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Omegle Review – What Do We Know About It?

Omegle Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • It is effortless to use. No lengthy drawn procedure of sign up and creating a username or a profile at all
  • Simply open the website, and you can begin chatting immediately
  • Users can stay anonymous as long as they want not to reveal their identity
  • Users can stop the chat whenever they want to without any fear of backlash and/or repercussions.
  • The excitement factor is palpable, as users never know whom they will be paired with.
  • The website is available in a lot of other languages apart from English.
  • Omegle is good for friendly chats and videos only, not if you are looking for serious dates or long term relationships.
  • There are no great filters on the site – for instance, you cannot even determine what gender chat friend you would like to have.
  • It is home to bots, spammers, and scammers. X rated links, and there are obscene profiles galore in the chatroom.
  • There is always a risk of misuse of information given by the user to the strangers that they are chatting with.
  • There are thousands of cases of pedophilic behavior where lurking predators have won over the confidence of naïve minors and tricked them into meeting them personally or send them nudes.
  • Cyberbullying is a serious concern on such anonymous chatting websites. Sarcasm, insults, and obscenity are rampant.

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We all need to make conversations with people, and when it is a stranger, you are all the more comfortable because you know that the stranger will never be judgmental about your thoughts and actions.

Studies prove that introverts and shy people also need to make conversation with people every once in a while. Today, technology affords them this opportunity in the form of social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But all of these sites require investments in terms of time and energy to create a profile and to create posts on them to generate traffic on your profile.

What if we told you that it is possible to chat with a stranger who has similar interests and tastes like you without you having to bother about creating a profile or even registering on it?

Welcome to Omegle!

In 2008, Omegle founder, Leif K-Brooks was only about 18 years of age when he launched the Omegle website on March 25, 2009. It is often considered to be a pioneer of sorts because it came at a time when the internet dating and free chatting sites were in their nascent stages. It is reported that within a month of its launch, the website was seeing a whopping 150,000 views in a single day itself! It was only a text chat website until 2010 when it launched its video conferencing mode to the public.

How Does Omegle Work?

Omegle at its heart is a social networking online dating website, which means:

  • No need for you to set up a profile
  • You can simply open the site and begin chatting with strangers
  • What is more! It is completely FREE!

What the website does is that it pairs two random strangers in a one to one chat room. There are no usernames, and instead of names, Omegle uses the common “You” and “stranger” to denote the two parties.

There is an option where the users can decide whom they would like to be paired with, and we do see a lot of people opting for this option.

There is an option called “Stop,” where the users can click to denote that they are done with chatting. Say that one of the people thinks that the conversation is dragging and that he is no longer interested in it, he simply needs to click on “Stop.” With that, the “Stop” button changes in to “Really?”

Once the user clicks on the “Really?” button, it will disconnect the user from his session in the chat room. The “Really?” button will now change to “New” clicking on the “New” button can help you to start a new char with a new stranger in another one on one chat room.

How Does Omegle Work?

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

It is estimated that Omegle is one of the first few online platforms that took the world by storm by connecting random strangers around the world through a completely free chatting service.

Whether you are looking to make friends online, or connect with a student or colleague your age, all you need to do is log onto Omegle’ s website and begin chatting for free. Yes, Omegle is OPEN FOR ALL, and therefore there is no registration required at all!

There are three requirements for getting on to Omegle:

  • You must be 13 years or older
  • Good internet connectivity and
  • A smart device or a PC/laptop

Step #1:

Log on to the Omegle website’s homepage – www.Omegle.com.

Step #2:

Choose if you want a text or a video chat.

Step #3:

Start chatting after you are randomly paired with a stranger in a chatroom.

Easy peasy!!

Omegle Registration - Is It Really Easy?

What About Design and Usability?

If you have logged on to Omegle.com and found the chat site’s design and aesthetics to be very dated, let us assure you that the graphic user interface is going to win you over with its simplicity and ease of use. Indeed, the website does not seem to have taken any steps to evolve with time, but its design elements are consistent from the time of its inception that brings many people back to it. There is nothing to wonder why Omegle is more popular than most of the recent entrants even though their design is more aesthetic than it.

Omegle was a pioneer of sort way back in 2008, and there was never the pressure to look cool as much as today. Twelve years and it is obvious that a re-hauling of the website’s design is not on the cards anytime soon. What is noteworthy however is that

  • The interface is simple and straightforward.
  • The features are so uncomplicated that even a kid can effortlessly use it.
  • When in the chat room, the entire screen transforms to be able to accommodate the entire chat.
  • The stop and exit buttons are strategically placed so that you can log off a chat and successfully exit the software when you are done chatting
  • The process of logging in, chatting, and logging off is so streamlined you will never feel threatened or scared of using it.
Omegle What About Design and Usability?

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

If you think you must know a cross-section of the kind of people that populate Omegle’s chatrooms, here is everything about what you want to know.

Even the most conservative of estimates suggest that there are at least ten thousand active Omegle users every day! But the presence of bots cannot be disputed.

What are bots doing on a dating chatting site?

They solicit the users with advertisements for better-chatting sites than Omegle or invite them to websites that cater to the adult population and is explicit with adult stuff.

Even though Omegle was started with a noble intention of hooking up two strangers in a chat or later on a date if they took off well. With time, the website has become a hub of nefarious activity where most of the users, of either gender, are looking and making dirty conversations.

