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VGL Review – What Do We Know About It?

VGL Review – What Do We Know About It?
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 30-35
Beauty 35%
Profiles 360 700
About Site
Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Chats and photo uploads are free
  • Niche community targeting twins and jocks
  • Has a 'hot category' feed
  • Able to rate members that you like
  • Profiles are verified
  • The generous character limit for profile description
  • Age limit until 35 years old
  • Not available on Android

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Some people may not know this, but there are quite many alternatives to Grindr that caters to the gay community out there. A somewhat newcomer to the gay dating scene, VGL provides two specific gay stereotypes – twinks and jocks. So if you’re a geek, daddy, or femme, you won’t be at home with VGL. Sure it’s not mainstream like Grindr is, but neither is it too excessive. If you enjoy a safe, enjoyable, and intuitive gay environment online, then VGL may be just what you’re looking for.

VGL is upfront about who their target users are. They specifically mention that their platform is for those between the ages of 18 and 35 and that only twinks and jocks should use their app. They don’t beat around the bush when it comes to making that point, and if you don’t identify as the two groups mentioned above, it’s better not to waste time and look for another app.

However, if you are a twink or jock, then the app makes finding your type easier and more likely resulting in a match. And if that leads to a romantic evening or some hot physical action, all the better! So without further ado, read on to know what we think of VGL.

How does VGL Work?

VGL Review

Some gay apps accept all gay community members, whereas VGL is mainly for two types of gays. Either they are muscular, young, and build like an athlete, aka jock, or they are young, with boyish features and distinctively lack any facial hair, or better known as a twink. As with most dating platforms, short and quick casual sex to long-term relationships are possible with VGL. You just have to know what you want precisely and go for it. The members at VGL are mostly from the US and Canada, so if you’re a young gay single looking for some action in these two countries, you’ll find it on VGL.

Even though VGL is a dating app, it also involves discovering new people and fostering a community for gay people or gay geek singles. There is a discovery feature within the app that lets you find members closest to you. Of course, you can toggle this setting to match your needs. There is an option to see who’s currently online, the profiles that you have added as favorites, and other settings. Also, various filters are available to drill down further the type of member you’d like to see, right down to their physical attributes. If you want to view profiles that share your interests instead, you can use the hashtag feature to find like-minded people too.

Unlike some dating apps, you can freely browse any profile, send a message anytime and as much as you want. There is no limit to how much time you can communicate with someone. There are no credit-based systems or time limits imposed with chats and messages with VGL. See a guy you like? Start a conversation with him. You’ll never know what will come out of it. All you need to do is hit the big blue chat bubble and start talking right away. If you want to be sure to receive a reply, promote your best images, and stand out from the rest. And if you’re not ready to talk with them just yet, just follow their profile like you would on Instagram. Get to know them remotely and from your home’s comfort before you make any kind of contact.

A feed section is available to see the latest updates on those you followed or liked. VGL’s algorithm will also suggest posts and comments from various members you think would be of interest to you.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

VGL Registration

It’s possible to get an account with VGL rather quickly. A valid email address, an idea for an eye-pulling bio, a few great-looking pictures of yourself, and you’re all set. Registering is pretty straightforward, and it’s pretty hard to miss since you need to do it on their app. After you register and create a hard-to-guess password, you can proceed to personalize your profile within the settings section.

You can change your username and other attributes in your profile settings so other users will know the real you. It’s important to stay honest as you don’t want to mislead members who may try to contact you. Create a username that is sexy or cool so that people will remember it.

When uploading personal photos of yourself, remember that VGL doesn’t allow nudity or obscene pictures. You don’t need to do that to appear sexy on dating sites, and if you’re caught doing it by their reviewers, your account may get banned. All new accounts need to be verified manually by the staff at VGL, which involves taking your picture with a random challenge. For example, they might ask you to write the current date on a piece of paper and hold it up while taking a selfie. This process might sound tedious, but it results in better quality profiles and doesn’t involve submitting your identification to VGL.

What About Design and Usability?

VGL Design and Usability

Using VGL is easy, although, for some people, the interface is a bit problematic and could use some work. The design, for example, tends to block someone’s profile images in certain situations. When you click on a profile to see more of it, their personal information is displayed on top of their main profile picture. It makes it hard to view the whole picture, and you’ll have a hard time seeing the entire image. Also, there is a lack of tutorials for using the app, and it’s not always easy to figure out everything.

