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Recon Review — What Do We Know About It?

Recon Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 27-35
Profiles 1.450.000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The gay dating app is not at all confusing to use
  • The gay dating site lets the men discover what their sexual identities and sexual desires are
  • It is the biggest dating app for fetish dates that are looking for a kink with other gay men
  • There are no false promises, and it lays what it offers on the table for all to see
  • The app has many surprises and welcomes all the gay men looking for casual dating
  • The app secures its users' identity and keeps them secure
  • The dating site is not for those who are looking for a long term commitment

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Recon is one of the biggest dating sites in the world for gay men. The website comes with amazing features, and many gay men find it the best platform to meet like-minded men and fulfill their intimate desires.

Gay men with a fetish for kink, BDSM, bondage, rubber, role-playing, and leather will find this dating site fascinating.

So what exactly is Recon offering? Recon is a dating site for adults and is designed for those who are seeking casual sex or a hookup through this site. You will find plenty of gay men who are ready for a non-committed relationship. If you are also seeking out gay men who are there just for some enjoyment, then this is the right site for you.

The Recon site has many members, so you are sure to meet the gay partner that you desire, ready for a hookup tonight. However, if you are looking out for a gay man for a long-term commitment, this probably is not the best site for you. Just for a casual date, this online dating site is the best fit that satisfies your unique desires.

With its headquarters in the United Kingdom and founded in the year 1996, the gay dating site has several registered members who like you are actively looking out for casual hookup partners.

How does Recon work

How does Recon work?

Once you have set up your profile, giving minute details like your personal stats and your preferences in bed, you are now ready to use this online dating site. The best thing about Recon is that it does not follow a grid structure, which means you are saved from screenshots of other gay men smiling back at you with this six-pack ab from the grid.

Instead, you will be able to view the profiles as a listing which is stacked chronologically based on the member proximity. You will not get a lot of BDSM for the free account of Recon, which is only available for the paid members. With the free membership, you can check out various profiles and what their fetishes are. You can only go bold when you buy the premium membership. The fetish is not for free here, and so you will have to pay to use them.

Recon also offers many exciting features like the Home Feed feature that provides real-time information about the gay dating world. It gives you updates about the gay dating society and works pretty much like Facebook.

The members can also check who visited their profile. The Event feature is unique that lets members browse through various events and see who would want to join this event. It is a great platform that lets you share space with someone who has the same fantasies as you.

Registration - Is it really easy

Registration – Is it really easy?

It is fast and simple to register on the Recon gay dating site. The site is mostly focussed on meeting gay men meeting for casual sex or hookup; thus, the amount of information that needs to be entered is barely minimal.

To start with the sign-up process, you will first have to identify your gender and the identities of those you wish to meet. You will have to share your email id and select a unique password to sign in to the site. Make sure that you choose your username carefully, considering that it is a site for casual hookups.

The tone and your attitude should be descriptive, which lets others know who you are and what you are looking for in this site.

You will also have to enter your birthday and your location. This is all about it, and your registration process is complete. It takes hardly 2 minutes to complete the registration process on Recon. Once done, you can now sign in and meet the hotties around you.

Recon also holds many events that are listed on their site, which is held across the world. When registering on the site, make sure to upload your original photograph only. If you upload a celebrity photo or any fake photo, then the Recon site detects it immediately and asks you to upload an original picture.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

The website design of Recon is impressive. From the themes chosen to the color presentation, the Recon website can describe what it is all about in a single glace. It is all about kinky and gay encounters. The interface is user friendly to use and can be used by anyone.

The dark shades of red and black catch your eye when you first enter the website. The website is highly progressive, and the graphics have been designed keeping the needs of the user. Once you log into the site, you will be able to see many gay men who are either wanting to tame you or want you to tame them. The site gives you a plethora of gay men to choose from and try out all the fantasies you ever had.

It is also easy to hide or delete your profile on the Recon dating site. All that you have to do is to click on the Account Settings and then Delete your Account.

Let's talk about profile quality

Let’s talk about profile quality

Once you are registered on the online dating site, you can start to connect with gay partners. It is also easy to search who all are online and are ready for a chat. The search feature on Recon lets you scroll through the entire list of members that matches your specific criteria. Once you find someone who suits your criteria, then you can initiate a chat with the person.

Here again, the more honestly you answer the questions during the sign-up process, the algorithm will be able to match you to a more accurate profile. This is why it is recommended that you fill your profile. Your time invested is undoubtedly going to pay. And also, make sure that you upload lots of pictures. Only when you are satisfied with your profile quality should you go ahead and click on the complete sign-up process.

The Recon dating app lets you search for gay men based on their name, location, preferences, piercing, BDSM, etc. You will also get to know about the drug use of gay men on the site.

The mobile application

The Recon dating site can also be accessed through mobile. The dating app can be used on your Android phone or an iPhone. The app offers a great experience, and you get the same features on the app as you get on the website. It is user friendly and easy to navigate, which lets you connect to gay men close to you while you are on the go.

Safety & security

Safety & security

You are bound to have questions about the safety of the Recon dating site and the Recon dating app. Before you start to use the dating site, it is always a great idea to know more about its safety. This is especially true when it is just a casual hookup or dating site. We understand that there are many scams on the dating sites, but you can rest assured about safety when you use the Recon dating site.

Read the safety tips on the Recon site, which will keep you safe. During the sign-up process, an email confirmation is sent to the user to ensure that the profile is legit. Also, the site does not allow anyone to upload any fake photos on the site, and if one does, then the website automatically removes it and asks for an original photo.

