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Firstmet Review — What Do You Know About It?

Firstmet Review — What Do You Know About It?
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Date with older guy 50%
Reply rate 87%
Date with older guy 88%
Popular age 40-50
Profiles 1.500.000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Super simple interface and functionality
  • Very welcoming for younger users
  • The desktop and mobile versions are almost identical, so it is effortless to transition between them
  • They have apps available for Android and IOS devices
  • They have very high standards of security
  • Fake profiles are not prominent, regardless of the number of members they have
  • An impressive user base with millions of active visitors
  • Concise and easy registration process
  • High focus on users’ interests more than appearance
  • Lack of features that would differentiate them from other sites
  • Free users are very limited when it comes to functionality

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Firstmet is the ideal community for those who want simplicity. Nowadays, online dating has become complicated — way too many alternatives, menus, chats, and so on. People are craving for an option that allows them to relax and not think much. They want to like those profiles that seem nice and pass on those that don’t. This platform seeks to be exactly what many are looking for — a straightforward approach to everything, from design to functionality and usability. But more importantly, they still have excellent matching and search options while making the experience uncomplicated for the user.

There have been many trends in the online dating sphere. It all started with simple swipe interfaces that asked hardly anything from members. That leads to authentication problems, fake profiles, and difficult situations. Then, a new wave of websites appeared with a little more interest in making the experience safe. Those platforms usually have some kind of monitoring procedures and implemented authentication. Of course, swindlers are smart and sneaky, so they find ways to pass through those walls. That is why many websites with zero-tolerance policies and complicated identification processes came into existence. As a result, the experience for end-users started to suffer.

They began to require you to confirm your email, follow links, and answer questions. Many would not even let you use the service before uploading a picture. Many platforms manually examine new profiles. This brought to increasing the time window before you could start using their service.

All those steps and waiting times weigh in users’ minds. Someone who just wants to meet people and have fun will not be happy when a site asks to spend several minutes setting up an account. Going through the process of authorization and then waiting for hours or a full day before they can be approved to join the platform.

Firstmet takes all the technology and security measures that the online dating sphere has developed over the years, and sets it up in a way that does not bother users. Here, you can easily register and use the website while still enjoying high standards of security. Fake profiles are stopped, and scammers are blocked, but that happens in the background. For the end-user, the experience seems hugely uncomplicated. All you do is like pages you find attractive and chat with others. Everything else is taken care of by the team in a way that you do not even notice.

How Does Firstmet Work

How Does Firstmet Work?

As established before, the Firstmet site has many similarities with more complex dating platforms. Here, they exhibit high standards of security. Anyone posting things that go against the site’s policies is removed. That also applies to clearly fake profiles. Having that process in place ensures that fakes are eliminated, so you can be confident and untroubled while using it. Common sense is always advised; if you spot something suspicious, it is best to report this.

The process of verification is also smooth. You do not need to wait to use Firstmet. Right after finishing the registration process, you can start enjoying the service. They still check profiles but do it in a much more efficient way, so people do not have to fiddle about while their profiles are being reviewed. A great plus that most users appreciate is that they do not spam your inbox. In many cases, you do not even need to confirm your email address before logging in the first time. This makes the process much more enjoyable and carefree.

While using the Firstmet platform, you can notice its philosophy of simplicity everywhere. The layout is minimalistic, accounts are presented to you one by one, and you are asked a straightforward question, “Are you interested?” You can answer yes or no. And that is all, no complicated options, tons of information, or useless tools that clutter the experience. You have two simple buttons for each profile so that you can move quickly and effectively through the user list. If you click “No,” then you just move on and forget about that person. If you click “Yes,” then there is the possibility of landing a “Match;” that is if the other user also clicks “Yes” on your page.

On each profile, you can see a little bit of information: interests of the owner, mutual friends, and what the person wrote in the “about me” part. If you want to know more before making a decision, just visit that user’s page and check their data. The Firstmet service offers exciting features both for free and paid users.

If you are browsing for free, then you are limited to chatting with your matches. That means that you can only write messages to those who liked you back. If you buy a premium account, then you can message pretty much anyone on the site. Firstmet also offers a “Lounge” — a chat room where you can interact with many like-minded people. Hopefully, you meet someone interesting there, and you can switch to the private mode.

