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Sugarbook Review – What Do We Know About It?

Sugarbook Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 0%
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Popular age 26-35
Beauty 65%
Profiles 63 200
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Visit rate 3.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Availability of mobile app;
  • Minimalistic design for easy use by older members;
  • Users are from different parts of the world;
  • The high degree of security on the site;
  • Greater likelihood of finding a potential match;
  • The user base is quite large.
  • Expensive compared to many sugar daddy sites;
  • Minimal access when users do not pick up premium membership;
  • Sugar daddies may have added costs after the trial period is over;
  • Site verification procedures could’ve been better.

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The process of finding a date can be very hard in modern times, even with the presence of many apps and websites. Due to this reason, there is growing popularity in fast-tracking the process through any means, and one among them is by connecting sugar babies to rich benefactors. Sugarbook is a site that does this job quite effectively, and it has been around for a while to earn a lot of trust.

Sugarbook is a relative newcomer to the industry after being launched only in January 2017. However, they have quickly picked up the pace with a lot of critical acclaim and growing interest among users from various parts of the world.

How Does Sugarbook Work?


Sugarbook is a dating site that is quite different in its approach, as it is primarily formed to act as a connecting destination between sugar babies and wealthy benefactors. Both these parties can use the site without being judged, and they can build connections from this site. The sugar babies are girls who want to experience the more beautiful side of life while seeking companionship at the same time. Meanwhile, the Sugar daddy is someone who is seeking a partner to share their extravagant life. These rich benefactors will not think twice when it comes to spending money on girls to make them feel special.

The site can be accessed from a desktop or mobile app. Sugar daddies can browse through prospective partners and make their interest known. Meanwhile, the girls can interact with the wealthy benefactors to find if they are a suitable match for their preferences.

A user who is part of the platform will be given access to a wide range of members, with most of them from the United States. In the case of females, the significant age-group is from 18 to 25. The majority of men on the platform are between 35 and 44. The site has about 500 logins daily, with around 60,000 users from the United States. These figures are on par with the segment best.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Sugarbook Registration

Anyone who wants to be part of the Sugarbook platform must be at least 18 years of age. The entire registration process will take only around 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the scale of information available on hand. The information requested by the platform ranges from personal data to basic questions. During the registration process, users will have the opportunity to upload photos, which can be set private and public depending on preference.

The uncomplicated process of signing up on the site begins with the choice of registration method – one that is linked to the Facebook account or accounts that are created from scratch. If users opt for creating profiles manually, the first significant question would be the gender, which is used to determine if you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby. The system automatically locks you down to a role depending on the answer.

You would then be required to input information like name, referral code, email, and more. Now, you have your account for Sugarbook ready. Bear in mind that users have to wait for the email immediately after finishing the registration process. Only after verification, the user gains access to the profiles section and beyond. Once the verification process is complete, it will take around two days maximum for the account access to be unlocked. Until then, users will not be able to do basic tasks like sending messages or sharing pictures with other members.

What About Design and Usability?

Sugarbook Design and Usability

There are two primary ways of accessing the Sugarbook platform – mobile app and website. Since the nature of the site is about primarily serving as a collection for young girls and slightly older men, there is a greater focus on usability and design. This should appeal to both segments at the same time while being very user-friendly in every section. The designers have deliberately made sure that very few clickable items are available on the site so that it does not consume a lot of time for the older users. They may not be patient enough to spend a lot of time filling out a complex site. In this regard, Sugarbook scored quite high.

At the same time, Sugarbook also makes a conscious effort to keep everything in a modern and attractive way. The background is minimal to keep a stylish appearance, while the sophisticated forms and white design further enhance it. As a whole, it brings in a lot of maturity to the plate that will appeal to the younger section of the audience.

Sugarbook mobile app and website does not require a lot of complicated procedures to understand the different philosophies. The profile can be updated in just a few minutes, while the process of browsing through the various messages is also easy and quick. Finally, the site has been done in such a way that it does not take up too many resources that would end up slowing the phone or desktop.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Sugarbook Talk About Profile Quality

The delicate nature of the site’s theme can make it tricky for individuals who do not gain a lot of access to information on the Sugarbook site. It takes around 24 hours for the website to approve a new profile. Only after this approval stage, a user can do various actions like looking at profile pictures or messaging other users.

The profiles quality on Sugarbook is actually quite decent, considering that users have to provide a range of information immediately after signing up. It is possible to personalize an account by providing information like location, personal info, description, preferences, and more. The personal info section would include various aspects of an individual like height, eye color, hair color, body type, relationship, education, drinking, smoking, language, and even children.

