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Fetlife Review — What Do We Know About It?

Fetlife Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • A huge user base of about 7 million members.
  • Almost all the features are available for the standard members.
  • A wide variety of fetishes and kink.
  • Availability of mobile app and smartphone compatible browser
  • The interface if the website is not up to date.
  • The matching algorithm is missing.
  • Most of the users are shy about exposing their faces.

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What is Fetlife all about? Let’s just say you have some dark desires or kinky sexual fantasies. You are afraid to express your fetishes to anyone because of the judging looks and embarrassment. What will you do now? Bury these feelings for all your life and live a vanilla, boring sex life. Fetlife provides a safe and secure platform where members can express their dark desires and sexual fetishes without any concern about what others will think.

Fetlife is a fantastic website with an unconventional concept, and what makes it perfect is it’s free to join. You can meet people with electric sexual tastes and find the one that matches yours. The website is a superb platform to explore your darkest sexual fetishes and fantasies to its fill, for example foot fetish dating. Stick with this review to the end, and you will know all the dirty and filthy details of this fantastic website.

Have you been visiting numerous BDSM dating websites lately and end with disappointment and annoyance? Do you think you have a weird fantasy that no one shares? If that’s the case, you have come to the right place, Fetlife will find someone that shares your sexual preferences.

The dating website offers thousands of groups in which members can join as per their interest. No matter how weird your sexual fetish is, you will find your perfect match on Fetlife. The website comprises about 7 million user base, which increases your chance for finding the best game that could satisfy your cravings.

The overall layout of the website is similar to Facebook or other social networks. There are various discussion groups where members can make new friends and express their opinions. You can also see the activity feeds of the members you are following. All in all, it’s a fun website that makes online dating experience entertaining all the while when you are finding your perfect match.

Users can list their photos and read through the private message and comments from the dating community. If you think you can’t talk about your sexual desire to anyone. Fetlife provides his services to explore your fetishes while talking to like-minded people and making friends. The best is the popular website tabs in kinky desires. It gives its users well thought sexual content that makes them crazy about their fetish.

A general look at the Fetlife that the monthly influx of the website is about 28,000: the site is a dominant male community with 68 percent men and only 37 percent female members. Most of the members are from North America, Europe, and South America.

How Does Fetlife Work?

Fetlife Review

Unlike Facebook and other social media websites where privacy is nonexistent, Fetlife didn’t adopt this feature from these services. Members at Fetlife website do not have access to view other users’ profiles unless they show their own. This little security measure gives a secure platform to users where they can make sure that scammers will not intrude.

Fetlife is an extremely private community accessible for members only. Only members that agree with the theme of the website being to the service. It makes the users feel like living in secure fort away from the judgemental stares of the world.

To experience the website ourselves, we made an account on Fetlife and went through the whole ordeal. Firstly the signup process is straightforward and quick. Fill the info, confirm the link, and Viola! Fetlife is at your service.

The site feels like a kinky dating version of Facebook. It’s a great idea to create something on the concept which people are already aware of. But in a darker, more deviant, and dirtier color scheme.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

Fetlife Registration

The first requirement to sign up for the Fetlife is to own a mobile phone. The dating website sends codes to the contact number through texts. Like many other dating websites, Fetlife requires some necessary information about the new user. Users need to provide:

  • A nickname/username.
  • Their gender.
  • Their sexual orientation.
  • What role they prefer: option could be master, mistress, dominant, submissive, slave and also a disciplinarian.
  • Their birthdate.
  • Current location.
  • Email ID.
  • Strong password.

In addition to all this necessary information, Fetlife wants its users to name their kink and fetish. It’s useful information for the website to find potential matches or groups that share common kinks and fetishes.

The excellent news is Fetlife is free to join and give about 90 percent access to features for standard members. However, standard members have no access to videos.

What About Design and Usability?

Fetlife Design

The first impression of the felt life design and overall layout is not that impressive. The layout of the website feels a bit too much and sets a broody attitude. A kinky site should show some colors that describe the fun and intimacy of adventurous sexual encounters. The website needs some improvements in terms of colors and design, but the overall impression is good.

The whole experience of Fetlife is rewarding for users. It took some extent to get used to the entire layout if you are a newbie, but in the end, everything will be so with the effort. The website gives a vibe of elegance and professionalism, which makes users feel a part of the premium community.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Fetlife has a detailed profile quality; it contains six tabs that users have to fill. There is no limit or restriction about when to complete these tabs. The more information a user fills and the sooner he or she will get the better chances of meeting multiple matches. Detail about all these tabs are:

First tab

The first tab gives the user another chance to edit their information provided at the time of registration. Users can also provide information and preference they are looking for in a partner.

