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TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 25-27
Profiles 1.700.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • TenderMeets offers beneficial matchmaking services at a rate that is affordable to everyone
  • Most of the profiles are well organized. So, you will get all the required info quickly
  • The text on the site is apparent. You will not get confused while reading it.
  • There is a wide selection of potential compatible partners. It is upon you to make the right choice.
  • Privacy is assured in this site—no need to worry about your personal details on payments etc.
  • The various niches on this platform are well catered. You can venture into any of them that seems suitable for you.
  • You may not have much to leverage if you are using a free account. This means that you have to splash several bucks.
  • The platform has no mobile application that could be utilized on your phone.

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TenderMeets is widely recognized as a platform for both dating and socializing. It is a matchmaking platform that is dedicated to giving all its members the ultimate dating experience. Thus, if you have tried the traditional norms of finding a partner, it is time to go virtual. It is a site that is deemed the modest of the entire list of dating sites. That is concluded after striking a comparison with most other websites.

It has various darting niches anyone can explore. If you belong to the LGBTQ group, there is much you can get from this excellent platform. Interracial affairs are also a part of this community. However, there have been questions about its legitimacy. This review gives powerful insights into TenderMeets. So, all the questions on whether it is legit or not are covered here. Stay on this page to get all the relevant info about the site. This will help you make an informed decision.

Many of the members of TenderMeets are looking for love that could lead to marriage. Thus, if you had zero intentions on a serious relationship, then you may need to change your plans regarding this site. Most of its members are in their mid-twenties. When it was first launched, it attracted a few members. But it has now reached thousands of people from various countries. And a large proportion of its membership hails from Spain and the United States.

How Does TenderMeets Work?

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

This platform requires you to become a member. Once you are in, you can find compatible partners. There will be many matches available to you on the homepage. They may, however, impress you or not. If they do impress you, reach out to them. In case they do not seem suitable for you, search for your preferred match. It has various handy features, which help you find a match or socialize with fellow members.

Registration – Is it Really Easy?

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

Many people like registration procedures that are not too long. If you are among those people, then TenderMeets is an excellent spot for you. In barely 10 minutes, you could be done with the sign-up process. The following are the critical joining steps:

  • Pick your gender and show the gender of your expected partner
  • Indicate your current age
  • Type in your email address
  • Fill in a well-chosen password

Once you are through with filling in the required fields, wait for an email from TenderMeets. Do not worry about the location. The site has a way of showing your location automatically using the IP address. Now, go to your email and verify it. They would have delivered a verification link directly to your email. Upon successful verification, you gain access to fellow members’ profiles.

In this platform, the sign-in process never fails. It is just a single click away. However, you will still have to add a few pictures. A small description of who you are and who exactly you would love to get from the site is highly advocated. So, make it brief, and you will be useful to proceed.

What About Design and Usability?

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

The general look of the site is impressive. The platform possesses a straightforward yet stunning logo. You will most likely fall in love with the layout of the website. Nevertheless, you will come across numerous ads. They may make you feel disrupted, but you can always manage them if you buy a subscription. The site has a pop-up feature for all messages that are sent to you by other members.

A photo gallery is well displayed on the homepage of TenderMeets. Alongside the pictures of the members, you can see their age, location, and further details. Generally, the site’s design is not intricate. Those that use their mobile phones to browse the site have nothing to worry since it is highly responsive on such devices. Thus, TenderMeets offers an excellent design for both desktop and mobile phone users.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

In the registration, you should provide a picture or several of them. And since you want to be noticed by fellow members, it is good to create a stunning profile. Yes, a profile that stands out of the crowd is a sure plus. You will get countless inbox messages and profile clicks if every aspect of your account is unique. And the best way to bring the said uniqueness is by creating a stunning profile. This improves your chances of finding a match.

The quality of your profile could be impacted by selecting only great photos. Typically, the images you upload on TenderMeets must be clear. They should be the best out of the thousands you have in your phone pictures gallery. For instance, you can make use of photos you took on a bright day. Just make sure your profile has a beautiful photo. You can add several if you wish. Other members would be delighted to view several images from you. Also, your profile should contain all the info that is requested by the site. The info helps the operators in finding potential perfect matches.

The Mobile Application

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

TenderMeets has been running for less than three years; however, they lack a mobile application that you could use on the mobile phone. Nevertheless, the adaptiveness of their website makes it possible to navigate seamlessly using your mobile phone. This proves that utilizing your mobile phone could be the simplest thing to do. You see, not all instants, you will have your PC around you.

The mobile site is as seamless as the desktop version. You simply cannot tell the difference. It is responsive enough for you to use on your mobile handset. All the perks found on the web version are still live and correctly functioning on the mobile version.