However, like when using any other dating site, rely on your instincts, and if you feel that the user is not genuine, then you are free to report him to the authority, and strict action will be taken.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Members can use the basic features of the dating site for free. However, to use its advanced features, one needs to pay and take premium membership. Those who pay and become a member get all the significant benefits of the site.

The paid membership gives you access to all the public galleries of other members on the platform. You can see unlimited profiles, and you also gain access to the advanced options of filtering. Also, save yourself from seeing the banner ads when you use this dating site. The premium member does give you access to many options for this dating site.

Here is the payment plan for the dating site.

  • A 1-month membership is for $12.99/month
  • A 3-month membership is for $29.99 which equals to $9.99 per month
  • A 6-month membership comes for $49.99 which equals to $8.33 per months
  • A 1-year membership comes for $89.99, which equals $7.49 per month.
Help & support

Help & support

Recon offer quick and prompt help and support when you need it. For any query, drop them an email on https://support.recon.com, and you will get the best reply within 24-48 hours. Make sure to write your name and your query in great detail.

You, however, should first read the Help Page, which is available on the app as well as on the website. This will, in most cases, answer any doubts or queries that you may have. If you do not get the answer you need, you can also submit a request from the help page directly.



Is Recon safe?

Recon is a safe dating site that keeps the members’ privacy a top priority. They do a good job not to give someone unauthorized access. Also, email verification is sent to the member during the registration process that lets the site check the members’ identity.

Is Recon a real dating site?

The Recon dating site is a real one, and this can be very well be judged by the content quality of this site. There are many kinks ready for you to connect with as soon as you join this site. You can click on one of your choices and initiate a conversation. There are many features for the free members as well, and it lets you find the perfect gay match you desire. All this clearly shows that the gay dating app is genuine.

How to use Recon?

It is easy to use the Recon dating site and app. Just register on the site and verify your email, and you are all set to go and use all the free membership features of this dating site. Meet like-minded gay men by inviting them in for a private conversation. You can also pay up on the site and access the advanced features of the dating site.

Is Recon free?

Yes, if you see, then registering and using the basic features on this site is free. However, you will not be able to use the special features and have to deal with the disturbing ads when you do not buy the premium membership. This may be big trouble for some, and for them, the paid version is a better option. Again it is all about what your likings are. You should choose where you feel that you get the maximum value.

To get the maximum benefit on this site, define what your desires are clearly in your profile, and this will let you seek the best match on the dating site.

Is Recon really works?

Recon is the best fetish app for gay men, and it works. The dating app is for those gay men who are looking for a hookup. It is bratty and bold, and it lets you find gay men for sex. There is no limit on what you can desire from your partner on this dating site.



Gay men looking to fulfill their sexual desires should try out the Recon dating site. The platform is meant for those gay men looking for casual hookups and a non- committed relationship with a like-minded partner.

One of the largest kink apps, it is easy to use the various features of this dating site and can be used even by someone who is not tech-savvy. The website and the dating site offer the same features, which means that the member can choose what he is comfortable with.

The Recon dating site also promotes parties and social events across the globe, and this lets the gay men meet personally and take their relationship forward. If you are interested in a hookup, then this site is a great one to use. The site offers a highly affordable and very average membership fee, which lets you use its many advanced features.

Also, what needs to be mentioned is the customer support that Recon offers. The help desk is available to answer any queries that you may have. You can email them or contact them on the help page and get a response from them who are ready to solve any difficulty that you may be facing when using the Recon app.

Recon also has some great safety features in place which take care to keep your identity private and ensures that there is no leak of information. A special feature to safeguard no fake accounts on Recon is the profile picture verification. If the member posts a fake profile picture, then this gets removed automatically, and he is asked to upload his original photo.

In all respects, the Recon gay dating site is a must-try if you are not looking for a serious commitment. It is perfect for gay men of all ages from anywhere in the world who can meet local gay men close to them. Start using the fantastic features that this dating site has to offer and meet a match who has the same sexual fantasies as you.

You are free to browse through profiles on your computer on the dating website. You are also free to browse through member profiles on its dating app, which lets you look out for gay men even when you are moving like say going to work or in another city. So wait for no further to try out the Recon dating site, and then you may want to pay for the premium membership and get a better filter of the profiles.

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by Itzel Oct 10, 2021
We joined up with this great site a year ago and grabbed a good enjoy. These days, We have a qualified and mind-blowing partner, and we're excellent with each other. I'd advocate the software because We have figured out from direct enjoy this will work. We see that plenty of people commonly whine about no meets, thinking that they simply spend your time and money. Nevertheless, i will observe that when individuals cannot look for somebody, they frequently boot her failures to outside things. Task, relatives, adult dating sites, this means, often there is anybody to blame. Continue to, you should never lose hope, and all will be acceptable. As an example, they required around 7 seasons to satisfy the lover.
Denise Garrett
by Denise Garrett Oct 01, 2021
I'd like different daters to understand that this particular service 100% does its job without strategies. Individuals who truly hunger for to find in contact with special someone won't regret their preference whenever signing up for the platform. The crucial thing is not at all to give up. I have previously fulfilled your loved, and we also are presently happy. Personally I think arousal and relationships, as implies a ton. Extremely, we've been crazy, and is never too late for folks of any age and demands. I will suggest this site, extremely simply sample.
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