Who are these people?

That question is an enigma and best left unanswered. But to let you at the heart of the things, chatting on the website is entirely free, and unlike other chat sites, it is not compulsory to sign up or take a username. Precisely for this reason, you will never come to know of the perpetrator’s identity and gender.

It is difficult to say who is online on Omegle:

You are going to face a tough call deciphering whom you are talking to because, in its text feature, users can hide their real identity or worse is that they can pretend to be someone that they are not!

Omegle has not left any stone unturned to either ban the miscreant when brought to their notice to make sure that they ban the predator/pedophile. As a further step, Omegle has even incorporated a lengthy disclaimer on its home page itself to protect from lawsuits claiming compensation for either aiding immoral acts or neglecting clear signs in a bid to escape liability.

Omegle Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

There is no application that you can download from the Play Store of your mobile that you can officially download on your mobile devices. Rumor mills had it that Omegle was in the process of developing one, but as of now, the company has not come out with any official announcements.

There is an app called Anonymaz – Stranger Chat that supports most features of Omegle. It has spam filters, and it is particularly useful because the website is notorious for having hundreds of bots and spammers already. There are also no pop-up adverts during chats, both text and video. Other features will include an automatic reconnecting button, a conversation in the background, as even a public chat.

The bottom line is that even while Omegle does not have a dedicated mobile application, it does work great on your mobile devices on various web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. There are other privately mobile applications like the one stated above that can facilitate chats on the website.

Omegle The Mobile Application

Safety & Security

Omegle has forever found itself to be a controversy’s child. This is mainly because of the features on the website that allows the users to talk to random strangers around the world without disclosing their identity at all. The site has allegedly been the hub of child predators that have lured underage users to send them objectionable pictures as well as lured them to private meetings.

Tech experts have often pointed out that perverts are going to capitalize on a website like Omegle, which has a zero underage security check as well as any technology to monitor the video chats by the users. For a long time, the website functioned without any profanity filters, and sexual content was very high on it.

Thankfully, Omegle now has most things under control with its pervasive monitoring of video chats. It is not great, but it is comforting to know that it is well-nigh there. The website is recently known to ban users, albeit temporarily if they have abused or flouted the terms and conditions concerning decency and law.

A majority of the chats are operated by bots looking to lure you to a better stranger-chatroom or X-rated websites outside Omegle. It is highly recommended that you do not click on those links because they can be malware. Simply disconnect the chat in case you find the content objectionable. Sadly, a website that was once the place to get on with a stranger without fear of any judgment is now being attempted to be used for pedophilic criminal activities.

Omegle Safety & Security

Pricing and Benefits

Every feature of Omegle is entirely free of cost. There is nothing that the website asks its users to deposit. That is what the secret of its popularity is.

The chat allows you to

  • Chat with strangers, no strings attached
  • Video chat with strangers anywhere in the world
  • You can even use tags so that you may filter your chats.

If you happen to use Omegle and you have a notification asking you to pay anything to avail any feature, basic or special, you must keep your guard because it is a scam. The website does not ask for a single penny when so ever.

Omegle Pricing and Benefits

Help & Support

There are a host of features on Omegle which help the users to be extremely safe.

  • The chat is completely anonymous.
  • Your identity is completely safe unless you choose to reveal it.
  • You can leave the chat whenever you want
  • You can restart a new chat with a new stranger whenever you want to come back.

There is no traditional customer support as such on Omegle, but members can use a few options to get connected to their customer support. In case you have an issue, you must leave feedback on their integrated messaging website via a button that you will find on the last line of the website.

There is no way to get in touch with the experts on the portal. Your next best bet is to read about Omegle on the internet because hundreds of reviewers strive to educate millions of users day in and day out.

Omegle also sports a Facebook and Twitter account. Users can get on to these social networking sites to get their doubts cleared or redressal of their grievances.

Omegle Help & Support


Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions that might help you.

Is Omegle Safe?

Omegle was started way back in 2008 to be a website where teens and college friends could make new friends with strangers around the world. Unfortunately, in most recent times, it has become a hub of sexual predation where pedophiles are constantly preying on innocent naïve minors.

Is Omegle a Real Dating Site?

Omegle is in its most organic form, a chatting website, and the chance of finding your date or marriage partner is quite slim. That said, we have had numerous love stories where the partners have met on Omegle for the first time. So, yes, you can say it is a dating site only that you need to persevere.

How to Use Omegle?

You do not download anything at all. Simply log on to www.omegle.com, and you will be paired with a stranger in a chat room. If you do not like to chat, click on the ‘stop’ button to end the chat and click on ‘new’ to begin a new chat. Simple!

Omegle Q&A

Is Omegle free?

Omegle is completely free of any cost. All you need is a smart device and good internet connectivity, and you are set!

Does Omegle Really Work?

Yes, most adults love all the features of Omegle as it helps them connect with random strangers across the globe as well as it is a healthy way to kill time. There is no doubt that users regularly encounter advances of sexual nature, but it can still be amusing to most of them.


Omegle aims to build friendships among strangers without any prejudices whatsoever. The platform is a great initiative for people to be able to get connected to others whom they would perhaps never meet ever. It has been in controversy because of explicit content being shared openly and it being taken over by bots that solicit X-rated websites and profiles. Except for this, we would rate it 9 on 10 for its features.

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