Second tab

The second tab is the About Me section. Users can share details about themselves. Users can freely express their interests, sexual fantasies, preference, and hobbies. Choose descriptive words and lighter tones to make this tab impressive.

Third tab

This tab describes the user’s current relationship. They can connect with their partner too, but the condition is that she should be a member of Fatlife also.

Fourth tab

This tab is used to add websites that link the user like and want other members to take a look.

Last two tabs

The fifth and sixth tabs of the website are spotted for the juicy pictures and videos. Photos can be upload through emails, and the videos should not exceed 5GB.

You can edit the privacy settings if your account as per desire. You can either set it on free or private. If you set it as public, then keep in mind all of your activities will be known to other members. Even though Fetlife has low scam profiles, there are always chances of a few roaming about if you see any suspicious activity or members report it to the customer support team of Fetlife.

The Mobile Application

The app is an essential gesture if any dating website in the modern world. Members like to stay in touch with their respective dating site in the go. The great thing is Fetlife did not ignore this current requirement and has an app available on Apple and Android. About 70 percent of the members prefer apps to stay in touch during their busy schedules.

If you are among those lazy users who don’t want to download apps, Fetlife is compatible with smartphone browsers as well. The browser and app both have almost all the features as the desktop version. The navigation of the app is user friendly with everything in an organized sequence. The dark color theme sets the mind for kinky sex. Fetlife promises a smooth experience to its users, which it fulfills to the last word.

Safety & Security

All the information shared in Fetlife is encrypted. The team, of the dating website, is working diligently to prevent a scammer from roaming on the site and contacting other users. It’s your responsibility as a user if you notice any fraudulent profile or suspicious activity report it to the customer service instantly. The customer support team will take action to profile accordingly.

Pricing and Benefits

Fetlife Pricing

One of the best qualities of the website is that it’s free. There are no hidden charges or features that need to be unlocked. The open-access is one of the major attraction points for users to join the site. Standard or free members can access almost all the features of the website the same as premium members. There are hardly one or two features that are restricted to standard members.

The membership fee of the website is not new labels as subscription charges; it’s known as Supporting Fetlife. The members are not paying for any additional features like unlimited messaging or matches that the dating websites offer. They are paying to maintain the website development.

As a reward for helping in the website development, Fetlife gives you access to all, it’s most popular or loved photos. Users can also scroll back and forward through everything that has ever liked. They can also scroll further back via their firm’s feed and gain access to the latest features. The main focus point is that they can also watch uploaded videos of users.

Fetlife is full of porn videos and who don’t want access to this treasure. There are plenty of members at Fetlife who like to record their encounter with their partner and upload it. You can also watch users measuring themselves, whether male or female. You may get your back for supporting the site in the end.

There are no different levels of subscription fees. Fetlife is not going to offer any extra features for extra money. The site just takes your 5 dollars per month and gives you premium luxuries along with a badge that states you are a Fetlife supporter.

There is also a lifetime supporter package that could be purchased for 240 dollars for a lifetime. A lifetime of porn videos, maybe it’s with you.

Standard member services

  • They can create an account for free.
  • They can view profiles.
  • They are offering a 7-day trial offer with all premium luxuries but after submitting credit details.

Premium services

  • The premium services give the user a badge.
  • They get access to unlimited videos.

Uses of Fetlife

Fetlife is not a dating website as saying it’s a social network service with all the useful features. Users can create group pages where they can discuss any sexual topics or fantasies. You can come across every kink and fetish imaginable or some you never heard.

There are special groups that announce meetups for sexual encounters and spiritual gatherings as well. The website discontinued its private messaging feature in 2016. Fetlife is not in a mood to bring back this feature anytime soon. In our opinion, it’s a drawback for the users because the site is the perfect platform for intimate one on one conversation.

Help & Support

Fetlife Help

The website has a team of efficient professionals who solve every issue users face and answer their queries. The email address for the customer support team is given on the website. The 24/7 support service and instant response are worth appreciating.


Is Fetlife Safe?

Fetlife Safe

Some rumors say Fetlife is not a safe site. The strict security policies and the efficient team of professionals make sure they provide a safe and secure environment for the members. Besides the verification system through contact number and email, make confident the member’s identity is real. It keeps the scammers on the other side of the gateway.

Is Fetlife a Real Dating Site?

Fetlife is more of a social network site than dating. The removal of private messages features to eliminate any chances of intimate conversation with members. So since 2016, the website has more features of a social community than a dating platform.

How to Use Fetlife?

Fetlife has a considerable userbase, with members having a variety of fetishes and kinky tastes. There are many groups or discussions on sexual topics where members can join the one that matches their preferences. They can express their opinion and read what others think.

