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Tantan review – what do we know about it?

Tantan review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 12%
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Beauty 94%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 1 200 000
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Visit rate 8.9
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Pros and Cons

  • Tantan registration is free and very easy to accomplish.
  • Tantan has millions of members accessible within reach by using the various features of the dating app.
  • Once you have registered and logged into the app, Tantan will automatically generate and recommend matching profiles for you to check.
  • The app interface is very user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.
  • Tantan utilizes the swipe method of liking or bypassing recommended matching profiles, similar to Tinder.
  • The app incorporates several features, like games and chat platforms, that enhance the experience of members in connecting with other people. One example is the Moments tab, a feature that allows members to check each other’s updates, new photos, and chat while browsing.
  • Members can do searches of other participants near their current position by a location filter.
  • Members can share videos and updates by uploading these to the app.
  • Members can use the app to take pictures and photos, then instantly upload them to Moments or their profiles.
  • For enhanced access to more exciting features, Tantan offers several upgrade options at reasonable prices.
  • Tantan offers members payment options to ensure ease of payment, as well as secure handling of transactions and information.
  • Tantan ensures the protection of information privacy, as well as the overall safety of its general membership.
  • Tantan has no website version and is specially designed for mobile device use. While this is technically not a negative aspect, some users prefer the bigger screens of desktop or laptop computers, especially in viewing images.
  • Registration does not require much information, so there is a high probability of fake profiles. The modest nature of necessary data cannot guarantee authenticity, despite security measures placed by the app creators and moderators.
  • Registration is free but offers limited access to features. You have to buy upgrades at modest fees to enjoy full access to the features. Some members are not very happy about this arrangement but are quite the norm when it comes to dating sites or apps.

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Tantan is a Chinese dating mobile app that caters to both people looking for serious relationships or casual fun. Popularly known as China’s Tinder, it allows individuals to find new people near their present location. Originally from Mainland China, Tantan has made its way across the world to be a popular dating implement that uses swiping (similar to Tinder) as the main function. It also has other features like video sharing, games, and quizzes. Today, Tantan serves millions of individuals around the world in their quest for fun or serious companionship.

Launched in 2014, Tantan has expanded its horizons from China throughout the world. Recent reports suggest that Tantan is making waves in India as millions of that continent’s young individuals discover and utilize the app’s simple but effective interface.

Tantan review - what do we know about it?

How does Tantan work?

Tantan uses the mobile device’s GPS to pinpoint potential partners accurately. The app uses swiping and other fun features like playing games, uploading updates, adding albums, etc. to search for dating prospects. Because of these many features, Tantan is like having different apps all in one neat package.

As mentioned, Tantan uses swiping as a means of contact. For those not yet familiar with swiping, it is the method of accepting or rejecting matches by making the swiping motion on the device screen. We will explain this feature in detail on the design and usability section of our review, so please continue to read on.

Registration – is it really easy?

Signing up with Tantan is so effortless and is free. Registration will merely take a few taps and about the same number of seconds. You have a choice of using your mobile number or your Facebook account to sign up. The latter method is faster as the dating app gets ready information (date of birth and present location) from the Facebook account. Tantan requires your date of birth to verify your age and to determine your Zodiac sign.

On the other hand, when you use your mobile number, Tantan will send you a verification code that you should enter immediately. Both methods are easy and fast, but the Facebook way is more convenient.

Also, during registration, the app will ask for your photo as part of a simple membership profile. The app allows upload of up to six pictures, so all members will have more chances of checking their prospects out during searches.

After registration, Tantan will start presenting match suggestions based on the modest information in your profile. You can then proceed to view all photos and images of the other members or make your searches independent of the recommendations.

Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Tantan is suitable for single individuals with ages 18 and above, so its design and functionality fit that target group. It incorporates a lot of interactive features that enhance your experience in connecting with your match or prospect.

The app interface is straightforward, user-friendly, and at the same time, fun to use. The screens/pages are large and bright, with highly visible buttons and texts. That characteristic helps to avoid ambiguity and making mistakes.

You can readily browse through the various photos and images of other members after joining in, and more importantly, you do that for free.

Earlier, we mentioned the swiping method of making connections with other members. That entails making a swiping motion to the right if you are interested in an app-suggested profile or making a swipe to the left to signify non-interest.

