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Ohlala Review – What Do We Know About It?

Ohlala Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Men and women can have more dates
  • New members get free coins to try full website services
  • Members are often subjected to strict verification processes to fish out fake accounts
  • Quick and easy registration
  • The dating app is compatible with most mobile phones
  • Ohlala makes dating quite expensive
  • There is no clear matching algorithm on the site
  • LGBT persons may find it hard to get dates
  • Some users are not comfortable with the idea of paid dating

Ohlala started as an innovative dating service in Germany in 2015. It revolutionized the dating world by making men active chasers in the dating game. Men paid to meet women. The company aims to help people find dates as quickly as possible, using paid dating as motivation.

Ohlala started to cater to the dating needs of straight people for straight dating. However, LGBT persons can also use their services. The minimum age requirement is 21. Although Ohlala started with German users, many New Yorkers are also using this dating service. Expect to find a diverse racial and cultural mix on the site.

How does Ohlala work?

Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

Ohlala makes it fast and easy for men and women to go on dates. It uses the idea of paid dating to achieve its objectives. The website is built on gender roles philosophy. Men are required to take charge and initiate the dating process while ladies are required to wait and accept dates. The users are required to signup on the website. Username, age, location, gender, and email account are necessary registration requirements. After registration, users verify their accounts, upload profile pictures, and use dating features.

The man is expected to make a dating offer. This offer is displayed to women who share close or similar location with the man. The man can see how many ladies viewed his offer. An interested lady is expected to take the offer. Both the man and the lady then use the chat feature to negotiate how much the man is to pay the lady for the date, date location, and time. If there is no agreement, the woman can reject the offer while the man waits for another lady to take the offer. Once the man’s proposal is taken, the offer is no longer visible to other members on the site. Also, the man cannot be contacted privately.

Note that to make a dating offer and to use the chat feature, users must buy some coins. Free members may not be able to enjoy these features.

To message a potential date, you must have enough coins on your account. The number of coins charged per contact may vary from user to user. New members will be given 30 coins. You can use the coins to enable the chat feature as you click on the user’s profile. You are permitted to chat as long as your coins remain. If you exhaust the coins, the chat feature is suspended. You can reactivate the feature by purchasing more coins.

Registration – is it really easy?

Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

The users can find the signup link on the homepage. It only takes about two minutes to sign up for a new account on the Ohlala dating site. The signup process is quite basic. Users need to supply their mobile number and email address. This information is verified by clicking on a link sent to users’ mobile. Users also need to fill basic information about themselves, like age, sex, and preferences. Where gender is not indicated, it may be quite hard to get a date since gender determines how people connect on Ohlala.

What about design and usability?

It has a simple and cool website. The homepage uses a perfect blend of white, pink, and black themes, and it is easy to navigate. Menu in the member area is arranged perfectly so that users can easily navigate to find the options. On the mobile phone, the website loads faster and is compatible with major mobile phone browsers. Chat feature works better on mobile devices than on PC. The website can also be adjusted to fit perfectly to your mobile phone’s home screen when you visit app.ohlala.com. Users can also choose either to use the site in English or German language. We observed that site translation worked best with the Chrome browser.

There is no special matching feature on Ohlala. However, you will find necessary information about other users by checking their free profile. You will find their age, location, nationality, and some preferences. You may need to chat with them to know more about them. You need to activate the chat feature for each user you want to contact. This will cost you some coins. Use your coins to converse with a potential date to know them better. Ohlala aims to make physical dates happen as quickly as possible. You may save some of your questions on the date’s personality until you meet face to face.

Here are the distinctive features of the dating platform:

Paid dating: Ohlala is different from most dating sites because of its paid dating services. By default, men must pay women before they agree to go on a date. The amount one needs to pay for the date is not fixed. Men and women negotiate the rate. The rate is charged per hour, and rates can range from $50 to $400 per hour. The man pays the agreed amount before or on the date.

Coins: This is the currency used to purchase special Ohlala dating services, such as following up on a dating offer. Coins are also needed to chat potential dates to negotiate meeting place, time, and rate.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

Users’ profiles on Ohlala are relatively less informative when compared to many other dating sites. This might be because Ohlala seeks to achieve quick dates, so there is no need to know so much about others before agreeing to meet. Basic information such as the user’s age, sex, username, nationality, location, and smoking preference is required.