Registration — Is It Really Easy

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

The signing up process at Firstmet is effortless. From the get-go, you can select Facebook, so the service links to your social media account. This way, you do not have to fill any of your information yourself. If you register with an email, then you have to pick your gender, who you are interested in meeting, and your city. The site will use your location to identify the country you are in automatically. Then, click “Start Sign-Up.”

The second page of registration asks for the necessary details: name, email, password, and birthday. The great news is, this is the end of the registration process. No complicated questionnaires, long personalization pages, or things like that. Two accessible pages where you add primary data, and nothing more. There is no need to confirm your email, so you can start enjoying the site immediately after registering. Firstmet has lots of advantages to the minimalistic approach. The absence of long pages with lots of questions makes the experience more welcoming. Any member can finish the registration without getting scared away by registration requirements.

What About Design and Usability?

The design of Firstmet is a lot like their registration: clear, easy to follow, and very welcoming. This is a platform that hosts all kinds of users — whether you are a first-timer in the online dating world or you have already seen many sites, you will feel right at home. Nothing is overly complicated, and you are not bombarded with tons of texts, buttons, or menus. This is refreshing for those who come from other dating platforms, and easy to digest for those just starting to tip their toes in such websites.

Having too much information on a single page can scare away visitors or just become annoying after a while for those who stay. If you want detailed information about a user, you can always go to their profile and read more about them. That is why Firstmet presents each page with the possibility to enter as much info about yourself as you are willing to share. When you are just browsing through profiles, you can see the location, some interests, and, maybe, a basic introduction that the person wrote. This also helps to keep the page clean and display more significant photographs.

As mentioned before, for each page, you are given two options; interested or not. These are displayed at the top, over the profile with two big buttons, “Yes” or ”Skip.” Anyone can understand what to do and use the platform with ease. At the top of the Firstmet page, you have all your notifications displayed separately, so you can tell at a glance what is going on with your correspondence. There you can see your inbox, connections, deals, and profile.

Finally, you could tell that Firstmet offers super basic functionality; there aren’t many perks or exciting stuff. But that is precisely to the point. This site aims to be the go-to place for those who seek a minimalistic approach. It was created for people who do not need a ton of weird features and perks that they will not probably use at the end of the day. This is a corner for those who just want to meet interesting individuals and have fun. All you need to achieve that is a vast user base, which this site totally has, and a chat that works well —precisely the two aspects where Firstmet shines.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Although Firstmet wants to be known for its simplicity, the story may be a little different when discussing profile quality. They understand how important your page is when trying to meet new acquaintances. After all, that is the first impression other users have of you. After seeing your profile, they decide whether to proceed with the conversation or not.

For this reason, this platform gives you tons of options when you are personalizing your page. Even if it seems anticlimactic for a site that wants to be as simple as possible to meet people, you need to present yourself properly. And they give you all the tools to do so.

Firstmet offers you a helping hand in introducing your data. To make it easier for users to find people with similar hobbies, they give you drop-down menus for interests. That means that you do not write a paragraph about the books you read or the movies you watch. Instead, you can pick those from a long list they provide. It works the same way for the sports you like or the food you prefer. Firstmet gives a comprehensive page for adding all your interests and then displays them prominently on your profile.

In the same way, you can add your physical attributes: hair color, complexion, and height can be selected from a drop-down menu. More importantly, they give you options to choose things like religion and orientation, which will make the dating process much easier.

The Mobile Application

This is yet another example of the Firstmet approach — useful and straightforward. The mobile application is a good adaptation of the desktop website, so it works on small touch screens. They implemented all the functionality and aesthetics, which makes you feel like you never switched from one device to another.

That means that you can do everything on your phone. If you choose to, there is no need to crack open your laptop at all: everything from messaging to editing your profile can be done on the application. This is great news for younger users who are more used to their smartphones than any other device.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Security at Firstmet is really excellent. That has a lot to do with their authentication process. When you are signing up, the system automatically identifies your location. This is important because most frauds come from specific regions where click farms are common practice. If the system recognizes you are using a VPN or manually fill up a location but are in another place, Firstmet will ask you to retry registering at a later date. This process alone stops a lot of potentially fraudulent profiles that sign up just to spam members.