A user has the option of uploading profile pictures that can be shared only with certain individuals. This is possible due to the presence of a private picture gallery on the Sugarbook site. At the same time, many public photos can also be uploaded. A brief description of the individual can be provided so that users get an idea of what they are like as a person. The inclusion of all these details significantly improves the chances of success on the platform.

Even though it is possible to come across some fake profiles, they are generally far and few between. This is due to the robust verification processes that are undertaken by the platform. Since only verified users can make contacts on the platform, this substantially eliminates the incidence of fake profiles. However, users need to be on alert and avoid scammers.

There is generally a great deal of detail within the profiles. Even free users do get the advantage of being able to open full-sized pictures. If a user is not comfortable with free users being able to browse their pictures, they can always make them private.

The Mobile Application

Sugarbook Mobile Application

The mobile app of Sugarbook is available as a free download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Just like the desktop site, the design has been done to provide a minimalistic and sleek look. There is a lot to focus on, making sure that the navigation is easy and straightforward. Even older members of the platform will have no trouble making use of the app, which has numerous advantages like mobility and quicker replies.

The services offered by Sugarbook complimented extremely well by the app, which can be downloaded in just a few minutes, even on a mediocre network. The significant advantage of using the app is that it is only available for US residents. It does not work outside the United States, which has a direct benefit in terms of the quality of profiles. It also makes the profiles actually usable, as they would be within the country.

A crucial advantage of the mobile app is the ability to filter down users based on recent active status, location, and more. The latter is especially more useful on the mobile app, as users can narrow down their choices with a higher probability of a quick meet up. The app complements the desktop site and its features exceptionally well. It is even possible to get notifications about any messages that have been received on the platform.

Safety & Security

Sugarbook Safety & Security

The advantages of security on the Sugarbook platform are reinforced when users find out that they cannot do most of the functions without being approved first. Even though the approval time can also take two hours, it increases the availability of verified profiles on the platform. If a user happens to come across a dishonest person or someone who is creating problems on the platform, they can be reported to the administrators using a special button.

The other measures used by the platform include SSL encryption and focus on the privacy of users. As a result of guaranteeing its users’ safety through different means, Sugarbook ranks as a key sugar dating website in the industry. A premium member will be receiving added safety and security features. For example, a premium member can hide the activity or details like the joining date. These can be kept hidden and away from prying eyes. If a member is causing trouble on the platform, users have the option of blocking them completely. This removes any access they would have to their profile.

Pricing and Benefits

Sugarbook Pricing and Benefits

The pricing of a sugar dating site determines the level of usability that it can bring to the plate. It is possible to get started with Sugarbook using a free account. However, several added features come at a cost. The price of almost $50 makes it quite expensive compared to other options in the industry. However, users will be able to choose between different lengths of the contract to get the lower price. There are monthly subscription plans, while plans with a six-month validity will bring down the monthly payment. For example, it is possible to bring down the monthly cost to just around $20 by opting for the six-month membership.

Before getting into a subscription, it is essential to remember that a user’s subscription will be automatically renewed without any input. Furthermore, users cannot expect any refunds once they have purchased the plan.

The advantages of going with a premium plan are the ability to use extensive search filters and options. A user will also be notified if the other person has opened a message or not. It is also easy to track profiles that have shown interest without actually initiating contact, as the visitors’ information can be unlocked. A profile will get the advantage of unlimited messaging once a premium plan has been activated.

There are several ways to make a payment, and even cryptocurrencies are supported on the platform. The price of packages could mean that users have to think twice before making the payment, but they are unlikely to regret the purchase of premium membership. Even though refunds are not available, users will be able to benefit from advanced features like more such filters and unlimited messaging, among others.

Help & Support

Sugarbook Help & Support

The primary form of support offered by Sugarbook is through an FAQ section, which deals with most of the issues with ease. A user will be able to come across general questions, privacy questions, FAQs about photos, payments, and maintenance of profiles. There is even a section dedicated to informing users about the various safety practices that have to be followed while using the platform. Even though Sugarbook tries to establish a safe and secure platform, there is an equal responsibility on the part of the user to make sure that they will not get scammed.

Other than the FAQ section, there is no major way of contacting the staff behind Sugarbook. It is possible to get innovative and use the social media presence of the site to request assistance. This turns out to be a delightful surprise, as it is very efficient and quick. On most occasions, there is little need to get in touch with the developers, as most of the issues are solved just by going through the vast resources provided in the FAQ section.


