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Chatroulette Review – What do We Know About it?

Chatroulette Review – What do We Know About it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatroulette is a free service provider
  • It has a simple user interface, and it is navigation friendly
  • No formality of registration, and creating a profile is a hassle-free job
  • The interface offers excellent control features for the chat session
  • If annoying, one can block the user instantly and report for illegal activities
  • The service of Chatroulette is spread all across the world; you can get contacts from all countries
  • You can get to enjoy entertaining interaction with new friends almost every day
  • You can switch on /off according to your discretion. If you don't like the other person for chatting, you can change with the next option
  • By following a few suggestions, you can stay safe on the dating site
  • The Chatroulette website is mobile responsive. You can enjoy the site from your mobile irrespective of the OS you are currently using
  • As there is no verification formality, people often load fake profiles
  • Direct access to webcam often creates the problem of explicit behaviors of users
  • The hackers' unscrupulous activities are often unmanageable
  • Pedophiles often appear here to catch their online prey
  • Easy accessibility becomes trouble

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Chatroulette is one of the most popular dating sites since its inception in 2010. The site offers the facility of video chat with other users. But why is it so much in craze? Why people find this dating site extremely addictive and exotic? Let us take a detailed look here.

Video chatting has become quite popular nowadays because it gives a feel of real-life conversation. Perhaps this is one of the most realistic reasons, Chatroulette dating site could have retained its popularity. The site initially, besides the facility of texting and audio calling, offered the privilege of random video chat free of cost. With Chatroulette, you can be sure with whom you are chatting, which is a mile apart from countering a fake profile. It is safe, too, to participate in the chatting process with some safety rules in your concern.

The real attraction of this dating site is a beautiful blend of virtual reality. You will experience a hang of reality: it is an excellent blend of Facebook and Skype chat. The openness and access of Facebook and the clarity of Skype have made Chatroulette chatting adventurous enough, and to some extent, exotic.

Chatroulette is the brainchild of a 17-year old Russian boy, Andrey Ternovskiy, and from that period (from 2010), he is the present owner of this popular dating site. The straightforwardness of the site became an instant hit. Someone surveyed that at least 35,000 people remain on the site at any point of the day, and the craze is still on. Presently, the site has millions of users, and the total number of users is increasing almost every day.

Connecting people and spreading fraternity and fun is the sole objective of Chatroulette, and the site has applied the leverage of webcam technology to attain its pre-set goal.

How does Chatroulette Work

How does Chatroulette Work?

Chatroulette is user-friendly. As a user, you do not need much proficiency in technology to use the website. The site works on a simple methodology, and it works both on the laptop and mobiles. Initially, the users could use the site in two ways: one was video chatting, and the other was text chatting. However, the latest version of the website has endorsed only the video chat. The text chat is not that popular now; perhaps this is one of the reasons Chatroulette has discontinued the facility of text chatting.

Although video chat on the site Chatroulette has gained much popularity and misbehavior during the chat is highly prohibited. If any users are found in indulging any restricted activities, there is a high chance that the profiles of that users will get reported and blocked.

In video chatting, the site accesses your microphone and webcam and then will search a partner for you. You can set the filters, and the search will keep the criteria in mind. You can start chatting with the person who is suggested to you by this site or request the site to keep up the search.

Before you start chatting on the Chatroulette platform, you have to create a free profile. Once you click on the search button, your mic and camera will be active to support the upcoming video chat session. You can stop and terminate any chat anytime. If you get to see any unwanted communication, the Chatroulette platform allows you to report and block that profile immediately.

While creating a profile, you can keep all your details secret from your online profile. This precaution will keep your online identity under the cover.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

The site has a minimum formality of registration, but it is free of cost. It is a quicker and handier process. You have to schedule a user name, you have to specify a valid email address, and you have to designate a password for using your account further.

After you access the site Chatroulette, you will get the option of signing in or start. For beginners, the start is the only option. While you click on the start button, you will get an option to open a free account. Once the account is set, you have to activate your mic and webcam. Now you are all set to start a chat on Chatroulette.

Yes, before you start chatting, you have to get your facial recognition done. It is a free service and is a part of registration.

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

Chatroulette user interface is simple to understand, and user-friendly to navigate. Initially, users could put off their webcam, but now webcam chat is only chatting mode actively in use. The landing page will show the webcam sign centering the page.

On this dating site, you can video chat with strangers. When your chat session is about to start, you will get the option to start chat on your screen. If you like the person, you can start chatting, or you can move for the next. Mostly you will find men as the user of this video social network, but nowadays, women are also coming to join the chat.

The usability of the site in terms of ease and convenience is super brilliant. You have no formality of age verification and no formality of user information collection. But it is a problem because you do not know with whom you are chatting.

The chat interface will offer you excellent control over your chat window. If you do not like the person you are chatting with, you can move to the next option.

The website utilizes Adobe Flash for the display of video and takes in access the webcam of the users. The peer-to-peer networkability of the Flash (through RTMFP) permits almost all video and audio transmission to float directly between the two user-computers, and hardly the chat-session uses the server bandwidth for fast and accurate streaming.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Profile creation is a vital part of using online dating sites; Chatroulette is not an exception. But what makes the site interesting is its user-friendly algorithm. Creating a profile here is not a complicated task, preferably a simple formality.