Both free and paid members can upload and view profile photos. The admins also verify the profile photos to prove the legitimacy of a user. A verified account is identified with a marker text. Unverified accounts do not use the same marker text as the verified ones. Ohlala is committed to ensuring that only legitimate and verified users make use of their site. They also urge their users to report the suspicious account so that appropriate actions can be taken.

To help you land more dates, visibility is vital. Whether you are a male or female, you need to make optimal use of your profile to put yourself at a vantage point. Since there is no specific matching feature on Ohlala, you need to make sure all the information required on your profile are supplied accurately. Use the multiple profile photo features to your advantage. Use high-quality pictures that show the best you. Be sure to follow site rules to make sure your account stays verified. Verified users rank higher than their unverified counterparts.

You should also consider buying coins. For men, this is non-negotiable. Ladies may choose to remain free members for as long as they want. However, to be able to chat with potential dates, buying coins is a must.

The mobile application

Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

Ohlala mobile app differs from most other dating apps. It is free for all users to use. It cannot be found on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Users need to visit app.ohlala.com to get the app. The app adapts with the user’s mobile phone screen. Users can bookmark the app page or add the page to the home screen on their mobiles.

Once the mobile app is added to the phone screen, it is ready for use. No lengthy process to update your profile, use dating services, or check other people’s profiles. The dating app closely resembles the website. It is not stuffed with annoying ads, and it works perfectly on almost all mobile phones.

Users can use the app for all the dating features on the web version. To start the date, you need to send a date request. This service is free on Ohlala. Simply log into your account and be sure you have no pending dates. Go to the main page on your profile and click “Request a Date.” Answer all the questions that pop up thereafter. Once you are done, your date request will be visible to other members. Note that you need to purchase coins so you can chat with interested people.

Only ladies are allowed to view dating requests. Ladies need to log into their account and click “file requests” under the Overview menu. Current dating requests will be displayed based on location. Ladies can then connect with the date.

Safety & security

Ohlala tries to keep its site safe for members to use. There are regular updates on the website’s security protocol to ensure that members’ payment details are kept secure during transactions. Ohlala also runs a continuous verification process on all its active user profiles. Profile photos are verified and marked to boost other users’ confidence to interact with verified accounts. Users can also report suspicious profiles to the support center for investigations. Ohlala security tips are also sent via email to members. It is the responsibility of both the site admin and the users to ensure the safety of users of the dating site.

Pricing and benefits

Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

The dating services on Ohlala make use of coins. Users buy these coins and spend them to get access to improved dating services on Ohlala. For instance, men can use their coins to make their profiles more visible to women. Every time a member uses the Chat feature on other members’ profiles, some coins are deducted. The number of coins deducted can vary from time to time. This will help them land more new dates. Below is a breakdown of coin subscriptions and their cost.

Plan 1: 100 coins

Cost: $11.00

The average cost per coin: $0.11

Plan 2: 250 coins

Cost: $26.50

The average cost per coin: $0.11

Plan 3: 500 coins

Cost: $47.50

The average cost per coin: $0.10

From the above, purchasing the 500 coin plan saves users more money. Users can pay for their coins via PayPal, credit, and debit cards.

Some users feel collecting cash for a date makes them feel cheap. However, some don’t mind charging on the hour. If you don’t want to take some money for your time, you can simply refund your date manually or charge a low amount that can cover for drinks. By default, Ohlala encourages women to charge men for an appointment. Nevertheless, some users are not necessarily charging their dates as expected by Ohlala.

Users’ payment information is secured using the latest web protocols. The customer support team is on standby to help users with all payment issues.

Free Membership Benefits

You do not need to purchase coins to use any of the services listed below

  • Creating a profile
  • Uploading profile photo
  • Searching and applying for dates
  • Viewing other users’ profiles
  • Posting your date requests

Fee-based Benefits

  • Activating the chat feature for potential dates

Help & support

Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

Ohlala offers excellent customer support services. They respond to support tickets as soon as possible. Support tickets that are sent during the weekdays are usually attended to within 24 hours. Tickets sent on weekends may take longer before they get a reply. You can reach the support team via email at info@ohlala.com. The customer care hotline is also available on the Contacts page of their website.