Here are some of the common questions regarding Sugarbook:

Is Sugarbook Safe?

Sugarbook is a safe platform for online dating. It manages to use all the latest technologies, like SSL encryption. It leverages this to make sure that data being uploaded to the servers is kept away from hackers.

Is Sugarbook A Real Dating Site?

Yes, Sugarbook is a real dating site where users can meet Sugar daddies or babies depending on their preference. The site has a presence in different countries around the world.

How To Use Sugarbook?

The process of using Sugarbook begins with creating a profile that contains various information about the individual. Then comes the process of checking out the members and initiating contact if someone is of interest.

Is Sugarbook Free?

There is a free membership at Sugarbook, but the features are quite limited. A user will be able to exploit the full potential of Sugarbook only with a premium membership.

Does Sugarbook Really Work?

Yes, Sugarbook has been very successful when it comes to helping users find potential matches from around the world. Even though no official figures exist for the number of matches created on the site, there is a general feeling of happiness amongst users.



Sugarbook is very bold and transparent when it comes to coming up with a platform that aims to connect individuals who are seeking a great arrangement. It can benefit sugar daddies and sugar babies from around the world with the ability to stay discreet. This is an excellent website that can be quite good for spicing up anyone’s life. The added advantages would be the higher level of security and the presence of many users on the platform. Even if a user is new to the world of sugar dating, they can quickly feel at home.

Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
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by Giancarlo Oct 18, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and like studies. I'm not monogamous, about now. Seriously, my own way of life is far from old-fashioned sociable norms, i frequently feeling unhappy actually among family or nearby partners. Many of them already are married, but'm went mix ridiculous while I feel their unique substantial appearances. Thus, definitely, it's fairly challenging to locate and spend time with like-minds at the time you inhabit a large area, in which everyone is way too bustling to generate newer associations. So, this chaos 's for signing up with this web site. And my personal encounter is definitely seamless. I been able to pick individuals who desire exactly the same factors and realize my own want to stay no-cost, without commitment, guarantees, and all this more hooey. Yet another fantastic factor is the fact there I've achieved some bi-curious individuals. I really like the functionality on the web site since it's rather sufficient for preliminary communication. Perhaps, some body would like much more advantages, but also in my opinion, you ought to get a night out together if you want extensive conversation. While browsing users, we watched many clear people. I wish everyone could shell out a whole lot more focus upon his or her position on the website. Talking about the site's capabilities, everything is ok. No troubles with visit, information, etc. assistance services is helpful that is available around the clock. I'm thrilled to have an online location for my preferences and fancy. It's great once the neighborhood doesn't force the standards it is on the same webpage.
by BENSON Oct 14, 2021
This web site is perfect for myself. As I'm a tad sick and tired with swiping, they started to be a middle ground for the demands. I don't strategy any big associations right now, but I won't try to escape once I see my own appreciate. Our site really doesn't force me and enables getting all special features of quality relationship. Besides, i love this application is really handy to make use of, whether it be about navigation or fees. Value is definitely regular, so I you shouldn't grudge cash for since I get the best worth for rates they need. I've currently met some decent individual and acquire beautiful dates. Besides, I message with several owners to speak, laugh, and discuss various subjects, most notably sex. I believe that I am my personal category because neighborhood is particularly helpful. Anyone don't evaluate a person, considering that it could be if you have obtained individuals in a bar.
by Allison Oct 05, 2021
I signed up with this incredible website a year ago and obtained an excellent enjoy. Today, I have a qualified and mind-blowing companion, and we're excellent together. I'd advocate the application because I have mastered from lead knowledge it is effective. I notice that many people frequently grumble about no suits, thinking that they simply spend time and cash. However, i will be aware that when individuals cannot locate somebody, they generally boot the company's disappointments to additional facets. Tasks, family members, dating sites, put differently, you can find someone to take responsibility. Nonetheless, you must never disheartenment, and all would be ok. Including, it took me around 7 many months to meet simple mate.
by Enzo Oct 03, 2021
Very high impressions. I've discovered many ready and interesting someone and some freaks . that's a norm while you are on the web. Some matches were not during my place . that's why we kept close friends. I should point out that this particular service brings most equipment to produce various other people note an individual. First, it's room enough to produce the profile and provide sufficient the informatioin needed for your appearance and fictional character. Next, texting try all right. Normally, you receive complete online telecommunications and will collect a romantic date whenever when you are prepared to see your preferred in real life.
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