One important aspect to note is that registration only allows you to browse other members that are not your matches. However, you can only initiate conversations with your matches, whether these are algorithm-generated or gained through sheer perseverance on your part.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Tantan member profiles are modest in terms of available information due to the uncomplicated registration procedure. The usual data available for consumption is the name, Facebook account, email address, and sometimes a phone number. And of course, let’s not forget the six photos.

That being said, Tantan has a feature known as Moments. This feature is a tab that you can browse to see various updates like additional and current images, personal status, or play a game. Moments are also a chat platform where members can connect and communicate with each other through text messaging.

Lastly, Tantan allows you to take photos and images via the app for immediate upload to your profile and Moments.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Tantan is primarily a mobile app, and as such, perfectly operates on either Android or iOS mobile devices. The app is available free as a download from Google Play or Apple Store.

Safety & security

Tantan uses various security and safety protocols to ensure information privacy and protection.

The app gets Facebook account information like age and location to verify membership application and avoid minors from joining. Some applications give mobile phone numbers, which can also be a means of authentication, depending on the country in which you reside.

Tantan requires its applicants to confirm agreement with the app’s Terms and Agreements document that embodies rules and regulations to which all members must adhere. Further, the said document stipulates the responsibilities of the app’s creators and administrators in maintaining security for members and information privacy.

Tantan suggests putting information in the profile that is not sensitive. That is to prevent any unfortunate incidents in the unlikely event data leaks out. It would also be wise not to post compromising photographs that could lead to embarrassing situations or compromise your reputation in the future.

Since fake profiles may still occur despite security measures put in place, Tantan encourages its members to report any suspicious accounts. The app has a feature for reporting unsavory behavior or dubious characters. Tantan moderators will act upon the report urgently and investigate for immediate resolution. Tantan can place an account on pending status should a member be found in violation of the existing rules, thus rendering those accounts inaccessible.

In some rare cases during registration, accounts are put on review status while the moderators are validating the account information. In these instances, the account holder will not be able to browse new profiles until the moderators change such status to active.

Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Tantan registration is free, and members will have access to basic features such as:

Creating and editing your profile, browsing members’ profiles, liking other members’ profiles, and sending messages to suggested members. Other features are doing searches via filters, playing app games, browse through the Moments tab, and being allowed to make 120 swipes each day (includes both left and right swipes).

You can avail of more exciting features with a VIP Membership for a reasonable fee such as:

You have access to unlimited swipes, acquisition of exclusive badges, ability to change the scope or range of location filters, and ability to highlight your username on searches done by other members. You can also acquire five Super Likes a day, can see the number of members you passed by, and gain access to unlimited rewinds.

Exclusive badges are essentially the emphasis applied to your names in the Moments tab or on your profile. VIP members get five badges per day.

Super Likes are a user’s way of telling a member that they are interested in them.

Rewinds is a feature that lets you go back to previously recommended profiles or members that you passed by, but you want to review again for possible acceptance.

Fees and prices of VIP Membership:

  • One (1) month subscription for $8.99 per month
  • Three (3) months subscription at $5.66 per month for a quarterly total of $16.99
  • Twelve (12) months subscription at $4.58 per month for an annual total of $54.99

Members can pay these fees via mobile phone payment apps or credit card.

Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Tantan has a dedicated professional team of moderators working 24/7 to provide the best support for its millions of members. They are ready to respond to any inquiry, issue, or concern that a member or members may raise.

Tantan’s help and support team are monitoring all accounts from the beginning of registration up to its accomplishment. They also continuously observe activities and member behavior to weed out any suspicious elements, thereby preventing any untoward incidents.

Should any infractions by members occur, the administrators will put sanctions on the particular account until investigations provide results. In extreme cases, administrators can put accounts in inaccessible status.

During registration, all applicants must provide their Facebook accounts and mobile numbers so that the moderators can verify their authenticity. While this modest amount of information cannot ensure the prevention of fake profiles from occurring, Tantan’s moderators are always on the lookout for suspicious behavior. Also, the administrators encourage members to report any incidents via the app’s internal structure.

Tantan’s Terms and Agreements document embodies the responsibilities of the app’s creators and moderators in maintaining a secure environment for its members while ensuring the protection of information privacy. Members should signify their acceptance or confirmation of the said document to ensure strict adherence to the membership’s rules and regulations.

Help & support


Is Tantan safe?