Is Ohlala safe?

Ohlala advises that all users be safety conscious when using the dating site and when meeting their dates. It is advisable to meet your date in a public space. Eateries, bars, and restaurants are good options. Other personal safety regulations can also be put in place at individuals’ discretion. Also, it is advisable only to contact people who use verified accounts. Where there is doubt on the authenticity of a profile, other users are encouraged to report such profiles.

Is Ohlala a real dating site?

The founder of the dating site has vehemently debunked any claim that Ohlala offers escort services. Ohlala maintains that paid dating is just a revolution in the dating world aimed at helping people get more dates quickly. It believes when men offer to pay women for dates, the chances of getting a date as quickly as possible increases tremendously.

Ohlala has a strong reputation in the online dating space. It is one of the best revolutionary dating websites online. It has taken more than five years to build its reputation across Europe and America. You can be sure its dating services are real.

How to use Ohlala?

Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

Ohlala does not use the search and match feature as most dating sites do. Typically, men are the ones who post a dating offer. Only women whose locations are close to that of the man can view the offers and accept them. Women need to decide whether to take or refuse a dating offer within twenty minutes of getting them. Once the deadline elapses, the man who initially posted the dating request cannot be contacted, and there is no record of any previous match or dating history.

Users need to pay to send chats to set a date and reach a consensus on what is to be paid for the date. Coins are used to unlock the chat feature. Users can purchase coins on the website and the mobile app easily.

Is Ohlala free?

It is free to create a profile and enjoy essential services on Ohlala. To be able to use the chat feature, members must purchase coins. The coins will help you enable the chat feature so you can contact your dates.

Does Ohlala really works?

Ohlala has the reputation of bringing more dates for men that can afford pay dates. It is also the favorite of women who like getting paid to go on dates. For those who are not willing or able to spend much on dating, it may not work.


Ohlala Review - What Do We Know About It?

Ohlala brings more mature men and women together. The site allows only adults who are 21 years and above to join the site. Its idea of paid dating has made it one of the most popular and unique online dating sites. Men have restricted access to women’s profiles. As a rule, men can only check the profiles of women who show interest in their dating offers. Women, however, can view all men’s profiles with the option of anonymous profile checking.

Buying coins to use Ohlala’s dating service is quite easy and cheap. Having to pay for a date can make dating more expensive. The pay rate for each appointment is charged hourly. Members can negotiate pay rates. Many people may find the site quite dull as there is no personality test to take. There is no matching or specific profile search feature. The website is, however, neat and well organized.

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This service found your attention. We wanted the style and model. We checked how it works on my Android-powered mobile tablet, and every thing ended up being alright. I believe like a duck to waters on this site. Primarily, i've a good time online, because of a large market with a good personality towards enjoy and connections. Do you need only sex? Welcome. Do you really want relaxed dating? You'll find a lot of possibilities. Will you get started on connections? Consider the fortune. I guess all things are possible for this system.
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by Eriksen Jan 04, 2022
This dating internet site meets my needs flawlessly. Really intended for older people searching for intimate on line connections and very hot dates. Whether it's made for relationships: we don't realize. But I presume you must choose a specific niche webpages centered on similar things. Website will truly get the job done if you can enjoy life and enjoy because they're. Your experiences would be fruitful, humorous, and constructive as a whole. We clogged some limited customers, however their existence isn't the site's mistake. Trust in me, you really have many others chances to meet up with wanks offline.
Ben Olson
by Ben Olson Dec 29, 2021
Five movie stars when it comes to style and navigation. The model let me to use any choice in one minute appreciate interactions without repositioning through confounding connections and links. This means, this dating internet site assists you to start with individuals rather than the website it self. We currently have an outstanding listing of close friends take pleasure in every second of our login.
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Bottom line, my own knowledge about this software happens to be great, knowning that also implies their unique customer satisfaction. I love top-quality matches as many ones constantly just about perfect for me. Hence, we don't need to waste time to check out a needle in a haystack while checking the limitless pages.
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Maria Gardner
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