Is Fetlife Free?

Fetlife is a free website that offers all it’s features to standard members for free except videos, which are only accessible by premium members for a meager fee. Standard members can join groups and discuss comments and read posts. They can find groups that patch their fetishes and kinks and explore their sexual fantasies.

Does Fetlife Really Work?

Fetlife is a safe and legit site that provides a platform for people to connect with a member that has the same kink or fetishes. Members can join numerous groups and discussions that match their sexual preferences and express their opinions. They can also explore new fetishes rankings and upload their videos for other members.


Fetlife is a fantastic website that provides members a platform to make their sexual fantasies real. If you think that your sexual kinks or fetishes (for example strapon dating) are weird, you will change your view after reading what other unusual fetishes members have. Fetlife is like a fort where members feel safe expressing their sexual fantasies no matter how weird they are away from judgmental stares of the world.

What makes Fetlife an incredible platform is it’s free to access almost all the features. Standard members have access to all the features of the website except one or two, whereas premium members get some bonus features after paying a small fee. They can access all the videos of the users. It’s like you own porn channel for a lifetime with your preferred fetish. If you want to make you not shy and afraid of expressing your sexual fetishes to the world, join Fetlife with an easy registration process. Complete the profile with as many details as you can and join the group that suits your sexual preference — Fetlife promises to spark you sexually with little spice.

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by Scarlett Oct 16, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and adore experiments. I'm certainly not monogamous, about these days. Actually, simple lifestyle is far from standard cultural norms, and I often feeling depressed also among household members or nearby close friends. Many of them are generally partnered, but'm went blend outrageous as soon as I experience their unique meaningful looks. Extremely, naturally, it's quite difficult to come across and hang out with like-minds once you are now living in an enormous city, where people are as well active for making brand-new joints. So, these types of a mess 's the reason for joining our site. And my personal encounter is actually smooth. We was able to find people that want only one abstraction and realize simple desire to continue to be free of cost, without desire, guarantees, and all of this some other hooey. One more fantastic things is there I've found some bi-curious parents. I really enjoy the functionality of internet site since it's quite sufficient for preliminary conversation. Possibly, a person desires a lot more perks, but in my estimation, you ought to get a romantic date if you require extensive communication. While exploring profiles, we bet numerous empty type. I wish men and women could shell out additional focus upon their particular presence on the webpage. Talking about the site's overall performance, things are all right. No troubles with log in, information, etc. help assistance is helpful and it is available around the clock. I'm content to bring an online location for our preferences and fancy. It's really cool as soon as the area really doesn't demand the prices it is about the same web page.
Earl Williamson
by Earl Williamson Oct 12, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved getting another odds at absolutely love. Thanks a lot this incredible website for support since I have your intend. We really do not create excessive long-lasting ideas and simply savor each other. Most of us date, trip, and display a wide array of techniques. This is the stunning part of all of our interactions. I adore your mate and hope that our relationship will establish and proceed to the next stage. Many of us are trying to find couples at marriage web businesses, and most likely, that kind of items is definitely embarrassing because you think that items in store computers running windows. This software differs. You'll begin with speaking and end in the ceremony. The service has a pretty good techie foundation. I personally use the internet site mostly to my notebook, but in some cases We keep in touch with individuals and check the activities from simple new iphone 4. No troubles anyway. I've noted no pests . each and every thing is effective, without errors. While I join, I use the web site as long as i'd like without disruptions and aggravating reloads. Hopefully it remains like that, as well as keep high quality. If only everybody best of luck since our has discovered me.
by Kelly Oct 06, 2021
I enrolled with this page just last year and received a good knowledge. At this point, i've a competent and mind-blowing companion, and we're close with each other. I'd highly recommend the application because You will find knew from immediate encounter that works. I note that lots of people commonly grumble about no suits, believing that they simply spend time and cash. However, I should remember that whenever people cannot discover a partner, they usually boot his or her disappointments to external points. Task, relation, adult dating sites, this basically means, there's always a person to blame. However, you shouldn't disheartenment, and anything would be ok. Including, it required just about 7 many months in order to reach our lover.
Gregory Johnson
by Gregory Johnson Sep 30, 2021
I'd like other daters to understand that this service 100percent performs optimally without tricks. Those that truly need for in touch with someone special won't regret her alternatives as soon as applying for the working platform. The crucial thing is not at all to give up. I have previously achieved our loved, and now we are delighted. Personally I think arousal and consistency, hence mean loads. Very, we've been in love, as well as being never ever too late if you are of any age and requirement. I will suggest our site, thus only take to.
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