Moreover, they are really good at scanning the website looking for suspicious activities. If a user is sending spam or acting strangely, it gets scrutinized and potentially removed. Some fake profiles may slip through the cracks, but that is a minority, and they usually get filtered out by the users themselves who report them.

Pricing and Benefits

This site has one membership that gives you all they have to offer. With this, you can either enjoy the free experience that gives you access to a few features such as looking for matches, liking people’s profiles, editing your page, and interacting with others.

Having a premium Firstmet account gives you unlimited interactions, and you can message any users. You can also check who viewed your profile. The latter will also get boosted, so you pop up first on the search for other participants.

The membership gets cheaper if you buy in bulk, so keep that in mind:

  • 1 Month – 24.99 USD per month
  • 3 Months – 16.66 USD per month – 49.99 USD Total
  • 6 Months – 12.50 USD per month – 74.97 USD Total
Help & Support

Help & Support

The help section is handy, and Firstmet did a great job in keeping it short and sweet. Everything is explained in simple words and short sentences, so you can get the answer you need at a glance. The support team is also a strong point of this platform. They are very responsive and effective when resolving issues. You get your emails answered quickly, and they are professional when dealing with customers.


In this section, you can find answers to the most common issues users face. Also, there is lots of information about the platform and how it works, so you have a better understanding of it and can take full advantage of Firstmet’s features.

Is Firstmet Safe?

Yes, Firstmet has many security levels and makes sure users are located where they say they are. This helps to stop scammers and fake profiles from cluttering the website.

Is Firstmet a Real Dating Site?

More than a real dating site, this is one of the most popular dating services with millions of users and lots of positive reviews.

How to Use Firstmet?

The system presents you with profiles and asks, “Are you interested?” To which you can answer yes or no by using the buttons at the top of each page. From there, you get a match when someone likes you back. You can also interact with others via messages.

Is Firstmet Free?

As a free user, you can search for matches and explore the platform. If you want to interact via messages and rank better, then you need a subscription.

Does Firstmet Really Work?

Firstmet has one of the largest users’ communities for a dating site. Having so many options makes it easier to find a partner. Also, they have impressive functionality. So, yes, it works very well.



Nowadays, dating platforms are way too complicated. Numerous useless features and cluttered interfaces make the process cumbersome. Happily, there are websites like this one who take the opposite approach. They make the experience as easy and seamless as possible. While in the same way, it takes advantage of the latest technologies for security, verification, and matching. That is a winning combination for a dating site.

Moreover, this approach is excellent for younger users that are more accustomed to using smartphones instead of desktop computers. The interface is more “App-like,” and the functionality is super simple. You have millions of people to interact with, and its design allows you to do so quickly and effectively. If an uncomplicated procedure is what you want, Firstmet is the website for you.

Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
MS, RD & Writer
Fonzi is experienced and well-known psychologist, dating and relationship advisor, he likes traveling, yoga and Indian culture overall. He is real professional!
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by Iva Oct 05, 2021
I joined this site just the previous year and grabbed an excellent encounter. Currently, I have a trusted and mind-blowing partner, and we're good along. I'd highly recommend the application because We have learned from direct enjoy which operates. We notice that a lot of people usually complain about no games, believing that they merely spend your time and money. Continue to, I should remember that when folks cannot get a hold of somebody, they often times boot their particular disappointments to external issues. Tasks, relation, dating sites, this means, often there is anybody responsible. However, you shouldn't give up hope, and each and every thing is going to be all right. One example is, they took me practically 7 weeks in order to reach the spouse.
by Lunde Oct 03, 2021
Needs various other daters to know that this particular service 100percent performs optimally without methods. Individuals who really hunger for getting in contact with someone special won't be sorry for their particular options if enrolling in the platform. The most important thing just isn't to quit. I have previously fulfilled my own beloved, and now we are currently pleased. I feel arousal and concord, understanding that ways much. Very, the audience is crazy, plus its never too-late for those of various age groups and needs. I would suggest website, so simply shot.
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