Free?

Yes, and no. The site does offer free signup. However, when you open a free account, you’ll experience plenty of fake accounts contacting you. As a free member, you can’t read any of these messages, and it’s frustrating.

As a result, you’re likely to upgrade. However, when you upgrade, you’ll find that the communications are just many spam messages. The premium version is the only way to go with this app, and we feel you’re wasting your time with the free version.

Does XCheaters Really Work?

Yes, XCheaters puts you in touch with cheaters in your area. There are thousands of people in your city right now, waiting to cheat on their partner. Maybe you want to find someone else to cheat on, or perhaps you’re into having sex with married people. Whatever your preference, XCheaters has it all.


XCheaters Conclusion

To wrap up our review of XCheaters, we have to say that this site is of great value for a 6-month membership. We recommend signing up straight away if you’re looking for horny hookups with married people in your area. It might surprise you to find how many people in your city are cheating on their partners.

However, we recommend you avoid going with the free option. The freebie is a waste of time, and you’ll have to deal with scammers and fraudsters trying to take your money. However, signing up for the premium version gets rid of all this noise, and you’ll have the chance to start meeting real cheaters in your area.

If we had to rate XCheaters on a scale of 10, we give them a solid 8/10 for the number of users, users’ availability, and the platform design – just stay away from the free version.

Are you looking to hookup with other horny individuals? XCheaters is the dating site you’re looking for online. This website has plenty of other people near you looking for some adult fun. As the name implies, most people on this site are cheating on their spouse or partner.

Most users are looking for a fresh take on their stale relationship, and they’re willing to find other people who are open-minded and willing to hook up on the side. As soon as you log on to the site, it looks and feels like other adult hookup websites, such as Adult Friend Finder.

The site caters to individuals all over the world, with almost 2-million global members. There are tens of thousands of people online at any time on this platform. This website is strictly for people that are looking to hookup. There’s no room for talking about your feeling s and long term relationships with users on this platform.

Let’s unpack the offering from XCheaters. We’ll see if they offer a value-for-money service, or if it’s a scam.