The app uses mainly an orange layout, which is a good choice as it differentiates itself from other dating apps. The tabs are clearly displayed, although, as mentioned, it would help if there was a short guide on how to use some of the main features of the app. A Facebook-like feed is an excellent addition, as it adds a touch of familiarity to the app. Moreover, the free features are generous enough to overlook the small technical glitches from time to time.

Below is a list of the features you’ll find within the VGL app:

Only the hottest

Not interested in profiles that are plain or below a ‘seven’? Then this feature will get you turned on in no time. Only available to premium members, the hottest rated users are sorted in their category, ready to be viewed by those who value looks above others. Free users will only be able to see general profiles, however.

Hot or not

This feature is part of the functionality mentioned above, as every member can be rated. Each user can rank another member with a ‘drink,’ ‘fave,’ or ‘hot.’ And obviously, the profiles with the most ‘hot’ rating get their category. The system is superficial, but this makes VGL stand out from the rest of the market’s apps.

Facebook like feed

There’s a feed section within the VGL app that shows the latest photos from members worldwide. The feed also shows pictures of profiles that you have followed, and you can like or comment on them if you want.

See profiles closest to your location.

Some people are interested in seeing hot guys from around the globe. But if you want to see the hottie that’s closest to your town or home address, you can sort the profile list to do just that. All you need to do is tap on the compass tab in the profiles section.

Every profile is verified.

There’s nothing worse than a dating site full of fake profiles. That won’t happen with VGL. Each new person who signs up will have to complete a random challenge before their account is approved. At VGL, all photos are real, and the members are who they say they are.

Unlimited chats and photo uploads

VGL allows unlimited chats and photo uploads for free. Because of this, lots of members have found the right guy on the platform. There’s no limit to the amount of communication you can have with another member.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

VGL Talk About Profile Quality

VGL has some of the best gay profiles in the industry. Most feedback from downloaders of the app mentions that the guys are attractive and cute. And because each profile has to go through a random challenge to verify its authenticity, seeing fake profiles is significantly reduced. Also, there are various filters you can use to meet a guy of a ‘certain’ quality that you might prefer. If you want to meet guys only in your area, VGL has a geographic filter you can use as well.

Prefer to rely on VGL to match you with quality profiles? That can happen with their smart algorithm built into the app. It can suggest compatible singles that you should check out. And to improve your profile’s visibility, VGL’s blog and website have a plethora of tips to help you improve your profile. You should take the time to write a full-length bio about yourself. VGL is one of the few dating apps that have a generous character limit for profile descriptions. The more you can describe yourself in a captivating manner, the more chances you’ll meet a guy with similar interesting qualities.

Photos on VGL are plentiful; as previously mentioned, the app doesn’t limit the number of photos you can upload. You can set pictures as private or public, so you have granularity when it comes to what you want other members to see. It is important as you’re up for some pretty stiff competition when it comes to physical attractiveness – VGL has lots of members who know how to take a flattering selfie. You don’t have to look like some ‘stud of the year’ on the platform, but it helps to ask a friend with a designer’s eye to take your photo. You want to appear confident, but not boastful, a picture that can show off your best aesthetic appeal.

The Mobile Application

VGL Mobile Application

VGL used to have an android app, but nowadays, it’s available exclusively on iOS. The app is fun to use and makes it easy to find partners in the gay community. It’s not excessive with ads, so you’ll have a pleasant time navigating the app. Feature-wise, it’s quite intuitive and doesn’t follow the all-too-typical swipe left or right strategy prevalent in most other dating apps.

The developers regularly update their app, so it gets better and better. The chat feature makes it easy to talk to someone, and the feed section is well-designed. Overall, VGL’s dating app has a very positive user experience, and can even compete with popular apps like Grindr and Tinder.

Safety & Security

VGL Safety & Security

VGL takes security and scams seriously. They work hard to verify every registration, and they use reliable, third-party payment systems to process their VIP membership – via iTunes. Every profile needs to go through random verification, and they take action on offending profiles. If someone is impersonating or harassing you, you can report them so VGL’s staff will take the appropriate action.

Pricing and Benefits

VGL Pricing and Benefits

VGL has a simple and straightforward pricing strategy. There is a VIP membership which is available for all free members who wish to upgrade. The following are the pricing plans:

A one-month membership – costs $9.99 per month until canceled.

Ninety days’ membership – costs $24.99 and billed every three months until canceled.

One hundred eighty days’ membership – costs $39.99 and billed every six months until canceled.