Yes, it is. Tantan guarantees protection of information privacy, as well as of the members’ general safety from untoward incidents and dubious characters. The app’s moderators continuously monitor the activities of its members to prevent any untoward incidents or suspicious behavior.

Is Tantan a real dating site?

Yes, it is. Tantan’s extensive membership base currently consists of millions of active members, which in itself is an indication of the app’s authenticity. Furthermore, Tantan is so popular that many people regard it as China’s Tinder not only because both apps share the same functionalities, but more so because of Tantan’s extensive membership base. To date, Tantan’s membership is still growing as it reaches more people worldwide, with India recently becoming the app’s next bulwark.

How to use Tantan?

Tantan is exclusively a mobile app that operates perfectly on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You only need to register onto the app, and you can immediately access its features. These are initially enough to make limited contact with other members, particularly those whose profiles the app recommends to you.

Is Tantan free?

Tantan’s registration is free and will provide you with limited access to connect with the app’s members. To fully experience the app’s exciting features, you would need to upgrade your basic membership into a VIP status at very reasonable fees. Tantan even provides options for acquiring this VIP upgrade at a great deal.

Does Tantan work?

Again, its extensive membership base, as well as the app’s reported expansion to other territories, prove that Tantan indeed works. Furthermore, various review sites include testimonials that attest to Tantan’s effective approach and methods of dating.



Tantan is China’s counterpart to Tinder and, as such, is similarly popular and effective as a dating app. It features many platforms that enhance the members’ experience in connecting with their matches or other members. Particular among these features is the swipe function made popular by Tinder. An ingenious way of making selections, it provides ease while maintaining anonymity. The members of unchosen profiles would never know prospective searchers passed them.

Tantan being primarily a mobile app, fits the profile of the young generation, of ages 18 years and above, with the proclivity of using mobile devices to multi-task while on the move. The app’s interface is very user-friendly, clear, uncluttered, and intuitive.

Although the free membership status provides limited access to various features, an upgrade to a VIP subscription merely requires modest and reasonable fees. The primary access in itself is enough to make a simple connection to members so that the budgeted individuals can make the most of a free dating service.

With recent reports of Tantan’s expansion to India, Tantan’s membership has the potential to approach that of Tinder, should the trend continue. Considering that Tantan was established only in 2014, this growth speaks volumes of its popularity, not to mention the tremendous efforts of its creators/moderators in continually supporting the app.

A significant concern for dating sites or apps is the security of the members regarding personal or private information being misused or illicitly distributed. Tantan’s creators are continually improving their security protocols to ensure information protection. The moderators are on 24/7 watches monitoring member activities and are looking out for improper actions or behavior. Members are continuously reminded of proper behavior protocols (which they have agreed to adhere to by clicking the I Agree button on the Terms and Agreements section during registration). Any infraction is dealt with swiftly and decisively. Extreme cases warrant accounts being put on pending status, with practically no access to any of the app’s features.

Most of the testimonials attest to the ease and effectiveness of Tantan’s approach and method in enhancing dating searches. The app incorporates games and other activities that naturally foster relationship development. Mainly the members and users of this beautiful dating app are happy for the fun they get out of the whole experience.

Having all these in mind, we would not be surprised that after reading this review, you will check out Tantan’s app and download it.

Well, we are certainly not going to stop you, so go ahead and enjoy it!

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Sim Sibanda
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We accompanied this great site a year ago and grabbed excellent event. These days, I have a competent and mind-blowing companion, and we're good collectively. I'd highly recommend the app because I have discovered from immediate experience that will work. We see that a lot of people frequently complain about no games, thinking that they merely spend your time and money. Still, i ought to be aware that whenever people cannot look for somebody, they often boot their unique disappointments to exterior aspects. Career, relatives, internet dating sites, simply put, often there is somebody to blame. Nonetheless, you should never lose hope, and almost everything will be ok. For example, it took me almost 7 days in order to reach the partner.
by Diego Sep 30, 2021
Good thoughts. I've found so much nice and fascinating anyone and a few freaks . that's a norm while you are on line. Some matches were not within my locality . that's why we kept friends. I will claim that this specific service provides most equipment to produce additional consumers take note of a person. First, it's enough space to develop their account and offer adequate information regarding your appearance and figure. After that, chatting was fine. Typically, a person access whole online telecommunications and will create a date whenever if you find yourself ready to see your favorite in the real world.
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