But you have to act meticulously here. Before chatting to a stranger, do not leave any point open, which can help your chatting partner to identify you unless you want the same. Keep your real name, address, financial information, birthmark, etc. secret. Before starting video chat, stay aware of your surroundings so that your anonymous status remains unaffected! To cut a long story short, you should try your best to protect your identity at the time of uploading/making your profile on the Chatroulette website.

There is a chance that you may meet your soul mate here, so you should have an impressive profile to offer. You should stay aware because your chatting session may turn into one night’s stand.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Chatroulette has not launched an app to date. But that does not mean that you won’t be able to chat on your mobile using the Chatroulette interface. The website is mobile responsive, and you can open the site from your mobile regardless of the operating system you use. You can use both Android and IOS operating systems to enjoy satisfactory user-experience.

Safety & Security

Initially, Chatroulette became stupendously popular between the users because there were lots of relaxation, and some users misused the transparency. Hence, the layer of safety was somehow compromised. But those days are gone. Now the site is well protected to offer the users a safe and seamless user experience.

Well, the profile creation is still free, and it is as easy as it was before. But now there is a stringent rule of maintaining modesty, sobriety, and strict banning of display of nudity. The site is not meant for minors or humans of below 18 years of age. In case of any breach of these rules, the profile of the concerned users gets immediately banned.

The site has prohibited advertisement, illegal activities, or exchange of uncivilized behavior during the chat. They assured the users if the user will not follow the rules of this site, his/her profile will get permanently banned.

According to the spokesperson of this dating site, Chatroulette tries their level best to keep the site bug free. But at the same time, the site warns the users not to click on any external link at the time of chatting because hackers can introduce malware with evil intension for malicious activities.

Chatroulette is coming up with some new features for enhanced security. According to the spokesperson of the site, these are,

  • Better matchmaking filers for users
  • Blurring feature of the chat partner without letting him know
  • The facility of rating a chat partner for his appraisal, etc. for community feedback.
Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

Chatroulette is a free website and does not have any payment option for its users. Hence the users can enjoy the chatting facility completely free of cost.

The website earns its revenue via advertising. Hence the users may get to see an advertisement at the time of chatting. Perhaps this is one of the reasons displaying advertisements between chat sessions by users is not allowed here.

Help & Support

The website offers help and support for its users if asked for. You have to identify the problem, and then you have to report the admin’s odds, which a user can do easily during the chat session. Moreover, the site has made the reporting or spamming the incident of abuse a quick job. There is a button above the chat interface as Report/Ad/Illegal’ button, which you can click anytime you feel threatened.

The website warns every user not to click on any external link. If the users pay heed to this warning, they can stay safe from hackers and fraudulent scams.

The website is adding some more improved features shortly to enhance the admin’s help and support efficiency. People who wish to enjoy adult chat should be aware of the nuances of talking to a stranger. The site completely patronizes the importance of staying virtually safe, and hence a user should follow the suggested tips for staying safe online.



Is Chatroulette Safe?

Yes, Chatroulette is safe, provided you maintain the online chatting protocols. Here only adults are eligible to chat, and you should not breach the age bar. Chatting with a stranger is a real-life fun, but you should act responsibly to keep your profile safe and to avert the risk of exploitation. The dating site Chatroulette is safe for you if you can play safe and maintain the much-needed distance from strangers. Alternatively, you also maintain good behavior with your online interlocutors so that no one can report your profile. If your profile stays safe on the under interface, you can use the site safe for your fun.

Is Chatroulette a Real Dating Site?

If finding contacts for knowing each other is the motto of a dating site, yes, Chatroulette is a successful service provider. It is quite popular, and it has global exposure, so finding new contact is easier for the users of this dating site. Yes, there can be the cases of a one-night stand, but on the contrary to that, finding the soul mate is not impossible from this platform. Users can use it for momentary fun as well as for finding a real-life partner.

How to Use Chatroulette?

It is effortless to use Chatroulette because you have very little action pending. Once you are done with the setting of your profile and the formality of face recognition, you can start video chatting. You have to provide access to your webcam and mic to the site. Now the filter of the search will work, and you will get to see one after another chat option. You can start video chatting with your preferred contacts. You can end the chat session anytime, and look for the next option.

Is Chatroulette Free?

Yes, Chatroulette is all free From profile creation to face recognition, all the processes are free on this dating site interface for its users. The website earns its revenue from advertising.

Is Chatroulette Really Works?

Yes, it works. If you want to spend some time online chatting with strangers, it is one of the best options for online dating sites that you can count on. If you are planning for marriage and searching for your soul mate, Chatroulette may not be the best dating site for you.

So out the answer is, it works, but the success depends on your objective of chatting here. You can try the chatting interface of Chatroulette for finding the life partner, but there is no guarantee of getting hooked in a serious relationship here.



Chatroulette is one of the most popular online dating sites presently, and people from all corners of the globe participate in online chatting here. The privilege of video chatting with strangers is one of the main attractions of this dating site. Initially, there was a snag. According to profile review, users have found at least 70% of users of this dating platform are male. Hence ladies can get in touch with men while chatting online via the Chatroulette website.

However, the situation is quite different now. Women are also taking an active interest in video chatting, and that is why finding males as an online friend for fun is not a hassle on Chatroulette anymore. With some prior precautions, while chatting, both men and women can have a wonderful time on this dating site completely free of cost. Try today, and have fun!

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