The billing is the cheapest when you opt for the six-month plan, so if you intend to use it for the long term, consider getting the 180-days membership plan.

Free members of VGL can chat and communicate with each other without any limits. On top of that, you can upload as many photos as you like. There are no intrusive ads on the app for both types of members.

When you’re a VIP member, you get a few other benefits. For one thing, you have the option only to view verified profiles. Another feature is you can make your profile more visible to other members, increasing the chance of someone contacting you.

Help & Support

VGL Help & Support

Whether you have a technical problem, have a question, or face another member’s issues, VGL’s support team is there to help you. They can be contacted at support@getvgl.com.


Is VGL Safe?

VGL is quite safe as far as dating apps go. And since they have a manual verification process, you can rest assured that fake profiles are kept to a minimum on the site. When communicating with another member, don’t reveal personal and confidential information that you usually wouldn’t admit to just anyone, and you’ll be safe on the platform.

Is VGL a Real Dating Site?

Yes, VGL is a real dating site for the gay community. What makes it different is that the site is only targeting twinks and jocks as members and within 18-35 years old. The site serves a smaller niche demographics, but the members are real and serious about meeting other gay people within the app.

How to Use VGL?

After registering an account and verifying your profile, you can start finding other members and chat with them. Random profiles are shown on your feed, along with the profiles of members you have liked. There is no limit to the number of chats you can have with another member, and you rate them based on how hot you think they are.

Is VGL Free?

Yes, VGL is mostly free to use. The option to upgrade to a VIP membership is available, but that is if you want more exposure and filters for your account. Basic communication with another member is unrestricted, so it’s possible to meet someone even as a free member.

Does VGL Really Work?

VGL works, especially if you’ve taken the time to fill out your profile information. Take the time to shoot a professional-looking main photo so you’ll stand out on the app. Also, be sure to read someone’s profile before contacting them, so you have something to talk about during the initial conversation.


VGL Conclusion

If you fall into the category of twinks or jocks, you’ll enjoy using VGL’s app. They successfully carved out a good niche for themselves instead of targeting the whole gay community. And with most features being free, the app has drawn a lot of positive reviews from users. If you want a gay dating platform that works, VGL can be your go-to app. Download it and see for yourself.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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by Reyna Oct 14, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and like tests. I'm definitely not monogamous, no less than at this time. Truthfully, my favorite customs is far from conventional personal norms, and that I often become lonely also among members of the family or closest good friends. Many of them happen to be partnered, but'm going mix crazy as soon as I experience their significant looks. Therefore, admittedly, it's rather difficult to come across and chill with like-minds after you inside an enormous urban area, wherein everyone is way too hectic to help newer associations. Hence, these in pretty bad shape 's the reason for joining website. And our event is actually seamless. We was able to select people that decide equal matter and see my favorite aspire to stay cost-free, without devotion, pledges, and all of this different hooey. One more cool thing is there I've fulfilled some bi-curious parents. I adore performance associated with the webpages since it's rather sufficient for primary correspondence. Maybe, some one wants most incentives, but also in my opinion, you ought to get a romantic date have a look at detailed conversation. While checking profiles, I spotted lots of empty types. I wish visitors could pay a whole lot more attention to their unique position on the internet site. Speaking of the site's overall performance, things are fine. No troubles with visit, communications, etc. Support services is beneficial and is also readily available night and day. I'm happy to create a virtual area for my wishes and fantasies. It's really cool after the society shouldn't inflict their ideals but is about the same web page.
Edward Clark
by Edward Clark Oct 06, 2021
The dating site is easy, and routing is a breeze. We use an ample few facts and observations for people that appear appealing to me personally. The truth is, I do really enjoy located on our site. I really couldn't run into my personal existing friend till now. Nonetheless, I recently found a couple of curious visitors to communicate with. Personally I think complimentary and peaceful while talking to them. I recommend this page to all or any that's trying to find excellent companionship, regardless of version of union.
Dean Patrick
by Dean Patrick Oct 01, 2021
Great feeling. I've found plenty of ready and intriguing individuals and some freaks . that's the norm while on line. Some matches had not been inside my locality . that's why we stayed friends. I ought to claim that this particular service provides many instruments for making various other owners notice one. Very first, it's enough space to generate their profile and supply plenty of information on the way you look and identity. Subsequently, messaging was okay. In general, an individual receive complete online communications and can bring a date any time when you are ready to satisfy your favorite in real life.
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