Safety & Security

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

One of the highly prioritized aspects of this site is safety. Nobody wants to join a platform that does not guarantee security to its users. These issues are well covered in this site. Scammers happen to be the most significant threats in most dating sites. However, you may not come across many scammers in TenderMeets. Do not worry about getting bullied on this site. Rarely someone will even attempt it because they know the operators will react quickly.

Remember, safety begins with you. Anytime you come across fake profiles, you should report them. The support will be fast to fish out such scammers. This will help improve the safety of the platform. Also, you can block anyone who spams you with messages. If you do not want to receive messages from any member, prevent them right away. This site has the fastest support response ever. Your queries or any issues will be dealt with promptly.

Pricing and Benefits

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

Here are the Basic Plan Features

  • Add a video to your portfolio.
  • Enjoy the safe mode feature.
  • Browse the platform.
  • Perform a search on the site
  • Upload photos

Premium Plan Elements

  • Message as much as you may want.
  • The photos will be displayed full size.
  • Cutting-edge search filters to find matches.
  • Receive or send images and short videos from and to other members.
  • Can see all the info on fellow member’s profile


  • One-month TenderMeets membership will require you to pay about 34.99 USD
  • Three months will cost 59.97 USD
  • You can get a six-month plan that goes for about 95.94 USD.

Special Features

  • Like Gallery

This feature is dedicated to photos only. It is where you can view the pictures of others. Other members can also see your pictures in your Like Gallery. All the members that you like are added to the Like Gallery. And any members you do not like can be addressed using the use of the button indicated as ‘x.’

  • Complete refund

The principal objective of TenderMeets is to offer the best dating services to all members. But it is clear that not every person will be satisfied with their services. In such a scenario, you could have your cash refunded. Remember, you are joining the platform to fulfill your desires. If they are not correctly addressed, then you have the right to contact TenderMeets customer care. An eligibility criterion is, however, employed to figure out your refund amount.

  • Safe Mode

Managing the messaging feature is an aspect that makes this platform attractive. The safe mode enables you to control who texts you and who can not. That way, you will have filtered members who are never serious about finding potential partners. If they are just there to waste time, they may not be verified by the operators. Thus, they will not be able to reach you since your account will be on safe mode. Scammers will stay away from you.

  • Promote My Account

Many people don’t have much time to spend searching for the perfect match on the dating apps. However, when you are pursuing your daily responsibilities, you could have your account promoted using this feature. This element will get you on top of searches for those who are intending to organize meetups.

Help & Support

TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

There could arise challenges when using this platform. In such instances, the best thing to do is to reach out to the support team. The TenderMeets customer care helpline is +44 3444824945. Once you connect with them, explain clearly what you are going through. Be honest with them so that they can help you. There is a support icon that appears on your profile. You can make use of it to reach the help team. For the customer care team to recognize you easily, use your user ID.


TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

Is TenderMeets safe?

TenderMeets is a safe matchmaking site. It would be good to have a look at the terms and conditions of use. The FAQ section may also be ideal for you to learn more about safety. There are also safety tips shared on the platform. Make an effort to go through them.

Is TenderMeets a real dating site?

Yes, there are multiple chances of finding a compatible partner right here. However, you should pay for a subscription so that you could leverage all the features. There are many reviews on the web that reveal how legit this site is.

How to use TenderMeets?

You have to make use of your email to log into your TenderMeets account. Also, you should develop a password that is easy to remember for you while hard to find out by others. On the site, you will come across different people. The profile should be unique. Also, multiple features could assist you in finding your match easily.

Is TenderMeets free?

Yes, the site can be accessed without paying any money. This gives you access to the basic plan elements, which may not be enough. This means that you will be required to pay to access the full bunch of the site’s features. Nonetheless, you can utilize the free plan to enjoy what the site has to offer.

Is TenderMeets really work?

As per reviews across the web, TenderMeets works. Past clients have left positive comments on the site. They have also testified on how the site helped them get partners. Those comments and reviews from members who once used the services of TenderMeets show that the site works perfectly.


TenderMeets Review: What Do We Know About it?

You have explored the various aspects of makeup TenderMeets services. The site was launched a few years ago, and it is still growing. It operates in many countries, but mostly in Spain and the United States. The process of becoming a member is straightforward. And developing a profile that stands out is another aspect that could improve your chances of getting a compatible partner. The platform has very great features that you can use. Besides, make an effort to read the terms and conditions outlined by the operators, as they are accommodating. The payment plans stated in this review are affordable and reasonable. The general layout and the ease of use of the platform make it very handy to anybody who wants to become a member. And the best decision is to try it out. You could get a compatible partner anytime soon. Safety and security are highly prioritized in this platform. So, you should never be afraid of joining or even inviting your friends. The paid plan is the best one that could help you find a match the soonest possible. But if you are not yet prepared in terms of money, you can create a free account. The only sad part is that you may not have much to enjoy with this type of account. Consider using a plan that suits your needs and get the best experience while on this platform.

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