Ryan Grover
Ryan Grover
Ryan Grover
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Michelle Wilson
by Michelle Wilson Jan 10, 2022
This particular service captured my favorite interest. We favored their build and order. We examined the ins and outs back at my Android-powered tablet, and anything am fine. I believe like a duck to waters on this site. Largely, You will find a bit of fun on line, compliment of a massive crowd with an optimistic personality towards romance and relations. Are you looking for just love-making? Welcome. Do you really want laid-back relationship? You'll line up plenty of possibilities. Might you beginning associations? Is their chances. I assume everything is feasible on this particular system.
Paul Stevenson
by Paul Stevenson Jan 05, 2022
I adore this application. I feel peaceful and harmonized whenever using their instruments and producing joints along with community customers. I've a great deal a lot of fun and recreation, stay safe and protected, and don't become way too pink if I cannot prepare another cellphone owner to love myself immediately. That is all we're able to ever wish for, actually it?
by Kaylen Jan 03, 2022
As a result of this site for conference a lot of extraordinary folks. Currently, any time women and men are extremely busy as well as have no time to note romantics as a border, it is challenging to hit you to definitely get top quality time together. However, because of this web site, referring correct. It's a time-saving and simple way to get times and enjoy lifetime.
by James Dec 24, 2021
Five performers for its build and navigation. The structure allows us to receive any option in another and revel in communication without changing through confounding link and keys. This basically means, this dating internet site makes it possible to start with everyone instead of the web site itself. I have already got a superb listing of good friends and take pleasure in every instant of our sign on.
Felicia Brown
by Felicia Brown Dec 22, 2021
I've recently been thinking for quite a while before you sign up for this purpose assistance. Consequently, I made a decision to try, and I also've never ever seemed right back. I have some couples to chat with, and I also fancy checking kinds. There are various very hot folks and interesting individuality on this website! I like every moment of passing time there and anticipate to select my perfect fit.
by Clarissa Dec 19, 2021
Later I commemorate my 1st ninety days with someone I've found within the dating internet site. It is often a wonderful time period. Like many more daters, in so far as I study within recommendations, an enormous range matches will not be bombing our membership. But this individual, I stumbled onto among various other tips, got extremely remarkable and appeared suitable to your specifications. We winked and have like in response. Most people communicated on the internet for a time to make sure the two of us address actual individuals that search for online dating. Today, we're some. Absolutely nothing severe since I have have actuallyn't deactivated my own accounts so far. Continue to, who could say what is going to watch for you the next day.
by BECKER Dec 16, 2021
I personally use this application very often after I would you like to talk or satisfy somebody to invest a fantastic efforts jointly. Recently, I've got simple primary go out, and also it ended up being remarkable. Before seeing friends in reality, all of us spoke and found several popular abstraction, which means out preferences, private attributes, or some passions. Perhaps, our internet based love continues important for our successful real-time time. Most people continuously communicate on the net and certainly will go out this weekend. I don't make blueprints and then try to be happy now. This site served most.
by Morgan Dec 08, 2021
Signing up for this dating internet site would be the great thing that previously happened to me within my romantic life. However, I'm small and maybe not so experienced as much other senior daters. Anyway, simple impressions were good. A variety of very hot consumers on this site! Sometimes, we also don't deliver information but simply savor images. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into informal matchmaking at the moment. I think it's slightly ahead of time to me to commit to someone. I adore experiments and continue your eyesight available. I'm always willing to take to something new in matchmaking, and this also site will help a great deal in recognizing your goals and wishes.
Margaret Williams
by Margaret Williams Nov 30, 2021
This app was true, and I'm support proof of their performance. I cannot whine regarding this software due to the fact gave me the hottest times with my daily life. Thus, I've very happy to enlist they and also a great deal enjoyable. Definitely, there are maybe not become without not successful fits, but I do think this really is very an all natural procedure. You cannot obtain it all in a second, and a few weeks of texting is generally necessary to organize a meetup.
by Aleyna Nov 25, 2021
Really love this particular service. We made plans meet up with visitors for a coffee as well as a celebration. I do believe they has gone very well. I have perhaps not opted however in regards to the then schedules, but I'm to my way to find the one that will be actually special. Okay, want me good fortune, everyone else.
Kathy Leonard
by Kathy Leonard Nov 23, 2021
Close provider all standpoints. I experienced a lot of positive and negative feedback formerly, many people also bust our cardio. I'm 46, and it's quite difficult in my situation to get to know consumers web for internet dating. This app renders anything intuitive and all-natural. As soon as I stumbled upon they for starters, I found myself grateful to discover a great number of available suggestions and a pleasant-looking program. I love these types of a strategy and, besides, I feel risk-free there. We don't have excessive connections because I'm busy in my life. I like to make my favorite mall inner group, this website provides all chances for cozy communication.
by Dion Nov 19, 2021
I was truly shocked ascertain these a versatile romance app. I've become signed up for a year previously. After numerous mediocre schedules, I recently found my perfect fit. It just happened a few months before, and we're nonetheless feel happy together. I'm not looking beyond that at the moment. Nevertheless, I am going to be pleased if our connections create. So for now, I'm pleased and wish to give you thanks to this particular application for bringing united states jointly.
by Grønning Nov 14, 2021
Simple skills on this site is terrific. Personally I think totally comfortable whenever using it and texting several people. Needed keeps a great complex good quality, and all websites, films, and pictures fill smooth and trouble-free. I could arranged a variety of screens, so this inspires self-esteem in the process of attaching with owners that I like. The city are extensive. You will find lots of connections honestly seeking genuine dates, be it about hookups or any other kinds of commitments. Ergo, for the time being, my adventure is just favorable. I got a number of goes, as well as had been okay although flawlessly suitable for me. So, I'm browsing manage our bing search, and that internet site may be the right place, I do think.
by Lerche Nov 09, 2021
Simple experiences until now has-been 100% incredible. This is a superb app with easy texting. Technical support is also cool. After I ignored a password and had to readjust it. Okay, very well, things was actually sorted out in a couple of minutes. I've previously got some couples to talk with, but I'm definitely not pretty quickly to generally meet group off-line. I'm enjoying the processes up until now because the telecommunications in my favorites is actually great as well as converts me personally in frequently. Fantastic price, lots of horny pages, and navigation is simple. I like such a simple and effective approach to using the internet hookups.
by Michelle Oct 30, 2021
I did son`t look for a person to go out since it is early for me personally but . extremely a novice on the internet site. However, I'm happy with just how this app will be easy to utilize. Things are spontaneous, and that I hasn't need certainly to waste time and figure things out anytime I subscribed to the site. I additionally including just how personal pages come out structured. It's really convenient to examine pictures, give information, enjoys, and look about users' appearances and people. We specify the area due to the fact travel time is very important for my situation and had been delighted to view a great number of meets incorporate visitors close by myself.
by Morgan Oct 28, 2021
I came across my self trying to sit back and leap into recoil intercourse or perhaps even relaxed dating after a break up. However, i acquired not a clue of making they using the internet. Nothing encounter forced me to afraid. I attempted swiping, but this type of a shallow tactic isn't your tough accommodate. We try to find the app exactly where consumers tends to be setting up, but We still demanded a good webpages. This turned into a middle floor personally. No-strings-attached links, reasonable users, and meets, easy program, forums. Which is all I previously wish. We continued a handful of hot dates, and from now on i truly be more confident. Wonderful service for single men and women with free of charge solutions and excellent usability. The cool layout try an excellent touch.
Amanda Griffith
by Amanda Griffith Oct 25, 2021
I discovered my self looking to chill out and go into rebound sexual intercourse or perhaps even relaxed dating after a separation. However, I got little idea of learning to make it on line. Zero experiences helped me frightened. I attempted swiping, but this type of a shallow strategy just isn't our tough complement. We hunt for the software exactly where customers happen to be hooking up, but I continue to needed a very good website. This package turned into a middle crushed I think. No-strings-attached links, reasonable pages, and suits, basic program, boards. That is all we previously sought. I proceeded a good number of very hot schedules, and from now on The way we wish feel a lot better. Big services for single men and women with free of cost selection and excellent features. The neat build is actually a good push.
Gail Thomas
by Gail Thomas Oct 20, 2021
Great services for those not afraid of online dating services and available dialogues. The application happens to be well-organized and has a lot of signed-up users. Messaging simple, as well as other available choices are really easy to access and read. As to me personally, I've currently discovered a colleague with whom all of our chemistry is really pressing.
by Mazie Oct 11, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to receive another possibility at like. Thank website for services since I grabbed the hope. We don't build too many lasting schemes and merely enjoy friends. We evening, trip, and show an array of work. It's the best thing in the associations. I enjoy our spouse and expect our romance will build up and drive to the next stage. Some people are looking to find couples at wedding using the internet organizations, and in most cases, that kind of items are awkward due to the fact think that goods in look computers running windows. This software is significantly diffent. Chances are you'll focus on talking and result in the religious. The service have an excellent technological qualities. I use the site largely back at my laptop, but in some cases We speak with customers and check your strategies from my own iPhone. No problems at all. I've took note no bugs . everything is useful, without glitches. Once I join, i take advantage of the website so long as i would like without interruptions and aggravating reloads. I hope they keeps this way, and they manage quality. I wish everybody good luck since my personal has recently found myself.
by Gabrielle Oct 09, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and routing is easy. I use an ample few insights and ideas for consumers that appear appealing to me personally. To be honest, i actually do take pleasure in located on this website. I was able ton't find the recent pal yet. Still, I recently found several interesting folks to speak with. Personally I think free of cost and comfortable while talking to all of them. I strongly suggest website to any or all who's going to be finding excellent company, regardless of the style of commitment.
Joanne Erickson
by Joanne Erickson Oct 05, 2021
I want other daters to know that this particular service 100% does its job without methods. Individuals who genuinely want for in contact with someone special won't regret the company's selection once applying for the platform. The most important thing just isn't to quit. You will find previously achieved my beloved, and we also are happier. Personally I think arousal and equilibrium, knowning that ways a lot. Thus, we have been crazy, and now it is never far too late for folks of various age groups and specifications. I will suggest this website, thus merely shot.
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